99 OVR Opal Allen Iverson w/ One Second Left BUZZER BEATER! NBA 2K19

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
  • #nba2k19 #gaming
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Comments • 596

  • Ricardo Saavedra
    Ricardo Saavedra 19 hours ago

    Anyone see the thumbnail it says green light but the balls are going towards the hoop but looks like it would hit the rim and not go in

  • Alper Ozdemir
    Alper Ozdemir Day ago

    Hedo ya laf etme sikerim

  • Fyb raines
    Fyb raines 2 days ago

    ellen or allen 👀👀

  • Emory B
    Emory B 2 days ago

    The thumbnail edit the ball hits the rim😂😂

  • Marisa Longoria
    Marisa Longoria 2 days ago

    Buzzer beater

  • Average
    Average 3 days ago

    a galaxy opal team struggling against a buncha amethyst, cashy boy you my friend have lost the touch

  • AstigProballGaming
    AstigProballGaming 5 days ago

    99% of his videos I still cant understand him talking lmao😂

  • Talent 3Point0
    Talent 3Point0 8 days ago

    0:25 "Opal Ellen Iverson!" 😅

  • Cleaave
    Cleaave 12 days ago

    lets just ignore the fact that cash spit at 0:38

  • macaroni
    macaroni 12 days ago

    Talent beat opal hahaha

  • gamer x2123
    gamer x2123 13 days ago +1

    Bru whos alien iverson

  • MrJayt22
    MrJayt22 14 days ago

    The person your playing MIMOTHHY÷SCRAMBLE -M+T=TIMOTHYY 🧐🤔🤦‍♂️💀

  • Eldrick
    Eldrick 16 days ago +2

    Damn they dont comment no positivity lml good quality vid dawg they be subscribing to hate

  • Oz Mcclain
    Oz Mcclain 16 days ago

    2hype all the way

  • TheKaptinZone Al
    TheKaptinZone Al 17 days ago +1

    Who else skipped to the end

  • CjDaTrxppa TM
    CjDaTrxppa TM 18 days ago +5

    Aye we gon talk about how the thumbnail is a whole live brick?

  • Aditya Bustami
    Aditya Bustami 18 days ago

    Of course you cant't hit the fadeaway three cash. Make some good shot

  • nick parker
    nick parker 18 days ago

    This is exactly why I don't play 2K no more LOL. Missing wide open EVERY shot. Embarrassing 2k. Embarrassing.

  • Goran Tramošljanin
    Goran Tramošljanin 18 days ago

    Good win cash :)

  • Pennywise
    Pennywise 18 days ago

    The thumbnail it hits the rim

  • Axl Levy Valmonte
    Axl Levy Valmonte 19 days ago

    What kind of shots is ai doing😂

  • Keshoun Torrance
    Keshoun Torrance 19 days ago

    ALLEN IVERSON is my fav player in nba history did y’all know Allen has the most steals in playoff history

  • timoty ouch
    timoty ouch 19 days ago

    My boy Cash be sweating like crazy.

  • Zach Weitz
    Zach Weitz 19 days ago

    *takes moving fadeaway three with AI*

    • nick parker
      nick parker 18 days ago

      you do realize that players hit fadeaway threes on a nightly basis right? those were good shots in real life.

  • Marquis Victor
    Marquis Victor 19 days ago

    It shows you don’t really ball, cuz your IQ for the game is very low

    • nick parker
      nick parker 18 days ago

      OOOO you really got him there LOL

  • Go Cubs!
    Go Cubs! 20 days ago

    What the fuck is with RU-clip giving me two ads?

  • Vincent Yu
    Vincent Yu 20 days ago

    Stop doing Fade away shot in 3 point line

    • Vincent Yu
      Vincent Yu 18 days ago

      nick parker in real life in fade-away shot is easy but hard to find your balance

    • Vincent Yu
      Vincent Yu 18 days ago

      nick parker or on balance

    • Vincent Yu
      Vincent Yu 18 days ago

      nick parker fade-away shot in a real life is little hard because accuracy

    • nick parker
      nick parker 18 days ago

      Why? players hit those all the time in real life.

    FIFEIRO EA 21 day ago

    Muito forçado

  • teesk
    teesk 21 day ago

    Damn cash really dropped off :(

  • Jaiden Thomas
    Jaiden Thomas 21 day ago +1

    Cash said it was a buzzer beater when the time wasn’t even over it’s called a game winner

  • Bobby Long
    Bobby Long 22 days ago +1

    You are actually one of the worst 2k players on the planet

    • nick parker
      nick parker 18 days ago

      with damn near 3 million subs too. how does that make you feel?

    BEATS4YOU 22 days ago +2

    Me: hating clickbate titles and thumbnails
    Clickbate video:.........
    Me: Maybe i should watch this

  • Isiah Flores
    Isiah Flores 22 days ago

    ai do dribble fast u just cant dribble lmaoo

  • Luka Malnar
    Luka Malnar 22 days ago

    Cmon AI you make those... he is taking 3 point fade aways and wondering why they don't go in ffs

    • nick parker
      nick parker 18 days ago

      +Luka Malnar The superstars in the league can hit that on a consistent basis, thats why they're pros....an get paid 40 million a year.

    • Luka Malnar
      Luka Malnar 18 days ago

      +nick parker yea but not consitantly and it is a bad shot that only few players can hit

    • nick parker
      nick parker 18 days ago

      you do realize that players hit fade threes on a nightly basis right?

  • Light skin B
    Light skin B 22 days ago +1

    A dollar to anyone that can spell what he just said 5:02

  • Light skin B
    Light skin B 22 days ago +1

    5:02 my boy forgot how to speak English

  • Super Fire
    Super Fire 22 days ago

    U really click baiting. That wasnt a buzzer beater win

  • Frank Williams
    Frank Williams 22 days ago

    "Ellen" Iverson

  • john da goat
    john da goat 22 days ago

    He should have got opal Chris Paul at point

  • Neville Johnson Jr
    Neville Johnson Jr 23 days ago

    It doesn’t matter if you have an off the dribble 99 jump shot... it’s all about the Tendencies and Allen Iverson
    does not tend! To putting up shots like that I see if you were fading from kid range but he not gone make every outside leaning shot because AI didn’t pull up from deep often

  • justdropped30
    justdropped30 23 days ago

    11:42 you welcome

  • Ethan Michael
    Ethan Michael 23 days ago

    9:10 when the sped kid gets a kahoot question wrong

  • Onur K.
    Onur K. 23 days ago

    This guy is a freakin bastard just screaming around ffs how is this even funny?

  • TheGamingLion1k
    TheGamingLion1k 23 days ago

    when a gorilla mating with another gorilla 6:49

  • Jonny boy A.K.A. Traptrapjon

    Cash you loosin all your stamina by ball handling then when your stamina bar is empty you take impossible shots and expect them to go in just because he has good stats,it doesn’t matter how good the stats are,you have to play good too,watch your stamina and don’t take shitty shots

  • Alan Fijal
    Alan Fijal 24 days ago

    Why ever would you want to take galaxy opal baylor rather than opal bob petit

  • MiA Zz Prodigy
    MiA Zz Prodigy 24 days ago

    HeadAss Boi

  • Justin Osorio
    Justin Osorio 24 days ago

    The same I get mad every time

    DIFFERENT NAME 24 days ago

    I would watch your videos but there’s no point in watching 14 minute video just to know that there is going to be a game winner from the title

  • Evil Soulz
    Evil Soulz 25 days ago

    If u wanna dribble fast with Allen u gotta start going crazy with the right stick 💀

  • Elhajj Howard
    Elhajj Howard 25 days ago

    12:24 and you arrrrrre NOT the father

  • Elhajj Howard
    Elhajj Howard 25 days ago

    8:44 aaaaaaannnnd you ARE the father

  • Riley The Great
    Riley The Great 25 days ago +1

    The Giannis galaxy opal is the best card in the game. Even troydan is good with him

  • Hugh Myron
    Hugh Myron 25 days ago

    Cash always talks like he has spit in his mouth and just proved it in the start of the video lol

  • Sp!dey
    Sp!dey 25 days ago

    I’ve been watching cash since 2015 or 16 man literally makes my day💯🙌😂

  • Collin Leonhardt
    Collin Leonhardt 25 days ago

    That’s not a buzzer beater it’s a game winner because the buzzer didn’t go off their we stills time in the clock

  • Grant Abernathy
    Grant Abernathy 25 days ago

    Every time I see cash I think of Patrick Beverly

  • Se V eN
    Se V eN 25 days ago

    Remind me of harden In 2k , can’t make a moving three to save his life , Dame,Curry, and kyrie da best at moving shots tbh

  • Black_Goku216ssj Clark

    If you don’t stop fading with AI? When did you ever see AI fade in real life? He killed driving and crossing and driving pulling up! Come on cash!

  • Jamey Cassady
    Jamey Cassady 25 days ago

    There ain't no way this a live commentary

  • Kam Mike
    Kam Mike 26 days ago

    Been a minute since I watched CASHMOND GREEN 😂😂😂😂

  • Chico Che
    Chico Che 26 days ago

    Thats no a buzzer beater....

  • Sam Sam
    Sam Sam 26 days ago

    I wish I had a full galaxy opal team, lol I would never smell a loss

  • Ralli Reidel
    Ralli Reidel 26 days ago

    Cash ist der beste.. Grezze from germany

  • Sam The Mediocre 2k Player

    I don't think cash can speak english clearly he always says wet wike wader"

  • Riley Vieira
    Riley Vieira 26 days ago

    You are taking terrible shots cash

  • blake ware
    blake ware 26 days ago

    This man gets no greens😂

  • Aris Ray Doloritos
    Aris Ray Doloritos 26 days ago


    YOUNGBOSS1030 26 days ago +1

    And a month ago you only had 52 tokens how you get almost 1500 tokens that fast?

    YOUNGBOSS1030 26 days ago

    How do did you collect well over 3000 tokens but only on MVP collection level?

  • Alex Odeh
    Alex Odeh 26 days ago +1

    Imagine redeeming Elgin Baylor and AI before Bob petit🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Никита Воронов

    12:02 thank me later

  • Aaron Gomez
    Aaron Gomez 26 days ago

    Why does he have 2.7??

  • Itz Voysey
    Itz Voysey 26 days ago

    Did cash just call Allen Iverson Isaiah 😂😂😂

  • vaughan jattan
    vaughan jattan 26 days ago +4

    I love Cash’s videos but you know 2k gave him those galaxy opals

  • Colby Coiner
    Colby Coiner 26 days ago

    He came thru when u needed him most

  • Kkk Bbbb
    Kkk Bbbb 26 days ago


  • Jesse Hearn
    Jesse Hearn 26 days ago

    Lol this guys a fool he yells nonsense throughout the entirety of his videos

  • Wavy Cjay
    Wavy Cjay 26 days ago

    Hop jumpers not fades and you good

  • Luke Sarian
    Luke Sarian 26 days ago

    2k fade 3s are broken they never go in

  • Pandaz Lifez
    Pandaz Lifez 26 days ago +1

    6:45 Are you okay there sir??

  • NDYT
    NDYT 26 days ago

    Cash u suck at 2k

  • Brady Fitzy
    Brady Fitzy 26 days ago +1

    He has a galaxy opal on his bench

  • Im Detriment TV
    Im Detriment TV 26 days ago +1

    0:38 nigga we not ignoring this

  • Manny Smith
    Manny Smith 26 days ago

    Bow Wow😂😭

  • Rob G's Gaming
    Rob G's Gaming 27 days ago

    Cash, its to bring the crown back

  • Dice Eros
    Dice Eros 27 days ago

    Bruh you garbage garbage 😂😂 I could beat you wit some gold players 🤦‍♀️

  • Σv̾iL draco
    Σv̾iL draco 27 days ago

    Ai should be making these
    *heavily contested*

  • Mack Ten
    Mack Ten 27 days ago

    That was a good game you almost lost that one ahahahhahahah one point

  • Hoi boi gamer
    Hoi boi gamer 27 days ago


  • Angelique ._.
    Angelique ._. 27 days ago

    😂😂you barely won against someone with 3 pink diamonds and you have 3 galaxy opel players but you want to score with some little 6’0

    DAKIN DREWITZ 27 days ago

    That’s shot is off in the thumbnail

  • Dylan
    Dylan 27 days ago

    who remembers when cash was actually good at myteam

    YRNJB 27 days ago

    cash was sweating that game

  • Viper Smokey
    Viper Smokey 27 days ago

    What’s tf is an OPAL....

  • William Beyer
    William Beyer 27 days ago

    Play troydan with this team vs his

  • ...
    ... 27 days ago

    When you use A.I in myCareer and you still use A.I in myTeam

  • Dashaun Brown
    Dashaun Brown 27 days ago

    Cash U know AI could posterize

  • OGWild Boy
    OGWild Boy 27 days ago

    This whole time....... a shot creator shoots off dribble

  • Sarp Yurteri
    Sarp Yurteri 27 days ago

    I swear he has problems