GOLDEN GLOBES 2019 FASHION ROAST & REVIEW (Red Carpet Best & Worst Dressed)

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
  • EDITED BY: Mauro C. -
    The 2019 Golden Globes have come and gone and there were a few looks that may stand the test of time. But many will not.
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    Those Mentioned:
    Anne Hathaway - Elie Saab
    Billy Porter
    Bradley Cooper - Gucci
    Irina Shanyk
    Chadwick Boseman - Versace
    Charlize Theron Dior
    Cody Fern - Margiela Tabi Boots
    Constance Wu - Vera Wang
    Danai Gurira - Rodarte
    Darren Criss - Dior Men
    Emily Blunt - Alexander McQueen
    Emma Stone - Louis Vuitton
    Indiya Moore - Louis Vuitton
    Janelle Monae - Chanel
    Jessica Chastain - Burberry
    Kiki Layne - Dior
    Lady Gaga - Valentino
    Laura Harrier - Louis Vuitton
    Lili Reinhart - Kheyli Couture
    Lucy Boynton - Céline
    Lupita Nyong’o - Calvin Klein
    Michael B. Jordan - Burberry
    MJ Rodriguez - Prabal Gurung
    Nicole Kidman - Michael Kors
    Rachel Brosnahan - Prada
    Rami Malek - Givenchy
    Regina King - Alberta Ferretti
    Rosamund Pike - Givenchy
    Sandra Oh - Versace
    Saoirse Ronan - Gucci
    Timothee Chalamet - Louis Vuitton
    Timothee Chalamet’s Mom (Nicole Flender) - Off-white
    Troye Sivan - Calvin Klein
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  • jjjenkins2008
    jjjenkins2008 19 days ago

    love the snark

  • eva m
    eva m Month ago

    Sometimes i wonder if i'm the only person who looks at timothee and see 12 year old emo boy but then again i'm a dyke so like i can't really tell what guys we consider hot, you are cute tho 💖

  • Lorena Andrade
    Lorena Andrade Month ago

    7:24 Harry wore it best

  • Grandma Kitty
    Grandma Kitty Month ago

    You’re an absolute snob and I love it.

  • Jillian Luddington
    Jillian Luddington Month ago

    6:44 omg that looks like Harry Styles at the met gala

  • Hanna Sandy
    Hanna Sandy Month ago

    the quotes in "straight man" killed me lmaooo

  • Bash C
    Bash C Month ago

    How fucking picky are you? I thought you were hot till you opened your mouth. Just another bitter queen.

  • R Kraus
    R Kraus Month ago

    You were going to say scalloped

  • R Kraus
    R Kraus Month ago

    Who isn’t bored by arms? Cmon lets reinvent humans. Or, deconstruct so we don’t notice" YASssss

  • E E
    E E Month ago

    6:15 yasssss Codyyyyy

  • Sara Lee
    Sara Lee Month ago

    “Did you get hit by a reindeer?” 😂

  • ari-tan.
    ari-tan. Month ago

    I'm glad you put it out there that execution when it comes to fashion is more necessary than breaking gender stereotypes just for the sake of it.

  • wrurzka83
    wrurzka83 Month ago

    I love you. Thank you for expresing my ununttered thoughts. Energyyyyyy

  • yanyan salvador
    yanyan salvador 2 months ago

    this should be entitled from boring to worst video because everything for him is not enough lol... it is hard to please this guy... if he will be my client... ill pass even he has all the money in the world LOL

  • Clementine
    Clementine 2 months ago

    "Las Vegas shotgun wedding chapel with Elvis Presley as the minister"

    He predicted Danielle Cohn

  • Karen Rehardt
    Karen Rehardt 2 months ago

    No one would have said boo to a goose LMAO...hilarious Luke 🥰🤣

    WEHO JM 2 months ago

    Me thinks we have a young Mr. Blackwell in the making. Insightful, knowledgeable and entertaining. Blackwell had this gift of encapsulating a look in a couple of words. Keep up the good work. Maybe E! or Bravo will pick you up and fill the Joan Rivers void.

  • Roberta Zuccari
    Roberta Zuccari 3 months ago

    I only want to Say where are personalities, individual characters. They are not mannequins showing a dress. Or pheraps yes?.... Only brands defilees for sponsorship? Let's talk about Emma Stone..ohi ohi, that dress was horrible on her, She desappeared behind, her skin colour was Just awful with the colour of dress. Anyway i don't think Is only a question of wrong brand. I found her a good actress but .. gee! ... Not class or taste or character in dressing. Fashion, for the most, Is attitude and personal relationship with dresses. And Just a right accessory (Sorry for my english, i am Italian mother tongue, lol). I find her really anonimous and boring, always. For the rest, i Remember only Riccardo Tisci nude/light gold dress (i think It was the girl's body not fitting good that dress, not the contrary), and that black One with a Little silver bolero on It. That Is all

  • Ladislav Dubravský
    Ladislav Dubravský 3 months ago

    Nice :)👍

  • Daniel Montanelli
    Daniel Montanelli 3 months ago +1

    Where’s indiya

  • Erskin Ravel
    Erskin Ravel 3 months ago

    When does he realize, that just because Rami Malek played Freddie Mercury, he isnt him. Its an actor for gods sake. And besides that, i know that fashion is a big thing on the red carpet and thats one big part why its interesting to watch, but his comment "go to your fcking seat already" makes me angry. They are getting prices and being photographed for what they accomplished not for what they are wearing.

  • No1More1Mr1Nice1Guy1
    No1More1Mr1Nice1Guy1 3 months ago

    black and white done badly

  • ivyshaolin
    ivyshaolin 3 months ago

    that color is gorg on lupita

  • ivyshaolin
    ivyshaolin 3 months ago +1

    indya moore was fire even tho you didn’t show us

  • ivyshaolin
    ivyshaolin 3 months ago

    they did emma stone dirty

  • ivyshaolin
    ivyshaolin 3 months ago

    i like the cut of the dress on the run way better for the emily blunt dress

  • ivyshaolin
    ivyshaolin 3 months ago

    9:20 the dress fits her very well and i like the color on her

  • Stacey Robinson
    Stacey Robinson 3 months ago

    I would've loovveddd danai's look if they had turned it into a jumpsuit, since the top half fitted so well, I feel like a flowing leg would look beautiful. I also adore that colour on her😍

  • JulioC GaytanA
    JulioC GaytanA 3 months ago

    “I hope she doesn’t wear any Celine” *gaga wears a silver Celine dress one month later at the Grammys*

  • Chris O'neal
    Chris O'neal 3 months ago

    No Halle Berry

  • Daauwe Van huizen
    Daauwe Van huizen 4 months ago

    35:34 my favourite part im dead

  • 노다영
    노다영 4 months ago

    24:59 EhSsEhNZZe~~~~~~~

  • Reynaldo Lara
    Reynaldo Lara 4 months ago

    Anne Hathaway’s cheetah slit dress= “mother of the bride at a Vegas shotgun wedding where Elvis is the minister” 😂😂😂

  • CrystalFire♡
    CrystalFire♡ 4 months ago


  • nyancyan 83
    nyancyan 83 4 months ago

    Girl you got a legit couch, I'm so proud of you 😆😆😆

  • Erik
    Erik 4 months ago

    I’d pay you to roast my clothing style

  • Like it Matters
    Like it Matters 4 months ago

    Please react to all of Marc St. James's outfits from Ugly Betty

  • Amber Dalston
    Amber Dalston 4 months ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Timothy is kinda ugly oops

  • hesvngrs
    hesvngrs 4 months ago

    why is lili reinhart even in the golden globes lol

  • um t
    um t 4 months ago

    I think I'm blinded by Micheal b Jordan the way your blinded by Timothy chalemet

  • a.a a.a
    a.a a.a 4 months ago

    Ermm,fashion police wannabe much?Lol

  • Elder Mountain
    Elder Mountain 4 months ago

    HauteLeMode, I have a sweat jacket from 1984 except it was for soccer

  • Emilia Clark
    Emilia Clark 4 months ago

    Robert Pattinson is that you hun???

  • Marco Mlabhino
    Marco Mlabhino 4 months ago

    35:40 you’re welcome

  • Agata Rek
    Agata Rek 4 months ago

    I like you, you make me lough and you know what are you talking about, muah

  • sophia logan
    sophia logan 4 months ago

    This is so entertaining

  • ᴋᴀʀʟᴀ
    ᴋᴀʀʟᴀ 4 months ago

    35:53 mood

  • SoHo And SunShine
    SoHo And SunShine 4 months ago

    Love you're channel, We are a Fashion Brand and I think you might like our designs and styles. Please come join ours for cool content.

  • fairy
    fairy 4 months ago

    ahjshajajks he said go to your seat instead don’t waste our time

    • fairy
      fairy 4 months ago

      also; timothée and gaga served and..wheeeww chile timothée can get these cookies

  • Victoria Bernhart
    Victoria Bernhart 4 months ago

    when he talks about bradley i did a literal spit take

  • Carolyn McHugh
    Carolyn McHugh 4 months ago

    okay your new future husband is dating lily rose depp and for this reason i have been looking at some of her street style pics and PLEASE. PLEASE review this tragedy. Its like sleep clothes with kitten heels. I need your take. NEED.

  • blurdreamer
    blurdreamer 4 months ago

    gaga is bringing 80's back.

  • Natalia Weronika Petersson

    Do you even know how good you are? I am sure you do, telling you anyway.

  • lone wolf
    lone wolf 5 months ago +1

    the timothee segment tho i’m crying 😂😂😂

  • KajI كاج
    KajI كاج 5 months ago

    Why was Emma stone picture stuck for too long?

  • CheerUp2
    CheerUp2 5 months ago

    Its amazing how much peoples opinion can be different because I find most of these beautiful and the design of them were fine. But thats why opinions are good because we are allowed to have different ones!

  • Angie Baby
    Angie Baby 5 months ago

    you're so beautiful

  • Jacy Fang
    Jacy Fang 5 months ago

    No Taylor Swift?

  • Kristin Marine
    Kristin Marine 5 months ago +1

    People should be able to wear whatever color they like!! I've had people my whole life tell me my skin is too pale or I look sick and it's a shitty thing to have to hear about yourself over and over again. No one should be ashamed of their skin color, everyone should be encouraged to love the skin they've been born with

  • Carley Johnson
    Carley Johnson 5 months ago

    I thought Lucy was beautiful, but, you are very picky it seems.

  • BrodeurBear
    BrodeurBear 5 months ago

    Also you should know that Charlize don’t wear Maria or RAF ;)

  • BrodeurBear
    BrodeurBear 5 months ago

    Bradley’s gold sparkly beard ;)

  • Millie Brookes
    Millie Brookes 5 months ago

    'I have never been like attracted to Timothee Chalamet he's cute but like too skinny' I feel this so much

  • Sarah B
    Sarah B 5 months ago

    I feel like fashion is now back in the 90's style but on steroid. Bold colours, graffitis t shirts, velour pants on top of each other, like people don't even try to colour co-ordinate, it can get overwhelming. lol There is this also this colourful sunglasses trend i really like, it really stands out an outfit. i have a full collection of them and they are quite cheap tho. Been shopping on this new online shop: and quality is amazing.

  • Jones Alexandría Germanni

    Amazing video!

  • Quitzy TwentyThree
    Quitzy TwentyThree 5 months ago

    Troye Sivan’s oversize blazer was fantastic

  • Dominika Jakubowska
    Dominika Jakubowska 5 months ago

    Nope, that’s MY future mother in law ;)

  • Andrea McMillan
    Andrea McMillan 5 months ago

    You missed out the picture of Indya Moore's look

  • Elizabeth Longacre
    Elizabeth Longacre 5 months ago

    Love your videos! I would love to see a video of your favorite looks from the last year, two years, five years, idk. I want to see what really inspires you!

  • Mika Dela
    Mika Dela 5 months ago

    Awww was anticipating you reacting to Emmy Rossum look

  • Shane Preston
    Shane Preston 5 months ago

    Emily blunt looked like a doyley

  • Justice J. Srisuk
    Justice J. Srisuk 5 months ago

    Okay, so the thing about custom Prada for red carpets is that Miuccia Prada designs for the intellectual, nerdy fashion girl, and that point of view doesn’t really translate to the kind of glam that a red carpet gown or look requires. I DID kind of enjoy the ice blue dress that Prada did for Lupita Nyongo’o for her Oscar win, but that’s the only time I can recall Prada doing a decent red carpet commission.

  • rxxchel
    rxxchel 5 months ago

    “ that’s my mother in law “

  • Yoonseo perks and rec
    Yoonseo perks and rec 5 months ago

    i have far too many opinions about animal print anything...

  • emmadwise
    emmadwise 5 months ago

    ok but this is a loooooooook

  • Talent Factor Global
    Talent Factor Global 5 months ago

    God. Damn think ive just found my new fave binge channel. Love it!

  • Ursula Rita
    Ursula Rita 5 months ago

    Omg, the Bradley Cooper/Irina Shayk - that was hilarious. I disagree about Constance Wu; she looked beautiful!
    But otherwise you are so on point, so Subscribed.

  • Delaney Spencer
    Delaney Spencer 5 months ago +2

    Okay Rami Malek wore a suit that Freddie wore in his later years (the iconic white tie on a black and white suit) to many events so it was a nod to Mr. Murcury

  • West Blackwood
    West Blackwood 5 months ago

    No Lucy liu?

  • isislovesdogs
    isislovesdogs 5 months ago

    i used to hate your channel bc i was like okay you’re too snobby and it’s annoying but i had to subscribe bc your videos are so fun to watch!! i hope one day you can roast my outfits!

  • Brian Alexander
    Brian Alexander 5 months ago

    33:35 gave me MAJOR Rose McGowan vibes

  • Shelby Hill
    Shelby Hill 5 months ago

    Pls roast my prom pics omg

  • ItsHelenKayy
    ItsHelenKayy 5 months ago

    the rami comments had me rolling fr tho... you played freddie mercury and u show up in THAT

  • EN Fingerhut
    EN Fingerhut 5 months ago

    I dont like fashion or celebrities, but I love the name of this channel and your dedication to your work

  • Bri M
    Bri M 5 months ago

    (pssssst... its jaguar print, not cheetah)

  • Tova Holmberger
    Tova Holmberger 5 months ago

    7:13 if you gonna do oversize let it haaaang

  • Zee P
    Zee P 5 months ago

    You forgot to put Indya's picture. :( I was sad because you said she saved the carpet but I couldn't see her look. *runstogoogle

  • Justine Njeim
    Justine Njeim 5 months ago

    Timothee is giving me major Harry Style vibes and I _love_ it

  • Andrea Sanchez
    Andrea Sanchez 5 months ago

    I don't like lady gaga dress at all

  • freshname
    freshname 5 months ago

    Oh boy, you really have to LEARN who designers names are pronounced.

  • Jennifer Escobar
    Jennifer Escobar 5 months ago +1

    do a video on asap rocky plz

  • Kshipra Singh
    Kshipra Singh 5 months ago

    You got to work on your editing. Check 14:20

  • Annie Smsm
    Annie Smsm 5 months ago

    Can you please react to james charles appariel lookbook

  • Dani Rojas
    Dani Rojas 5 months ago

    I looove your videos, I am studying fashion business and I'm working on getting more familiarized with haute couture and your videos have helped a lot! I see that when you started talking about Indya's look Emma Stone picture is still on screen, just in case you want to correct that. Keep up the good work, you are the absolute best!

  • elizabeth forsman
    elizabeth forsman 5 months ago

    I couldn’t even watch this whole video. You think being mean is spilling the tea. And it’s not.. it’s just mean and ugly.

  • prettylittleravenna
    prettylittleravenna 5 months ago

    I really appreciate you taking the time and listing the celebrities in alphabetical order

  • Graham Haggerty
    Graham Haggerty 5 months ago

    I only came here because I saw cody fern aka the only man I trust and then u bashed him... rude

  • Alieza Renee'
    Alieza Renee' 5 months ago

    Constance’s look was not bad at all. It’s simple and fits her well. Everyone isn’t going to step out in an extremely interesting look. I love your commentary though.

  • Hannah M
    Hannah M 5 months ago

    makes me sad how underrated this channel is

  • Kayla Mandernach
    Kayla Mandernach 5 months ago

    lost me at India Moore because there was no photo right?? I only saw Emma Stone still