When Judges Get The Giggles | X Factor UK

  • Published on Nov 10, 2016
  • Try not to laugh...When Judges Get The Giggles!
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Comments • 40 193

  • SK Gaming
    SK Gaming 3 minutes ago

    13:20, I would marry that girl

  • rpgcoold playz
    rpgcoold playz 14 minutes ago

    How mean they r for the first girl only simon was friendly

  • Ethan Thornton
    Ethan Thornton 36 minutes ago


  • joshualeilany mariano
    joshualeilany mariano 39 minutes ago

    6:50 what is that noise 😅

  • Michael Musaazi
    Michael Musaazi 40 minutes ago +1

    Ant&Seb are so funny

  • Pilar Sanchez Jaime
    Pilar Sanchez Jaime 41 minute ago

    Me reiria si estuviera traducido y tambien mas de uno se suscribiria pero suscribirse y no entiendes no pero gracias por el video

  • Watch Me Do
    Watch Me Do Hour ago

    Penélope I love you

  • kate yekw
    kate yekw Hour ago

    14:15 😂😂 she belived it

  • Cody C
    Cody C Hour ago +1

    Simon when he laughs: Holds nose
    The other judges: AH HA HA HA HA HA!!

  • Spider Man
    Spider Man 2 hours ago

    The first girl: hie my na-
    Simon: 😂

  • Katina Phillips
    Katina Phillips 2 hours ago

    He poop his pans lol

  • Sebastian Dolores
    Sebastian Dolores 2 hours ago

    Turn on captions in the beginning of the vid :)

  • Melissa
    Melissa 3 hours ago

    THAT LAUGH AT 5:39 - 5:45 😭

  • Carol Xiaoyu
    Carol Xiaoyu 3 hours ago

    It’s very rude laughing at them no matter how they are no good enough though

  • Emma’s World
    Emma’s World 4 hours ago +1

    No joke the second guy actully sounded quite good but his brother messed him up so much.

  • duaa
    duaa 4 hours ago

    12:57 be like : enoH de en finya anso i feHHH the fAyEnAL oFeG.... :) thAnK yU vErEE muCH! :)

  • duaa
    duaa 4 hours ago

    simon be like : sharron and louie, god damnit you guys
    then thesecond they leave he just goes : 😭

  • Account
    Account 4 hours ago +2

    i felt bad for the first one,maybe she didn’t have the talent,but she deserve respect 😕

  • Monica G
    Monica G 4 hours ago

    Sharon is a mess lmao 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ I died with her every time 💀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ethan Boukhny
    Ethan Boukhny 5 hours ago +1


  • Real Conflexed
    Real Conflexed 6 hours ago

    Sharon needs to come back to the show.

  • Alexa James
    Alexa James 7 hours ago

    2:16 the way he walked and talked akdnbskwbrjwns

  • Defne Catana
    Defne Catana 7 hours ago

    Sharon's laugh at 6:50 gave me a choke 💀 💀 💀

  • I'm fine
    I'm fine 8 hours ago

    When Simon smiles...I can never tell if it’s because he actually likes the act, or because he’s happy about the fact he gets to destroy someone’s confidence...though that’s why he’s amazing 😂

  • Zhang
    Zhang 9 hours ago

    10:55 song??

  • tretre H
    tretre H 11 hours ago

    Lol how embarrassing why y'all send y'all friends and family out there like that

  • tretre H
    tretre H 11 hours ago

    Lol how embarrassing why y'all send y'all friends and family out there like that

  • Spidrman123
    Spidrman123 11 hours ago

    simons face at 9:15

  • Creamy’s Show
    Creamy’s Show 11 hours ago +1

    Simon is like Pisces as a zodiac signs because Pisces can hold still faces 😂

  • Lily McCahon
    Lily McCahon 12 hours ago

    this video never gets old

  • Foroo Maja
    Foroo Maja 12 hours ago

    Yeah, you can!

  • Carlos Hernandez
    Carlos Hernandez 13 hours ago

    Sharon and louie are me and my friend in class trying not to laugh

  • ii_EddieGuy
    ii_EddieGuy 13 hours ago

    10:49 Captions
    What sounds like a dying seagull

  • Ethan Huang
    Ethan Huang 14 hours ago

    The third won make me laugh

  • Victor Avalos
    Victor Avalos 14 hours ago

    Cherls laugh at 10:33 tho

  • jorge montemayor
    jorge montemayor 15 hours ago

    I couldn’t be on a show like this I would die and my laugh is horrible

  • Japheth akwasi owusu Oteng

    The second one was halarios

  • Carrington Franklin
    Carrington Franklin 15 hours ago

    Simon: What is the problem?
    Sharons laugh: *YES*

  • Georgia Campbell
    Georgia Campbell 16 hours ago +1


    Sharon’s laugh lmaooooOo

  • Rachel Garcia
    Rachel Garcia 17 hours ago

    12:12 she’s actually in tears😂😭😭

  • Hayley Fitzgerald
    Hayley Fitzgerald 17 hours ago


  • Emma Marie
    Emma Marie 18 hours ago

    i feel so bad for the first girl 😂

  • Abrianna Gonzalez
    Abrianna Gonzalez 18 hours ago

    Poor David 😥

  • Toufik Bens
    Toufik Bens 19 hours ago

    I am sorry but that's not funny 😔
    They just are laughing and bothering others

  • Hannah Sophia
    Hannah Sophia 19 hours ago +1


  • Salameva Lidd
    Salameva Lidd 19 hours ago


  • Cham Fluffy
    Cham Fluffy 19 hours ago +3

    *singer:* *sings pretty weird *
    *judges trying not to laugh:* ಡ ͜ ಡ

  • cloudy
    cloudy 20 hours ago

    sharon sounds like a hyena

  • Michael Love
    Michael Love 20 hours ago

    1:54 how i laugh at my own jokes

  • Sionead Barnes
    Sionead Barnes 21 hour ago

    Spanish girl(I forgot name)was good just her accent

  • Marwa
    Marwa 21 hour ago +1

    I’m so glad that they were nice to the cute little asian girl 🥺💞

  • Hayden Duffey
    Hayden Duffey 21 hour ago

    Those two judges are basically when me and my best friend get moved to the back of the class together and then kicked out

  • arin adnan
    arin adnan 23 hours ago

    The second one is when your mom says to take your little brother with you

    I tried to be funny._.

  • Just being me
    Just being me 23 hours ago

    2:30 when judges get drunk on laughter

  • Errorx?
    Errorx? 23 hours ago


  • Constance Hood
    Constance Hood Day ago

    Get rid of Sharon , Makes a disrespectful judge.

  • Reno van Zanten
    Reno van Zanten Day ago

    That Spanish lady was awesome! I hope she got her own comedy show! :)

  • Vakanova gaming
    Vakanova gaming Day ago +1


  • Jonathan Saylor
    Jonathan Saylor Day ago

    Damn are these people serious freaking hilarious

  • lubertolin
    lubertolin Day ago

    Les sous titres sont a chier comme d'hab