My Labor and Delivery - Ep 6 Almost Ready

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
  • The past nine months has been more than I ever imagined. Pregnancy has been one of the most exciting, challenging and physically demanding things I've ever done. It's brought a new meaning to family and my partnership with Matte - I've watched my daughter develop and grow and now I'm READY to meet her!
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  • Mrs. López
    Mrs. López 2 minutes ago

    Congratulations to both of you guys 😍

  • wicked_tv
    wicked_tv 30 minutes ago

    Dang thats the calmest most relaxed birth ever my period is worse than that... congrats💯👍🏾

  • vincent lewis lim
    vincent lewis lim 8 hours ago

    Why does the diaper is brown

  • Syn D
    Syn D 17 hours ago

    I’m literally crying. Thank you for sharing your experience. It was beautiful ♥️

  • Roxana Sanabria
    Roxana Sanabria 18 hours ago

    What happened to Sam the assistant!!!???

  • Sandeen Riley
    Sandeen Riley 20 hours ago

    Tears 😭🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Nimo osman
    Nimo osman Day ago

    So beautiful. Congratulations shay thanks for letting us be part of this.

  • Julianna Hortencia Hernandez

    Aw so beautiful i love this its amazing experience love at 1st sight 😍

  • Alexandria Kinnally

    Pitocin labor is no joke. I’ve been induced twice and it’s sucked. The second time the epidural didn’t work because the baby was on my nerve.

  • Lil Shortyy
    Lil Shortyy Day ago

    Omg this is so beautiful I was crying when I heard her cry CONGRATULATIONS

  • Golda Sahertian
    Golda Sahertian Day ago


  • Golda Sahertian
    Golda Sahertian Day ago +1

    This is why I don't wanna have kids, but giving birth is EXPERIENCING TO GET A BABY! I'M SCARED AHHH

  • alice oliveira
    alice oliveira Day ago

    spek brazilian

  • Vanessa Abreu
    Vanessa Abreu 2 days ago

    E a legenda em português? 😕

  • Amourr Nique
    Amourr Nique 2 days ago

    She low key looked like Gina Rodriguez in the thumbnail 😂

  • Willow Harvey
    Willow Harvey 2 days ago

    Your in labor and still looking like a queen

  • Victoria Hendrix
    Victoria Hendrix 3 days ago +4

    I bawled my eyes out when I heard the baby crying and Shay saying “its so crazy”. Man, so emotional

  • MrRiousFudi
    MrRiousFudi 3 days ago +3

    "I think I should call Matt"

    I think you should call an ambulance.

  • a g n e s
    a g n e s 3 days ago

    don't tell me that ugly ass man is the dad-

  • meri Mustafa
    meri Mustafa 3 days ago

    Warum auf deutsch?

  • Zina Haddow
    Zina Haddow 3 days ago

    This made me cry lol congrats!!

  • JeyBelle
    JeyBelle 3 days ago

    Love this video!! 😭 Congratulations! 💕you took me back 8 months ago from when i had my baby girl. & the shakes! Omg the shakes. I had no idea “the shakes” was a common thing in labor. 💕

  • Svetik
    Svetik 3 days ago

    Даже смотреть не буду. Нахрена ВСЕ в нет выкладывать перед миллионами незнакомых людей???????

  • Emilia rainbow
    Emilia rainbow 3 days ago

    Wieso auf deutsch ? "Meine Geburt " ?

  • Breanne Gabrielle
    Breanne Gabrielle 3 days ago +1

    What you were talking about feeling was called the fetal ejection reflection Shay 💗 Such an amazing feeling.

  • hymynaama
    hymynaama 4 days ago


  • Feyza Ersoy
    Feyza Ersoy 4 days ago

    My god... I'm crying. This is crazy, I love u 😭😢💕

  • Aminuddin Aqila
    Aminuddin Aqila 4 days ago


  • Sarah M2020
    Sarah M2020 4 days ago

    awwww!!! congrats shay! your a superwoman. it was all worth it in the end seeing her and holding her. I have tears of joy for you both, now starts the best journey as parents😘😘😘😘

  • bethany
    bethany 4 days ago

    I was in early labour for 54hrs and labour labour with birth for 12hrs in March of this year!!!! WELL DONE MUMMA YOU DID IT 💖 Beautiful, thank you for sharing and enjoy every moment 😘

  • Karen Valkyrie
    Karen Valkyrie 4 days ago

    This made me cry when the dr said ur still in early labor and then 23 h came. Cause i know. I was for 2 days in the hospital in early labour. Meaning before 4cm
    And its harder. Alot harder then active labpur. In a different way. This was an amazing video ur so strong.

  • Angela Martinez
    Angela Martinez 4 days ago

    I had a pitocin labor too and got the epidural at 7cm cause the contractions got way too bad! I was only in labor for 11 hours tho so I can’t even imagine! you did amazing mama! ♥️

  • Aurora Deonne
    Aurora Deonne 4 days ago

    It's so awesome to see someone had a similar experience to mine as well. Congrats!

  • summer atkins
    summer atkins 4 days ago +1

    I’m due 11 April 2020 and so nervous and anxious about giving birth thank you so much for this, so raw and natural.

  • Kimberley Painter
    Kimberley Painter 4 days ago

    Wow what a beautiful video! Thank you for sharing! And your doula is amazing 🥰 so much love for people working in health care

  • Angela
    Angela 4 days ago

    Shay you are sooo brave for posting this! 💕This is such an awesome video, so completely real. This is as private as it gets and you chose to share it with the world, that deserves all my respect! 🌹🌹
    It sucks that you had to go through it for that long, you are such a strong woman, your baby will be so proud of you when she sees this! What an awesome memory to have! 🌸🌸

  • meadow full of daisies


  • Rachel's Ark
    Rachel's Ark 4 days ago +1

    Why does her husband have a no ovaries, no opinion shirt on. So you’re saying it’s ok to kill babies like your own if they aren’t ready for one 😳

  • femmebott
    femmebott 5 days ago +11

    “Tried to tough it out”. Everytime he opens his mouth I wanna slap him. 30+ hours of pain with no medication and he says she “tried”!

    • I have No name
      I have No name 3 days ago

      femmebott and he apologized most men wouldn’t have so...

  • Megan Elizabeth
    Megan Elizabeth 5 days ago

    I dead ass thought this was “Jane” from Jane the Virgin 😅

  • Miss Khan
    Miss Khan 5 days ago

    Your labor pains started your water bag broke and still your looks and makeup are on point though 😉 like seriously when i had my labor pains.. I wasn't even able to breathe properly 😁

  • Rianna Semelbauer
    Rianna Semelbauer 5 days ago +1

    Was I the only one who cried abit when I heard shay start to cry and the baby

  • Berit A
    Berit A 5 days ago

    i cried

  • Krystal Morales
    Krystal Morales 5 days ago

    Beautiful, thank you for sharing with us this experience

  • Qaqamba Walaza
    Qaqamba Walaza 5 days ago

    that moment when she started crying

  • Anne Ambulo
    Anne Ambulo 5 days ago


  • Amber G. Camacho
    Amber G. Camacho 5 days ago

    Great job girl! You did the damn thing! So proud of you. Labor is soooooooo hard and you listened to your body. You did a fantastic job. I wish I would have done that with my second child. My third (baby girl) was the hardest by far and I listened to my body 100%. You did amazing! Welcome to the motherhood club!!!!!!❤❤❤

  • Najee Jackson
    Najee Jackson 5 days ago +1

    Why is this in my recommendations, I was watching TFL. Smh

  • yupthatsjasz
    yupthatsjasz 5 days ago

    Crazy how similar ur birth experience was to mine!!

  • Grace George
    Grace George 5 days ago


  • Jonathan Rodriguez
    Jonathan Rodriguez 5 days ago

    .?. K

  • Aimalicious18
    Aimalicious18 5 days ago

    I had my baby girl 10.19.19 and I'm feeling the pain all over again watching this. It started with being induced and ended in a c section. but before that, those contractions are no joke!!

  • Carol Rabelo
    Carol Rabelo 5 days ago

    Congrats Shay! Love u

  • Dominika Jankowski
    Dominika Jankowski 5 days ago

    I am dying to know the name!!!😭

  • Lyla Chace
    Lyla Chace 6 days ago

    Congratulations new momma! Thankyou for sharing this! Its absolutely beautiful. It made me so emotional, as my son turns 3 this weekend.. I remember this day like it was yesterday. Becoming a mother has been the best thing and exhausting thing I've ever done. Lol but, it's truly amazing how much you can truly love another human. Best wishes to you and your family! 😘 and remember, everyone is going to have there way of doing things, but your momma.. do what feels right! 😉 your doing great!! Try to sleep when they sleep too (I very rarely did this lol ) and dont be afraid to ask for help! Or cry. Lol oxox!

  • Joy Adams
    Joy Adams 6 days ago

    Lmao! Same.

  • Adwoa Obeng
    Adwoa Obeng 6 days ago +3

    She kinda looks like Jane from Jane the virgin in the thumbnail don’t drag me💀

  • ItsTara 215
    ItsTara 215 6 days ago

    It is the craziest thing u will have to experience in life. I was in awe when I seen my babies head. Congrats to her

  • unicornale432
    unicornale432 6 days ago +1

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • Mellissa G
    Mellissa G 6 days ago +1

    Congratulations Shay and Matte! Being a C-section mom this was beautiful to listen to and watch. Congratulations and welcome to parenthood

    • Mellissa G
      Mellissa G 5 days ago

      Sorry I think what I wrote may have come out the wrong way.... What I meant to say is that I am a C-section(not by son was Frank breech and also the placenta was blocking the opening of my cervix ... I also suffer from endometriosis, ovarian cysts, adhesions, and laserations as well as fibroid tumors. The smallest the size of a grapefruit... so my entire pregnancy was considered very high risk) mom and this video/audio was beautiful to listen to. Being a C-section mom, most of us, feel as if we've been ripped off the whole delivery experience. And yes I TOTALLY understand that we have to do what we have to do in order to make sure our little miracles arrive here safely and healthy and sometimes the best way to ensure that is via c-section..... I just felt as if I had a huge part of my pregnancy taken from me, you know. So seeing/hearing your delivery process was absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much Shay for sharing such a personal and beautiful experience with us all.... I felt like I lived vicariously through this with you. ❤️❤️❤️ Lots of love... Wish you, Matte, and your new bundle of joy the very best life can bring ... Congratulations and again... Welcome to Parenthood 💖💐🌹🌸🌺💮🌻🌼💖