TimesTalks: André Leon Talley

  • Published on May 22, 2018
  • Spend an intimate evening with André Leon Talley, legendary fashion editor, author and curator, in conversation with Vanessa Friedman, chief fashion critic of The New York Times. A contributing editor of Vogue and a resident fixture in the world of fashion, Talley will share stories of his journey from growing up in the segregated Jim Crow South to becoming one of the most influential tastemakers of our time, which is documented in the upcoming film, “The Gospel According to André” (released nationwide on May 25). Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from one of the most unique figures of 20th- century American culture and an integral member of fashion history.
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Comments • 84

  • Hammern28
    Hammern28 Month ago

    Intelligent man, the kind you actually listen to.
    His weight is a serious issue. He is close to the size when he cannot walk on his own accord anymore.

  • Pegasus N
    Pegasus N 5 months ago

    Wow this dude should have been a wrestler hes big like the wrestler with the same name Andre the Giant.

  • Eliasnotafraid
    Eliasnotafraid 5 months ago

    What this interview just thrown on her or what because she don’t seem prepared Love andré

  • louise
    louise 6 months ago

    He IS fabulous.

  • Sainte Touré
    Sainte Touré 8 months ago +1

    The Great André Leon Talley taught me everything about fashion, style, and grace. His commentary during Fashion Week were gems. Love ❤️
    A true inspiration. A grandcestor.

  • lulolancey
    lulolancey 9 months ago

    Andre weighs more than Lagerfeld's casket.

  • Gucci Mayne
    Gucci Mayne 10 months ago

    He is so amazing! I absolutely love him!

  • Reg Plate
    Reg Plate 10 months ago

    Comments about the royal family weren’t necessary. The minister was an embarrassment. No wonder the queen wasn’t smiling. It made the collective uk’s arse twitch.

  • movingonandup773
    movingonandup773 11 months ago

    @ 11:23 - The beginning.

  • CreativStyLab iLab
    CreativStyLab iLab Year ago +1

    I luv Andre’!!! Well Deserved!!He has been an INSPIRATION ,my friend/Mentor(in my head), and most importantly a “Global Treasure”.

  • Y Tessema
    Y Tessema Year ago +1

    What’s wrong with going to community college???

    • Real Talk
      Real Talk 7 months ago +1

      Y Tessema Nothing, he was shading the interview for not doing her research

  • Pamela Perry
    Pamela Perry Year ago +4

    Vanessa may want to take note from Andre’ and his interview with Mr Lagerfeld. Do your research. Build a relationship. Be respectful. Your air of superiority and aloofness is unwarranted. Andre’ is a legend and treasure.

  • Anteroization
    Anteroization Year ago

    open your own channel in u tube, embrace it with the passion you are known , easy a camera, halo light, quiet room, phone and laptop.

  • MoneyOverFame
    MoneyOverFame Year ago +1

    One of the GOAT’s.

  • Ehm Bea
    Ehm Bea Year ago +1

    This interviewers questions are flat. With such an accomplished man of merit as Andre Talley, the questions should have been more inquisitive, genuine, specific and delivered with more honor..:-(

  • Renate Seldon
    Renate Seldon Year ago

    I LOVE Andre!

  • ZoodleInfo
    ZoodleInfo Year ago

    The interviewer need to find another job.

  • Golden Glove
    Golden Glove Year ago +1

    He looks amazing..I just hope he loses some weight I would like to have him for as long as can be. He is a Fashion and cultural bible...Love his giant tents and can't wait to buy one as he is putting out those tents soon.

  • Iris Bradley
    Iris Bradley Year ago +11

    She does not seem to understand who she is interviewing.

    • louise
      louise 6 months ago

      Poor thing😂

  • Jesus Villalobos
    Jesus Villalobos Year ago

    Love Andre!!! I just can't finish this... Vanessa is making it so difficult.

  • SS M
    SS M Year ago +2

    carrot top needs her attitude checked...

  • teenie beenie
    teenie beenie Year ago +1

    I pray for him as his weight is tragic.....be well o special one.

    • teenie beenie
      teenie beenie Year ago

      give the lad a chat show!!! and market ur caftans dear. georgous!

    • teenie beenie
      teenie beenie Year ago

      he so entertaining!!!! I adore hier!!!

    • teenie beenie
      teenie beenie Year ago

      his robe/bedspread is teutonic and awe sonic...

  • Vreeland Gardner
    Vreeland Gardner Year ago

    He got where he got because he was black, he was the token at WWD, and than at Vogue , he never let them forget that
    To try and raise him up to being a fashion icon is ludicrous
    If he actually had talent, had taste, had smarts he would be heading his own multi million $$$ company today, instead he lives in the past, so grossly overweight he can hardly walk, he has a difficult time in showering ,looks very slovenly, covering up a 425lbs of blubber with a colorful tent, is not the answer and defintetly not fashion one wants to follow

    • 1960's girl
      1960's girl 11 months ago +2

      Vreeland Gardner Bye Girl👋🏾

    • henry lockett
      henry lockett Year ago +4

      Vreeland Gardner How rude are you? Jealousy is not a good look on you my dear. ALT is a very educated and classy man. He's worked with the best and brightest in the Fashion Industry. You can't dim his light sweetie. Btw, it's then not than Sherlock. Lol

  • John Ward
    John Ward Year ago

    I pray the film will be shown here in Atlanta!🙅🏿‍♂️❤️🔥💯😘😍

  • John Ward
    John Ward Year ago +3

    It’s so damn unfair, money should never be an issue for a man of his stature! He’s smart, informative, and brave! I could go on, lying at his feet, for hours...listening to his stories! Sir, there are not enough words to describe your spirit! ❤️U

  • Heather Thompson
    Heather Thompson Year ago +5

    I love hearing him talk. He's a walking treasure trove of information.

  • hvcshow
    hvcshow Year ago +1


  • M
    M Year ago +1

    Amazing man! Such a legend!

  • jose gonzalez
    jose gonzalez Year ago

    This woman exemplifies stoic.

  • Alina
    Alina Year ago +1

    Omg Andre...i also watch marie antoinette and makes me happy!!! Xoxox

  • chevalvivant
    chevalvivant Year ago +21

    Wow, what a rude and uninformed interviewer..."It's very hard to follow these stories, you are having a better time than me." Good grief, absolutely clueless.

  • Pam Horne
    Pam Horne Year ago +1

    What a gracious man. I never knew what he did, he just seemed to be in the background of Vogue documentaries. Thank goodness he’s in the spotlight at last.

  • Angeliquelovely
    Angeliquelovely Year ago +2

    I need to meet himmmm I absolutely adore

  • Cardion Don
    Cardion Don Year ago +5

    I don't think I have ever seen him this raw and uncut. I loved this interview - and I love him. And the last question was just such a beautiful question.

  • Axel Durman
    Axel Durman Year ago +14

    Why does the interviewer sound so patronizing and in a way disengaged with the substance of the man's story?

  • krisperkarl
    krisperkarl Year ago +28

    What an atrocious interviewer -

  • Paradise Eternal
    Paradise Eternal Year ago +10

    Andre Leon Tally=Legend

  • Paradise Eternal
    Paradise Eternal Year ago +2

    Karl Lagerfeld,Diana Vreeland.....icons

  • Paradise Eternal
    Paradise Eternal Year ago +9

    He got some tea!

    • louise
      louise 6 months ago

      Indeed he does. 😆😊

  • Blessed or Messy w/ Franki

    You look like a freakin Royal King. Never heard of you until an interview on a radio station Let FBKwrites, write your book.

  • private profile
    private profile Year ago +18

    enjoyed this
    but the interviewer needs to sharpen her skills. Her energy is not in line with her subject and her questions didnt seem very thought out and were weak. He could have talked without her there.

  • Sue Howell
    Sue Howell Year ago +10

    Why in God's name are they providing a tiny chair for a man well over six feet tall with a large frame body? ! Honestly, it's disrespectful to "assume" a chair that tiny size would be comfortable to sit in for well over an hour for anyone larger then the interviewer. The interviewer is misplaced, mismatched, and not all that bright, however Andre' was gracious, kind and accommodating providing wonderful animated entertaining stories. Can't wait to see his movie !!!!

  • Emma May
    Emma May Year ago +4

    Wishing Mr. Talley, perfect peace and desires of his heart. Sooner than later.

  • Bertha
    Bertha Year ago +5

    I would love to know what he thinks about kanye west fashion line.

  • 08CARIB
    08CARIB Year ago +22

    There is a heartbreaking undertone to Leon when he discusses his life, like the fact that he is broke and publicly mentions it with comedic irony...all respect to him.

    • Desire Takei
      Desire Takei Year ago

      08CARIB His being broke is not that he has no money but rather that he did not make better financial choices. This man has over 30 pieces of genuine Vuitton luggage plus couture custom capes etc. If he were "no money broke" he could sell his possessions. In one of his houses he has 3 bedrooms of clothes 😂😂😂😂😂.

    • Spunkymunky
      Spunkymunky Year ago +6

      I saw the doc yesterday afternoon. He definitely is not broke--not with his huge house in New York...and his second house in Durham, North Carolina. And certainly not with a radio show on Sirius and a lifestyle luxury website owned and operated under his control. He may have to economize now that he doesn't have an expense account...but he's far from the poor house.

    • MoonBeamsChild
      MoonBeamsChild Year ago +2

      08CARIB I definitely felt that...

    • Spunkymunky
      Spunkymunky Year ago +4

      What he says and what is fact is not necessarily true. Also, I grew up with the children of wealth--the Hilton's, for instance--and poverty is relative.

  • Roger Winters
    Roger Winters Year ago +3


  • bobk 49
    bobk 49 Year ago +9

    Love Andre he is such a force. Vanessa looks annoyed, disinterested and awkward.Would have been better without her.

  • Salvador OG
    Salvador OG Year ago +26

    "Do your homework!!" Yes I will ALT!

  • La Veda Davis
    La Veda Davis Year ago +32

    He is indeed a national treasure.

    • Sainte Touré
      Sainte Touré 8 months ago

      Yes!! I never missed his commentary during fashion week for many years. It stayed on that channel like sports.

    • Angeliquelovely
      Angeliquelovely Year ago

      La Veda Davis one of a kind

  • a v
    a v Year ago +2

    💜 ALT

  • Rose Redit
    Rose Redit Year ago +16

    Introduction begins at 11:29. Very grateful for the share TimesTalks. Andre Leon Talley is one of those people that make the world a better place just by being in it.

  • Anteroization
    Anteroization Year ago +16

    always a course listening to his journey

  • M J
    M J Year ago +2

    I like the intetviewer, she has a good heart

    • M e
      M e 9 months ago +1

      This must be the interviewer's comment under a fake account because no reasonable person could like the job she did.

  • Start Page
    Start Page Year ago +11

    Is she being an A...I mean REALLY this is Andre Leon Talley

  • Dshan1 Williams
    Dshan1 Williams Year ago +33

    this Red Head appears irritated and typical. She's obviously acting as if she has NO Idea who she speaking to. (off with her head)

  • Lhin Doh
    Lhin Doh Year ago +3

    Fantastic Interview!

  • Athba Almaghlouth
    Athba Almaghlouth Year ago +31

    Love Andre! Bur Vanessa is such an awkward interviewer wtf?

    • Samantha jackson
      Samantha jackson Year ago

      His ass gotten to big to be stylish so he always wear robes!! He needs to stop it!!

    • John Ward
      John Ward Year ago +1

      Athba Almaghlouth yeah, she eroded me at every bend! Horrible interviewer...just in the way!!!!

    • Start Page
      Start Page Year ago +3

      Agree. It is almost like she is not having a conversation of INTEREST its just questions..ukkkkk Like when Andre tells the Xmas eve story..the camera catches her face and she looks like soooo bored...damn where did they get her from...And they have Fuji water but put him in those frail A...chairs...ukkkkkkkk

  • Cheryl R Leigh
    Cheryl R Leigh Year ago +8

    ALT is a national treasure and I am so looking forward to his documentary. Thanks for posting this video; for those like myself who cannot get enough of this genius it is a rare and joyous experience.

  • artsygirlify
    artsygirlify Year ago +13

    I love him so much but he needs to get healthy! I don't care what anyone says he needs to get his weight under control! I hope he or his friends are reading this!

    • John Ward
      John Ward Year ago +1

      artsygirlify he knows!

    • Blessed or Messy w/ Franki
      Blessed or Messy w/ Franki Year ago +4

      You are darn near 70 years. His face looks easily 35. I support getting healthy, but when I get that age...Let Me Cake! Andre let FBKwrites - write your book!!!!!!

    • Dshan1 Williams
      Dshan1 Williams Year ago +1

      artsygirlify agreed!..Anna Wintour remains concerned about his health too. his health needs to be a topic of a loving conversation.

  • Connie FW
    Connie FW Year ago +11

    My all time favorite fashion icon. Waiting to see the doc here in Germany. I love ALT!🙌🏽