Mike Myers Has A History With Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

  • Published on Nov 1, 2018
  • Sure, Mike Myers is in the upcoming Queen biopic 'Bohemian Rhapsody.' But the British rock band's first appearance in a Mike Myers movie happened years earlier in 'Wayne's World.'
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Comments • 4 454

  • Llama
    Llama 4 hours ago

    the cat himself

  • M S.
    M S. 17 hours ago

    Mike always makes me cry

  • Jorge Moya
    Jorge Moya 8 days ago +1

    This has to go into the Tot 10 best stories ever told in a talk show

  • hung well
    hung well 8 days ago

    Watched BR last night. I thought that was Mike behind that desk. Great movie!!

  • Ms Peggy Lee
    Ms Peggy Lee 8 days ago

    I've seen Bohemian Rhapsody at least 20 times, everything is great, especially the music!!!

  • Oneness Christian
    Oneness Christian 10 days ago

    Jesus is Lord.

  • Sikk Jim
    Sikk Jim 16 days ago

    Mike Myers will always be an englishman

  • Camden Riddellyt
    Camden Riddellyt 17 days ago +1

    Hey look it’s Shrek

  • Josh Bolton
    Josh Bolton 23 days ago

    Damnit man... You've ruined the line...
    The reason he always carried an umbrella was because he could never remember the passwords. So he always carried an umbrella because only an Englishman would carry a bloody umbrella into war.

  • Quan'o Mr.Extra Get

    What did he mean by not urban or farm lands 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • kl wies
    kl wies Month ago

    Would anyone believe me that i met Queen and the Tall guitarist while peeing in a toilet in Switzerland? It was in 1989 in a chinese restaurant in Montreux. I was pissing and suddenly two guys walk in. One was short about 5foot 4 inch the other was like 7 foot tall. I glanced at the other guy beside my urinal and there he is Freddy Mercury and the Tall guitarist. I was agape with my mouth and eyes wide and they look at me with amusement LOL.

  • Ellen Mausner
    Ellen Mausner Month ago

    Lovely Mike Myeres - I love this man. Is he single? I'd marry him in a microsecond. What talent, grace, humor, and brains, and of course, HEART! He was right - the film was exceptionally good. I've watched it 8 times. Great in every way - very well-directed, satisfying structure. Mike, if you are actually single, I'm serious, please look me up; we're compatible! Ellen Orchid in NYC. Friend me on Facebook. I'm an awesome, funny, sexy gal.

  • samantha mills
    samantha mills Month ago +1

    Like Mike Myers but not Stephen colbert

  • Grant Charney
    Grant Charney Month ago +1

    This was one of the best interviews I've ever seen.

  • Epic Potato
    Epic Potato Month ago

    RU-clip recommends strikes again!

    BRUCE JEANDUC Month ago

    He would wish he can be a paratrooper that Hollywood Wanker.

  • Larry Baker
    Larry Baker Month ago

    Mike is a midget.

  • Marks Javas
    Marks Javas Month ago

    My Grandfather was at Arnhem bridge in WW2 ,he was called Roy Hood from North prospect Plymouth Devon UK

  • Anonymous Sender
    Anonymous Sender Month ago

    since your hit piece on alex jones colbert, you lost my viewership and support in general ,snob.

  • Lawrence Tate
    Lawrence Tate Month ago

    That's one guy that I would truly not feel worthy of being around. From what I hear of Mike Myers, he makes sure people understand that. But, you know, I find that to be a bit doubtful.

  • Sean Flynn
    Sean Flynn Month ago

    Showed the clips in the wrong order. The movie wasn't great. Sorry. Wanted it to be.

  • angusyoung119
    angusyoung119 Month ago

    I hate that he didn't rebound in acting after Love Guru. Just a guy trying to make people laugh. I'm lucky to have gotten to experience his humor growing up

  • Eduardo Mendez
    Eduardo Mendez Month ago

    Lol the Ad for Bohemian Rhapsody under the video just made this video that much funnier! xD

  • Jeff B
    Jeff B Month ago +1

    Rofl colebert Sid “you won life” and my boi shot colebert the fuck down. Keep owning noobs. Mikey boi

  • Emanuele de Yohansen

    Apparently he'snt the coolest actor on set. You can say buy looking at his body language!

  • Greg Rohs
    Greg Rohs Month ago

    Myers didnt want the song in the movie.
    He was forced to rewrite waynes world 2 as he ripped off another screenplay without getting the rights. The head of the studio had him in a fetal position. They were forced to rewrite the script in its entirety 2 weeks before shooting hence the suckfest that is WW2.

  • Greg Rohs
    Greg Rohs Month ago

    Meyers is a douche.

  • Noel Garland
    Noel Garland Month ago +1

    OMG barf stain / Scarborough Wedgwood. Im dying! XD

  • GERBAX channel
    GERBAX channel Month ago

    fallon would've fucked up the stories by fake laughing after each word.

  • Big Blue
    Big Blue Month ago

    Mike Myers is starting to look like Benny Hill. He should totally make a Benny Hill movie. It would be awesome. Loved Benny Hill. He'd do really well with his comedic background. Please make this happen!

  • Dutch Nuggets
    Dutch Nuggets Month ago

    Dana Carvey would be spinning in his grave ...

  • Iain Bryden
    Iain Bryden Month ago

    I hope he does his Scottish accent more because he doesn’t do enough of his Scottish accent.

  • Adam Palomino 2
    Adam Palomino 2 Month ago

    He’s ready to fight for his country

  • zakconvlog
    zakconvlog Month ago

    Just by the thumbnail I knew he wasn’t doing a character. He’s just obsessed with doing shit people don’t get

  • peter fabian
    peter fabian Month ago

    I feel like an idiot but I was today years old when I found out Mike Myers is Canadian with a North American accent

  • Stephan Schmidt
    Stephan Schmidt Month ago


  • Rick Beaty
    Rick Beaty Month ago

    Colbert sucks donkeys, no sucks rhinos.

  • Alasdair Montgomery

    Parents from Liverpool but don’t sound like a scouser.

  • Andrew Dace
    Andrew Dace Month ago

    Hope thay are not tackeing piss out of englsh solders and the umbrella was to show other english toops he was british so get it right . please dont use this to get laughs people died fighting for there country

  • AlucarD DraculA
    AlucarD DraculA Month ago


  • AlucarD DraculA
    AlucarD DraculA Month ago

    How about a snake eating u

  • pricey0986ify
    pricey0986ify Month ago +2

    Omg I never knew Mike Myers was in Bohemian Rhapsody lol

  • Jairo Romani
    Jairo Romani Month ago

    I heard mike is a douchebag in life

  • Jennifer Holden
    Jennifer Holden Month ago

    That's a great northern accent. I'm from Lancashire and it's a bit more Yorkshire which is sad.

  • freddy castillo
    freddy castillo Month ago

    Mike Myers you will make a good Benny Hill👍😉😂😂😂.

  • Steely
    Steely Month ago +2

    Haha i love how you dont even need to Interview this guy ... just let him talk and it will be awesome ^^

  • Jeff Aholics
    Jeff Aholics Month ago

    This was actually really deep somehow

  • puterossputeross Bowelly

    No wonder he disappeared. UGH! Sad.

  • Good Ol'boy
    Good Ol'boy Month ago


  • Drumz451
    Drumz451 Month ago


  • Jason McBeavis
    Jason McBeavis Month ago

    Racist colonizer!

  • Scotty Jesso
    Scotty Jesso Month ago


  • Crazy Davy
    Crazy Davy Month ago

    I was going to make a stolen valour joke ?
    But second thoughts better not !
    Stolen valour isn't funny 😕

  • Michael Mills
    Michael Mills Month ago

    Yeah Mike LIVES acting every minute. Notice he paused for the applause, what a pro.
    And yeah BUD. YOU WON LIFE! Ha but so did i! Everyone’s win is different!

  • Sentionaut
    Sentionaut Month ago


  • Susie Fairfield
    Susie Fairfield Month ago

    I wish Mike would star in a movie about Benny Hill, he'd be perfect playing the role of Hill and that would be a hilarious movie

  • Sam Borgens
    Sam Borgens Month ago

    Happy birthday!

  • The Unclean
    The Unclean Month ago +4

    As an Englishman I approve, well done sir

  • Devin Mounce
    Devin Mounce Month ago

    After watching Conan on Steven's show I hate Colbert. I used to like him, then he on ran for president which was kind funny, and a few years later he starts dissing Trump which started out funny, but just turned cringey fast!now he is just a stuck up ass hole who thinks he is better than everyone!

  • John C.
    John C. Month ago

    stolen valor lol jkjk. a new Aston power's please.

  • Bonzo McDuffy
    Bonzo McDuffy Month ago

    What an honor just having a letter from George Harrison. Yeah Colbert does listen.

  • Alex Hoo
    Alex Hoo Month ago


  • Locoandchooch
    Locoandchooch Month ago

    Is it me or is Mike starting to look like Benny Hill?

  • Neked Snek6990
    Neked Snek6990 Month ago

    They were fun times

  • James Moriarty
    James Moriarty Month ago

    Google mad jack Churchill the real solder they based him on

  • Liam B
    Liam B 2 months ago

    For those who dont know, the letter referenced Penny Lane

  • Daniel Crewe
    Daniel Crewe 2 months ago

    Mike is a total legend

  • Captain Charisma
    Captain Charisma 2 months ago

    He dressed up as the umbrella guy from a bridge too far....
    God I love Mike Myers!!!

  • Truth Witness
    Truth Witness 2 months ago

    He could make the Benny Hill movie impersonation..!! He is the only one that could impersonate him

  • dayum son
    dayum son 2 months ago

    i thought that was super mario in the thumbnail

  • Nick Irmen
    Nick Irmen 2 months ago

    I love a Bridge Too Far and that is the perfect costume, he's just missing the PIAT

  • Jim joe Kelly
    Jim joe Kelly 2 months ago

    I like mike Myers even more now

  • Wutang-Dan!
    Wutang-Dan! 2 months ago

    Promotes a film about Queen. Talks about the Beatles instead. Haha

  • Abomination
    Abomination 2 months ago

    When does he say “Donkey!”

  • Cust- Ials
    Cust- Ials 2 months ago

    Even though I hate Stephen Colbert truly, this video is great

  • Metalhead Fin
    Metalhead Fin 2 months ago

    Loving the denison smock

  • Chris Button
    Chris Button 2 months ago +1

    I was today years old when I realised Mike played Wayne in Wayne's World.

  • HamburgerTime
    HamburgerTime 2 months ago

    Fuck I want that outfit

  • Curtis Burga
    Curtis Burga 2 months ago

    He carried the umbrella so that he wouldn't be accidentally shot by his own troops, because who else but an Englishman?...

  • Stone Creek Cinema
    Stone Creek Cinema 2 months ago

    Mike Myers, Mike-uh-Mike-uh Myers, Mike-uh Myers, Myers, a-Mike-uh-myers.

  • Keiran Gardner-Hall
    Keiran Gardner-Hall 2 months ago

    ‘SpOooT OfF TEa’ what a nonce.

  • Pete
    Pete 2 months ago

    Mike Myers Funny stephen colbert not funny.

  • Tony Baines
    Tony Baines 2 months ago

    you have to earn them wings

  • poo bum
    poo bum 2 months ago

    it was the right song for waynes world !

  • Thomas
    Thomas 2 months ago +6

    wait wasn't the umbrella cause he kept forgetting the password and only a british man would be on a battlefield with an umbrella

    • Anthony Dodge The Model Train Outsider
      Anthony Dodge The Model Train Outsider Month ago +1

      Yes. Exactly. "Why did you carry an umbrella?" "Bad... mem'ry... bad mem-mo-ry. Always forgot the password..." he then says no one would think him German with an umbrella.

  • Emil Kruke
    Emil Kruke 2 months ago

    Worst SUBTITLES I've experienced in a long while. I think I'd almost prefer the auto-generated ones..

  • Charles
    Charles 2 months ago

    Mike the Best actor!!!
    In Austin Powers his personality the way he acts , so cool!! Real!!

  • Pat McNamara
    Pat McNamara 2 months ago

    That character he is portraying actually lived !

  • MichiganJack
    MichiganJack 2 months ago +1

    Mike Meyers a global treasure.

  • MegaAshWilliams
    MegaAshWilliams 2 months ago

    George Harrison's last letter... That's something else.

  • Stelios Kontos
    Stelios Kontos 2 months ago

    He said liverpool very fast because he's probably ashamed to be from there ;)

  • Robert Pirlot
    Robert Pirlot 2 months ago

    Wait? Mike Myers has a Tricitizenship?

  • M C
    M C 2 months ago

    Mike Myers needs attention SO MUCH

  • Uurraaa Comrade
    Uurraaa Comrade 2 months ago

    I thought he was captain price from COD

  • Rhubba
    Rhubba 2 months ago +16

    More chat show guests should dress up as British paratroopers.

    • Dead Dad
      Dead Dad 2 months ago

      Let's throw in American and German ones too! Have a brief history lesson.

  • sean omeirs
    sean omeirs 2 months ago

    Thats why hes an actor fucking love Mike

  • matt g
    matt g 2 months ago

    That George Harrison story is great

  • Adrian Fornero
    Adrian Fornero 2 months ago

    Benny Hill !!!!!

  • TM
    TM 2 months ago

    Mike Myers is so incredibly charming. I would love to just have a long conversation with him.