When Talk Show Hosts Gets a Taste of Their Own Medicine!

  • Published on Jan 30, 2019
  • When Talk Show Hosts Gets a Taste of Their Own Medicine.
    Video Features: Conan O'Brien, David Letterman, Chelsea Handler, Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Jonathon Ross, and Chatty Man
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Comments • 3 087

  • TheLaughPlanet
    TheLaughPlanet  Month ago +14

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  • Asmophel
    Asmophel 38 minutes ago

    Conan is the only hollywood talk show host i can stand, first of all he's the only funny one. But he's also not alienating his audience by forcing his political views down your throat, I can watch him and just laugh. He's actually faithful to being a comedian before a hollywood shill.

  • rebel without a comma
    rebel without a comma 20 hours ago

    When a british guy makes fun of another brits teeth.

  • onlinebills02
    onlinebills02 20 hours ago

    Moral of the story: they are all Part of modern 'bread and circuses" keeping the sheeple Asleep. So naturally, they all stroke each other on camera

  • mitch ervin
    mitch ervin 21 hour ago

    David letterman looks like and old Muslim camel banger

  • kerberospanzer
    kerberospanzer Day ago


  • dabesaround nstuff

    One hundred times!

  • jonhwatching
    jonhwatching Day ago

    Chelsea Looselips

  • Rob
    Rob Day ago

    I have yet, to laugh or find anything funny about that Eric Andre(?) guy.
    Suppose he and that Chelsea broad share the same flilinquist skills

  • James Mulligan
    James Mulligan Day ago

    Ferguson and stuart were the best shows to watch

  • I Love My Beard
    I Love My Beard Day ago

    I would bust a gut laughing if someone punched Chelsea for her disgusting potty mouth

  • Trey Tucker
    Trey Tucker 2 days ago

    Fabreeze please

  • KarmicYogi
    KarmicYogi 2 days ago

    Chelsea is impersonation of white trash. All clips she is talking about sex and trash.

  • beatniece
    beatniece 2 days ago +1

    "even Jimmy Fallon" 😭

  • photojeff74
    photojeff74 2 days ago

    On a serious note. Kimmel can’t come up with a mil for his kids operation? BS! Hope all the best for his daughter but given the fact that he probably has the best insurance possible and makes the money he does, interesting how other people paid. Rich people don’t pay for crap. Even surgeries I guess.

  • SP Riggs
    SP Riggs 3 days ago

    Libtards unite!

  • Skelld
    Skelld 3 days ago

    03:15 Duuuude. That comeback though. ...

  • Dean Shaw
    Dean Shaw 3 days ago

    first american to manspread 2:43

  • alan sullivan
    alan sullivan 3 days ago +1

    Crazy at the end ellen raised a million $ for another rich person while I could make $2,000 change my whole life right now to get out of a rut-damn

  • alan sullivan
    alan sullivan 3 days ago

    Chelsie handler looks hot but I think the man was right about the cast iron heart and she is nasty bisexual bitch that screws black guys so you know what they say about beauty

  • 7620313
    7620313 3 days ago

    I thought she was taking a crap

  • foredamusic
    foredamusic 4 days ago

    If Chelsea Handler had as many dicks sticking out of her as she has had stuck in her she would look like a fuckin porcupine.

  • Robert P
    Robert P 4 days ago

    I would call chelsea a "C" word but that would be an insult all the "C's" out there.

  • Hiryu Imajin
    Hiryu Imajin 4 days ago

    Those were really long legs lol

  • Lost Footage
    Lost Footage 4 days ago

    Shitty long intro

  • J clark
    J clark 5 days ago +3

    cobert must be on there to make every one else seem hilarious

  • Stephen Fox
    Stephen Fox 5 days ago

    That blonde bitch is a real cunt.

  • get Smarty
    get Smarty 5 days ago

    Chelsea handler has got to have a few diseases!

  • L Dog
    L Dog 5 days ago

    9:23 no she doesn't... she doesn't know what she saying

  • Raghav Kumar
    Raghav Kumar 5 days ago +3

    Team coco all the way!

  • Lindsey haya
    Lindsey haya 5 days ago


  • V eesel
    V eesel 5 days ago

    Omfg love Stephen

  • bighand69
    bighand69 5 days ago

    A lot of those guys and gals could be funny if they stayed away from politics.

  • Tobin Tonight
    Tobin Tonight 5 days ago +1

    chelsea handler NEVER funny

  • Brad Romans
    Brad Romans 6 days ago

    No Jay Leno? Hmmm...

  • DJ Deckard Cain
    DJ Deckard Cain 6 days ago

    Man, all this hate toward Chelsea...she's a roaster, wtf. You soft little sheeple cigarettes....

  • supergolfdude
    supergolfdude 7 days ago

    Chelsea = disgusting 🐷

  • k.o. ed
    k.o. ed 7 days ago

    A millionaire helping a millionaire to pay medical help by means of donation. What chance do common people have? 😁

  • Al Gorithm
    Al Gorithm 7 days ago

    4:41 Man I can't stand Ben Stiller

  • Tony Lohi
    Tony Lohi 7 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is 100% Jewish why is he lying?

  • arashaad daavidson
    arashaad daavidson 7 days ago

    Chelsea just a hoe. That's how hoes be

  • Lujonb62 KevBar
    Lujonb62 KevBar 7 days ago +1

    Today’s talk shows are crap!!!!

  • sharanprakash huded
    sharanprakash huded 7 days ago

    Who remembers that GTA intro?

    SPIDER BOUY 8 days ago

    Who’s that hottie on the thumbnail ?!

  • Old Man Mercenary
    Old Man Mercenary 8 days ago

    David Letterman was secretly recruited to be the new Santa Clause...that why he left Late Night to Steve Colbert..

  • Tamashi232
    Tamashi232 8 days ago

    fuck off already Chelsea Handler you cringy old hag

  • Acutus Lux
    Acutus Lux 8 days ago

    All those jews...

  • Erika N
    Erika N 8 days ago

    Can somebody please tell me the name of the song at the very beginning of this video ?

  • Dave White
    Dave White 8 days ago

    Chelsea Handler is such a fucking old cunt.

  • Jeffy Supreme Diaper Taco

    So these are all either Conan or some British fag. Not very amusing.

  • Juan Cueva
    Juan Cueva 8 days ago

    Change the title to "random clips that leave you wondering why I put them together" instead

  • Truth Stalker
    Truth Stalker 9 days ago +1

    *Jimmy had better hope that those 3 LAYDEES don't press 'sexual harassment' charges on him 30-40 years from now (Bill Cosby reference).*

  • Anonymous Poster
    Anonymous Poster 9 days ago

    Conan is no “common fool”!!!!

  • Joey Trimble
    Joey Trimble 9 days ago

    100 times! Lmfao keep it goin

  • melvin raju
    melvin raju 9 days ago +1

    Kids it's only sexist when men says it. 9:11

  • Chef Paul
    Chef Paul 10 days ago

    I don't think anyone is funnier on Earth than Chelsea Handler

    • burdenking
      burdenking 8 days ago

      You know who's funnier than Chelsea?

      You guessed it...
      Frank Stallone.

  • stephen hawkins
    stephen hawkins 10 days ago

    Conan.. conan conan conan. This man is genuinely true about himself like out of all the host being made fun of or teased. He is one of the only that can make fun of himself in good fun. Shows a lot of humility for sure.

    FLAT EARTH 11 days ago +1


  • Lana Krajcer
    Lana Krajcer 11 days ago

    Colbert was kind of an asshole to Conan

  • ScotSpeed
    ScotSpeed 11 days ago

    If someone raised a million bucks for me, I'd love them, too. Heck, a million pennies.

  • Larry Metheney Jr.
    Larry Metheney Jr. 11 days ago

    Is Chelsea Handler just a total slut?

  • Ray W
    Ray W 12 days ago +2

    Letterman was wildly overrated.

  • Robert Doran
    Robert Doran 12 days ago

    Letterman and Schaffer back on the same show?

  • A.G
    A.G 12 days ago +1

    0:50 santa with suit

  • Anton Chigurh
    Anton Chigurh 13 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon is so fake.....Someone once said that and it caught my attention. I can't but agree ever since.

  • Don Page
    Don Page 13 days ago

    Chelsea has been 'penetrated' more than the Border Wall.

    • Daniel Law
      Daniel Law 12 days ago

      Only difference is she has no walls.

  • E M
    E M 13 days ago

    Chelsea Handler doesn't pull off the "insults are funny" thing very well. She just seems bitchy and rude.

    • E M
      E M 12 days ago

      @Owen Rodgers Yes. Well said.

    • Owen Rodgers
      Owen Rodgers 12 days ago +1

      A pale imitation of Joan Rivers

  • Robert Muldoon
    Robert Muldoon 13 days ago

    I lost all faith in all of these comedians once they showed they worked for the Deep State attacking Trump relentlessly - And i didn't and don't even support Trump

    • Robert Muldoon
      Robert Muldoon 10 days ago

      @FLAT EARTH Even Aliens in another Galaxy know about Cejudos Gold Fucking Medal, the Cunt has made every living thing in the entire universe aware of that that fucking shitty medal

      FLAT EARTH 11 days ago


  • rjdalchow
    rjdalchow 14 days ago

    All the talk show hosts now are pure crap. They destroyed a decades long industry because of their stupid, no-talent, liberal politically correct bullshit. RIP the Tonight Show. All of these people, with the possible exceptions of Conan and Craig Ferguson, never deserved a show.

  • duceboy100
    duceboy100 14 days ago

    I think they all suck.

  • Nauga
    Nauga 14 days ago

    Chelsea Handler = typical shock comedian. Also not funny.

  • Genghis Khan
    Genghis Khan 14 days ago

    Chelsea Handler is a CUNT!!

  • Delta Foxtrot
    Delta Foxtrot 14 days ago +1

    They all could take a lesson from Johnny Carson.

  • Beardy Ry
    Beardy Ry 14 days ago

    My dick would happily tell me not to knock that Chelsea whore out but my head would tell my dick to shut the fuck up and id just get on with the beating,id happily do it as well.

  • Charlie Osburn
    Charlie Osburn 15 days ago

    Andy with the comeback 🤣

  • Troy F
    Troy F 15 days ago

    Chelsea Handler is always hilarious

  • Wyatt Sullivan
    Wyatt Sullivan 15 days ago

    5:46 I don’t know if this is Stephen Colbert or an old Jewish mother

  • _ doomkr6ft
    _ doomkr6ft 15 days ago

    Chelsea Handler is hilarious

  • SealTeam Ryx
    SealTeam Ryx 15 days ago +4

    Chelsea handler would be soooooo much better if she was funny.. I really think that would help her career

  • nicholas georgoudakis
    nicholas georgoudakis 15 days ago

    Dam. Look at letterman

  • Lisa Smith
    Lisa Smith 15 days ago

    When does the video get funny

  • Boo Radley
    Boo Radley 16 days ago

    Why is it when I have seen Chelsea Handler in these kind of clips she thinks everybody is looking at her vagina?what a cu@t

  • Petyr Kowalski
    Petyr Kowalski 16 days ago

    Itll wot your teef... Speak english Ross.

  • Nobody
    Nobody 16 days ago +85

    "a taste of their own medicine" yet it seems you just chose random clips.

    • V eesel
      V eesel 5 days ago +1

      More like a mixture

  • g cantstansya
    g cantstansya 17 days ago

    Ellen scaring people is gold jerry! GOLD!

  • g cantstansya
    g cantstansya 17 days ago

    Who's the old blonde with the acid tongue? And the caste iron heart?

  • snoookie456
    snoookie456 17 days ago +12

    That Eric Andre one where he can't stop laughin at Kimmel should've been done with Jimmy Fallon, it would've been the most poetic justice in talk show history

  • snoookie456
    snoookie456 17 days ago +1

    damn that GTA intro's lit

  • tom thorn
    tom thorn 17 days ago

    Will we ever know if Chelsea Handler was born a man or a woman!?!?!!?!!?!?

  • tom thorn
    tom thorn 17 days ago

    First off...….lets cut the crap!!!! NO STRAIGHT MAN gets an erection from Chelsea Handler!!! I mean...…………...……………………….EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

  • C C
    C C 17 days ago

    Chelsea Handler is about as funny as a rectal exam.

  • Ali the great
    Ali the great 17 days ago

    Jack Sparrow : I just wanted to tell you , she's a horologist

  • Thea Johnston
    Thea Johnston 18 days ago

    Chelsea Handler is a disgusting excuse for a human

  • Lucio Innocenzo
    Lucio Innocenzo 18 days ago

    These fuckers are so fake they disgust me

  • Em Dee
    Em Dee 18 days ago

    2:45 what are those shoes?

  • Textual Predator
    Textual Predator 19 days ago

    *What is that gay british show called?*

  • Buttered Potato
    Buttered Potato 19 days ago +4

    Some say if you placed Stephen Colbert And Chelsea Handler in a small room together, the walls would turn black overnight.

  • Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi

    7:30 she's fuckin hotest milf!

    • Ali the great
      Ali the great 17 days ago

      She's one of the ugliest people I have ever seen .. what are you talking about ?

  • FriedToast
    FriedToast 20 days ago +1

    Why so many Chelsea Handler clips? She's not funny.

    • Ali the great
      Ali the great 17 days ago

      That's the thing .. they show her so we could laugh at her get insulted by Craig , Andy etc ..

  • bob smith
    bob smith 20 days ago +8

    Just what exactly is the "medicine" of this video? There is absolutely no consistency other than just a host being a guest on someone else's show.

    • Sam The Sham
      Sam The Sham 16 days ago

      Why would Ellen need to raise money for Jimmy Kimmels child?
      Wtf? Isn't he a millionare already? Why do Ellen need to leech from her viewers to help him?