I Spent The Night In The Cheapest NYC Hotel. ($45) OMG.

  • Published on Sep 10, 2017
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    I Spend 24 hours In the cheapest hostel in New York City - Deep in Chinatown. Tweet Me! twitter.com/BostWiki
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  • John Jay
    John Jay 7 days ago

    One block up is the New World Hotel. 30 bucks a night. Not bad if you don't mind the screaming Jamaican couple chucking bottles of vodka and o.j. at each other at three in the morning.

  • AquaticTuber
    AquaticTuber 14 days ago

    Who eats at McDonald's in Chinatown? 😂

  • Michael Sellers
    Michael Sellers 27 days ago

    Ughhhhh!!!!! As soon as I saw those red bite marks I know exactly what that was hittin 4 that's a no-go for me I can't stand bedbugs cringed hard af

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 29 days ago

    Why were you sounding like a frog on camera?!

  • Joe Mastro
    Joe Mastro 29 days ago

    Only you can stop vocal fry.

  • Blue387
    Blue387 29 days ago

    There's a cheap Chinese place at 79 Chrystie Street near the hotel that serves cheap pork or chicken over rice, which I would have picked over McDonalds

  • AquaticTuber
    AquaticTuber Month ago

    I want to stay there!

  • Zoe Dark
    Zoe Dark Month ago

    You can get a premier Inn in the UK for that price and it's spotless

  • guitarhamster
    guitarhamster Month ago

    Dumbass white boy.

  • Haydensnightmare H
    Haydensnightmare H Month ago

    Gordon Ramsay would burn the place down 🔥

  • Chase ☑️
    Chase ☑️ Month ago

    Ohhh shit, you probably carried some of those bed bugs home with you.

  • Grqpe Soda
    Grqpe Soda Month ago

    When your merch costs more than the hotel

    • BostWiki
      BostWiki  Month ago

      Bro I know.... Lowest I (the creator) can make it on Teespring is $39 quid. Probably better value at Target tbh. Unless you really want a BostWiki hoodie.

  • TJ
    TJ Month ago

    Ew that ending?! was it bed bugs?! D: Next time you do one of these check your bed after(or before and) for little patches of blood. A sign of bed bug is tiny pinches of blood on pillows, bedding and the sheets. you can also bring bed bugs home with you if you aren't careful so deffo one for the reviews!

  • P1980
    P1980 Month ago

    Looks like a gay bathhouse, except the mattress isn't covered in vinyl.. Not that I know what those are like 😂

  • Meggs
    Meggs Month ago

    The whole time I was wondering how many prostitutes have been in that bed

  • evanrichterer
    evanrichterer Month ago

    *has sneaking suspicion that items might be stolen* *actually left door open*

  • Mindset Of The Motivated

    Omg the bed bugs were it for me 😟

  • FurryKiller GamerSaver


  • J NYC
    J NYC Month ago

    I hope you wore flip flops in the shower - and then threw them away as you left.

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover Month ago

    $1450 rent

  • Clouder
    Clouder Month ago

    I thought about halfway through the video: why do you not check the mattress or the sheets for bedbugs? That is the ONE thing i do no matter where i sleep!

  • American Pie
    American Pie Month ago

    Nice! Glenn Miller! My favorite musician

  • nikeyathepoet .__
    nikeyathepoet .__ Month ago

    I want to live in New York but it doesn’t seem worth it

  • X Y
    X Y Month ago

    Dude...the bed bugs are your new guests...I'd get on that asap!

  • Supreme SPS
    Supreme SPS Month ago

    NOT TRYING TO BE TOXIC PLEASE DONT TAKE IT THAT WAY... the bathroom was not clean. I saw the mold in between the cracks of the tile and the tub itself was a mix of colors and it is obviously supposed to be white that’s disgusting I would have went home after seeing that. And also next time since you know your staying at the cheapest hotel lift up the mattress and greet the bedbugs first since that’s where bedbugs make their home.. ( under the mattress ) lol

  • I hate everything
    I hate everything Month ago

    I know a place in the Brooklyn Chinatown for $30 a night

    But oof those bed bug bites

    THICK LOBSTER Month ago

    You now where the cheapest place to live is the side walk.

  • Chaoddities
    Chaoddities Month ago

    Well. Interacted with begbugs. Time to burn everything like it's polio.

  • roomdog40
    roomdog40 Month ago

    Seriously, you didn't check for bedbugs first?

  • Slammy555
    Slammy555 Month ago

    I remember in the early 90s I had a stay over of 1 night in White Plains. I was from the Midwest, I figured $50 was plenty for a hotel room. My dad was better traveled, he had me take his credit card just in case but didn't say anything about how inadequate that was. He had a bad sense of humor, he knew I wouldn't use it unless I absolutely had to. I got in and met some locals, they got a good laugh out of a $50 hotel but they helped me to get a taxi driver who said he knew of a place. It was pretty late, I didn't get a look at the neighborhood and it was definitely seedy and dirty but I did have a private bath. The front desk didn't know what a wake up call was and had another laugh when I tried to explain (but he did call, bless him). I woke up the next morning and stepped out, there were maybe a half dozen prostitutes that I saw between my room and across the street for a McDonalds breakfast all giving me dirty looks.

  • TJ
    TJ Month ago

    Another fake "New Yorker"... *Sigh*... I will find a real native New Yorker one of these days!

  • crazy0ass0whiteboy
    crazy0ass0whiteboy Month ago

    always check for bed bugs.... its not that hard. pull up the bedding and look for splotches of brown rust color. i don't mean just in cheapo's either. always look for them. you don't know who has them etc.

  • The Shadow Man
    The Shadow Man Month ago +1

    No window ?? Hell no

  • Tucker Latham
    Tucker Latham Month ago

    12pm is noon, m8

  • jennifer wellman
    jennifer wellman Month ago +1

    Prison has to have better accommodations...lol

  • StuUngar
    StuUngar Month ago

    Bed Bugs and Scabies

  • CincyMike21
    CincyMike21 Month ago

    1:24 Don't Cantonese & Mandarin use the same written language, even though totally pronounced differently?

  • Dakota Rettig
    Dakota Rettig Month ago

    Is this living bobbys twin?

  • jenn jenn
    jenn jenn Month ago

    That mop in hallway was dirty as fuck...they need to soak it in bleach

  • Joseph Handwork
    Joseph Handwork Month ago

    Bowery Lodge is usually pretty clean and no bed bugs, the ladies there are always changing beds, cleaning, etc. if you’re use to hostels and that type of thing it’s def worth it for the price! Also they let two people stay in one room.. Now “Bowery grand” down the street is another story lol. Pretty dirty, rooms are 3’x6’ and it’s only $30, crazy place. Up until a few years ago there was also the Sun Bright which was like something out of a horror movie on some floors. They charged $10 a night up until the late 2000’s and it basically just filled up with crazy people living there, I stayed there once before it closed.

  • bobby boucher
    bobby boucher Month ago

    dude your lucky has hell that you did not get a nice bedbug fam staying at your house hahahaha

  • bobby boucher
    bobby boucher Month ago

    wow 54$ hahahahah wtf , are they dumb. its like a 12$ room , and still then ill go on a park bench first

  • DougEFresh289
    DougEFresh289 Month ago

    i lived in a horrible part of NY for my whole life - and I would not stay there. this dude nutz. places like this are just to bringing ho's to f real quick - oh quick edit, bruh midnight is 12 am not pm😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Warriors Boi
    Warriors Boi Month ago

    New York prices are nothing compared to San Francisco

  • Bobwatermellon
    Bobwatermellon Month ago

    12am not 12pm

  • dfsnsdfn
    dfsnsdfn Month ago

    u look like u have a tasty cock

  • chunksterr
    chunksterr Month ago

    You deserved the bite for talking shit about place.

  • itsrexohere
    itsrexohere Month ago

    a motel for 45 wow ive lived in a 40 dollar motel its way bigger then that

  • Tabarnacos2
    Tabarnacos2 Month ago

    I saw that bed and immediately thought “bed bugs”

    SIMPLISTIX Month ago

    I cant believe I’m saying this, considering I’m in a jazz band, can someone please tell me the name of the song at 1:36

  • Ashley bishop
    Ashley bishop Month ago

    Your voice is sexy

    JOKE'S ON YOU Month ago

    should have done the first, second and third cheapest and let us know which one is most worth it.

  • Harmony Love
    Harmony Love Month ago

    Earplugs would have been a good idea

  • Vinnie Mystery
    Vinnie Mystery Month ago

    I stayed at sumthing similar it was called the Bowery House Paid $57 for overnight they only have Cabins which are really small and you can't make noise or they will kick u out and u have to share a bathroom and shower really uncomfortable and they had Bedbugs but the food spots near there is gd but it's not worth it

  • merlinthegray
    merlinthegray Month ago +1

    Midnight is 12AM. Not 12PM.

  • tommy d u b b s
    tommy d u b b s Month ago


  • tommy d u b b s
    tommy d u b b s Month ago

    That might be a brothel

  • tommy d u b b s
    tommy d u b b s Month ago +8

    That hotel room is a bathroom with a bed

  • Antony Manuel
    Antony Manuel Month ago +1

    Dude booked this hotel 30 yrs ago.

  • Blood hound
    Blood hound Month ago

    The things you do for likes...

  • Sakina Donaldson
    Sakina Donaldson Month ago

    I really was waiting for you to check the bed for bedbugs. I seen this coming

  • dat boi
    dat boi Month ago +4

    I’found one for $10 . Had no bed tho

  • Chloe 24601
    Chloe 24601 Month ago

    Dude really you couldn’t find anywhere cheeper? I’ve had youth hostels for £10 which is about $11 in London.

  • davewreslt
    davewreslt Month ago

    gross - you got bed bugs or an STD

  • d tczyk
    d tczyk Month ago +1

    When he said worth it I was surprised thinking that mattress would have bed bugs, and then the epilogue played and I laughed. Lmaoo

    CLAWZGALAW Month ago

    My bedbugs comments was before watching the whole video (I was literally at the beginning of the video when I commented because it was my 1st thought) .... so yeah, after watching the whole video ...... bedbugs CONFIRMED!!! #notworthit

    CLAWZGALAW Month ago

    Bedbugs probably.

  • viewer 1
    viewer 1 Month ago

    Did he say the door doesn't lock from the outside? Oh heck no!
    Plus pay them in cash only so they don't pay taxes for their business and can hide their earnings under the table.

  • Mane Selles
    Mane Selles Month ago

    Sick sick sick!

  • Sills71
    Sills71 Month ago +27

    $45 PLUS $500 for bedbug extermination.

  • markeclord
    markeclord Month ago

    Just go with AirBnB, you can get much better for cheaper.

  • van helana
    van helana Month ago

    No no Th e cheapest hotel is in Tennessee's it was16dollars a night 28 yr s ago but There s not toilet an d a large outdoor opening as ones exiting with a sign that says shithole

  • Beltkiss Sanborn
    Beltkiss Sanborn Month ago

    I stayed there during hurricane sandy let’s just say the walls are indeed thin.. Don’t expect to have sex in there lol 😂

  • Riri Pari
    Riri Pari Month ago +2

    I now feel blessed to afford to be able to stay in a regular hotel.

  • Cheezey Weezey
    Cheezey Weezey Month ago

    U were in Chinatown and u decided to go to McDonalds?? U shoulda gone to the local restaurants!

  • Brandi Jarrell
    Brandi Jarrell Month ago

    I kept waiting for him to say something about bedbugs

  • MissTheresaMarie
    MissTheresaMarie Month ago

    Omg you’re so lucky you didn’t bring bed bugs home with you

  • rebel soldier
    rebel soldier Month ago

    Bed bugs mofo

  • Jason Lou
    Jason Lou Month ago


  • Unicorn crossing
    Unicorn crossing Month ago

    My parents always taught me if your staying at hotel or even at someone's house always check for unusual red spots.My older sister forgot to do this twice and brought bum ass bed bugs home.

  • HeHoZy
    HeHoZy Month ago

    The glass building in the background at 0:25 is an insanely good hotel, with great views, and quite good pricing. It’s called Bowery 50.
    (Pointless comment, i know)

  • Suzanne Steele
    Suzanne Steele Month ago

    I couldn't do it. Sorry.

  • Tish Smiddy
    Tish Smiddy Month ago

    How much for MY bed bug ?

  • Ahrs32
    Ahrs32 Month ago

    My first thought when I saw the room was “its probably infested with bed bugs

  • SnapCracklePapa
    SnapCracklePapa Month ago +1

    @3:02 "if you stay at this Hostel you're definitely getting a part of, like, true Manhattan". *(walks down Canal Street, a place so notorious for being shady and ripping off tourists it's in Marine Corps cadences)*

  • Plants Over Pain - JerseyShoreGirl

    Omg... I am glad to know you survived. My Betta fish has better accommodations and for free, nonetheless 🤷🏽‍♀️. Thanks for the pro-tip... don’t drop your pillow🤣🤣🤣. Well at least you didn’t see any rats or mice or bugs. That’s a plus.

  • agonicole
    agonicole Month ago

    Airbnb is 50 bucks and you don't need to worry about ringworm lol

  • Karson Gameboy
    Karson Gameboy Month ago

    song at 1:40 please

  • The Don is coming!
    The Don is coming! Month ago

    OMG WTF clickbait

  • Regina Baker
    Regina Baker Month ago

    Aww man..freaking bed bugs..i hope you washed all your stuff when u got home..

  • the unknown
    the unknown Month ago +3

    Those red bumps at the end yes! They are from Bed bugs!

  • redheadgirlygirl7
    redheadgirlygirl7 Month ago

    I went to nyc this past December & we stayed at a hostel in Brooklyn. We have semi private rooms & it was also hot in there. At least his room was enclosed from others & the bathroom wasn’t open like mine was..

  • Daniel Pulido
    Daniel Pulido Month ago +1

    They have bed bugs fuck that

  • Menthol
    Menthol Month ago

    what kind of microphone do you use?

    • Menthol
      Menthol Month ago

      BostWiki weird that’s what I use but yours sounds so crisp! Do you edit the audio at all?

    • BostWiki
      BostWiki  Month ago

      Rode Mic Shotgun. Thanks for watching!

  • Jack flobalob
    Jack flobalob Month ago

    B tech Casey

  • Blue afton
    Blue afton Month ago

    You look like an older Johnny Orlando lol

  • Disha Lovely
    Disha Lovely Month ago

    I would’ve picked that pillow up and dust it off a couple times after it falling on the floor.

  • cplunajr745
    cplunajr745 Month ago

    He’s a super cutie

  • Robert McCann
    Robert McCann Month ago

    Ya but like, can I get that song while boi is on the walk to McDonald's 👌

  • Popular Sovereignty

    Bed bugs are never worth it. I've stayed at cheap hotels and many surprise but its hit or miss.