We bought a cheap SSD from Ali Express..

  • Published on Oct 15, 2018
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    We found a manufacturer called Kingspec on Ali Express, and decided to give one of their SSD's a shot. Here's what happened.
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Comments • 4 093

  • Harri Salonen
    Harri Salonen 36 minutes ago

    Horrible review. You said you would open it. You never did. Then you just spend so much time talking about confusing specs and don't check anything yourselves.. Then you go on and make valid points about dramless SSDs, but fail to actually tell why it is a bad thing. Instead you explain how SSD controller works, which is kinda irrelevant. It is like somebody started to write essay at school, but run out of time and needed to wrap up quickly. This review is just as bad as the SSD.

  • Roni Reynal F
    Roni Reynal F 3 days ago

    i use kingspec 512gb. works fine for me. .. i love it

  • TahirAmeenGaming
    TahirAmeenGaming 3 days ago

    Well I'm in south africa so this is perfect for me, price is good

  • drift le
    drift le 4 days ago

    Cheap ssd 512gb

  • leokimvideo
    leokimvideo 6 days ago

    cheap always equals trouble

  • CN MG
    CN MG 13 days ago

    I strongly recommend the KingSpec P3 512 for President Donald J. Trump to store the transcriptions of his conversations.

  • T8PolestarCyan
    T8PolestarCyan 15 days ago

    I too have cheap SSDs (TLCs) from Ali Express and so far so good. None of them failed, broke down or such. I only need to do manual over-provisioning to minimise wear. If anyone worry about SSD wear-outs on KingSpec (specially being a TLC!) then what will you think of Intel 660p which is a QLC?

    KAPSYZ 17 days ago

    I just ordered a kingspec 2242 m.2 ssd for my gpd win 2. I'm hoping it will work ok. I dont need super fast speed. Just need more storage space.

  • Turki alhababi
    Turki alhababi 18 days ago

    I have 2 ssd from kingspace it's very good more than 2 years works

  • Norm
    Norm 18 days ago

    It's easy to be cheaper then Samsung.... But Samsung ssds look the best and perform among the best so....I'm not embarrassed having Samsung ssds showing in my system but crucial, Kingston, and WD go under the power supply shroud lol

  • Albert Wiersch
    Albert Wiersch 21 day ago

    Surprised you recommended it!

  • Fateh Bouchama
    Fateh Bouchama Month ago

    plais give us your opinion about silicon power ssd's

    • cwli1
      cwli1 29 days ago

      Silicon Power SSDs are awful. The S55 is slow and the A55 is like a USB 2.0 stick once the SLC cache runs out. Avoid. The crucial bx500 is the best budget SSD but the mx500 has a 5-year warranty.

  • 7Write4This9Heart7
    7Write4This9Heart7 Month ago

    "...as a gift for someone you don't like." LMAO! Hilarious! Also accurate!

  • yeoh keatloon
    yeoh keatloon Month ago


  • El ghali LAMRANI
    El ghali LAMRANI Month ago

    I don't understand why you recommend this bullshit, unless you have an affiliate program with them, and yes I can see your referrals on their links that you have putted under the video, it is a shame to do this!
    I bought a 1TB Goldenfir last month for 67$, I spent tow days cloning and copying my data from a Samsung SSD 830 and a Corsair Force LS because they where full, and the third day the new SSD become very slow, I got 34Mb/s write and 60Mb/s read with SSD Crystalreport and other benchmarking tools and later it failed completely in less then 5 days, they refused to refund me my money back on aliexpress.com scamming platform, I'm very very upset and angry of them, I will never buy from china, they are all scammers, I will never trust a bullshit like those and put my data on them, I prefer to pay two times their price and get a real brand like Samsung Pro/EVO, because it worth.
    Never buy this bullshit!

  • S Cramer
    S Cramer Month ago

    Yes....Yes...and Yes

  • Video Game Addict
    Video Game Addict Month ago

    I actually bought two of the kingspec 120gb ssd 2 years ago. They have been working fine. There not fast by any means. but they were dirt cheep and just went into to celeron nucs I have set up for youtube and netflix watching in the kids rooms. Wasn't looking for speed but the fact they won't get destroyed with the kids bash them around. Would not recommend for really any other use case but serves my needs just fine with that.

  • CheateRsz
    CheateRsz Month ago

    You should review HIKVISION SSD M.2 1TB, 2TB or 512gb 3500mb/s C2000 Pro NVMe SSD. It uses known memory chips and controllers...

  • Avik Debnath
    Avik Debnath Month ago

    SERVER grade ssd.....

  • David Macdonald
    David Macdonald Month ago


  • Seu Canal Interativo New

    I'm thinking of buying a 1tb ssd of the same brand, which tells me it is good still works or not?

  • Alpha Tan
    Alpha Tan Month ago +1

    Beware ssd from China, I got one so call Toshiba ssd toasted my new NUC unit. Lucky I get one to one warranty exchange on nuc.😅

  • theracerofnightmare

    Can you do a video on ssd reconditioning

  • nelis 1846
    nelis 1846 Month ago +10

    "a cheap person pays twice"............ if that is so, then i am still spending less.

  • Hold Embrace
    Hold Embrace Month ago

    Why I didn't watch this video before? Yes, I made a mistake and is already landed in my country.

    • Arun G
      Arun G Month ago

      It's not that bad. Just don't store important data on it.

  • BaurKinn
    BaurKinn Month ago +3

    Chinese will cut and use as an ad: - "I strongly recommend"

  • Ian McRoman Sr.
    Ian McRoman Sr. Month ago

    FYI: Just have a FAIL on my CRUCIAL MX500 2.5 SSD 1 TB - only 9 Month old - USED about 36% of 100 % Disk Space. also NO WARNINGS like HDD, work fine in the morning, come back 2 hours later and complete dead - and still dead, try all tricks to make it work but NOT - CRUCIAL say 3- 5 years WARRANTY - but not for me -

    Crucial WROTE: Hello Jan,

    Thank you for contacting Crucial.

    I am sorry to inform you that Crucial is not able to set up replacements to be shipped to Thailand. All third-party customers need to go back to their vendor for an RMA.​

    I do see that Amazon has stated they are not able to replace this drive. But in this case we are not able to either.

    RMK: AMAZON do the RE-FOUND later on - ( THX God for that ))) but think is week customer policy from CRUCIAL to NOT support WARRANTY to me - is only cost them around 40 USD to replace me w/ a NEW SSD 1 TB - and make me to a coming back customer - BUT I NEVER BUY anything from CRUCIAL again, - Who says life was easy ... ;)

  • meth yl
    meth yl Month ago

    Some don't like 🤣

  • Ahmet Omer Ozgen
    Ahmet Omer Ozgen Month ago

    How is the asgard m.2 nvm ssd ln aliexpress? 65 bucks for 512gb

  • Jayesh Kanodia
    Jayesh Kanodia Month ago +1

    "Oh! And one more question.." skip.

  • Matt Tonkinson
    Matt Tonkinson Month ago

    $10 more for the samsumg?! Not in the UK, they're massively more expensive at all capacities even in the used market.

  • Pratik Kore
    Pratik Kore Month ago

    Crucial mx500?

  • Free Man
    Free Man Month ago


  • wolfydan121
    wolfydan121 Month ago

    on that note will by one for the father inlaw haha

  • Noel John G. Quezon
    Noel John G. Quezon Month ago +2

    Mine is recommended as a gift is Seagate SSD.

  • Jess Ragan
    Jess Ragan Month ago

    (watches Sebi's Random Tech, notices he's installing a KingSpec in one of his laptops)
    That wasn't a gift from you, was it...?

  • Clinton Cook
    Clinton Cook Month ago +1

    "I strongly recommend it...
    as a gift...
    for someone you don't like."

  • cwli1
    cwli1 Month ago

    The best budget SSD is the Crucial bx500 with a 3-year limited warranty. A 240gb one could easily write 80Tb over its life. The cheap Chinese ones are nothing like as good.

    • HarryUnchained
      HarryUnchained Month ago

      i do have a bx500 240gb in my pc, it was like $30 when i bought it. bought just for the os and some games like bfv to load faster. it's a great ssd if you don't have big budget. i want to add a samsung 1tb nvme later on so this will work just fine for now. btw most entry level ssds are without dram cache anyway like the kingspec

  • Kevin Kirkby
    Kevin Kirkby 2 months ago

    2 years ago I bought a 64th Drevco from amazon, back then I paid £29.99 ($35.00 ish) to stick in an old tower to run the operating system and a few programs still running perfect today. Also bought a kingspec 128gb last year at £36.99 ($40 ish) today it retails at £18.55 to run in an old laptop. it's now a year down the line and it's running fine but do not use this machine for work more browsing and transferring stuff when on holiday.. I would not expect it to last more than 2 to 3 years.
    The Drevco I took a chance a few months ago and bought a 512gb to put in a Asus vivo small form factor PC. The specs looked good and have to admit it's okay.. You might say - why so many Chinese brands, well I have an equal amount of marked brands such as kingston, crucial and western digital and on a usage need 2 years ago the chinese ones where better value for what was needed.. Today August 2019 the price difference is so negligible the branded ones are preferred, except Samsung's Evo series as their cost is still around 20 to 30% more but still cheaper than 2 years ago. Like most things you buy for purpose and value and sorry Linus love your work but not all of us can afford the costs of kit you use for some of your projects.. Me for a backup server I use 72tb of external storage spread across 2 machines - works but not needing speed is the big plus and the are not on 24/7..As

  • Jess Ragan
    Jess Ragan 2 months ago +3

    Well, if it's any consolation, it's the only SSD I know of with a sergal on the front.

    • TafFox
      TafFox Month ago


  • Bitter Clinger
    Bitter Clinger 2 months ago

    There is a safety in sticking with a well known reputable brand.... this exemplifies that.

  • OniJon
    OniJon 2 months ago

    Revisit this with Hikvision m.2 drive. They're fast but for how long I wonder.

  • Kijas
    Kijas 2 months ago

    Would you use this for a very low write disk? Meaning a disk you use once every month or so to use it as a back up? And only use it if you lost data? Thus not heavy red/write?

    • cwli1
      cwli1 Month ago +1

      The best budget SSD is the Crucial bx500 with a proper 3-year warranty. A 240gb one could easily write 80Tb over its life. The cheap Chinese ones are nothing like as good.

  • Arriaga Two
    Arriaga Two 2 months ago

    I've already bought a 8TB m.2 disk ftom Alibaba for only 59 USD. I hope it's good. 🙂

  • Pixel_ Tec9
    Pixel_ Tec9 2 months ago +1

    Anybody thought that the background music was the GTA Chinatown wars theme? Damn, that bought back some memories

  • tihzho
    tihzho 2 months ago +1

    Why "Kingspec"? "TrumpTech" would be more fitting.

    EDIT: There is a "TrumpTech" already!! LOL! Google it!

  • Janusz Kurahenowski
    Janusz Kurahenowski 2 months ago

    I've bought a great 500gb SSD for around 40£ (alongside m.2 sdd and a very fast ram) from a Polish manufacturer which makes very high quality and inexpensive products which are made in Europe, have a very good warranty terms and are less expensive than this chineese crap. I strongly recommend you to support honest companies which provide quality components and are manufactured without cutting cost and shady labour in some Asian countries.

  • Ricardo Pesenti
    Ricardo Pesenti 2 months ago

    No autopsy? :(

  • TheLevhart
    TheLevhart 2 months ago

    Linus said "We were looking for bizarre parts on Aliexpress *for an upcoming project* " inb4 Linus builds a PC completely out of Aliexpress parts

  • Holee.
    Holee. 2 months ago

    I bought ssd from AliExpress and mine performs much better than that. But it's from Same company

  • Pavlos Constantinou
    Pavlos Constantinou 2 months ago

    Sorry Linus.. but on this video the conficting information is your video.
    been having kingdians which are almost 60% of the price of a samsung Evo (not 10 dollars more)
    and it works flawlessly so far. more than 40 purchased for builds so far. so why not having an ssd like that for your games and sw ?
    Ive had 2 so far that were DOA. they sent a new one from AliExpress even before shipping the bad one back. just by sending the photos from Hard disk sentinel

  • Brian Kariuki
    Brian Kariuki 2 months ago

    I love this AliExpress series's

  • TJ NJ
    TJ NJ 2 months ago

    lol so a Celeron 300mhz as a HD lol

  • Richard Ren
    Richard Ren 2 months ago

    Just get a Samsung 1TB ssd it’s only $200 cheap AF

  • Turbo Cavalli
    Turbo Cavalli 2 months ago

    The ssd logo looks like a evangelion

  • Daniel Handika
    Daniel Handika 2 months ago

    How about kingmax? Is it worse or better?

  • Guy Cohen
    Guy Cohen 2 months ago

    Hey Check it one out for me please.
    I was shocked I payed for it and it was a USB with two metals on them: www.ebay.com/itm/500GB-1TB-2TB-External-Hard-Drive-5400rpm-8MB-USB-3-0-SATA-III-2-5-inch-Useful/273888256643?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=573712536890&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649

  • Antho Shark
    Antho Shark 2 months ago +1

    “They don’t do LBA.” -Linus Sebastian, 2018

  • Rose Jackson
    Rose Jackson 2 months ago

    now i am going to piss off my next door person i hate the fucker lol gonna buy him this for revenge hehe

  • VoVillia Corp.
    VoVillia Corp. 2 months ago +93

    Kingspec: Here is a 1TB SSD that holds 2TB!
    Everyone with a brain: wait, what!?

    • El ghali LAMRANI
      El ghali LAMRANI Month ago +3

      They are all fake like USB flashes that shows 128GB on device manager, but once you start copying 2 GB, it warns that there is not enough space on disk!
      Never buy china's bullshit!

    • Nulley Zero
      Nulley Zero 2 months ago +8

      How about 2TB SSD that holds 1TB!

    • Dominic Robichaud
      Dominic Robichaud 2 months ago +12

      It's like Intel's hyperthreading technology, they managed to make one bit of storage count as double...