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What you MUST do to LEAVE an Emotionally Abusive Relationship | Stephanie Lyn Coaching

  • Published on Jun 11, 2018
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Comments • 1 735

  • Tan Ya
    Tan Ya 2 years ago +341

    The hardest part of being able leave is that not many abusers are abusive 100% of the time. There are sometimes 70% good, loving times. But 30% really horrible times.

  • Jonah Jolie
    Jonah Jolie 3 years ago +1418

    Girls, I am 60 and have gone through 2 divorces...young ladies, don't waste your years on someone who is a taker...Takers are people who take, your hopes, your self, and your soul...you feel empty and they never give... except to get... remember, this is your life...year in year out, this is your time... VALUABLE TIME because you are valuable...don't waste your time trying to get someone to like and love you...if you have to do that, they are stingy...with themselves and everything thing they own...think smart...learn about yourself and love yourself...your worth it

    • Fire Feet Hok_Tui
      Fire Feet Hok_Tui 11 days ago

      Excellent comment, insight, advice. Thank you.

    • purityrefinedbyfire
      purityrefinedbyfire 13 days ago

      Thanks 😊

    • A Grey
      A Grey Month ago

      How are you doing now?

    • Mary Danielle
      Mary Danielle 2 months ago


    • Princess ruth
      Princess ruth 3 months ago

      @tg Tina.G be patient w self. Accept self. Love self. And then decide if self is going to go. I'm 56 sis, I'm 4 years into planning but first I mmersed myself in dbt (dialectical behavioral therapy) therapy just like this sis says in the video. Its so painstaking & yet not having to up & go all at once is key for my resolve. I wish us both well.

  • Mila
    Mila Year ago +115

    "You can't have a rational conversation with an abusive partner, bc if they recognized they're abusive, they would've done something about it by now" - This really hit home for me. Thank you so much Steph💗

    • Mila
      Mila Month ago +1

      @King Nexus MOCs Deep down, she'll respect you for leaving her, and it might even motivate her to finally look at herself and make changes. - Keep on working on your healing brother. There's a Queen waiting to love you in your near future and treat you like the King you are becoming. - If I may make a suggestion, look into masculine energy. Now that I've left the abusive relationship, studying feminine energy is helping me rebuild myself as a high quality woman.

    • King Nexus MOCs
      King Nexus MOCs Month ago +1

      As a man this hits home for me as well.
      I was bad before but I made changes and improvements to show I wanted to be a better man, better lover, better partner.
      But I can see now that she was never interested and our relationship was toxic before I caused any harm.
      I have to let her go. She doesn't want to improve. She doesn't want things to get better.

  • Shari Jumalon
    Shari Jumalon 3 years ago +1333

    I broke up with him today. I deserve better. It’s been a rollercoaster. Now the healing begins!

    • luciana lacerda
      luciana lacerda 8 months ago

      You deserve respect, love and happiness. Never forget it!

    • Tay Davies
      Tay Davies Year ago

      @Shari Jumalon YOU ARE MY HERO!!

    • Shari Jumalon
      Shari Jumalon Year ago +3

      @Aleigha Mack I actually found him with someone else. I was relieved...told him good luck. Told her she could have him. She died of an aneurysm on Monday. Heard from the grapevine he was abusive to her too. I’m not surprised.

    • Shari Jumalon
      Shari Jumalon Year ago

      @Natascha Franc yup! Sure did...

    • Shari Jumalon
      Shari Jumalon Year ago +3

      @Valenctom Sara I’m doing well. Stayed away from him. Taking time to find myself & my independence

  • Blanca Rivas
    Blanca Rivas 3 years ago +382

    This is exactly what I needed to hear!!
    I want to move on ... I’ve been in this toxic relationship for 8 years and this video has given me the strength to put a stop to this cycle!

    • Elaine Forte
      Elaine Forte 7 months ago +1

      @Saeko Oishi same 8 years , 2 kids. I’m spent

    • A 67
      A 67 Year ago +2

      I broke up with my boyfriend today and I still don't feel the strength to move on. I feel horrible, he made me feel like I will never forget him or fall in love again. I wish for everyone to be okay and happy because that is all I wish for myself. Happy New Year ❤

    • Sandy S Madhère
      Sandy S Madhère 2 years ago

      Same here 20 years 4 kids I'm just exhausted

  • C Leftenant
    C Leftenant 3 years ago +237

    I broke it off completely after 3 years of an abusive relationship 3 months ago. It was the best decision of my life, that bad situation made me a better stronger person, I have so much more appreciation for good people. I’m now in the healthiest relationship I’ve ever been in. I look at the past as a place of reference not a place of residence.

    • James Jenkins
      James Jenkins 4 days ago

      That gives a lot of us hope. Thank you for your comment 👏

    • Ashley
      Ashley Month ago

      That last sentence.. the past is reference on residence

    • Princess ruth
      Princess ruth 3 months ago

      Right on! I love imma keep that saying! Very happy to hear ur story. Gives others hope always in storytelling. Aloha!

    • J M
      J M Year ago +3

      Congrats. I pray with all my heart I can say the same ASAP

  • Kirby Augustine
    Kirby Augustine 3 years ago +353

    We have to treat the narc as they are and not as we would like them to be. The lesson for me was to rediscover my own power. I was never truly a victim. I was a willing participant. My narc was a mirror exposing me to my character flaws such as codependency, low self esteem and poor boundaries to name a few. Narcs are predators that don’t get better. The more time you invest in them they become better predators.

  • Ann Oldham
    Ann Oldham 2 years ago +203

    I have had 2 relationships like this. I left both when it became physical. That crossed the line. I am now married to a beautiful man and will be celebrating our silver wedding at Christmas. So yes, you can recover and move on.

    • New Me
      New Me Year ago +1

      @P. Marouf I think it’s us that needs to change and everything outside us will change

    • P. Marouf
      P. Marouf Year ago +2

      @New Me Me too. I just really hope there is a chance of a decent relationship after what we went through...

    • New Me
      New Me Year ago +4

      I needed to see this

    • Mary Smith
      Mary Smith 2 years ago +10

      I love that you found a beautiful man.

  • Lydia Treasure
    Lydia Treasure 3 years ago +187

    This video literally changed my life. I left my abusive partner and am doing so much better now. Thank you stephanie 💕

    • Donnie W
      Donnie W Year ago +3

      Hi Lydia, in a similar situation, after 2 years do you still think you made the right choice?

  • Life of The Beautiful Alchemist

    I'm choosing to love myself first... I walked away from the situation plenty of times and today is my new beginning. I've mad a promise to myself that I deserve better. I will replay this video as many times as I need to, to stay mentally strong!

    • Life of The Beautiful Alchemist
      Life of The Beautiful Alchemist Month ago

      @Tyi I’ve moved away and doing good with my life. The healing process is still tedious but I finally let it go 9 months ago.

    • Tyi
      Tyi Month ago

      @Life of The Beautiful Alchemist
      How’s things going now?

    • Life of The Beautiful Alchemist
      Life of The Beautiful Alchemist 6 months ago +1

      @Prova Akter yes now. Wow you just helped me realize I’ve been back since this comment. But also that I’ve let go for the final time 4 months ago.

    • Prova Akter
      Prova Akter 6 months ago

      We’re you able to stay strong ?

  • Robert Lee James Welch
    Robert Lee James Welch 4 years ago +441

    Breaking up is hard to do, but necessary to grow.

    • Shar's Chronicles
      Shar's Chronicles 3 years ago +3

      True true true!!! The six year relationship has stumped my growth!!

    • Kevin Jang
      Kevin Jang 3 years ago +5

      110% agree!

  • willfade 79
    willfade 79 3 years ago +57

    Hands down one of the best relationship advice videos I've seen. I shared it with a friend. This really helped me today... The hardest part is knowing it's time to walk away when pouring your heart out and trying to communicate time and time again only to be ignored by the person who's never willing to admit their faults, apologize and work on resolution. You know it's over when you finally resort to name-calling because nothing else works, but then you just feel terrible while they continue to ignore you. There comes a time when you just have to respect yourself and your boundaries. Never let someone get comfortable disrespecting and/or disregarding you.

  • shipperz88
    shipperz88 3 years ago +576

    So so hard when there’s a child involved ☹️

    • FaDaMi Sim
      FaDaMi Sim 11 days ago

      Exactly. 🙈

    • King Nexus MOCs
      King Nexus MOCs Month ago

      SO Hard.
      And it's worse when you feel like no one else will love you after them.
      But do better for yourselves, everyone.
      I may stay stuck in this cycle but you can all do so much better. Never let someone devalue you.

    • b r
      b r 5 months ago

      @Miss Madeline's adventures its not a competition. some women are stuck and have no option. sorry.

    • Miss Madeline's adventures
      Miss Madeline's adventures 5 months ago

      @Celeste Jacobs you could of broken up and let the baby live. There'd always options. Do what let's you sleep..Hopefully you are not still with them

  • Katie LeVeen
    Katie LeVeen 3 years ago +74

    Stephanie every time I watch you you say exactly what I went through 3 years ago. There is no rationalizing with them. I was a “terrible person, selfish person, the child is going to hate me, la la la”. I heard it all and it was awful but I ignored it with help. I quickly learned to argue was like arguing with a fence post. You are spot on and I hope this reaches people before they leave so they know what to expect. I had no idea what kind of fire I was playing with but I did it! And made it through it and am very happily remarried now. 🙏

    • Györgyi Barna
      Györgyi Barna 2 years ago

      You give me hope!!!!!

    • Leley Josfyn
      Leley Josfyn 2 years ago

      elisa diaz I’m in the same situation right now. I cry myself to be strong for my kids but I know sooner or later this is not a place for me

    • G Force 27
      G Force 27 3 years ago +3

      @david sanders David, the hardest thing about leaving an abusive relationship is the fact that you're not going to get closure. Before this marriage with covert emotional abuser, while back I had a relationship with an over narcissist (yes as this video indicates, clearly I need to work on my own issues so they do not walk into another relationship like this) and the hardest thing with coping with the fact that there would be no closure, and no admission of responsibility from my boyfriend at the time.
      Waiting for anyone with narcissistic traits to take responsibility for their part in the relationship well, you are going to be waiting till pigs are ice skating in hell.
      We have to validate ourselves. Talk to as many people as you can who are empathetic. Watch as many of these videos as you can. I have been binge-watching videos on narcissism for a year now. In fact whenever I think my partner is a rational person and I go to him with my feelings about something, and I'm reminded once again that I am dealing with someone that will go on the attack, invalidate me, gaslight me and not so subtly put me down, or act like I'm being ridiculous and crazy, I come here to remind myself that I'm not dealing with a rational person.
      It's hard not to want the validation from that person. What they're doing is so obviously abusive and it's just mind-boggling that they don't see it. But we need to accept that they wont and never will. I think it's the only way to heal and move on.

    • Elisa Dominguez
      Elisa Dominguez 3 years ago +4

      I'm going through this dilema.. I'm scared to make the wrong decision mainly because of my 3 children, but I know in my heart that I am not happy..

  • Tania Silva
    Tania Silva 3 years ago +82

    8 years of marriage and with two young children, leaving my abusive husband finally came. I left by decision and the strength I didn't think I Had, helped me understand it was time to go. It's hard so hard especially trying not to feel guilty for leaving, but deeply I was fed up with the constant yelling, punching holes, put downs, humiliated, breaking things, belittled, etc Day by day I try to Surround myself with people who seem to understand me, and lifts up my spirit.
    He still believes I'm coming back and says he will change. I still communicate bc we have children together, but he still tries to find ways to make me feel insecure. It takes day by day to rebuild the strength I've lost.
    To those who haventeft, only you will know when it's time to leave. I'm still trying to fight off the feeling of guilt of leaving but I knox I'm at a better place.

    • E. Civils02
      E. Civils02 2 years ago +2

      This is where I am at now, I feel the guilt and worry about my kids future. I feel like I am going crazy! I have lost my identity, I live in complete isolation, his favorite saying is "YOur a cry baby, there you go ruining the day again". I need uplifting ppl in my life.

    • Sharon Jackson
      Sharon Jackson 3 years ago +1

      yup been there and done that I had made that choice I'm not coming back..I need to change for me and my children

    • Pamela P
      Pamela P 3 years ago +1

      Tania Silva how are your children coping? How is co-parenting? Does he use the children against you or try?

    • Jessica Edwards
      Jessica Edwards 3 years ago +3

      11 years and I’m still having a hard time leaving 😔

  • JK
    JK 4 years ago +152

    So true🙌🏻I didn’t realize that he was isolating me!! If I work: where are you!! If I’m home: your always home!!! I have no freedom!! I thought after years of being with a narcissist I would never be in another covert abusive relationship!! There are so many versions of abuse 😔Thank you for this eye opening video 🙏🏻

    • Destinee Hart
      Destinee Hart Year ago +3

      When I worked he didn't care how much sleep he would make me lose, when I'd wake up on the mornings id have to be very quiet or he would get mad. When I dont work he complains im home all the time, I dont contribute, its my fault everything is awful because I'm "lazy". When I worked he was home playing game all day, then calls me down because I'm tried afterwards and dont wanna do dishes because I cleaned all day at work.. but again I'm lazy and don't help out all I do is work but dont help.. and no matter how much I help I dont do enough. Its just this exhausting cycle. It won't ever ever matter what I do I'm just not good enough. Get thrown out, let back in just to be thrown out again at some point because its inevitable. I'm getting ready to leave im just getting a few things in order, im going to stay with my parents, get a job and take care of myself. I'm sick of this im not gaining anything, the love I receive is minimal and on his terms. I cant even pick the movies we watch because "you take too long to pick", or "the movies you pick suck"... im sick of completely catering to him. I lost myself totally, and im disappointed in myself for that. He honestly doesn't care if im here, or not. So I might as well do myself a favor, and get as far from him as possible hes just weighing me down because he can.

    • Coral Uru
      Coral Uru Year ago +1

      @david sanders thank you for sharing this! One of the things I kept thinking that made it not toxic was that he didn’t isolate me. But I realized I isolated me because it was too hard not to. What I’d come home to want worth it, so I isolated myself from everyone. I also started to think I didn’t like people, but I realize it was self preservation. I hope you are doing better today ❤️

  • Narc Survivor
    Narc Survivor 4 years ago +250

    The narcissist expects the relationship to end, right from the first day meeting you. They know you're not going to put up with their abuse and manipulation forever. You will leave or at least take a step back from giving them supply, to the point where they are forced to discard you. They know this is inevitable.

    • Vicky Deans
      Vicky Deans Month ago

      wow, this really resonates with me. My ex would say near the beginning of our two year relationship that i was too good for him. wish i'd taken his word for it lol.

    • Paul Jenkins
      Paul Jenkins 10 months ago +1

      I wish this was so. Unfortunately, ending it will be 100% on my shoulders, and she will ensure that it is 100% my fault.

    • Steven Lucero
      Steven Lucero 11 months ago

      Needed this thank you.

    • Morning Song
      Morning Song Year ago +2

      Funny you say that. I remember early on in our relationship, my husband said to me that if our marriage didn’t “work out,” he would probably not have another. He’s been married twice. His first wife was infinitely smarter, though - 4 years to my 17.

    • Bla001
      Bla001 Year ago

      I believe my bf is a narcissist, but I am his first girlfriend of 8 1/2 years so he believes I’ll never leave .. We met at 14&16 . I’m now trying to get away because he’s gotten much worse.. I just believed he was overprotective at first , but our baby is 4 months old & he uses him as a guilt trip & plays like I’m trying to take his son from him. I want them to have a relationship but I cannot & need to get away. I’m stuck right now. He threatens things will be bad for me & my grandparents who are going to let me stay with them for now .. it’s a nightmare

  • Györgyi Barna
    Györgyi Barna 2 years ago +756

    After 23 years a peaceful home is all I want.

    • Sutty
      Sutty 2 months ago

      Me too

    • Tony Garcia
      Tony Garcia 4 months ago +1

      At that is exactly my point "peaceful home" very happy for you!

    • K13ZONGZ
      K13ZONGZ 4 months ago


    • Györgyi Barna
      Györgyi Barna 6 months ago +3

      I managed to get divorced. :) I am now renovating my own little house!!! Thank you Stephanie and I wish you all the best!

    • Tony Garcia
      Tony Garcia 6 months ago +3

      After 43 years all I want is "peace"! Thank you Stephanie for helping all of us, including those of us who thought "doing the right thing was to stay married regardless" was actually the "the wrong thing".
      May God continue to bless you with your business, professional services and of course RU-clip platform.

  • Hailey Minter
    Hailey Minter 3 years ago +55

    I am so thankful I’ve found this channel. I’ve been wandering in the dark about what to do next and you’ve given me the tools to find myself and I am SO thankful of that ♥️ I’ve always thought of myself as the strong, always stood up for myself, never took crap from anyone person. But when I opened up to this person and he destroyed me to the point of hating myself and wondering why it’s MY fault, I really had to look back at why am I feeling this way? He’s taken my strength and turned it against me. You’ve given me courage to begin the journey of self love and begin the process of leaving. It’s scary but I know the outcome will be a better life for me and my child who does not need to witness his mother being taken advantage of. ♥️

    • Zafar
      Zafar 2 years ago

      You go girl!

    • Cyn
      Cyn 2 years ago

      How do you co-parent with someone like this? Is he still a good parent to your child?

    • Komal Mansoor
      Komal Mansoor 3 years ago +1

      You literally described my situation!

  • baleria corona
    baleria corona 3 years ago +77

    I can't stop crying. Everything you say is so accurate and empowering

  • The Good Choice
    The Good Choice 3 years ago +746

    Almost 15 years with the wrong man. I knew it from the day i met him that he was probably not right for me, but i was attracted and intrigued.
    6 months into it i received the first bit of verbal and emotional abuse, and it began to snowball and became a way of life. I left him the first time 5 years into it, with our 2 year old, and I ended up going back because i had very little to no resources to survive on my own. And then i left again, and came back, and again, and came back. I stayed long enough to finish college and left again, and came back.... and i don’t know what the hell is wrong with me that once i would leave it wouldn’t be long before i felt like i made a mistake, I’d feel guilty, id be manipulated, convinced that we could have so much more together and thinking maybe i didn’t try hard enough.
    Two kids later and I’m awake to the knowledge that he will never change! He will never grow, he will never be better than what he is.
    Dominating, controlling, loud, obnoxious, arrogant, demanding, difficult, impatient, judgemental...... and not there for me when I’m sick or hurt.
    He wants a partner to help with finances and provide sex. But if i need emotional support he can’t be bothered. If I’m sick, it’s all in my head.... if i have a need , I’m crazy!!!
    I’m sick of it! I’m not needy, I’m very independent, but I’m a human and i need a human connection.
    This monster isn’t capable of that. All he does is manipulate me into thinking that he’s connecting but what’s he’s really doing is trying to convince me that I’m wrong and that he’s right.

    • Tyi
      Tyi Month ago

      @Deepshikha Kujur
      How are you doing now?

    • tanya hammond
      tanya hammond 3 months ago

      Wow this is me and my situation to a T wow 🤩 it could have been me writing it! Are u out!! 🙏

    • Hernandezashley69
      Hernandezashley69 6 months ago

      This is me right now. I just haven’t left yet I want the next time to be the last time. I’m so tired

    • sharon strauss
      sharon strauss 6 months ago

      @Sherry Irwin Please get professional help or support.

    • sharon strauss
      sharon strauss 6 months ago

      Stay positive and belief that you are wonderful human being created by God who loves you and command His angels about you.Wow you are wonderfully and fearfully made

  • Barbara Gunn Lartey
    Barbara Gunn Lartey 3 years ago +79

    So today I’ve cried so many times bc, strangely, I miss my abuser. Very similar experiences to you some of those who’ve replied (strangled, humiliated, chased by knives, etc.) Your video gives me strength and hope that I CAN get thru this.

    • Emma Loura
      Emma Loura 2 years ago +5

      Yeah, I wished him the best as I said goodbye and thanked him for the good times while he wished me pain and loneliness. He's the one at a loss.

    • Cathy M
      Cathy M 2 years ago +8

      I am having the same issue. My partner is very emotionally abusive and a narcissist . We broke up and got back together a few times. However today i ended it for good..my feelings for him are still there and i do have a bit of anxiety. But i deserve better and watching this video and knowing i have loved ones around me is helping me go forward.

    • Stephanie Lyn Coaching
      Stephanie Lyn Coaching  3 years ago +2

      I am so glad the videos have helped!

  • Becky Vega life coach
    Becky Vega life coach 4 years ago +60

    Amazing video. Just what I needed to hear. I was feeling stuck in my emotions and this was the validation that I needed to continue to move forward

  • Mandy louw
    Mandy louw 3 years ago +58

    Mentally preparing myself and making myself tough! im ashamed how much i have put up with but financially dependent right now which plays right in to their hands! Thanks🙏

    • Moraima DL
      Moraima DL 2 years ago +1

      I’m in the same boat! I’m ready to leave but do t have anywhere too with my kids. That’s the only thing stopping me 💔😢

    • Mandy louw
      Mandy louw 3 years ago +2

      Thank u, u are beautiful inside and out❤️🙏

    • smiley27b
      smiley27b 3 years ago +9

      Add self-compassion, no shame. You didn't know better and now you do which is the key to yr new life. Sending love and prayers!

  • Robi Parrack
    Robi Parrack 2 years ago +9

    HAHA! Yes, I've totally been living on RU-clip to prepare myself to make this change in my life! It really has given me the strength to stand on my own two feet. The repetition of listening to these videos from Stephanie and many of the other vloggers has helped me to have the words in my head & heart so I am able to speak my truth when needed.,

  • Shawna Battaglia
    Shawna Battaglia 2 years ago +34

    Yesterday I broke up with my ex for the third and final time. He was very emotionally abusive as well as an alcholholic. I'm teetering on being strong and having an emotional breakdown. I have to keep my head in the right place or else I'll just break! Luckily I prepared myself for this but definately not easy.

  • Lisandra Gutierrez
    Lisandra Gutierrez 3 years ago +43

    I've been in and out of an emotionally abusive relationship for 6 yrs. I was codependent on him. I wanted to fix him because he was abused physically and emotionally by his mother. She recently passed and it breaks my heart that she left without making amends. So I made excuses for his cheating and at times narcissistic behavior. He's incapable of changing or doesn't want to but I can't do it anymore. I'm learning to love myself and being my own hero.
    Thank you for sharing.

    • Geormary F
      Geormary F 6 months ago


  • Christian Camacho
    Christian Camacho 7 months ago +6

    Thank you! I had an epiphany with the part about attempting to have a “logical” conversation with a person who is so obviously NOT ready to have one. It’s hard to NOT feel like the @$$hole when “you” finally work up the courage to say enough is enough and I can’t go on with this. It’s feels like ripping out someone’s heart and still feel like it is my fault… the difference is: i blame my self for letting it run so long :(

  • Sammillionairr
    Sammillionairr 2 years ago +15

    I cried this entire video. Thank you ❤️ everything you said was right so right! I can’t wait to watch the rest of your videos!

  • Angie Garcia
    Angie Garcia 3 years ago +13

    OMG I cannot thank you enough for validating my feelings of leaving my long 5 year emotional and power and controlling abusive relationship 💗

  • Living 2Day
    Living 2Day 3 years ago +37

    Thats it, I have been an emotional punching bag for 35 years. Its amazing what a strong person I was and how each year, bit by bit how slowly that person began to fade. When I decided to take a month vacation alone to see family, my husband constantly texted and called me to let me know that by leaving has made hin physically and mentally ill. It is my fault he has lost weight and feels that way. The sooner I return the better he will get because if he didn't love me so much he wouldn't feel that way. Yadda yadda yadda. Its amazing how good I feel away yet after his texts or calls, the pit of my stomache begins to ache and that sickening flush..i dont know what its called, returns. Why do I feel so guilty and happy at the same time (rhetoricall question). LOL. To think I allowed this for 35 years.

    • Phoenix Mode
      Phoenix Mode Year ago +3

      Your comment gives me hope somehow. 36?years here. It was a slow build up for me too. I finally realized several years ago that A) I matter so I began fixing my own issues and learning to love myself. I got clear enough to realize, I wanted back o the old me who was that strong independent person. To realize that it isn't my job to fix others, it's theirs- just like me. And finally I realized he is never going to change. I've grown, and he hasn't. And I need to be ME. I am finally at the place where I'm taking action & putting together my plan, and I hope to be out of here by fall. He needs to do his inner work & shadow work; I have my own to do!! Not doing I for him. I know that sickening feeling you describe....I get it whenever he's around. When I leave to go somewhere, or he leaves and I am alone, that sickening feeling lifts like a fog, and I feel so much lighter! But when I come back home or he returns, it falls upon me again. I can't keep living like this. I need to move forward!!

    • smiley27b
      smiley27b 3 years ago


  • Alayna LeeVan
    Alayna LeeVan 4 years ago +106

    Needed this. Could you follow up with healing after an emotional abusive relationship?

  • David Pace
    David Pace 3 years ago +13

    Great video, with a humble delivery, which makes it easier to accept that a "cancerous relationship" can sneak up on anyone.

  • Fiona Capil
    Fiona Capil Year ago +3

    Oh my god. I wish I watched this before I tried to rekindle things with my abusive ex. I first saw your other video about why it’s hard to leave an abuse relationship and it hit every nail on the head, I started bawling. These videos help me heal and I’m so glad I found your channel.

  • mysteryguest1948
    mysteryguest1948 4 years ago +18

    Thank you!! Looking inward and digging out those deeply rooted things that brought me into and kept me going back to an abusive relationship is my current goal with life. I do not ever want to relive that cycle and want to live the best life fully free to be the me I was created to be. Love your vids!

  • John Contabile
    John Contabile 3 years ago +27

    Stephanie, you just summarized the last 5 years of my life! Your advice is spot on...incredibly so. Thank you for what you are doing!

  • Kenneth Lips
    Kenneth Lips 3 years ago +3

    Thank you for this message Stephanie. I am getting ready to go into a battle. After 34 years of abuse, I have left. I've been out for 2 months and in a couple weeks I will file for divorce. It's not the divorce that scares me. It's the battles that lead up to it and the courtroom. This is where I believe she will make herself the ultimate victim. It doesn't matter anymore. Freedom is not cheap. This message of yours really helped me . Thanks again, You are a blessing!! Ken Lips

  • Katie Mccoy
    Katie Mccoy 3 years ago +83

    I'm 20 years old and going through an emotional abusive relationship, somehow everything is my fault... My time will come soon

    • A 67
      A 67 Year ago +1

      I am 20 and broke up today, hope you are okay, it is so hard but I hope everything will be okay

    • Carer Forever
      Carer Forever Year ago

      My brother emotionally abuse me all my life since l was a child. He puts up cameras outside the house and in the lougeroom. I'm 43 yo and I haven't worked in years, l've been staying at home as a full-time Carer, looking after 2 people, my 72yo Schziophrenic mother, whom has Arthritis in her arms and legs and can't walk at times, and my 53yo brother whom is also ill and has back pain, because he hurt his back at work years ago. l'm on the Carer Pension and Carer Allowance from Centrelink ( Social security) , so l can't go outside much, l just exercise in my front yard and write in my diary why l'm happy and what l'm grateful for and write down my goals, like l really want to have a place of my own someday, so l'm saving up to buy an apartment or house someday. And l write down my other goals too. Apart from being a Carer l'm doing an Entrepreneur course, and studying French.
      I'm on LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/rose-fernandez-953a6b1a9

    • Maria Lopez
      Maria Lopez 2 years ago

      Katie Mccoy I am am in the same situation right now ... it just got worse and I was blamed for it all .

    • Jo GARGUS
      Jo GARGUS 2 years ago +2

      soon is now

    • Alireza Azadi
      Alireza Azadi 2 years ago

      What happened after 9 months?

  • TheRealSamsClub
    TheRealSamsClub Year ago +77

    I finally left today, finally. I’m not sure what the future holds but I’m ready to see what will happen.

    • TheRealSamsClub
      TheRealSamsClub Year ago +1

      @Heaven Love no problem, do exactly what you need to do to get help! I definitely recommend it, I’ve been in outpatient since the discard and it’s helped me immensely

    • Heaven Love
      Heaven Love Year ago +4

      Thanks . Thinking about goin to check my self in the mental hospital for a few days . It’s so hard with out a mother to talk too.. I have been faithful and loyal to this person now it’s like have no where to go ! Thanks for relying

    • Donnie W
      Donnie W Year ago +1

      @TheRealSamsClub no worries, glad to hear it worked out for the best!

    • TheRealSamsClub
      TheRealSamsClub Year ago +1

      @Heaven Love u may not for a while I didn’t after I left. Just be patient with urself and make sure you are taking care of yourself

    • Heaven Love
      Heaven Love Year ago +2

      I left I don’t how to feel!

  • NY Nurse
    NY Nurse 3 years ago +10

    3:46 got me motivated deep in my 46 year old miserable, broke gut...THANK YOU...thank you...I can do this because I deserve better because I AM WORTHY.

    • NY Nurse
      NY Nurse 3 years ago +1

      Kristy Kabui YAS Kristy we can and we will! Thank you!

    • K M
      K M 3 years ago +2

      @NY Nurse, yes, we can, we really can, it's about time.

  • Summer Katona
    Summer Katona 2 years ago +3

    leaving after 22 years probably the hardest thing I have ever done! I know I deserve so much better. I was having an anxiety attack when i started this video. you calmed me down and reaffirmed my feelings thank you so much

    • Sandy S Madhère
      Sandy S Madhère 2 years ago

      Going through the same thing... but if you don't mind me asking how did you do it? Any kids?

  • Allie Catt
    Allie Catt 3 years ago +17

    I needed this!! Thank you. Im so glad I found you!! Im dealing with trying to end a relationship like this at the moment...so thank you so much ❤

  • Vivian Gowin
    Vivian Gowin 3 years ago +5

    I’ve been in toxic relationships repeatedly throughout my entire life. Married and divorced only to marry the same person over and over and over again. I didn’t even know that this was a “thing“ until a few years ago. So here I am 12 years into a very toxic relationship and wanting so badly to make it work. It’s craziness I know. Such a hard place to be in when you realize what you’re dealing with but feel you have to try and work it out. Prayers please.

  • Sarah C
    Sarah C 3 years ago +31

    Thank you so much. I just left last night. I havent slept in over 24 hours and I needed this video. It was very soothing too, I've been so anxious all day.

    • Gemini Ash
      Gemini Ash Year ago +1

      @Sarah C I am so proud of you. I bet you sleep a tad bit better. Peace be with you and hope you get new opportunities.

    • Sarah C
      Sarah C 2 years ago

      @Ranya Perez same to you 💜💜

    • Ranya Perez
      Ranya Perez 2 years ago +1

      Sarah C thank you so much! I needed to hear that. I hope you continue healing ❤️

    • Sarah C
      Sarah C 2 years ago +3

      @Ranya Perez yeah, I'm doing a lot better now... I've been in therapy since December (took me a while to get to that point) and I got a new job but because of the pandemic I'm not able to work but that's okay, I atleast feel like I'm back in control of my life again. Still can have bad days like with anxiety/depression/ptsd when triggered but overall doing well and therapy has helped a lot with that. Healing is possible.

    • Ranya Perez
      Ranya Perez 2 years ago +1

      any updates?

  • Sandrine
    Sandrine 3 years ago +5

    Describing me and my 30 year relationship. Thanks for validating and focusing my perspectives. Thanks for sharing and helping to self-soothe.🐦🌈💜😍

  • MeowMuna
    MeowMuna 3 years ago +2

    I just left an emotionally abusive relationship, of course I feel upset now but I realised that I was way more upset and depressed within the relationship. I’m confident I can do this, I will clean the slate and I know I am a strong woman who can do this. Thank you so much, love this video ❤️

  • St. Cloud
    St. Cloud Year ago +8

    Damn that was like a whole season of therapy packed into 15 minutes. Thanks!!!

  • DivineLoving Being
    DivineLoving Being 4 years ago +33

    Mrs. Stephanie Lynn You are such a life saver. Thanks for you kind words. I felt so guilty about wanting to leave especially since me and my husband have a newborn but thanks to your videos I feel so much more confident about my future. Stay Blessed and Thanks Again🌝🌝

    • DivineLoving Being
      DivineLoving Being 4 years ago +3

      Aka Patience Thanks for the inspiration. Much Needed🌷🌷👈💞💞

    • Aka Patience
      Aka Patience 4 years ago +2

      Mrs. Hamilton 85
      Good luck to you!
      I'm so glad you're not going to waste your life like I did! I knew I needed to leave when our oldest was 3yrs...he's 34 now! I wish I could have had access to all of the information we have here!

  • Stefanie
    Stefanie 3 years ago +2

    You are saying everything I needed to hear. Alot of it was already in my mind, but you're hitting it spot on. Thank you.

  • Holly Acosta
    Holly Acosta 7 months ago +1

    Thank you so much for this. Praying for a family member who is in a relationship with a narcissist and isn't ready to leave. We are just waiting to help when she is ready.

  • W. Alessandra Thiele
    W. Alessandra Thiele 3 years ago +11

    Hi! Im in the process of learning my emotional abusive husband but my self-esteem is pretty much none existing at these point and I would love to learn how to build my self-esteem and self worth from the ground up.... Please make a video about self-love !!!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE HELP.

  • Fiona Johnson
    Fiona Johnson 2 years ago +1

    Thank you. I’ve been in a very dark place this past few days, and this video has REALLY helped lift me again. You’ve reminded me that there is a light at the end ❤️

  • Melissa Saxon
    Melissa Saxon 2 years ago +13

    You just spoke to my soul. Thank you. I needed this ❤

  • Butterfly 22
    Butterfly 22 3 years ago +1

    Stephanie, thank you so much for this video. It’s one of my favourites!
    You have been such a great help to me in getting through this horrible period of my life. Thanks for this great support 🙏🏼

  • Eloina Cayman
    Eloina Cayman 4 years ago +15

    In a lot of your videos you’ve talked about Consequence when someone doesn’t respect your boundaries and I would love if you could make a video talking about types of consequences because the only thing I can think about is leaving the situation, I’d like to know more please and thank you.

    • Johnny London
      Johnny London Year ago

      It’s happened me last 12 years and still continue is hard situation for emotional people . In 24 hour she changed her statement 10 time . I feel stuck .

  • TFAN
    TFAN 2 years ago +2

    I am getting closer to this becoming a reality with my relationship. I have been lacking the confidence so have turned to RU-clip. Just like you mentioned, this video has made me feel like I'm not alone. Everything you said in this video relates to me it is crazy. This is giving me the confidence and calmness I need to make a big step in the right direction in my life. Thank you so much.

  • jeseca petros
    jeseca petros Year ago +1

    My heart is breaking because I’ve come to these understandings and it’s gonna to be a rough road out,thank you for telling me what I couldn’t tell myself

  • Tony Garcia
    Tony Garcia 7 months ago

    Stephanie, you are on target 🎯 once again! I'm 63 and finally have a peace of mind and truly understand it takes power and strength to MOVE ON! And yes we do deserve BETTER!
    Thank you Steph!

  • Kelly Fodstad
    Kelly Fodstad 3 years ago +85

    We are both toxic to each other. I hate myself and he is a selfish monster from hell.

    • Emilia A
      Emilia A 7 months ago +1

      @Charlotte Louise I just learned this actually has a name: “Baiting and Bashing”! It’s sick. The abuser provokes you until they get the desired reaction and calmly points at you and says, “see, see how crazy you are” I mean, this is an absolute mind f**k. Do what you can to not react to their triggers. If you don’t react or give them any emotions, they have nothing. You cannot trust this person. Do not give them any ammo.

    • Donnie W
      Donnie W Year ago +3

      Don't be too hard on yourself Kelly, if you are around good kind people you will be good and kind, if your stuck with a selfish monster you will act your worse. Hope you got out and are doing better!

    • Gabriella Peterson
      Gabriella Peterson Year ago +5

      Lmfao..selfish monster from hell... that's the BEST definition.

    • k rissa
      k rissa Year ago +7

      @Charlotte Louise that's another manipulation tactic. So that he can put the blame on you and say "look at how crazy you are". I hope you can get away soon

    • Charlotte Louise
      Charlotte Louise Year ago +10

      My emotionally abusive partner winds me up and gaslights me he knows I have a temper then knows when I explode from the mind fucks he’ll point and laugh and say look how you’re behaving then i cry because he’s so good at what he does.

  • Taguhi Mar
    Taguhi Mar 3 years ago +1

    I am going true healing process right now and its so hard ! I feel like this is the end of the road for me ! its awful... to someone to make you feel guilt for everything you do since the day you got married ! I am happy to find this channel ,its helping me emotionally ,bringing back my confidence ! Thank you Stephanie Lyn

  • Kellybeth McMahon
    Kellybeth McMahon 3 years ago +1

    Your videos are my lifeline to sanity. I am learning what it looks like to have a “self.” Without these videos, I wouldn’t have a clue as to how to handle this. Thank you from the depths of my heart. ❤️❤️

  • Empower Love Now
    Empower Love Now Year ago +2

    Thank goodness I found you. I’m gearing up to leave a marriage and he is definitely lashing out. Looking forward to my new life with my daughter so I may heal, create and love from the inside out. Thank you so much for all of your content. 🌈💕❤️☺️

  • Tara Elizabeth
    Tara Elizabeth 3 years ago +6

    This was just wonderful advice! Thank you for the guidance and for sharing!!

  • Leo Fonfara
    Leo Fonfara 7 months ago

    I’ve started watching your videos pretty recently and this is my favorite thus far! I’ve learned so much, so thank you and I went through the same friend shedding you described when I got divorced 2 years ago.

  • Kalynn Grace
    Kalynn Grace 2 years ago +8

    It's only been about a year and a half and I'm ready for it to be over. I'm really hoping this relationship will come to an end so I can be happy again and work on myself and move on. I feel so tied down and like I can't leave and I'm so young! I'm only 19, I want out. I want to start fresh.

  • LaMusica22
    LaMusica22 2 years ago +1

    WOW... This is an AMAZING message and I thank God that you shared your thoughts. I'm in the mist of going through this and this has confirmed that I am ON THE RIGHT TRACK. I finally found the courage to say ENOUGH! IM DONE! (and actually standing firm on my decision). A lot of my thoughts were described in this video. I am really excited about this next part of my life. I just have to get through this hump. I've been in therapy, writing, watching YOU on RU-clip. Thank you for this channel!

  • Nix
    Nix 3 years ago

    Thanks so much for this straightforward and positive video! I am still in my relationship and was feeling extra weak and self-hating because of that, but I appreciate your reminder that it takes time to build an alternative, financially, etc., to leaving your current life behind. I do have to say though that it is really difficult to hear about surrounding oneself with loving people.... I think many of us watching these videos are here because we don't necessarily have the support of friends or family to encourage us.

  • Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony Ramirez 3 years ago

    Thank you for making this video! I’ve already considered moving out, I started making a game plan, and it’s scary. I have those moments of doubt, but this video helped me listen to myself and make me feel excited for the first time in years. I’m being completely serious when I say that I’m ecstatic for leaving my emotionally abusive relationship, I’m ready to finally start living my life :0)

  • lucy waithira
    lucy waithira 6 months ago +1

    I needed this,you have completely described my current situation 😭😭😭,I am starting over again and I can't wait to see the person I'm becoming thank you

  • Elicia Garcia
    Elicia Garcia 3 years ago +1

    I really like you Stephanie and appreciate everything you teach. I’m at the perfect time in my life to hear this. I came out of an emotionally abusive relationship and realized what it was and I’m still young. For me personally, I’m like you where if I know about this then I’ll protect myself from it but I didn’t know what it was and my confidence just got low. But now I’m gonna be aware of this and I’m already trying to take responsibility for my life but you motivate me even further.

  • Mr Wilson
    Mr Wilson 4 years ago +42

    You help me so much....I play your vids on the way to work. Thank you! Request: Could you please do some more vids on corporate co/worker/ manager relationships? For instance dealing with work place manipulators and harrasment. Plz and thank you!

    • Mr Wilson
      Mr Wilson 4 years ago +1

      Aka Patience I'll definitely check her out.

    • Aka Patience
      Aka Patience 4 years ago +3

      Have you watched Christy Parker? She's really good and workplace toxic people are her speciality.

    • Vi Mieres
      Vi Mieres 4 years ago +5

      DelaneWilson the same for me !!!! It's different a romantic partner than coworkers BUT the last ones are harder to get away finally , we have to learn how to be around them without been hurt and keep sane

  • Immortal Fool
    Immortal Fool 3 years ago +4

    You come across so professionally. I just want to live without emotional toxicity so often.

  • rivers nature
    rivers nature 3 years ago +603

    Ok....after suffering for about 3 yrs w this abusive person, ,,,I left yesterday...I prepared for yesterday for a year....I found the strenght to leave .😵😿😥
    I couldnt live another day...I was dead...I feel like a shredded piece of rag....Im going to heal and become the person I was before he drained my spirit...it was Soooo bad....I have severe anxiety bcuz of this relationship....I left yesterday while he was at work...I literally escaped...when 3:00 pm comes around everyday my anxiety goes thru the roof...because its the time he is on his way home...I knew that at 3:50 he was going to see my car not there and run in to find I left.I BLOCKED him everyway I could ..I was TERRIFIED...Im now staying w a fam member...but I have to park my car two blocks away so he wont drive around to see if Im at my fam house...the aftermath TRAUMA ,,,Im paranoid he is going to pop up...I promised MYSELF N GOD N MY FRIENDS N FAM I WONT GO BACK...I see a therapist...Im getting my own place in Sept...I love myself enough to know that I wasn't growing and this last time he left me BRUISES all over..where they are visible...☹😔 I had two bruises on my neck ..one on each side...he choked me so bad ..I looked in the mirror and I seen all the bruises and they hurt just as bad as the mental n emotional scars...I said...thats it...I have been thru enough of abuse..from childhood..THAT was the last draw......Now I feel ....heartbroken and happy at the same time..😢...I need to heal...I am very spiritual...its God THAT has guided and given me strenght when I was ready to kill MYSELF.....I dont want young girls to think that its normal to get treated this way......its not...We are not THE PROBLEM
    THEY HAVE THEIR OWN ISSUES...💖 Stay prayed up..keep God 1st..,God Bless

    • C h r i s t i n a ♡
      C h r i s t i n a ♡ Year ago

      @Beverly Burton same

    • Charlo
      Charlo Year ago

      How are you now x

    • Lynnae Sabali
      Lynnae Sabali Year ago

      I would love an update on how you're doing now river. I hope you've only grown more confident and sure of yourself 🤗

    • Rhea Holets
      Rhea Holets Year ago

      I would say park your car at your family's house and if he comes around to harass you, you can go to the police with it

  • Marchelle Merlet
    Marchelle Merlet 9 months ago

    I ended a 3-year emotionally abusvie relationship a few days ago; this video encouraged & inspired me. Thank You!

  • Hienie Nguyen
    Hienie Nguyen 2 years ago +17

    i had to get out recently. my tears were all down my face! i am so glad that i had gotten out. my ex bf was too much. so many of my friends were telling me to get him out! I didn't know what to do. I called the domestic violence hotline. then i realized how he used me, and take advantage of my emotions. Controlling someone is never normal. i am strong enough to leave that behind me.

  • Dee S
    Dee S 3 years ago

    Thanks for all your videos. During my transition of having left this type of relationship, your videos allowed me the self-reflect. You’re so right, there was great comfort to know I wasn’t alone or helpless. My life is not perfect but it is so much better than before. I am still learning about my self-worth but I left. I started to see my videos after I left and I got mentally tough. I thank you very much.

  • Jennifer p
    Jennifer p 3 years ago +22

    Love your videos ❤
    And i thank you
    I don't think it's easy to leave when spouse controls the $

  • AmyJacqueline G.
    AmyJacqueline G. 2 years ago +3

    You information is invaluable. I’ve learned so much about myself and why I’ve attracted narcissistic men my entire life. Struggling through the holidays after this last betrayal, but your RU-clip info has really helped.

  • Kylee Sanson
    Kylee Sanson Year ago

    Thank you ❤ I made the decision and left the relationship over 2 months ago but the self-doubt and uncertainty kicked in and I have been questioning my decision....until I saw this. The thing that hit me the most was to stop thinking that I could have and continue to have rational discussions with him. Nearly ever word you said resonated with me. And I wholeheartedly agree with your '3 things you MUST do'. Xxx

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 2 years ago +2

    Hi, Stephanie I'm back taking notes on this I'm afraid to leave my home but I will listen to you. Thank you too seems like all of 2019 I kept coming back.

  • brantley gil
    brantley gil 3 years ago +5

    These videos have been my life line ! They have given me the strength to get out , even if I have to go to a hotel .

  • Ronald Irwin
    Ronald Irwin 4 years ago +60

    People who love you, love you at your core. I am entering a phase of life that includes war. It is not easy.

    • Antoinette Jordan
      Antoinette Jordan 2 years ago +1

      Also listen to Robert Blakes jr on youtube he will pray for you through this

    • Vi Mieres
      Vi Mieres 4 years ago +5

      Ronald Irwin THAT'S exactly what I summarized from all these experiences .... The first person who need to love at my core its me , and only a person who really loves and treats me right as I am , is the one that I really care for ...

  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie 2 years ago +1

    So grateful that I came across your video today! It's exactly what I needed.

  • AtumAten
    AtumAten 2 years ago +39

    If I can financially manage to get out of this marriage, I'm never doing this again.

  • Ana Kohler
    Ana Kohler Year ago +1

    This video truly is inspirational. I needed this. Thank you so much for this your videos are helping me get through some of the hardest times of my life right now.

  • Sally Patron
    Sally Patron 3 years ago +2

    This was amazing. Thank you for sharing this. Affirms that there is light at the other end of this. I just have to keep pushing!

  • Katherine Garratt
    Katherine Garratt 3 years ago +2

    I want to thank you for your video. It is so true that when you decide to let go of emotionally abusive relationships, the possibilities for meeting people who resonate with you in a more positive way happens. This is my experience and I am so grateful for it. I hope this message gives other people courage to do the same.

  • Laila Rehman
    Laila Rehman 3 years ago +2

    Thank u so much for this video. You hit the nail on the head for me and gave me the push I needed. What you have said in this video is so true of how my partner has made me feel.

  • Eliza ?
    Eliza ? 2 years ago +38

    I’m being isolated, doesn’t like me seeing my family, doesn’t want me going to work related things, always thinking I’m sleeping with male dentists that I work with, doesn’t like me calling my kids when they’re with their father. It’s so fucking draining and hard as fuck ! Please lord give me the strength to leave this narcissist

    • Favour Nwafor
      Favour Nwafor Year ago

      @stinaxoxo we can do this.

    • stinaxoxo
      stinaxoxo Year ago +1

      @Leslie I am literally going through the same thing. I’m so depressed and don’t know how to leave him.

    • Eliza ?
      Eliza ? Year ago +2

      @Leslie hunni you’re not alone ! Yes I left 10 months ago now ! Thank god ! He controlled my life and much much more :( if you want add me on Insta and we can chat x

  • بنده خدا
    بنده خدا 2 years ago

    I needed this thank you so much. Leaving and moving on is not easy but when someone is pushing you that far regardless of what you for them. Self respect and Yourself is and has to be prior

  • Zulma Morales
    Zulma Morales 3 years ago +5

    I have started to watch your videos and been in an abusiva relationship for 16yrs. My fear has been how am I going to make it in this world but I decided to go visit a shelter that will help me and my kids. I thank you for your words. I need to do this while I still can.

  • lilly do
    lilly do Year ago

    This is so helpful as I'm struggling at this time from a toxic relationship and feel guilt

  • Joan Gichomo
    Joan Gichomo 3 years ago +1

    I am watching this in tears, because FINALLY someone gets it! I am going through emotional abuse, and trying to co-parent, most times I find myself giving in to demands because I do not want my son to face the trauma. I have to stay strong, but I break down more times than I hold myself together. I am grateful for an old friend who is extremely patient, and steps in to cheer me up, my mum and sister who talk me through it when all I want is to scream and stand up for myself. There is no winning with an emotionally abusive person, what I have learnt to do is to stop playing his game. What I don't encourage, won't grow. What I choose to ignore, won't eat me up. I have thought of leaving for good, but my son keeps asking to see his dad, so day by day, I am strengthening my boundaries, and surrounding my life with people that build me, and having as little communication as I can with him. Thank you for the videos, Finally, I don't have to face this on my own.

  • Vi Mieres
    Vi Mieres 4 years ago +20

    Thank you !!!!! You always validate me when I hesitate .... And it's so sincronice, THANK YOU !!!
    Wish you the best for you in your life !!! 🌞⭐️🌟

  • stephanie vera
    stephanie vera 10 months ago

    Love how easily relatable this is to me. For me though, might be more pathetic, but, he tells me to leave if I want to leave. He tells me he will cheat if I deserve it. Yet, here I am. Thank you for the video. Can’t wait for that day.

  • Monisha Hossain
    Monisha Hossain 3 years ago

    I absolutely love your videos! They are super useful for people who are stuck in emotionally abusive relationship and who want to leave. Thanks again!

  • chloë choate
    chloë choate Year ago

    Hi Stephanie! I left almost a year ago but I’m still feeling the emotional effects. Can you make a video on how to get over it or move on?

  • Bartolo Morales
    Bartolo Morales 2 years ago +10

    The first two minutes and I want to be strong enough to leave my relationship. You are right it feels like living two lives, I even want to run away to my country. people have told me to just leave but isnt easy, I feel atached with super glue, but I want decide to leave soon, he told me that If i leave Ill hurt him, that Im a bad person... Thanks for this video, I ll be brave, ill be strong...I want be confident and not going back ....

  • Shar's Chronicles
    Shar's Chronicles 3 years ago

    I will replay this video as a true workout just like abs exercise!! This video is PERFECT in re-wiring my emotional health!

  • pcherongirl
    pcherongirl 3 years ago

    Thank you for this, really solid and valuable advice, I'm going through this currently and it is hard