Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer 2 - Avengers Endgame Iron Man Easter Eggs Breakdown


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  • Emergency Awesome
    Emergency Awesome  Месяц назад +379

    Here's my *Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer* Easter Eggs for the Second Trailer. Post all your Iron Man Avengers Endgame Theories in the comments!

    • Allin Printers
      Allin Printers 23 дня назад

    • Matt Gilbert
      Matt Gilbert 26 дней назад

      John Wick kills Thanos thus *avenging* his dead dusted dog.

    • Stephen Clemence
      Stephen Clemence 27 дней назад

      I know you said something about "Dr Strange not dealing with it"
      There was a leaked line from the movie where "protect the doctor" is quoted

    • Lauren Keyson
      Lauren Keyson 29 дней назад

      Loving the “banana no” !

    • MCUbetterthenDCU
      MCUbetterthenDCU Месяц назад

      have you considered that this might be in a different multiverse?just saying

  • Matthew Villacorta
    Matthew Villacorta День назад


  • Fat2Mad
    Fat2Mad 13 дней назад

    at 0:06 the suit is still blue

  • WhoIsThis Gaming
    WhoIsThis Gaming 16 дней назад

    My thing is...when they bring everyone back from the snap....will they reappear where they turned to dust

  • Mykron Quintero
    Mykron Quintero 17 дней назад

    So much to think

  • daniel appleby
    daniel appleby 17 дней назад

    my favourite part of the video was when mysterio appeared.

  • Super films 100
    Super films 100 17 дней назад

    My favourite moment is when the spider man theme plays and then the title card drops

  • Almmon joy
    Almmon joy 21 день назад

    My favourite moment was when mysterio arives

  • MLGSansTheSkeleton 1444
    MLGSansTheSkeleton 1444 21 день назад

    Aww what happened to dick quad

  • Pavel Nedved
    Pavel Nedved 24 дня назад

    What I don’t understand is why everyone is alive again. So infinity war was not a serious movie? I have been on Thanos side since i was a kid. So I’m angry that spiderman is alive. I want them all dead. Fuck this shit

    • Ti My
      Ti My 15 дней назад

      When you turn 13 and discover girls you'll get over it.

    • Pavel Nedved
      Pavel Nedved 18 дней назад

      marvelousdcgeek 97 yeah, thats my point. Everyone is back again. So thanos was not an important villain? Fuck this shit.

    • marvelousdcgeek 97
      marvelousdcgeek 97 18 дней назад +1

      This movie is after Avengers Endgame ending.

    VOTEFORWHIP 24 дня назад

    Spider-man is still dead, whole movie is just his perfect dream like live in soul stone dimention. Just look like perfect it is: Aunt May high five (She dont worry about his danger life), he meet Nick Fury who give him special secret mission, good time with MJ, his best friend have beutiful girfrend.
    At the end avengers relife him :)

  • doro626
    doro626 24 дня назад

    Assume its alien tech, because in the comic book, they have gotten insane with Mysterio's powers. Does Peter re-incorporate on Titan?

  • Keiragames17 Xx
    Keiragames17 Xx 25 дней назад

    Flies to space in a ship travels to England in a plane 😑😑😑😑

  • Memeroni
    Memeroni 25 дней назад

    They changed dickwad to loser

    Come on

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 26 дней назад

    so the nerfed dickwad for loser smh.

  • Jessica Gross
    Jessica Gross 26 дней назад

    Being a superfamily shipper I hope that there is like a deleted clip of peter calling Tony about meeting Fury and tony getting worried for peter

  • Varun Menon
    Varun Menon 26 дней назад +1

    I liked it when Peter and M.J bond.

  • Matt Gilbert
    Matt Gilbert 26 дней назад

    Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterion is like the Jordan Peterson of the MCU. He conjures up imaginary "elementals" (Postmodern Neo-Marxists) that don't actually exist and then uses his seemingly powerful magic (Jungian psychobabble) to combat the illusory demons that he created, magic that is itself illusory BS, thus tricking people into thinking he is a saviour when in fact he seeks power and wealth only for himself and represents the evil forces of the Neoconservative/Neoliberal status-quo, desperate to discredit and neutralize any real alternative to the Ruling Ideology (ie: Spiderman's youthful, rebellious spirit and commitment to the betterment of the lives of those in his neighbourhood and now, it seems, the rest of the world).
    Spiderman is a foe to the unjust Capitalist system, a system that functions through the exploitation of working-class folks and the extraction of surplus-value generated by said working-class, value that ultimately ends up in the hands of the 1%.
    Spiderman must defeat Lobsterboy.

    • Ti My
      Ti My 15 дней назад

      Lmao wtf

  • Matt Gilbert
    Matt Gilbert 26 дней назад

    Favourite moment is definitely that Ned & Betty shot. Aww, those cute l'il smiles!

  • Swift Bow
    Swift Bow 26 дней назад

    Good breakdown.

  • Mike Barber
    Mike Barber 27 дней назад

    That’s Swiss or Italian customs not British customs

  • LunaticMatt
    LunaticMatt 27 дней назад

    This NO...No banana.

  • TOYvets4pets YOUTUBE
    TOYvets4pets YOUTUBE 27 дней назад

    *Im toy vets for pets*

  • Psoident
    Psoident 28 дней назад

    My favorite part is the new interaction with customs and Peter's relief!

  • Axon Von-shadow
    Axon Von-shadow 28 дней назад

    Shazam is not part of Marvel he's part of DC not even DC comic book franchise

  • Jarrod Wootten
    Jarrod Wootten 28 дней назад

    Why did they scrub the Flash comment "dickwad"? 😂

  • Donnie Mendez
    Donnie Mendez 28 дней назад

    If the Giant Check says Pepper Potts, that would mean that her and Tony never got married right?

  • Frank Henry
    Frank Henry 28 дней назад

    Think nick fury and shield possibly orchestrated the whole school trip to get peter to come there

  • Fzoid
    Fzoid 28 дней назад

    How about a new shiny Fisk Tower?

  • Umed Yadav
    Umed Yadav 29 дней назад

    At 1.16 in this video when Happy says "we are all alone". Does it mean Iron Man is dead?

  • KelsaRavenlock
    KelsaRavenlock 29 дней назад

    pepper took over stark tech early in Iorn Man 2

  • KelsaRavenlock
    KelsaRavenlock 29 дней назад

    the guy that looks like he is from India is playing flash Thompson? Doesn't that compleatly destroy the entire point of his character? How do you have an American sterotype popular kid football captian bully that represents a toxic leftover from 50's American culture and he is short,skinny,has long curly hair and of nonsensical ancestry? This is one time you either go traditional on the character or invent a new one or whats the point?

  • mike644424
    mike644424 29 дней назад

    ***Spoiler Theory Alert***

    What if time travel is a big part of Avengers 4 and after the world is saved and everything is said and done, instead of Captain America having died to effort to accomplish saving the world, he’s still alive, but then uses time travel to go back in time and love out the rest of his life with his love, Peggy Carter. In my opinion, that would be a much more fitting ending for Cap as opposed to having him die.

  • Chase Parker
    Chase Parker 29 дней назад

    My fav moment is when Peter says no banana great

  • Michael Kubler
    Michael Kubler 29 дней назад

    Mysterio reveal as the villain around 55mins into the movie?

  • Justin Klewiec
    Justin Klewiec 29 дней назад

    So sick. Mysterio is going to be so cool

  • Sage God
    Sage God 29 дней назад

    I think Spider-Man is gonna know right away. I think nick fury is gonna tell him to keep watch on mysterio

  • ddavel5441
    ddavel5441 29 дней назад

    He's dead....Thanos Vaporized him!

  • Jacob pere
    Jacob pere 29 дней назад

    flash thompson: I respect spiderman
    Peter parker walks up
    Flash thompson: what's up loser

  • Ted Binkly
    Ted Binkly 29 дней назад

    if flash says loser instead of dick wad im gonna be really salty

  • Frank S
    Frank S 29 дней назад

    Good they had Spider-man on that plane. Flying United might be dangerous.

  • Mike Adrien
    Mike Adrien 29 дней назад

    I keep rewatching the trailer just for the soundtrack

  • GoliathAngelus
    GoliathAngelus 29 дней назад

    So weird that Betty is blond.
    It is Prague alright but a movie Prague at a low season.
    This bridge is always crowded with people in high season.
    Even at night

  • Kyle Gifford
    Kyle Gifford 29 дней назад

    Pepper Pots has been running Stark Industries since Iron Man 2 when Tony thought he was going to die about 30-45 minutes into the movie

  • The OMG commenter!
    The OMG commenter! 29 дней назад

    Jul 24th 2019 is my dragons 3rd birthday

  • Rhuel Smith
    Rhuel Smith 29 дней назад

    This somehow brings back Sandman Nostalgia from Spider-Man 3

  • Michelle Plays /APEJARL4
    Michelle Plays /APEJARL4 29 дней назад

    When nick fury was there

  • Michael Ferraro
    Michael Ferraro 29 дней назад

    Events take place before infinity war

    • marvelousdcgeek 97
      marvelousdcgeek 97 29 дней назад

      They already confirmed is after Avengers Endgame ending.

  • Adam Watling
    Adam Watling 29 дней назад

    Definatley not arriving in the uk in that scene mkre likely italy

  • Jamie Hitt
    Jamie Hitt Месяц назад

    My Endgame theory is that nobody gets "resurrected". Rather, the timeline is altered, ...and the "snap" never happens. As a matter of fact, ...many of the events in the MCU never happen as well. Or at least, they happen differently. Everything ties back to the first movie, ...and was always meant to. Something "pivotal" will happen with someone like Loki or Coulson, ...and history will be rewritten. Why?
    Because if Far From Home takes place "minutes" after the events of Endgame, ....ain't nobody gonna feel like going on a class trip, ...unless they don't remember what happened, ...because it never happened.

  • John Tabar
    John Tabar Месяц назад

    That's bullshit,
    Spider-Man shouldn't have been brought back,he should of ended in iron mans arms,
    But since I love Venom more than any other villain or antihero,
    I much rather see Venom kill Spider-Man for good..🕸🕷🌚

  • Killbro_Fraggins
    Killbro_Fraggins Месяц назад

    Wouldn't really call this trailer 2. The last 2/3 is the same as the teaser. Just with the airport bit and slightly different takes with some of the lines. Not much to see here.

  • Falloutman 342
    Falloutman 342 Месяц назад

    I think this takes place in dust universe please but nobody can remember what happened
    Idk just a theory

  • Mark Vo
    Mark Vo Месяц назад

    Here cute kitty/Unique theory just hijacked our summer vacation

  • Joshu - Bass
    Joshu - Bass Месяц назад

    why is Flash indian isint he supposed to be blonde?

  • XxxRex_yGachaxXX
    XxxRex_yGachaxXX Месяц назад

    Dude Nick ferry! This is gonna be awesome!

  • Jason Overfield
    Jason Overfield Месяц назад

    My favourite part was the introduction of mysterio

  • Greg Knauss
    Greg Knauss Месяц назад

    This may be fun. But remember our souls. Remember what’s important. Having a relationship with God Jesus Christ and being changed by the Holy Spirit. Repent from your sins and read the Bible. He created you for a reason. Stop sinning we will be judged. Hell is a real place.

  • dwinosam
    dwinosam Месяц назад

    This spiderman has no spidersense....he can notice a space ship miles away while asleep, but he cant detect his best friend or his aunt in the room, much less nick fury in his room??? He should be called iron spider boy

  • Power Girl Productions
    Power Girl Productions Месяц назад

    Where's Spontanious Bootay?

  • Meeraj Gautam
    Meeraj Gautam Месяц назад

    Fav Moment: Sup d**kwad

  • Ando_exe
    Ando_exe Месяц назад

    the "sup dickwod" is my favorite. also why tf did it change to "loser"

  • Sonks 92
    Sonks 92 Месяц назад

    1:47 is my favourite scene in the trailer. Can’t wait for the film - Avengers first though

  • V V
    V V Месяц назад

    But where is Tony stark? 😢

  • V V
    V V Месяц назад

    So excited! ❤️

  • EchoNoir1775 -
    EchoNoir1775 - Месяц назад

    I just don't like Flash's character and not because he's a hateable character, I just don't like his presence.

  • q w e r t y y
    q w e r t y y Месяц назад

    I got a spider man ad for this 😂

  • Unknown Mastermind
    Unknown Mastermind Месяц назад

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah Месяц назад

    Oh yeah yeah

  • Crunchini
    Crunchini Месяц назад

    “Sup dickwad”

  • Gregory Thompson
    Gregory Thompson Месяц назад

    the new poster is dope!

  • Dede Morales
    Dede Morales Месяц назад

    I just find it funny that Flash just straight up insults Peter and unknowingly complements Spiderman

  • coolistic Kids Wilson
    coolistic Kids Wilson Месяц назад

    That looks sick

  • James and Bella Time
    James and Bella Time Месяц назад

    I now that iron man does not I repeat does not die

  • Jessie Marin
    Jessie Marin Месяц назад

    Spider man needs a passport? Then example civil war then?

  • Jacob trys to be funny
    Jacob trys to be funny Месяц назад

    *Europeans see spider man*
    Europeans: who the hell is this guy

    BYGTOPP2 Месяц назад

    I hate this version of flash.

  • Infinity Stones
    Infinity Stones Месяц назад

    I hope the feminist, libtard Bullshit is kept to a minimum.

  • Sania Amirbaaz
    Sania Amirbaaz Месяц назад

    My favorite moment was when Spiderman was in black and red costume flying with his web Wings

  • Naomy Alvarez
    Naomy Alvarez Месяц назад

    Obiusly i like the banana

  • Jack Lichtenstein
    Jack Lichtenstein Месяц назад +2

    Omg ur on trending Charlie! I’m so proud, as a 4 year sub, I love u brotha man

  • j ram
    j ram Месяц назад

    "I really respect Spider-Man." Looks at Peter Parker "Sup loser" 😂

  • Carlos de Brito
    Carlos de Brito Месяц назад

    Just throwing this out... How about a Cap. Britain teaser in this movie?

  • The Official Andy Saenz
    The Official Andy Saenz Месяц назад

    0:14 Look at his passport photo! 😂

  • kai dettloff
    kai dettloff Месяц назад


  • KingThomasthe1st
    KingThomasthe1st Месяц назад

    fav moment "sup loser" lmao

  • Will Phillips
    Will Phillips Месяц назад +1

    0:14 the auto generated captions LOL

  • KudosiKa
    KudosiKa Месяц назад

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  • Mark Diogu
    Mark Diogu Месяц назад

    My favorite moment was when ned collapses😂

  • Ryan Gangadin
    Ryan Gangadin Месяц назад

    perhaps spiderman keeps his suit and mask on and they do meet in order to hide his identity, but nick is smart and surprises him

  • chandler flanders
    chandler flanders Месяц назад

    oh yeah yeah

  • Joshua turtle
    Joshua turtle Месяц назад


  • Ryan Gangadin
    Ryan Gangadin Месяц назад

    still trending! keep it up!

  • E2an Stuff
    E2an Stuff Месяц назад

    "Sup, loser", because that's definitely what he said.

    JP SQUAD Месяц назад

    why not say dickwad and to loser the original was better

  • spidey 1357 ninjago
    spidey 1357 ninjago Месяц назад

    My favorite part is that he has the new suit

  • meme. riley
    meme. riley Месяц назад

    dude what the heck I’m so confused didn’t he die in infinity war ????? Like literally all of them almost died I’m so confused right now and nothing in the movie said anything about thanos or infinity war...can someone please help me out ?

    • marvelousdcgeek 97
      marvelousdcgeek 97 Месяц назад

      This movie is set right after Avengers Endgame ending.

  • Falorien
    Falorien Месяц назад

    My favorite part is when Misterio shows up

    Sorry if that's misspelled

  • Rudy's custome & toy review
    Rudy's custome & toy review Месяц назад

    my favorite part of the trailer and Spider-Man glides in his new starter glide suit which I hope if I'm shield or Tony Stark if that's the case but I still love that part

  • Matthew Marin
    Matthew Marin Месяц назад

    1:34 I just love how awesome they made a live Mysterio look.