Uber Ride SCAM Gone Wrong | Uber Short Stop Scam Canceled Ride

  • Published on Feb 16, 2019
  • D-Money of Extreme Uber Rides bringing you this new video of the absolute WORST ride he has ever given. This video shows an increasingly common type of Uber scam called Short-Stopping. Unlike the canceled Uber ride scam, a short-stop scam is pretty simple: the passenger enters a false destination into the app which is a much shorter ride than the distance to their real destination, and then once the car arrives at the false address, the rider either tries to convince you to drive the rest of the way for free, or they offer to pay you cash for the remainder of the trip. Their goal is always to save a few bucks on their ride, at the driver’s expense. In this example I’ll show you how to deal with a passenger who pulls this scam on you, and how to respond when the road gets a little bumpy.
    For anyone unable to come to obvious conclusions on their own, this video is a joke meant to satirize RU-clip Uber ride videos.
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  • Mitchollow
    Mitchollow  7 months ago +12044

    Hey guys, most people seem to understand that this video is satire. If you watch the whole video there is no way anyone would think it's real. But since some people still might think it's real I just want to clearly state that it's just a joke.

    • Myst Kraken
      Myst Kraken Month ago

      Oh I thought this was real until the end 😆

    • Tristan Terron
      Tristan Terron Month ago

      Not funny

    • thanos yeet you
      thanos yeet you 2 months ago

      @Alex Mantilla lol

    • Bug Teller
      Bug Teller 2 months ago

      what if they pull up a KNIFE to your through and almost kills you taking your money?

    • Joe H
      Joe H 3 months ago


  • Fernando Garip
    Fernando Garip 41 minute ago

    Was pretty believable at the beginning lol but towards the end you can tell it was scripted. But still this is hillarious lol.

  • Griep
    Griep 2 hours ago

    The acting is... special

  • SlayerPlayer2000
    SlayerPlayer2000 2 hours ago

    You should have accepted the five dollars and drove him to the police station XD

  • DirtyVegaCarries
    DirtyVegaCarries 3 hours ago

    This video is so fake, it’s stupid.

  • dArK sHaDoW
    dArK sHaDoW 3 hours ago


  • Chamary stigers
    Chamary stigers 4 hours ago

    You need not let man ride your car will be stealing lost your car next time do not let any ride

  • Leisure Gaming
    Leisure Gaming 5 hours ago

    I would straight up choke that mofo out. and actually the right way to handle this would have been to call the police and watch the guy run not walk from the car.

  • Whatzitface
    Whatzitface 8 hours ago

    thats when you pull the 45. magnum

  • Tiger He
    Tiger He 8 hours ago

    HAHA I think he forgot his other clothes

  • DutchPilot1
    DutchPilot1 11 hours ago +1

    7:38 "Is It InSuReD?"

  • Toua Xiong
    Toua Xiong 11 hours ago

    I would of shot that mf! Ungrateful broke ass mfs looking for a ride, bitch I worked my ass off for my pos car, GO GET YOUR OWN SHIT BROKE BITCH

  • SG_ Cars
    SG_ Cars 12 hours ago

    Call the cops


    LMFAO SO FAKE.....

  • PoluX
    PoluX 14 hours ago

    *B U T I D O N T U N D E R S T A N D*

  • heartsonfireao
    heartsonfireao 14 hours ago

    You had me fuming pissed at your friend for nothing. Not many people would’ve thought of it as a joke. Shit happens for real and it’s much worse than this.

  • HarjRadio
    HarjRadio 15 hours ago

    Hey man, someone on Facebook is stealing your content. Since it's yours, you're the only one who can report it and have it taken down. I hate it when random channels steal other people's content, so I'm just tryna do the right thing.
    Here's the video link

  • Zachary Wagner
    Zachary Wagner 16 hours ago +2

    Thanks for wasting my time, I’m going to protest and for a boycott your channel. But if you give me 5 bucks it’s all good

  • Synapse Mation
    Synapse Mation 16 hours ago +1

    That technically is sterling because he won’t give him his car back so he is going to have a huge fine

  • Littledog
    Littledog 16 hours ago

    No humans were harmed in the making in this video

  • Rexus Mundi
    Rexus Mundi 16 hours ago

    "I'm not getting out of your car"
    -the moment I wanted to stab the stupidity out of this man.

  • Synapse Mation
    Synapse Mation 16 hours ago +1

    You should rate him 0 no more

  • Macky1101
    Macky1101 16 hours ago

    Man...this guy must be making million$ of dollars driving uber and making uber youtube videos.

  • SuperKikomann
    SuperKikomann 17 hours ago

    I actually thought it was real... but for real though, I would have grabbed my keys, my phone, and then got out the car.

  • Jayton quintero T
    Jayton quintero T 17 hours ago

    Would have broken my own window to get to him

  • Steve G
    Steve G 18 hours ago

    You have got to be one of the dumbest people on this planet! SMFH! Only dumbasses and lying pieces of shit make videos like this and then call others stupid when you looked stupid in your fake ass video!

  • Jah Jah
    Jah Jah 18 hours ago

    Cant believe he let him go like that

  • Chyna Felix-Spady
    Chyna Felix-Spady 19 hours ago

    wait this isn't reallllllllll . I would have beat him up so bad.

  • Daniel P
    Daniel P 20 hours ago

    Dude murder this guy.

  • mouser485
    mouser485 20 hours ago

    “”If you watch the whole video there is no way anyone would think it's real””
    Dude, have you not seen what happens in the world we live in today ?? Why would anyone think this wasn’t real ?. This is easily believable in the world we live in today. I’m surpised YOURE that dumb.

  • Miguel Diaz
    Miguel Diaz 22 hours ago

    My god that guy needs his knees broken

  • seawolfnavy
    seawolfnavy 22 hours ago

    Not a problem if he used a real Cab..

  • Rick Lopez
    Rick Lopez Day ago

    Fuck your fake clickbait video bullshit.

  • thaddeus moore
    thaddeus moore Day ago

    This shit fake

  • xP
    xP Day ago

    Good for you, what a scum bag

  • thaddeus moore
    thaddeus moore Day ago

    How they both sound gay

  • driizzy g
    driizzy g Day ago

    yo use this promo code for 7 dollars off uber eats

  • Russian Bias Tanker

    Uber in russian : get Out
    People : no, drive or i call police!
    Uber : * take Ak74U with Glock 17 out *
    People : OK, im out! Tks

  • Tamirlan Gaitamirov

    I would brake his fucking face, that guy is the biggest bitch ever

  • SS Squid
    SS Squid Day ago

    this is the get out of my car meme but with the Uno reverse card

  • TripersHD
    TripersHD Day ago

    200 iq

  • Steven Admas
    Steven Admas Day ago

    So fake

  • peculiar boast but alas

    I thought it was real until the end, realistically it would involve more yelling and assault

  • Mystery of the Universe

    “As cool as a cucumber” that’s a new one 🤓 🥒

  • Fang
    Fang Day ago

    a real chad would have punxhed through their own window when locked out to remove the dude

  • pcman87654
    pcman87654 Day ago


  • wheezy outta here
    wheezy outta here Day ago +1

    *come on mane this fake asf*

  • MelissaStarfall
    MelissaStarfall Day ago +1

    People who thinks this video was real are really stupid....

    • Gr4vity Goat
      Gr4vity Goat Day ago

      Honestly, there are stupid people that act like this

  • Mariah Ml
    Mariah Ml Day ago

    Is this fake ?

  • rabah awadallah
    rabah awadallah Day ago

    This rider is an ass

  • Bunny Tips and tricks

    It’s not “Uber” it’s oovoo javvar

  • BearNation03 •

    For what you said in the begining nobody wants to talk to their uber driver thats why he didnt acknowledge your existance

  • Jose Sellas
    Jose Sellas Day ago


  • jordan osuna
    jordan osuna Day ago

    Broooo this guy is funny I would have just drove off

  • only1jamesp
    only1jamesp Day ago

    You guys should be actors I thought it was real. Only reason I thought it was a chance of being fake is 2 strangers wouldn’t argue that long

  • Lil_W3lfie Plays
    Lil_W3lfie Plays 2 days ago

    I'm no Uber driver but this was entertaining

  • nate smith
    nate smith 2 days ago

    Damn wtf

  • Melvin Barrera
    Melvin Barrera 2 days ago

    Obviously you can tell that this video is fake asf

  • Cxnnon
    Cxnnon 2 days ago

    Fakeeeeeee yall are brothers

  • Mans1111
    Mans1111 2 days ago +1

    gta shit right there