Trump Begged Mexico's President To Lie

  • Published on Aug 4, 2017
  • Stephen 'condemns' whichever White House employee leaked Trump's embarrassing phone calls with Mexico's President and Australia's Prime Minister.
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Comments • 3 874

  • AlphaCentauri24
    AlphaCentauri24 2 days ago +1

    Who was a donor to the corrupt Hillary campaign?
    Yes...Stephen Colbert. Ergo, being butthurt at every instance is a given :P

  • Robert Reilly
    Robert Reilly 3 days ago +1

    Hard to believe that you can fit all the Anti American Socialist Losers in one TV studio . They are so out numbered, poor geeks and weirdos that nobody likes stick together and still cry about Hillary 💔 should have won but it was stolen from her,,,, Haaaaa 🖕

  • Jim Jacobs
    Jim Jacobs 4 days ago

    You Forgot the best bit --
    Trump: Waaaa! WE'VE BOTH got a problem. I can't sell the fact that Mexico isn't going to pay for the wall to the schomos in Sector 12 G. You're gonna have to lie about it!
    President of Mexico: No, no es mi problema, tú hinchado naranja hombre-bebé.
    [Trump hangs up]
    Trump: Well people are saying I'm the best at phoning - people - fine people say that thing.
    [Rings up Prime Minister of Australia]
    Trump: Waaaa! I can't sell the idea of taking immigrants to the schlubs in Sector 12 G. I'm supposed to be the most excellent at KEEPING THEM OUT. How'm I gonna tell those low-energy, drug-addled, very bad people, who voted for me, that?!?
    PM of Australia: (under his breath) Ever hear of John Howard, you bloated, orange, man-baby? (At full voice) You could always -- just lie to them!

  • Hoodoo Man
    Hoodoo Man 9 days ago

    Why bother with a wall when a door is much cheaper?

  • Nallely Zavala
    Nallely Zavala 10 days ago

    I'm still going to vote "No Trump" and no US products in mexican territory but, you guys are so funny that I have to like.

  • Talha Tariq
    Talha Tariq 15 days ago +1

    Did he seriously say "why is this so important? I do not understand." To the migrant crisis?

  • leli yum
    leli yum 16 days ago

    When does an empire collapse?When they choose a fool as a leader.your time is up America.....

  • Dulles Perez
    Dulles Perez 17 days ago


  • Dulles Perez
    Dulles Perez 17 days ago

    This orange clown is embarrasing

  • Dulles Perez
    Dulles Perez 17 days ago


  • Dulles Perez
    Dulles Perez 17 days ago

    Im glad.this came out.that guy is a slime

  • AvoiceInTheDark
    AvoiceInTheDark 17 days ago

    we are so lucky to get him as our president..
    and something is telling me that we will be even luckier..
    and have him for a second term..
    America has been sipping on NyQuil..and now thinks she's sleeping beauty..

    • AvoiceInTheDark
      AvoiceInTheDark 16 days ago

      ​@Poke Emblem not difficult to figure out, but i will spell it out for you.
      this video is from 2017.
      and this >we are so lucky to get him (trump)as our president<
      is 2019 sarcasm.
      this >and something is telling me that we will be even luckier.. and have him for a second term.< is definitely NOT wishful thinking.
      as to this>America has been sipping on NyQuil..and now thinks she's sleeping beauty< that is a WAKE UP CALL for america, time to STOP
      SLEEPING ON THE JOB as there's NO charming prince coming to kiss her and make EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL AGAIN.
      is time for america to WAKE UP and figure out how to solve the imminent disaster coming our way.
      How's that?

    • Poke Emblem
      Poke Emblem 17 days ago

      WTF are you going on about?

  • Forrest Yerman
    Forrest Yerman 18 days ago

    Boom boom time! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Razamanaz
    Razamanaz 18 days ago

    Please do a rerun on this, and the transcripts... This is still important, 🤔 - actually more than ever, after all the shit the crook contiues to do⚖️🇺🇸

  • Um Yes
    Um Yes 24 days ago

    Wow, very interesting now that it is May 2019.

  • John bullock
    John bullock 28 days ago

    We all wish

  • *Wonka*
    *Wonka* Month ago


  • Drahcir Senryb
    Drahcir Senryb Month ago

    Don't get into the business of impressions because you're not good at it Stephen.

  • Anthony D
    Anthony D Month ago

    I think a piece of his right ear somehow got lodged into this moron's brain.

  • Anthony D
    Anthony D Month ago +1

    2 years and $35 Million dollars (and lies) later, Mueller found NO evidence of collusion. That's
    zero, zilch, nada, nothing, niente ( Italian), and for you Chinese citizens, its

    • Kim Hoffmann Andersen
      Kim Hoffmann Andersen Month ago

      But a lot of people still went to jail. Tax fraud etc. That's a good thing, right?

  • Barb Thornell
    Barb Thornell Month ago

    Trump doesn't know the meaning of fear...and most other words.

  • BREEZYT Moonornoon
    BREEZYT Moonornoon Month ago

    Putin was so easy, I just had to pick up the phone, I didn’t even have to dial, he was already listening💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  • NASACrooks
    NASACrooks Month ago

    Not the fucking milk people, again!

  • morgan green
    morgan green Month ago

    What you talking about Willis...

  • Ret1173
    Ret1173 Month ago

    The fact that so many of you are getting your political news from a comedian is evidence enough not to take any of your "opinions" seriously. Get ready to cry and scream at the sky again in 2020.

  • Depcom
    Depcom Month ago

    LMAO! Stephen Colbert, a true American Hero for bring humorous truth to the masses about the lying cowardly crook known as Donald Trump.

  • Michael Pondo
    Michael Pondo 2 months ago

    Trump left town to golf and gained another. Fifty pounds.

  • Elba Chu
    Elba Chu 2 months ago

    I wouldn’t be surprised big trump said
    “ I’ll give you the money for the wall just act like you are paying for the wall”

  • Debbie Trudeau
    Debbie Trudeau 2 months ago

    I tell ya....I love going back to watch these older videos to remind me of a time when we still had the feeling of shock whenever the idiot in chief told a lie or made himself look like a moron. Today none of us are as shocked or surprised. Just look at Stephen in this one...still looks and sounds shocked! Now? we all just roll our eyes thinking "huh another whopper" and "can you believe this guy? Does he KNOW what he's doing"? This is what is donnie you useless sap

  • chippledon1
    chippledon1 2 months ago +2

    Dear president Trump, thank you so much for driving all of the liberals in this comment section crazy. It would be an understatement to say that reading these posts is fun. Btw, Stephen Colbert needs to get a life. MAGA!!!

  • Anthony D
    Anthony D 2 months ago

    How anyone watch this guy is amazing. Hes been wrong, and hes really not funny.

    • Anthony D
      Anthony D Month ago

      Good Point Honey, but I am smart enough to at least try to listen to both sides, are you? Remember 2 years of fake investigations, based on a fake FISA warrant, and nothing. Remember that. Democrats are about to be put away, stay tuned, my dear. 4 more years!! MAGA.

    • Honey
      Honey Month ago

      Anthony D yet you’re watching his video LOL

  • Sniper 2000
    Sniper 2000 2 months ago

    I really want to know what Aussies think of it.

  • spaghetti
    spaghetti 2 months ago

    6:41 Lmao, you can hear him almost call out Neutral Milk Hotel

    ANNIE MARTINEZ 2 months ago


  • William schlenger
    William schlenger 2 months ago

    Trump is a moron.He has no knowledge &cant form sentences. 🤡

  • Paper St.
    Paper St. 2 months ago

    Oh, just, Fak.

  • cmacdhon
    cmacdhon 2 months ago +1

    Which Mexico is referring to? According to Faux News, there are three Mexican countries.

    • Foot L Johnson
      Foot L Johnson 2 months ago

      You must have failed history and geology.

  • Rey Marion Cabag
    Rey Marion Cabag 2 months ago

    This man has a good education but does nothing to give in return to his country..instead..he showers his motherland with poisons and negativity..

  • Rey Marion Cabag
    Rey Marion Cabag 2 months ago

    This man should be put beside an that he will understand how important to have a country and a home ...respect your president...respect your country..its where you breath your oxygen

    • Foot L Johnson
      Foot L Johnson 2 months ago

      lol dude, people who watch these late night television shows and allow themselves too be brainwashed don't even have respect for themselves, you can't expect them too have respect for anyone else.

  • Rey Marion Cabag
    Rey Marion Cabag 2 months ago

    Respect your president..if you go to another one will care about you...

  • Freedom ForAll!
    Freedom ForAll! 2 months ago

    I would rather the country fail than to see this man succeed. If I was dumb enough to believe in the devil I would pray they go.

  • J W
    J W 2 months ago

    April 2019

  • J W
    J W 2 months ago


  • Richard Berriman
    Richard Berriman 2 months ago

    LMAO! Colbert on Trump is comedy gold

  • FordFalcon1962nBlue
    FordFalcon1962nBlue 2 months ago

    trump supporter logic- ' fake news, trump is doing everything right ' ..5 minutes later....' trump is booming our economy !!! ( using the same media to tout that theory ) LOL trump supporters = uneducated suckers

    • Foot L Johnson
      Foot L Johnson 2 months ago

      Hows that Russian collusion lie working out for you?

  • Maureen Wagg
    Maureen Wagg 2 months ago +1

    Lol " What chew talkin' ' bout Willis?" Roflmao

  • Nysi Tay
    Nysi Tay 2 months ago

    Maybe he meant white folks

  • ruberto 22
    ruberto 22 2 months ago

    El asesinato de Kennedy sigue siendo un misterio, Trump revelar los archivos

    STOP STOP 2 months ago

    Donald: "We are both in a political BIND. I have to have Mexico pay for the wall. I have to. Because I PROMISED my STUPID supporters while talking out of my ass & they actually took me serious." 😂🤣 "I'm just an orange clown."

    • Foot L Johnson
      Foot L Johnson 2 months ago

      Actually it's people like you who are stupid because you don't understand economics. Mexico depends on the USA, the USA does not depend on Mexico. We can simply force them too pay for the wall through trade. Trump is an asshole but he's not wrong, Mexico WILL pay for the wall, whether they want too or not. We will simply stop importing their goods, and raise the prices on what we export, which will collapse their pathetic economy. It's actually very simple. They need us, we don't need them. Trump holds all the cards. Mexico's economy is a joke, they absolutely depend on the USA, we will just cut them off and/or raise prices on them and use that too fund the wall. It's not complicated, they will pay for the wall one way or another, they have no choice. You can hate Trump all you want, but he's not wrong. Mexico will be paying for the wall. The USA can simply use economic bully tactics and force them into it, like I said Mexicos economy is a joke.

  • U.C.R. Founder
    U.C.R. Founder 2 months ago

    We did not interfere in the elections! Stupid americans.

  • U.C.R. Founder
    U.C.R. Founder 2 months ago

    Funny, but no more making fun of Putin. He is a great leader, and does not deserve this.

    • Foot L Johnson
      Foot L Johnson 2 months ago

      I like Russians but your electoral system is a joke, you don't change leaders, just one guy who runs the show forever until he dies, that's why you fail. What happens when putin gets old? Are you going too let a senile old man run your country? That's what happened before remember???????????????????

  • arthur taylor
    arthur taylor 2 months ago +1

    The end of the Trump administration will be over in 2024. So go sit in you're safe space until then and stay out of the way.

  • Kenar bia
    Kenar bia 2 months ago


  • J
    J 2 months ago

    Colbert, you are not funny and anyone laughing at him doesn't understand ANYTHING. Trump is one of the most brilliant presidents the US has ever had. I suggest turning off people like Colbert and any MSM outlet (deep state tool). Wake up America! What Trump is doing is one the most brilliantly played chess games ever. Scratch below the surface, something Colbert is unable to do.
    #maga ...the real side of tolerance!

    • Honey
      Honey Month ago

      J LMAO ok

  • Depcom
    Depcom 3 months ago

    Trumps motto : SEMPER A MENDAX!

  • Anthony D
    Anthony D 3 months ago

    Its funny , this one-eared wonder talks about the "end of the T administration..."
    The fake investigation failed miserably. The country is doing better than it has in a long time.
    What is he babbling about.
    See you in 2020 Steven.

  • Alexander VII
    Alexander VII 3 months ago

    Its in his imagination when he thinks Mexico paying for wall like child begging their family for having something from them

    • Foot L Johnson
      Foot L Johnson 2 months ago

      Not really, you just don't understand economics. We kill Mexico on trade. If they refuse too pay for the wall we will just take it out of their pockets. Raise prices on imports, and raise prices on exports. It will destroy their economy, they need us, we don't need them. We can simply murder them on trade until they realize how stupid they are and pay for the wall. Mexico's economy is weak, their government is ran by the drug cartels, who are already in the back pocket of the USA. It wouldn't be hard too bully them. Trump might be an asshole but he's not wrong.

  • Cheryl Kallman
    Cheryl Kallman 3 months ago +1

    How can anyone watch this moron... DDDD. DAINTY DONNIE DUMB DIGITS and not see how insane he is?

  • toney ingram
    toney ingram 3 months ago

    Trump always been a weak bootlicker and a damn fool

  • Anthony D
    Anthony D 3 months ago

    Actually Brother Indy, its the 8 stages of TDS ( Trump Derangement Syndrome):
    1. Fabricate some BS sexual harassment that happened 35 years ago totally out of context.
    2. Fabricate and convict Trump ( in your head ) of Russian Collusion before any investigation.
    3. Fabricate Hillary's innocence and have the FBI write her exoneration before any investigation
    4. Fabricate how racist Trump is, when unemployment for minorities is way, way down.
    5. Fabricate how the wall is immoral, when in fact, Obama deported more illegals than any other President in US History.
    6. Fabricate how the government was shut down because of Trump, when in fact POTUS offered a number of concessions for DACA, etc. which the Pelosi and Chucky would not accept and kept the government shut down.
    7. Fabricate how racist the wall is, when in fact Democrats wanted one built in 2013.
    8. When your Russian Collusion "investigation' fails, fabricate another 'investigation' into Trump's finances. uh-huhh…

    I wonder what the common denominator is.... damn, its here somewhere....

  • Anthony D
    Anthony D 3 months ago

    Its really funny, every thing Colbert says is a fabrication. Cheap laughs all the way.

  • Yannick von Grabowiecki

    This has to resurface right now!

  • Tony Cantu
    Tony Cantu 3 months ago


  • Tony Cantu
    Tony Cantu 3 months ago


  • Endless Void Studios
    Endless Void Studios 3 months ago

    MAGA-FR make america great again ....For Russia ! XD

  • shikudi hidarunowata
    shikudi hidarunowata 3 months ago

    trump is so dumb your need a imaginary number to describe their IQ i'd say 420i 420 bc all the weed they've been smoking

  • Janel Myrick
    Janel Myrick 3 months ago

    Are u ever going to come up with something that's intelligent.Never watch u now I know why

  • Azwan Hasan
    Azwan Hasan 3 months ago

    I'm just fan you

  • Ivo Granata
    Ivo Granata 4 months ago

    Not for nothing but you look like a psycho scary clown, just saying...

  • Iraq Lobsta!! 45
    Iraq Lobsta!! 45 4 months ago

    Wow more lies from Colbert. None of what he said was proven

  • Lindsay Barmer
    Lindsay Barmer 4 months ago

    Hi Friends I got #free #Paypal #Gift #Codes on this website

  • Criminal Trump
    Criminal Trump 4 months ago

    My Profile picture says it all

  • Pedro Perez
    Pedro Perez 4 months ago

    Donald jerk off lied bought the presidency lier backstabber corrupted daca children crossdresser wife illegals

  • Raven Hawk
    Raven Hawk 4 months ago

    Another idiot on TV

  • AmericanDog PetGrooming
    AmericanDog PetGrooming 4 months ago +1

    45 was using milk people as a metaphor for whites

  • Iris Rothstein
    Iris Rothstein 4 months ago


  • AquaticBoardwalkEngineer
    AquaticBoardwalkEngineer 4 months ago +1

    it is easy to see how uneducated morons can support Trump. As I type it is 2/1/2019 and Trump still has f'n morons backing him. sad

  • Lisa Foster
    Lisa Foster 4 months ago

    Stephen Colbert just recently started watching your videos....still laughing 😂....The part where you read the tweets!!!!!! Priceless.... #Makeamericafunnyagain

  • Christopher Michael
    Christopher Michael 4 months ago


  • Atticus Finch
    Atticus Finch 4 months ago

    The only prick fuck in the Trump bashing Cornholebert show is poopstain clinton's jester Cornholebert.

  • Zeus 1455
    Zeus 1455 4 months ago

    I still can't decide if Trump actually believes he's as respected as he portrays, or if he's just insane. The longer y'all keep letting this man speak the harder it will be for your country to redeem itself

  • Page Miles
    Page Miles 4 months ago

    let's face it America is finished.anybody from out the gutter can run it so long as you have money.after all money is their God.having intellect don't count

  • Alfredo Castañera
    Alfredo Castañera 4 months ago

    Trump made America a laughing matter to the rest of the world, we are a joke to all of them

  • MoeMoni *Moe-MoeNee*
    MoeMoni *Moe-MoeNee* 4 months ago

    omg!! Trump said in 2017 "the wall isn't important!!!" Colbert needs to revisit this!!!!

  • E W
    E W 4 months ago

    4/4/2017 "The end of the Trump administration?" It is now 1/31/2019 and the Trump administration is still holding on.

  • Al Garnier
    Al Garnier 4 months ago

    The milk people are the racist white nationalist! Who else?👻

  • Jim Menard
    Jim Menard 4 months ago

    Nobody had to BEG you to LIE your JUST A DAM LIAR Spewing bullshit out of your mouth and u have nothing else to talk about do U ASSHOLE.u will learn the hard way because u IDIOT LIAR Messed with the Wrong President.ITS COMING FOR YOU.RUNenjoy the show FAKE NEWS LIAR THE TRUE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE SOON TO BE NO MORE.

  • Deena Gotti
    Deena Gotti 4 months ago


  • Deena Gotti
    Deena Gotti 4 months ago


  • Deena Gotti
    Deena Gotti 4 months ago


  • Bryan Wellington
    Bryan Wellington 4 months ago

    Watching this in 2019!! 🤣

    BIGBADWOOD 4 months ago

    Trump A$$ Clown !

  • Matthew Ducote
    Matthew Ducote 4 months ago

    I think Jon Batiste was referring to Neutral Milk Hotel lol

  • Clem Buck
    Clem Buck 4 months ago

    Steve its getting old..
    Can you do some new material..
    The Trump thing really sucks nite after nite.

  • Jade K
    Jade K 4 months ago

    Someone needs to stop the sidekick from randomly singing after jokes all the time

  • Gordon Milliord
    Gordon Milliord 4 months ago

    Mr. Colbert if you hate Americans so much and their patriotic principles then you should move far away

  • Healing Dog
    Healing Dog 4 months ago

    Now that we are into a month long gov shut down, all Trump groupies should look at this again?

  • Vannic Wolf
    Vannic Wolf 4 months ago

    I love that Stephens sounds effects from piano are more timely now. I wish he could get a few different sounds though! He acts out gestures enough :)

  • F Martinez
    F Martinez 4 months ago

    Worrying about border security? Security hasn’t been worse never before, than with the longest government shutdown that he provoked. Crying because the State of the Union was postponed until the government re-opens? Good, there are a lot of American families, including people that voted for him, that don’t have any food o ways to pay for basic spences, he has nothing to worry about as he has a BIG bank account.
    Meanwhile, personnel of security is not working for lack of payment compromising Americans lives. The FBI doesn’t have the funds for Russia- Trump’s related investigations? Interesting! For someone that has a cloud over his shoulders, of doing business with Russia, it is not surprising to shut down our government, to create chaos and to put national security at risk.
    What will happens if we get invaded by Russia right now in the middle of this chaos? It's time to wake up!

  • We The People
    We The People 4 months ago

    My country trained me and many others to become lethal weapons, we still have those skills. Time is coming to start cleaning up the Country from people like Cortez, if we leave it too long these rats have a habit of building nests, then they are difficult to get out. The rot must stop now. We learnt a lot in the Middle East of how to get rid of rats like ISIS, Taliban and others. Cortez and Pelosi will be a push over in counter espionage, Socialist can’t be allowed to spread their indoctrination in America. Fidel Castro was a stones throw from America and we put up with it, no way Cortez, another Socialist Communist is going to stir trouble on American soil, Patriots will not allow it to happen, we swore an Oath to defend the country from all enemy’s, from within and from overseas, that oath still holds true today, we got Trumps back front and sides, MAGA. Just how many trained fighting personnel do you think are back on American soil, your worst nightmare is in America now, at most we can clean the place up in 30 days.