Teaching My Brother How To Balayage Through Only An Earpiece

  • Published on Aug 22, 2019
  • Hi Beautiful! I HIGHLY underestimated how hard this would be. Describing to someone how to do hair without actually showing them was nearly impossible. But the result ended up somehow not being half bad?
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  • Electra ́s Tarot
    Electra ́s Tarot 6 hours ago


  • the rose
    the rose 9 hours ago

    i want to be eric right

  • Donnamarie Delana
    Donnamarie Delana 13 hours ago

    He’s doing great so far 👍🤗

  • Donnamarie Delana
    Donnamarie Delana 13 hours ago

    He’s doing great so far 👍🤗

  • Kili Bons
    Kili Bons 13 hours ago

    Eric: She would not shake my hand. XD i'm dead.

  • Sugawara Koushi
    Sugawara Koushi 16 hours ago

    The moment they started, I knew-poor MannyQuinn

  • Arielle C
    Arielle C 22 hours ago +1

    Ok between all the stroking and scissoring going on, there are waaay too many opportunities to say "Giggity" in this video LMAO i love it!

  • Mazzy G
    Mazzy G Day ago

    Y’all are like ridiculously attractive thank you

  • Jessie Thompson
    Jessie Thompson Day ago

    Me too wat the heck

  • LaShQuin Beauty
    LaShQuin Beauty Day ago

    Next time tell hi. To hold the pieces in a triangle. Tell him to paint a V or W on the triangle from top to bottom. Tha might've worked out a lil bit better for Eric. This was pretty fun and fresh tho. Loved it. Hahaha

  • Nicole KittyKat
    Nicole KittyKat Day ago


  • Tatum Buchanan
    Tatum Buchanan Day ago

    we love eric

  • Antionette Chico
    Antionette Chico 2 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣 I love watching this channel

  • Heather Boothe
    Heather Boothe 2 days ago

    I died laughing when he said I have a blow dry at 2:30. 😂😂

  • Punnier Than You
    Punnier Than You 3 days ago +1

    5:53 is so cute

  • The qyeen Of YEETS
    The qyeen Of YEETS 3 days ago

    What the hell do you mean she’s dead

  • Missa Rey Belle
    Missa Rey Belle 3 days ago

    This is Soo good! I wanna say it's my new favorite, right up there with the Joana Cedda one's!

  • Missa Rey Belle
    Missa Rey Belle 3 days ago

    8:09 are we sure we wanna do this
    Now I'm going to the bottom of the hair and making sure it has plenty of shit on it

  • Tammie Lovitt-Powers
    Tammie Lovitt-Powers 3 days ago +1

    Eric reminds me so much of Shawn from Boy Meets World. This video was so much fun. The outcome looked great.

  • Naadiya Bhoyroo
    Naadiya Bhoyroo 3 days ago

    are they twins???

  • Shaela Fleig
    Shaela Fleig 3 days ago

    Omg this is such a great video - as a cosmo I’m screaming at the screen at Eric 😂😂 - I could not do this challenge...great job hotties, omg Eric, that’s waaaay too much lightener aahhhhh!!!! Ok gonna try to breathe

  • LilR R
    LilR R 4 days ago

    Both look gay

  • Jack Cope
    Jack Cope 4 days ago

    I mean.. Eric is a delight

  • Carmyna
    Carmyna 4 days ago

    Brad sounds like James Charles

  • ThePathicGirl2
    ThePathicGirl2 4 days ago

    is your brother also gay

  • Hell's Kitchen Kritter and Friends

    He was so happy at the end

  • Cecilia RoseHill
    Cecilia RoseHill 4 days ago

    Eric out here looking like a snack...

  • N G
    N G 5 days ago

    Are they brothers or twins?

  • It’s Me
    It’s Me 5 days ago +1

    They’re so identical yet look different

  • Alicia W
    Alicia W 5 days ago

    You need to do a reaction video to Eric listening to your directions and what he actually does!

  • Kaitlyn Stawasz
    Kaitlyn Stawasz 5 days ago

    Color not dye
    Lightener not bleach
    Shampoo not wash
    I know the struggle I get yelled at by my teacher all the time 😭😭😂😂

  • Cassandra Fowler
    Cassandra Fowler 5 days ago

    They are so cute! He did well foils, streaks, bayalage isnt the easiest. Anytime you arent going in with just one colour it gets complicated

  • Kbug Kbug
    Kbug Kbug 5 days ago

    Ok so who else wants to see more videos like this

  • mysti capris
    mysti capris 6 days ago

    Eric’s laugh gives me life! ❤️ I liked the color without the toner tho!

  • Bella Noche
    Bella Noche 6 days ago

    Mondo y Mondo

  • Love potion gone wrong

    This was amazing but where was the rose gold color, I swear that was tangerine to me?

  • Sofia Olave
    Sofia Olave 6 days ago

    what about the scarfing

  • Gacha Maddie
    Gacha Maddie 6 days ago +2

    My mom is lightening my hair rn and she started at the roots I tried to tell her that they lighten faster and not to start there. She basically told me I know nothing and to be quite. I'm scared to see how it turns out. .-.
    Update: hair color is ugly now I have to wait until tomorrow to get it fixed. Thanks a lot mom!

  • ladyblazette
    ladyblazette 6 days ago

    I had no clue they grew up in a salon 💇 makes so much sense!

  • Alice In Wonderland
    Alice In Wonderland 6 days ago

    Ik they are twins but omg how can they both be so hot

  • Emma Noelle Kern
    Emma Noelle Kern 7 days ago

    Are they twins?💀💀

  • Brianna Hatcher
    Brianna Hatcher 7 days ago

    Hmmm the back looks AMAZING.. I need this

  • Derpy Victuuri
    Derpy Victuuri 7 days ago +3

    Oh my LoRD Eric is the most precious person. I love his giggles when Brad was complimenting how well he did and he’s just so bubbly! He seems like such a fun, happy person. Best sibling duo, like-

  • Shiyah Chanel
    Shiyah Chanel 7 days ago

    Brad: I’m very excited to see it
    Eric: mE ToO😂🥴

  • Lieve Duff
    Lieve Duff 7 days ago +1

    Brad: (actually surprised) Look at this!!!
    Eric: laughs and claps
    Brad: do you like doing hair?????
    Eric: ....... no

  • Beautiifybyiisa
    Beautiifybyiisa 7 days ago

    Are you twins

  • Lawrence O
    Lawrence O 8 days ago +4

    I want to watch a Netflix series based on their lives growing up in a salon. I can imagine all the crazy stuff they did when they weren't being supervised

  • steph
    steph 8 days ago +5

    I wish we could have seen Brad reacting to the footage lmaooo

  • Denisee Guzman
    Denisee Guzman 8 days ago

    Eric tho🤤🔥🔥

  • Christina Obert
    Christina Obert 8 days ago

    Omg I died laughing with the application of the toner!!

  • Gelly Rae
    Gelly Rae 8 days ago

    I love you guys!🥰 bro love

  • cami rua
    cami rua 8 days ago


  • jovita alvarez
    jovita alvarez 8 days ago

    Can you PLEASE react to this video!!! I would love it!!! 🖤🖤🖤🖤 hello from Houston Tx btw

  • georgia leybourne
    georgia leybourne 8 days ago

    Absolutely love these two together😂 makes my day

  • Jess Gunder
    Jess Gunder 8 days ago

    Haha haha oh my god I was dying when brad was looking at it after and Eric was jumping up and down super excited and banged his head on the top😂😂😂

  • Smilin Prophet
    Smilin Prophet 9 days ago

    Éric was so excited

  • BabyK18316
    BabyK18316 9 days ago

    Whisk it tah-getherrr 😁

  • Chris Lange
    Chris Lange 9 days ago

    I love how he was so happy in the end

  • Alicia Martinez
    Alicia Martinez 9 days ago

    I wish I had as much energy as Erik

  • Jordan Tamah
    Jordan Tamah 9 days ago

    Are they twins