Andy Makes Thanksgiving Turkey | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Nov 5, 2018
  • Cooking a perfect, crowd-pleasing turkey on Thanksgiving can be a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. The Test Kitchen's Andy Baraghani is here to how you how to make a simple and traditional Thanksgiving turkey.
    Check out the recipe here:

    Captured on Google Pixel 3

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    Andy Makes Thanksgiving Turkey | From the Test Kitchen | Bon Appétit
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  • oof
    oof 4 days ago

    Yo don’t do Andy dirty like that with the low quality camera

  • Tv Land
    Tv Land 4 days ago

    Those arms omg Andy I have a crush on you 😍

  • nello
    nello 5 days ago

    anybody else wishing they were that chicken when he was oiling it up, mmmm Andy

  • Kayleigh Joyce
    Kayleigh Joyce 21 day ago

    Your oven needs cleaning! Use Astonish Oven & Grill amazing stuff! Also please do some british recipes not many US youtubers dare to even try UK recipes :(

  • DMC
    DMC 23 days ago

    after seeing that prep, i’ve never wanted to be a turkey more in my life

  • Marshmello fan 2010
    Marshmello fan 2010 Month ago +1

    Is that really Andy

  • Tech Sam
    Tech Sam Month ago

    RIP that oven door...

  • Dominic Lamirande
    Dominic Lamirande Month ago

    I am obsessed with his arms.

  • Vincent Chrepta
    Vincent Chrepta Month ago

    Anybody else wish they were the turkey he was buttering?

  • Shogun
    Shogun Month ago

    I get the feeling that Andy is totally gay, and I love it.

  • 張耀龍
    張耀龍 Month ago

    Was he wearing Balenciaga shoes in the kitchen...

  • Rick Philip
    Rick Philip Month ago

    I am curious to try making a turkey roast. Also, Andy is hot. 😏

  • Jennica Sevilla
    Jennica Sevilla 2 months ago

    He is boring

  • Vansh Aggarwal
    Vansh Aggarwal 2 months ago

    01:43 Looks like a giant headless frog ! 😂😂😂

  • Benjamin Robinson
    Benjamin Robinson 2 months ago

    So hot

    GIL GIL 2 months ago

    I want Andy to massage my breast with butter.

  • Caetano Augusto
    Caetano Augusto 3 months ago

    Pq tá to 3 tipos de???

  • adamchayce
    adamchayce 3 months ago

    This was my first turkey I ever made and it turned out great!

  • Lucas Lima
    Lucas Lima 3 months ago +1

    Mohamad tira da sua playlist!!! 😂

  • :: SBK ::
    :: SBK :: 3 months ago

    I'm Indian so anything tandoori for me is traditional !! 😂😜🌈🤘🏽🙈

  • Viet Nguyen
    Viet Nguyen 3 months ago

    Alot of glazing...

  • Daniel Buys
    Daniel Buys 3 months ago

    Thanks Andy! Turkey was a success 👍

  • Runna 7
    Runna 7 3 months ago

    Use a Sony camcorder to record the video the Sony camcorder had the best quality almost like imax

  • Phil Mochel
    Phil Mochel 3 months ago +3

    The comments:
    “This turkey was great!”
    “Ew pixel?”
    And people wet for Andy

  • VintageVoid
    VintageVoid 3 months ago

    “Andy” lol you’re from Iran

  • BreadandButter
    BreadandButter 3 months ago

    sexual turkey video

  • Julia Jacques
    Julia Jacques 3 months ago

    Looks delicious!! Making for Christmas. I love his banter I want to hang out with him!

  • etcetra etcetra
    etcetra etcetra 4 months ago

    Andy with the plastic surgery lips....yummy.
    Same goes for the turkey....

  • Miranda Heaney
    Miranda Heaney 4 months ago

    I usually hate turkey, but I made this recipe today (as a late thanksgiving redo) and it was delicious. I think next time I would do a lower temp to start as the skin got a bit burnt in the first half hour, and then a higher temp for cooking the rest, as some of the underside wasn’t done. But the dry brine and glaze will definitely be used every year from now on 🤤🤤

  • Daniel Spalding
    Daniel Spalding 4 months ago

    Gonna have to put a dislike on this one.
    Google pixel didn't do anything justice & we didn't see the bird carved up. This would give a good indication as to how juicy the meat was post cooking.

  • Nightshade Kelly
    Nightshade Kelly 4 months ago

    Where the frick is the stuffing in the turkey

  • Sri Moonshine
    Sri Moonshine 4 months ago

    Andy is my favorite. Trying to figure out who he was rolling his eyes at. I think it was Carla. Shade!

  • GodSpeed
    GodSpeed 4 months ago

    I quit watching after he glorified Kylie Jenner.

  • Joseph Guasco
    Joseph Guasco 4 months ago

    I don't understand all the hate the Google Pixel 3 is getting. Considering it's a CELL PHONE shooting this video rather than a $$$ DSLR camera, this is phenomenal quality.

  • Flora Lyons
    Flora Lyons 4 months ago

    That’s a fine looking turkey 😋😊😊

  • Monica Tool
    Monica Tool 4 months ago

    I love hearing all of the different timers going off in the background.

  • Josh Hicks
    Josh Hicks 4 months ago

    Coming back to this video to say that I made this turkey for my friendsgiving and it was amazing
    Thanks Andy! :)(:

  • chinmay pande
    chinmay pande 4 months ago

    His presentation not so much

  • Zen Yorkfield
    Zen Yorkfield 4 months ago

    This is only taken on a Pixel phone?!

  • ansari shoheb
    ansari shoheb 4 months ago

    Andy so hot that it makes me thirsty 😍🤪🤤

  • d hamby
    d hamby 4 months ago

    I love that cutting board. Where can I get one.

  • YoungSandwichM&M MC
    YoungSandwichM&M MC 4 months ago

    Andy is so sassy.

  • Kevin Fandino
    Kevin Fandino 4 months ago

    not sure if i like this way the video was taken Andy isn’t as charming in 4K

  • Joe M
    Joe M 4 months ago

    The tongs were up the turkeys neck. His butt is the cavity. Just saying.

    • Joe M
      Joe M 4 months ago

      Or should i say down the turkeys neck.

  • Joseph Liang
    Joseph Liang 4 months ago

    I tried your recipe last week, it turned out great,

  • AwAkE FoR TwO WeEkS
    AwAkE FoR TwO WeEkS 4 months ago

    I am Turkish and I am offendened by this.

  • Mr Humpty
    Mr Humpty 4 months ago

    Made two 24lb Turkey's with Andy's recipe for Thanksgiving. They were amazing. Everybody should use this method.

  • Knomad
    Knomad 4 months ago

    Tried this recipe out and it was amazing. That glaze is to die for and it went really well with my apple cider gravy.

  • whoopiedoo
    whoopiedoo 4 months ago

    He's weak. Not very entertaining.

  • 04 Vet
    04 Vet 4 months ago

    Don't pull at 150... pull at 160... my 16lb was pink in area's.. 150 a joke and I let stand 45 minutes.

  • Your Girl From Worcester

    Marry me Andy.

  • csquared
    csquared 4 months ago

    Molly makes me roll my eyes like that too. 🙄

  • Ching Per
    Ching Per 4 months ago

    Anybody know if the potato peeler lady is still in Union squeeeah?

  • Kara Doles
    Kara Doles 4 months ago

    this is also amazing on a whole chicken!

  • Brenda Hor
    Brenda Hor 4 months ago

    Did you do anything to the turkey after the brine? Do you have to wash it off?

    • Chelsea Keene
      Chelsea Keene 4 months ago +1

      Brenda Hor I made this recipe for Thanksgiving this year and I didn't wash it off. Just made sure that the turkey wasn't resting in the juices so the skin could dry a bit everywhere then moved it to a clean pan with new foil.

  • Austin Leih
    Austin Leih 4 months ago

    Damn, that Google Pixel footage is nauseating.

  • Patrick Castillo
    Patrick Castillo 4 months ago

    I’d like to see his bird....and what dem lips do. This mothaf*cka is beautiful.

  • Ruth Salinas
    Ruth Salinas 4 months ago

    It’s beautifully brown but is it juicy??

  • Candis Carnegie
    Candis Carnegie 4 months ago

    I cannot believe how arrogant, I mean confident, Andy is about cooking this turkey. He made it look so easy. Curious how the breast meat turned out. Was it juicy and delicious? I would want my turkey seasoned with herbs and spices verses sweet. Not sure how to make that happen.

    • Melissa Quezada
      Melissa Quezada 4 months ago

      Candis Carnegie I followed this recipe for Thanksgiving. I thought it was really good, nice and juicy. Everyone loved it so much that we didn't have any leftovers. I recommend trying it out

  • Joshua Mullin
    Joshua Mullin 4 months ago

    Turkey was a big hit at my Thanksgiving dinner last night. I had to cook two turkeys. I started the larger one in the oven and then transferred it to a roaster after the first 30 minute browning phase. Did the second turkey in the oven entirely. My grandpa said "I haven't had a moist turkey in years. That was great." It really was, though the dark meat on one bird was definitely not fully cooked, we had enough moist white meat and the dark meat from the other bird to compensate.

  • Rebecca Nathalie
    Rebecca Nathalie 4 months ago

    He reminds me of twaimz

  • MauiWowieOwie
    MauiWowieOwie 4 months ago

    I'm doing this next year. My turkey is fantastic as well, but I never get proper browning like this one.

  • Cristina R
    Cristina R 4 months ago

    I saw that thigh bone. That turkey did not finish cooking

  • TomCook1993
    TomCook1993 4 months ago

    I made this turkey for thanksgiving this year and it was the juiciest turkey I’ve ever made. Only exception to the recipe I did was; I didn’t have a roasting tray that holds the turkey out of the juices so I sliced 2 oranges in half and put them under the turkey to hold it out of the juices

  • Francis Draco
    Francis Draco 4 months ago

    The tongs were in the turkey’s neck not in its butt chef.

  • bluetsunami
    bluetsunami 4 months ago +12

    Ended up making this. It got rave reviews from everyone. When cooked properly (taken out at 150° and left to rest for an hour) its extremely tender. The glaze is very fragrant and strong when cooking but mellows to a wonderful sweetness on the turkey and doesn't get in the way of the natural flavor. Definitely a keeper.

  • Courtney Rogers
    Courtney Rogers 4 months ago +2

    I hosted Thanksgiving at my house for the first time yesterday and had to make my first ever turkey. I followed this recipe and it came out delicious!!! It was so flavorful and juicy. Thank you so much for making this video. It really really helped me this year.

  • Rachael Cease
    Rachael Cease 4 months ago +37

    I made this turkey yesterday and my husband was like, "This is the best turkey I have ever had!" Thank you Andy! 😎

  • gregclun
    gregclun 4 months ago

    This is possibly the worst ever video from BA... Shame for such a great recipe

  • Nekol Alexander
    Nekol Alexander 4 months ago +1

    I made this yesterday and it was great!

  • E Huremovic
    E Huremovic 4 months ago

    That apron is trippy at times!

  • Justin Garza
    Justin Garza 4 months ago

    wheres brad

  • Corrie Reeves
    Corrie Reeves 4 months ago

    It’s an amazing recipe. Thank you . It is my new go to

  • Giovanni Serrato
    Giovanni Serrato 4 months ago +1

    Great recipe! Family loved it! Thanks

  • CynPire
    CynPire 4 months ago +60

    Today my sister and I made this recipe for our thanksgiving turkey and it was honestly delicious. Our turkey was larger at 17lbs but we just ended up adding extra ingredients as far as the basting sauce went. We also added some lemon peels as well. The skin was dark and crispy and I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it tasted, I was woried the flavors wouldnt come through but they really did and all of my family enjoyed it. We'll most likely be doing this turkey again next year, so thank you Andy for the delicious recipe share!

  • Monica Ortega
    Monica Ortega 4 months ago

    I tried this turkey guys!!! It was so juicy so good I’m never going back

  • Emma Hassall
    Emma Hassall 4 months ago

    Just made this today for thanksgiving and everyone swore it was the best turkey they’ve ever had.

  • blasphamie
    blasphamie 4 months ago

    Thanks - the turkey turned out great

  • Paul Tinney-Herbst
    Paul Tinney-Herbst 4 months ago

    Omg the best way to cook a turkey. I wish I took pics of my recreation today 😩😩 it was perfect. Thank you Andy 😘😘😘 you are super sexy and talented

  • JNation
    JNation 4 months ago

    The cook time did not work for my less than 12lb turkey

  • Michietastic
    Michietastic 4 months ago

    Ok. So I just had to come back to this video and say that this recipe is amazing. I spatcocked the turkey and rested it on root veggies and herbs (from the ba turkey video from two years ago with Carla), but other than that, that is the only change to the recipe. I was skeptical that the dry brining would make the turkey crazy salty but I needn't worry. This is the best turkey I've ever made. Thank you!

  • Jebus M
    Jebus M 4 months ago

    Yes, please pull that bird out.

  • Jeanie LaPack
    Jeanie LaPack 4 months ago

    Just finished preparing/eating this for Thanksgiving. It. Was. AMAZING!

  • HorseyMandias King of Kings

    Baking powder helps with browning as well

  • Daniel Millbank
    Daniel Millbank 4 months ago

    Thank you for this great recipe! Made my first turkey following your steps and the result was clearly the best turkey we have I ever tasted. :) Super easy and delicious!!

  • Geovonnie Rodriguez
    Geovonnie Rodriguez 4 months ago

    Can you substitute apple cider vinegar if you cant find sherry?

  • Donnybrook
    Donnybrook 4 months ago

    yeah, way to make it about you and how special and different you are...ugh, millennials.

  • TheMrheartless
    TheMrheartless 4 months ago

    I want him to do this to my booty

  • Tanishah Nisha
    Tanishah Nisha 4 months ago

    This video just made me want to turn vegetarian

  • Anais Hernandez
    Anais Hernandez 4 months ago

    Can you guys make captions for your deaf impaired audience?

  • BigMackdombles
    BigMackdombles 4 months ago

    Lol does anyone watch your videos for cooking? Jesus@ comment section. Anyway. I’m trying this tmrw. Only ad lib is I mean to mix some of the aromatics of the baste to the butter that will go under the skin. Oh also: I cannot find sherry vinegar anywhere in Pittsburgh. 1/2 apple cider and 1/2 red wine plus pinch of sugar is what I’m subbing unless someone has a suggestion. Thanks for the vid. Ps: no one who knows what a cooler is “grew up with coolers” wth are you talking about

  • Al
    Al 4 months ago

    YUMMY.....the turkey too

  • DiamondMan77 !
    DiamondMan77 ! 4 months ago

    Me: *Eats 2 burgers; drinks 3 2 liter bottle of Dr pepper; eats 3 kilograms of ice cream and cake*
    *Watches video*
    Me: Im hangery, Im shore thers moar room

  • Michelle Meow
    Michelle Meow 4 months ago


  • Mark M
    Mark M 4 months ago

    Method notwithstanding, this guy is an idiot.

  • Which Cat
    Which Cat 4 months ago

    Lmao was I the only one who couldn’t tell there was something off with the video

  • cello2ma
    cello2ma 4 months ago

    Andy, why so sad bro? Dude, it’s like someone forced you to make this turkey. No shade, but you look like you need a hug and a beer through this whole episode😟

  • Toadle
    Toadle 4 months ago

    I love him 🙄😝🤣

  • Danielle !
    Danielle ! 4 months ago

    only watching this cause andy is HOT

  • Mnt Man
    Mnt Man 4 months ago +1

    Only 150? 165-170 is what you need to aim for.