19 Most Famous Shipwrecks

  • Published on Jun 16, 2017
  • After a life at sea, where do ships and submarines go when they retire? Why, they haunt still shores or stayed beached on dry land as they slowly rust and erode. Here are some of the most famous shipwrecks where they ended up.

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    10. Sleeping Bear
    The shipwrecks found beneath the water’s surface in Sleeping Bear on located near the Lower Peninsula of Lake MIchigan. A famous ship found here was the Francisco Morazan, which sailed off from the city of Chicago back in 1960. There was over 940 tons of cargo when it was met with fog and snow, which proved too much for the ship. In the end, it was abandoned by the next month, which left the ship to just sink and rust into the lake waters since the owners of the ship were never found and there was no one to deal with the removal of it from the water.

    9. Landévennec
    This ship yard is located along the Aulne River in north west France. Most of the ships seen here are military vessels near Pen Forn. The mountains surrounding the waters not only help it the site from being an eyesore, but their presence apparently help keep the water calm, ultimately making for a smoother decomposition of the old ships to disintegrate better.

    8. Alexandrovsk-Sakhalinsky
    On the shores of this Russian town are lines of old submarines that sit decomposing in the water. These abandoned submarines are partially sunk in the water as they just await to rust. No one is sure just how many submarines can be found in these waters, nor is much else known about their condition or purpose.

    7. Bikini Atoll
    Bikini Atoll is known as being a nuclear testing site, and it’s also a location where ships have sunk, creating an old shipyard site for the old sea vessels. The ships were part of atomic tests during the 1940s, one such being the USS Independence. Not only that, but there’s aid to be over 55 gallons of radioactive waste in drums dumped here as well. The USS Saratoga lies here as well, with a lot of the vessels found here having been forgotten about.

    6. Sha’b Abu Nuhas
    In the depths of the Red Sea is a location referred to as the Wrecks of Abu Nuhas. It is the site of at least 7 shipwrecks that lie near the triangle shaped coral reef near the north western part of Shadwan Island. Of the ships were is the SS Carnatic, Olden, Kimon M, and as seen pictured here, The Giannis D. Divers come here all the time to check out the metal ruins of old ships that have met their demise in the open waters. Along with the rusted metal is a diverse amount of wildlife that also makes it a popular diving site.

    5. Jervois Basin
    This body of water is seen an unfit for swimming, but that doesn’t stop people from checking out the wrecks found at the Jervois Basin in South Australia near the upper region of Port Adelaide River. Here you can see the skeletal remains of old ships in the process of ship breaking. It’s not the active ship breaking yard it once ways, and remnants of that part of history can still be seen here.

    4. Curtin Artificial Reef
    It is one of the largest Reef Projects in the world and has been a site of wrecked sea vessels since 1968. Since then there have been over 32 ships, buoys, cars, and other pieces of vehicles and vessels that have been allowed to sink and become part of the reef. This shipwreck in Australia was established by the Underwater Research Group of Queensland and is a project that has attracted much more marine life to the waters.

    3. Aral Sea
    The dry sand pictured here would be the last place you think you’d see so many ships come together as they sit all run down in the sun, and yet the ships on the Aral Sea are some of the most prominent and famous in the world. Located in a basin in the border of the countries of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, the shipwrecks of the Aral Sea have been a strange sight to behold ever since the level of the sea started to rapidly decline by the 1960s.

    2. Skeleton Coast
    If these skull and crossbones gates are anything to go by, it the fact that Skeleton Coast in Namibia are one of the most well known shipwrecks in the world. Skeleton Coast is found along the coast of Namibia along a coast that touches that Atlantic Ocean. Rusted ships have been beached here, the environment rusting and breaking them down to seem like skeletal formations along the beach.

    This is one of the top 3 largest ship breaking yards in the world and is still one of the most active. Gadani, located 50 miles northwest of Karachi, Pakistan, is a yard that is the location of 132 ship breaking plots. A few decades ago, it was the largest ship breaking yard in the world, and even now that it has been surpassed on that front, it is still one of the most well known and leads the world in its ship breaking efficiency.
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    Planes and ships sank to the bottom of the ocean shows picture of tank

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    You had the poor judgement to include a picture of the USS Constitution. Let me assure you, she is still commissioned and doing fine. I walked her deck just a few weeks ago.

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    19 ways you can exploit the horrific deaths of sailors at the hands of the sea for monetary gain

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