ZX6R Build! $500 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R 1995 Budget SuperSport Bike

  • Published on Apr 5, 2017
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    Today I go buy a friends 1995 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R for ONLY $470!!! This is my second project bike on the channel. I also have a 2001 R6 that picked up for $700 (videos on my channel)
    Older supersport bikes are really cheap and still badass
    Thanks for watching!

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  • CallmeBlueSkaDoo
    CallmeBlueSkaDoo 6 months ago

    I bought a 2000 zx6r for $400 on Craigslist. I've never worked on a bike before and am following the manual so far until I found your videos which has helped me understand it a bit better. I am about to work on the carbs, and potentially going after the valves as well since they need to be done. Could you possibly make a video on that? Haha

  • mitchell williams
    mitchell williams 8 months ago

    dang find me one that cheap lol

  • Jiffy Lube
    Jiffy Lube 8 months ago

    First one

  • Jiffy Lube
    Jiffy Lube 8 months ago

    Song name???

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 10 months ago

    Whats the first song

  • Kieran Tucker
    Kieran Tucker 11 months ago

    Lush bike also what is the song called

  • CbrZACH 600
    CbrZACH 600 11 months ago

    Make it a stretch fighter

  • Dedeng Rusmana
    Dedeng Rusmana Year ago

    can I buy motorcycle parts from there

    EASY GAMING Year ago

    You are lucky more views then subs

  • Kimpee S.
    Kimpee S. Year ago

    Thats sick broooo.. Nice bike

  • sinformant
    sinformant Year ago +2

    I had a 98 zx6r for my first bike. Bought it off a buddy and it was wrecked. Put time into it and had it fixed up and nice looking. At the time the only options for fairings were factory ones that were high dollar, or fiberglass race fairings. I bought the fiberglass ones and the headlight hole was way off. Wound up using the original one that was in pieces and fiberglassing it back together very disappointing since I had already painted the fiberglass ones. I rode it for a few years it got and engine tick and ran poorly so it tore it down and fixed it decided to sand blast and paint the frame which had been half ass sanded and polished in spots by the guy before my buddy. Did it all in a candy green, then wound up getting the bike I wanted and so it has been sitting as a pile of parts since which has been almost 10 years....

  • david hurst
    david hurst Year ago +2

    Don't chop the exhaust, it will run shit and look even shitter! Looks good as is.

    • Steve O'Hare
      Steve O'Hare 11 months ago

      All depends where the sensor is

    • Jp On one
      Jp On one Year ago +1

      david hurst my bike runs the same with or without the muffler

  • Preston Roundtree

    I heard that the Zxs have horrible wiring problems

    • John Meurer
      John Meurer 8 months ago

      I have never heared this but i have a 95 zx6r and i belive you, the wirring is the worst. The bike has great compression but i never got spark. I belive my ecu\igniter unit is broke

  • Preston Roundtree

    Dude get the yoshi pipe I'll email you the video

  • Preston Roundtree

    Sold my blue 99 yzf for 800 was turning off every 100 miles

  • Fancy Potato
    Fancy Potato Year ago

    I want to buy one of your bikes.Please contact me! (Reply to this comment) 😍😍

  • the satanic rider motovlogs

    I got mine for Free

  • Bigtinycrawler
    Bigtinycrawler Year ago +4

    Real people with normal guy budgets on affordable bike. Graleat series. I hope you keep going with more bikes

  • Piolo Morada
    Piolo Morada Year ago

    where do you bought that? please answer

  • Alex EspoWRX
    Alex EspoWRX Year ago +1

    Seen a husky and subscribed!

  • robert hinkel
    robert hinkel Year ago +2

    I have the same bike. I notice at a cold start if you keep the bike straight up as opposed to keeping it on the kick stand the motor will fire right up.

  • Carlos Perez
    Carlos Perez 2 years ago

    Its for sale bike

  • SarcastikB
    SarcastikB 2 years ago

    Beautiful bike!! I love the classic look of the lights and front

  • Randy Hobson
    Randy Hobson 2 years ago +1

    Cool vids

    • Caleb Ames
      Caleb Ames  2 years ago

      Thanks man! Glad you like them

  • AutoMotivate
    AutoMotivate 2 years ago +10