Top 10 Most Bizarre Deep Sea Creatures Ever Discovered

  • Published on Mar 26, 2018
  • Deep Sea Creatures are as bizarre as creatures get. From angler fish to giant squid, here are some of the weirdest bizarre deep sea creatures caught on tape.
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  • Macarbe
    Macarbe 3 hours ago +1

    5:54 That looks so much like the rock puncher from subnautica

  • System32
    System32 6 hours ago

    Humans naturally don't stick with one female this is a modern day expectation from people made by religion, few thousand years ago a female would mate with who ever she felt like doing it with or all the men would try and win her over every time, this is why people cheat and we are not meant to stick around soon as a baby comes out you would try to mate with another woman straight away, its all a modern thing the couple thing

  • Aeryn Pabilona
    Aeryn Pabilona 3 days ago

    In bfdi

  • Aeryn Pabilona
    Aeryn Pabilona 3 days ago

    Is that gelatin

  • PvtMadnage - Bro. Matthew

    Squids, octopuses, crabs, jumping spiders and peacock spiders are my favorite arthropods.

  • Troy Dreamer
    Troy Dreamer 4 days ago +1

    Hoff crab? I'm pretty sure it's called a yeti crab

  • Miku Rocha
    Miku Rocha 7 days ago

    1:10 bfdi reference

  • Steven Kaczmarek
    Steven Kaczmarek 8 days ago

    They aren't tentacles, they are legs. Tentacles and legs are not the same.

  • Kreedyn Tuccaro
    Kreedyn Tuccaro 9 days ago

    1:11 GELITAN

  • Adiba Musawa
    Adiba Musawa 13 days ago

    Who came here after the godzilla king of monster

  • ClutchLooter
    ClutchLooter 13 days ago

    Me: I saw something omg get help aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • ricepuddng
    ricepuddng 14 days ago

    looking at the shrimp and isopods made me hungry. sea bugs taste delicious

  • Justyce Shivner
    Justyce Shivner 14 days ago

    Octopi not octopuses, the proper way to say it is octopi

  • Czaaa r
    Czaaa r 15 days ago


  • Principles of the think & baldi

    Don’t blob fish is weird?

    GALAXY DIAMOND 17 days ago +1

    Ewww everything its so creepy n disgusting

  • axoco tl
    axoco tl 18 days ago

    I just got a ad for a Japanese dating app lol

  • Pat-Pat Ji-Ho
    Pat-Pat Ji-Ho 19 days ago +7

    "Gulper Eal, huh?"
    **Hungry Shark Game Flashbacks**

  • Kenny Venegas
    Kenny Venegas 20 days ago

    This narrator needs to blow his nose for fucks sake

  • devteam1000
    devteam1000 20 days ago

    The vampire squid doesn't drink blood

  • Don Culotta
    Don Culotta 21 day ago +1

    The correct term for more than one octopus is octopi not octopuses. More evidence of the dumbing down of Western Civilizations.

  • noob that plays games
    noob that plays games 21 day ago +3

    The thumbnail is a gulper eel mixed with an angler fish and it glows

  • TinhornName4
    TinhornName4 21 day ago

    Number 7 are pure bois and the exact reason why I want to travel to the deep sea

  • Abhish P
    Abhish P 23 days ago +1

    4:41 wtf i have ate that fish truly iam from india

  • Michelle McGuire
    Michelle McGuire 23 days ago

    Why not talk about tadpoles they look like a giant ball with a tale think about it now stop thinking about it you perv

    • Michelle McGuire
      Michelle McGuire 23 days ago

      I think the sewers has to be the worst place for a shark to grow up he'll be growing for hours and hours in a game that only I understand then to the point to were it's bigger then a 17 story building he or she will die from not having to breath to me the sewers is where the things that are flushed out grow to unbearable heights like this ghariel

    • Michelle McGuire
      Michelle McGuire 23 days ago

      The end

    • Michelle McGuire
      Michelle McGuire 23 days ago

      Me and shark
      Me how did I get here

  • Dan's thicc double chin

    the spider crab has leg day for every day :)))))

  • jnie swartz
    jnie swartz 23 days ago +1

    Deep sea octopus looks better then the “regular” octopus

  • oof oof
    oof oof 24 days ago +1

    That weird octopus looked like scp 999

  • Shari Rackham
    Shari Rackham 25 days ago


  • Perfect Whine
    Perfect Whine 25 days ago

    Could you imagine having to date a female angler fish? As a male angler fish I'd choose suicide XD

  • Joshua Lubiano
    Joshua Lubiano 25 days ago +1

    *9 BRAIN*

  • Ethan Arnold
    Ethan Arnold 28 days ago

    0:30 its octopi

  • Tangilani Jaji
    Tangilani Jaji 28 days ago

    The thing is, is it real or fake?😮😮😮?

  • Simulatorz
    Simulatorz 29 days ago

    Isn't it "Octopi"?

  • jherrenor
    jherrenor Month ago

    Not enough room for Tripod fish, Cookie cutter sharks, Bobbit worm, Barrel eye fish, Fangtooth.

  • Sarah Mcdowell
    Sarah Mcdowell Month ago


  • Zac Conquest
    Zac Conquest Month ago

    Weird octopi not what you said

  • Taco Hawk
    Taco Hawk Month ago

    At first i thought the image of the Hoff crab was upside down

  • rakification
    rakification Month ago

    Where is the music from?

  • Daniel Craig
    Daniel Craig Month ago

    This guys accent man

  • James H
    James H Month ago +1

    I think it's octopi not octopuses

    • Tony So
      Tony So 28 days ago

      Both is correct, but octopuses is most used.

  • TheKingHill
    TheKingHill Month ago

    That's a nope from me chief

  • Lex Nellis
    Lex Nellis Month ago +1

    Goddamnit! Did you get enough ads in!

  • edgy person
    edgy person Month ago +10

    where the hecc are the cookie cutter sharks :C

  • Jacob Endriss
    Jacob Endriss Month ago +9

    Monogamy is actually not a human trait

  • Andrei Vlad
    Andrei Vlad Month ago


  • Virginia Connor
    Virginia Connor Month ago

    The gulper eel, scary? That thing just looks like a big, chompy sperm.
    ...okay on second thought, that IS terrifying.

  • Bob The Bone Boy
    Bob The Bone Boy Month ago

    And also, Isopods are about the same age as horseshoe crabs :/

  • Bob The Bone Boy
    Bob The Bone Boy Month ago


  • Daniel Lee
    Daniel Lee Month ago

    Wheres my boi Oarfish?!?!? Lol

  • Yen
    Yen Month ago

    Fish be getting more RGB the further down you go

  • Alex A
    Alex A Month ago

    The yeti crab?

  • Bryant Whittaker
    Bryant Whittaker Month ago

    Some of them look just like rollie pollies

  • jjstratford
    jjstratford Month ago

    Why do you pinch your nose to narrate? What does it do for your voice?

  • jjstratford
    jjstratford Month ago

    What’s a LER?

  • Sara Porter
    Sara Porter Month ago

    *octopi sir.

  • trunks38109
    trunks38109 Month ago

    Need some dive balls.

  • Gaming U-Septor 3000

    Ayyyy edgar and maya series

  • CamandREX Games
    CamandREX Games Month ago

    I just find this super fascinating

  • [ H1KO ]
    [ H1KO ] Month ago

    And then you have me watching this at 2 AM

  • Kakashi Hatake
    Kakashi Hatake Month ago

    Who play roblox here

  • Sacheen Lake
    Sacheen Lake Month ago

    Sorry, but I don't think they're grotesque.

  • Skelewyvern
    Skelewyvern Month ago

    Please, don't kill out the flapjack octopus!

  • Edgar Allan Poe
    Edgar Allan Poe Month ago

    Shout out to *From Dusk Till Dawn* yo

  • Edgar Allan Poe
    Edgar Allan Poe Month ago +2

    And all these scary mfs are down there bumpin around in the pitch black together... no thank you..

  • Patrick Caprood
    Patrick Caprood Month ago


  • Ariete Arms RAMLITE

    Flat fish adaptation is nothing to do with pressures. Other errors in this video also.

  • Aldrich Alonto
    Aldrich Alonto Month ago

    Is it flap jack octupus or flesh jack octupus? Where can i buy it?😜 Lmao.

  • Hyper Beast
    Hyper Beast Month ago


    It’s octopi

    • MoonPies 24
      MoonPies 24 Month ago +1

      Hyper Beast what do you mean

      *its octopussies*

  • bob green
    bob green Month ago

    Extremeophiles (sp) are life forms that live in extreme locations as in around methane gas vents, etc., that would normally not support crab and vegetation life!! Yet, these vents Do have life forms that thrive well in those
    extreme situations!! Very cool!!

  • Artist Forever
    Artist Forever Month ago

    he said "fishes" fishes isnt even a word.... is it?

  • Cthulhu
    Cthulhu 2 months ago

    Lovecraft was right about the Deep.

  • inga terp
    inga terp 2 months ago +1

    That jello was from BFDI (battle for dream island)

  • Some letter A
    Some letter A 2 months ago

    Giant squids dont eat humans dumbass

  • Nayeli Ruiz
    Nayeli Ruiz 2 months ago

    your videos have the potential to be a great but at this point, annoying. You could focused more on facts , when, were, why, what. dates how they were found out and all that jazz. A small summery of each would be perfect, and of course you can add your opinion no need to change that.

  • Mrrrglllrrr
    Mrrrglllrrr 2 months ago

    09:35 oh, it is a beatbox fish from "solomon dance"

  • Trandom 11
    Trandom 11 2 months ago

    The first clip was about scp 999

  • Le Colosse
    Le Colosse 2 months ago

    it's like walking in a haunted house. i used to love the ocean when i was a kid but not anymore.

  • blackstarafro2
    blackstarafro2 2 months ago

    So we should not go in the water

  • Rick Roll Rizal
    Rick Roll Rizal 2 months ago

    This is not helping my thalassophobia

  • Richard Handley
    Richard Handley 2 months ago

    Deep-seadragonfishes aka police fish

  • Master Farr
    Master Farr 2 months ago

    These are some ugly looking fish

  • Omega 1
    Omega 1 2 months ago

    I remember that image being in a Ripley’s Believe it or not book

  • Cacktar
    Cacktar 2 months ago

    Isopods arnt creepy, THERE CUTE AS FUCK, ISOPOD HOUR

  • Venom 616
    Venom 616 2 months ago

    How is Magnapinna not on here?

  • me mewho
    me mewho 2 months ago

    disgustaaang !

    ZAYNURA KHIMMATOVA 2 months ago

    no animal is bizarre all are special in there own way, just like us humans.

  • Oh Shite Waddap
    Oh Shite Waddap 2 months ago

    “Similar to humans” hal,,, are you okay?????

  • TechnoGuz GD
    TechnoGuz GD 2 months ago

    Gulper eels are super derpy

  • Delaynie Long
    Delaynie Long 2 months ago


  • ben prastitis
    ben prastitis 2 months ago

    Realised this was drivel after the “9 brains” claim. A trivial explanation of its neural network.

    PIXEL ARTIST 2 months ago

    Did anyone spot the scene from "walking with monsters before the dinosaurs"? No? Okay im just the netflix weirdo... SOMEONE COPYSTRIKE THIS.

  • Brockon Aaa
    Brockon Aaa 2 months ago +1

    I have found a spider crabs in 20 foot of water so it’s not deep sea

  • Eunha Chingu
    Eunha Chingu 2 months ago

    And they eat it raw in japan.......

  • Humble Lad
    Humble Lad 2 months ago +7

    what does it matter if the climate's warm when you're a bajillion feet underwater?

  • Misty Saiki
    Misty Saiki 2 months ago


  • Ionasku Alexander
    Ionasku Alexander 2 months ago

    3:20 I'm pretty sure "fish" doesn't have a plural form. There is no such word "fishes"

  • Ionasku Alexander
    Ionasku Alexander 2 months ago

    1:22 that's the little octopus from finding nemo

  • The 5
    The 5 2 months ago