If You See This In The Forest, Run Fast and Ask For Help!

  • Published on Sep 21, 2019
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    Forest, woods, jungles… any of these large areas that are largely covered by trees and other natural undergrowth, can be home to some pretty scary things. Often unexplored and home to thousands of different creatures, animals and insects, traveling in the wrong woods can be a very bad idea… So, strap in, because today, If you See This in the Forest, Run Fast and Ask for Help!
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  • QA Adina
    QA Adina 3 days ago

    Dont tell me dis bidisbout the undead

  • Gina Mustakas
    Gina Mustakas 13 days ago

    1 racoon with mainge

  • Dark Justice
    Dark Justice 25 days ago

    If you see a still or pot plants in the woods you better really be afraid. You’re about to disappear.

  • Beth asaria
    Beth asaria Month ago

    Don't trust any clown man

  • Beth asaria
    Beth asaria Month ago

    There was a portal then there would be glowing

  • Davis Yumnam
    Davis Yumnam Month ago

    About non stopping unknown killing of animals and domestic birds etc, we recently face that issues in our state manipur, India about few months ago. Goats, chicken, ducks are found death but the way they died was strange. Cause all those death animals and birds died in same way. We felt like they culprits have only interested in intestine area. As all death bodies are injured in intestine area. It happened in different directions non stop every nights. We thought it was chupacabra. We even went for hunt at night in masses.

  • Ghost Riley
    Ghost Riley Month ago +1

    hairless dog, prankster clown, and chewbaka.....thank me later.

  • Alexander Wai
    Alexander Wai Month ago

    Of course I believe even I test it out by tooth.and your videos are very cool. Keep this on bro. #.supreme family.

  • Shimo Cuevas
    Shimo Cuevas Month ago +1

    The portal is connected to the anime world on where swords and magic do exist ^-^

  • Jerrard ervin Castillo

    Thanks for the information supreme team you are the only video I watch that makes all my questions answered you are the best keep making all these vid

  • Debbie C
    Debbie C Month ago

    The question was asked--what do you think goes through the minds of grown men who dress up as clowns to scare people/children , answer : NOTHING GOOD!!!

  • Kistie Brunsell
    Kistie Brunsell Month ago

    I love your vids#the seprem

  • Mark Celis
    Mark Celis Month ago +1

    Its not chubakabra.there's a lot of that in the Philippines its called sigbin

  • Wotwot Loyola
    Wotwot Loyola Month ago +1

    7:17-wild animals disrupting peoples lives???really??or it should be the other way around??we are disturbing them i guess

    • Wotwot Loyola
      Wotwot Loyola Month ago

      i will subscribe anyway..interesting videos

  • Jason Cabusor
    Jason Cabusor Month ago

    What's up #Supreme appreciate your vids keep it up

  • MagBeat Gaming
    MagBeat Gaming Month ago


  • Crystelmae Salvado
    Crystelmae Salvado Month ago +2

    I know what is that it a dark portal

  • Milky Fabian
    Milky Fabian Month ago +4

    1:22 I dreamed that portal before

    • Milky Fabian
      Milky Fabian Month ago

      It wasn't that disturbing 😁 i dreamed that portal but not in the same place

    • josue G
      josue G Month ago +1

      OMG... SO DID I...WOW!!!!

    • Ronnie Docena
      Ronnie Docena Month ago +1

      Milky Fabian Always pray for god

  • Virtual Lab
    Virtual Lab Month ago +2

    1:37 door to another dimension 👍🏻


    #SUPREMEFAMILY wow ur videos are incredible. So scary and amazing.

    AKIO MORI Month ago


  • James Villordon
    James Villordon Month ago +3

    Clown is not effective in Philippines bwahaha

  • John Fahlsing
    John Fahlsing Month ago

    yawn fest

  • Naitsirhc Rehgnoed Geruila

    thats so ridiculous its not a fairy its just a dragon fly

  • naina magar
    naina magar Month ago +2

    If your best friend ask you to help her to propose her crush than slap her and run fast as much as you can and locked yourself in toilet if you are in school😂😂😂

  • Gabby Pagayanan
    Gabby Pagayanan Month ago

    I. Love. Your video. It. Make. Me. Smart

  • Gabby Pagayanan
    Gabby Pagayanan Month ago

    Clown. Is. Dead. But. Alive

  • ftn pro789 bloody lengnd


  • klent arayak
    klent arayak Month ago +9

    It's not chubakabra
    It is some dying askal in the Philippines

  • de de
    de de Month ago

    Daghan mana sa Philippines mga irong buang pulutan sa akong mga angkol

  • RS Vlog
    RS Vlog Month ago

    So creepy bro.


    Id walk through that door smoking a Blunt..

  • neurejy quitara
    neurejy quitara Month ago +1

    Why should you call for help if u know its dangerous

  • Odane Thompson
    Odane Thompson Month ago

    I think its a portal or a trick

  • Joker 1804
    Joker 1804 Month ago

    1 is Azkal not chopakabra ok

  • Lawrence Estillore
    Lawrence Estillore Month ago

    Bai!Mga irong buang mana gud...luhhhh😂

  • Wayne W.
    Wayne W. Month ago +1

    WWWWAAAAA NOT CLOWNS WWWAAAAA.. okay I'm sorry -_-

  • Mercy Amar
    Mercy Amar Month ago +53

    If you see your mom with a hanger or stick with a angry look to you , run quickly and shout for help

  • Deborah Magard
    Deborah Magard Month ago

    This is very scary bro

  • Samuel TV
    Samuel TV Month ago

    Nice idol shout out

  • rustico vertuso
    rustico vertuso Month ago

    is that a flying sticks

  • Muhammad Abdullah
    Muhammad Abdullah Month ago

    Hey I love your all videos create more videos.. # supreme family!!!!!

  • gerald flores
    gerald flores Month ago

    I believe in the chuppacabra but the big foot looks like a bear and the fairies are true I believe in them too so I subbed to #TheSupremeFamily

  • jer lyn
    jer lyn Month ago +24

    Hahahaha irong buang man gud tu bai

  • julius Marimla
    julius Marimla Month ago

    Oh...... is that sticks? I thought it was a dragonfly :T

  • Margarito Avais
    Margarito Avais Month ago

    I love your vids #supreme family

  • Robert Arcidiacono
    Robert Arcidiacono Month ago

    Stop its a sick dog

  • Graham John Baker
    Graham John Baker Month ago

    HI Supreme I think the one with a supposed bigfoot in Holland is a bear it resembles a bear probably a brown European bear brown bears are also seen in Europe Thats if you meant Holland in Europe if its a place of similar name in USA it would be either Brown Grizzly Bear or North American Black bear theres something about that clip that makes it look like a bear like Cheers Love Graham #Supremefamily

  • Laylee G Quiah
    Laylee G Quiah Month ago

    I love your show, am always amazed by your discoveries.

  • claire stone
    claire stone Month ago +1

    I wish i met you, keep up the good work! #SUPREMEFAMILY

  • The Strange And Unusual

    I live in the agricultural state of kansas and have seen (what i believe to be, as they look exactly like the pics here) chupacabras. Seen them 2 different times

  • katieplayz14 roblox
    katieplayz14 roblox Month ago +1

    Who thinks he is smart of course he is:^

  • maryline Amayota sanchez

    Personally, I hate clown

  • Keith Perdue
    Keith Perdue Month ago +1

    Wood structure looks like a clever sculpture. It's made to look like it's either coming together or flying apart, depends on viewer. Notice space between sticks increases as it goes higher.

  • Kristine Park
    Kristine Park Month ago

    There's an artist who specializes in object levitation sculptures, sorry I don't know the name but bet it's a pic of their work (?). Google here we come, LoL TTFN KLP

  • Brandon Serrano
    Brandon Serrano Month ago

    #supreme family

  • Michael Justice
    Michael Justice Month ago

    I feel safer in the woods been in the woods at all times night and day there’s a few times I seen and heard things I couldn’t explain

  • Hema Katyal
    Hema Katyal Month ago +1

    I like ur voice.

  • Xander.A -dragons Rise Of berk and more

    Keep working hard #Supremefamily

  • Dawn Krolczyk
    Dawn Krolczyk Month ago

    I love your vids there awsome #supremeteam