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Comments • 80

  • lil_cumtowel
    lil_cumtowel Day ago

    Nice greenscreen on the thumbnail

  • playaspec
    playaspec Day ago

    I know this is a million years old now, but I've had success getting the Knight's Landing compute cards going. HMU if you want to return to messing with these things. Same username at gmail/Twitter.

  • DysphoricSmile
    DysphoricSmile 2 days ago


  • James Shields
    James Shields 2 days ago

    I wonder if you could get the PC to boot with onboard graphics, with the card installed? I would hazard a guess that the card may need software downloaded before it could drive a display.

  • Ahmed Oday
    Ahmed Oday 3 days ago

    Could you even download this card drivers

  • TJ JVR
    TJ JVR 3 days ago

    Fuckit dude, you talk way too much.

  • MySchizo Buddy
    MySchizo Buddy 3 days ago

    Whatever happened to this product. Did intel make updated versions of these?

    • Cee Z
      Cee Z Day ago

      Umm actually their working on 3 diff type of gpus as we speak

  • Charles Tilley
    Charles Tilley 4 days ago

    I'd had tried a clean Linux Mint or Ubuntu install with the GPU in place, as most Linux distros has drivers for much any type of hardware imaginable. Often better than Windows, as NVMe drives were used on Linux workstations long before consumer models were released (pre Ubuntu 12.04/Linux Mint 13 days). Both of these distros have been long retired, yet were more modern than Windows 7 at the time.

    If I paid $400 for a piece of hardware, by all means try every OS possible. Who knows, one of Intel's own drivers would power it fine. The latest Windows 10 is far better at finding drivers for many devices, including those for Vista era machines.

    How about redoing this video with a live Linux Mint install media? That's (one of) the beauties of Linux, can boot into the media & begin a browsing session before install, to test hardware compatibility. Or have a secure session to make transactions, upon reboot, all traces of activity are gone. My point being, if any OS can find the drivers, look to Linux first. Chances are, someone on one of the Linux forums has used one of these cards & knows what to do. Or everything may simply magically work after the initial boot (pre-install).

    No harm in trying.

  • Chris Buhneing
    Chris Buhneing 5 days ago

    D6 may indicate that the board was unable to find the graphics cards

  • Abdullah Shourav
    Abdullah Shourav 6 days ago

    Is it fake

  • TheRealSmiley
    TheRealSmiley 6 days ago

    $400 brick. Nice! That's peanuts to Linus 🤣.

  • gms sona
    gms sona 7 days ago

    What happened to it now in 2020?

  • benjamin Maclaine Pont

    I got your pulse way add right before this vid, quite a good add actually.

  • C J
    C J 9 days ago

    I'm waiting for screen performance

  • Ca L
    Ca L 10 days ago

    linus needs to get in contact with tom forscythe, ben heck and the eevblog guy who worked on the nintendo playstation. assemble a team of professionals(no offense) who work on these sort of barebones reverse engineering stuff.

  • Jeandre Le Roux
    Jeandre Le Roux 10 days ago +1

    Intel 740 was their first dedicated GPU, released in 1998

  • Anime Obituaries
    Anime Obituaries 10 days ago

    I feel sorry for Linus, from the start of the video you can see that he's curious to try it out but when it didn't he fell into despair.
    Don't worry I'm subscribed to LTT and Techquickie .

  • Thabo Bryan Bernard Mmopi

    If you got it working, please share the video.

  • Richard Ramos
    Richard Ramos 13 days ago

    What a bummer with all those explanation, and it's not working at the end.. Intel need to send the driver >_

  • odioalospoopers
    odioalospoopers 14 days ago +1

    intel released a graphics card? it can keep up with before unreachable behemoths for it like the GT 710?

  • Coding
    Coding 15 days ago

    That graphics card needs a graphics card...

  • Nuge 6983
    Nuge 6983 16 days ago

    a FUCKING RAZER KEYBOARD ON THE GROUND? and yet I'm scared to type on my $80 RK Sink87G the wrong way. sheesh

  • The Epic Smile
    The Epic Smile 16 days ago

    *Intel Intergrated graphics V2.*

  • Fahd Eid sulieman
    Fahd Eid sulieman 16 days ago


  • Hawk Eire
    Hawk Eire 16 days ago

    The screen saver at 8:19 is in Slovenia at a place called Bled. :D

  • LegitCatcher21
    LegitCatcher21 16 days ago

    Anyone know all the background music used in this video? Like 9:00

  • Jay
    Jay 16 days ago

    intel GPU?!?!?!?

  • Lexxi
    Lexxi 17 days ago

    Did he just... Promote his Promotion with Colton... In a Segway!?

  • Ben Oksiuta
    Ben Oksiuta 17 days ago

    its like ultra-powerful fermi

  • Ty condro
    Ty condro 18 days ago

    go to dumstera

  • Thundercunt McGeezax
    Thundercunt McGeezax 18 days ago

    Linus waving the thing around upsets me on a personal level

  • Adem Görmüşoğlu
    Adem Görmüşoğlu 19 days ago

    Make fps test amk

  • Clipz
    Clipz 19 days ago

    Look at this again it’s interesting

  • KilluaキルアZoldyck Z

    Never actually expected intel to make a direct X 12 GPU

  • Spaceflighthitman
    Spaceflighthitman 20 days ago

    Camera man just standing there can he sit now?

  • Sk8 Electro
    Sk8 Electro 20 days ago

    Next video: We destr...Hydrodipped the intel gpu

  • Nicholas Karalus
    Nicholas Karalus 23 days ago

    Put another graphic card same time as intel see how it runs

  • Iriome Betancor García

    dude i love the way u talk, love your content

  • Nomar Alonso
    Nomar Alonso 25 days ago +1

    holy shit stop waving around that GPU its the only one in existence.

  • Rodrigo A
    Rodrigo A 25 days ago

    7:30 nice Dublin picture!

  • ItzChmitty
    ItzChmitty 25 days ago

    The way he's flailing that thing around like its a wand makes me uneasy....

  • Rest In Peace Kobe 24
    Rest In Peace Kobe 24 28 days ago

    Open it ..................

  • Chris Ng
    Chris Ng 28 days ago

    I think what they mean by fail product is because they were thinking of something like NUC 9 extreme, where everything (CPU, SSD, RAM and etc) can be detached like a graphic card and uses the PCIe slot

  • Overseer 88
    Overseer 88 28 days ago

    Linus: Says graphic is laggy and bad But Plugs the graphic card into a Gigantic display with 4 K Res..... Linus...

  • Sneaky V
    Sneaky V 28 days ago

    $400 paper weight

  • Netkiller3714
    Netkiller3714 29 days ago

    Honestly if intel gave the card a mixture kf hardware and softare it would have been good.

  • Netkiller3714
    Netkiller3714 29 days ago

    Intels software to hardware boost was genius.

  • Netkiller3714
    Netkiller3714 29 days ago

    When I saw cuda I was at first under the impression that the card would also help the cpu in its work load. Which should be a thing by now.

  • Netkiller3714
    Netkiller3714 29 days ago

    Honestly. I think if Intel got into gpus they could slaughter it.

  • Das Boot
    Das Boot 29 days ago

    My name is Frank Nstien and l have gone many times to ebay but still have been unable to buy dead bodies for my new lab experiments

  • solisium
    solisium Month ago

    can i buy a girlfriend on ebay?

  • Right Wing Safety Squad

    Fastest CAD card? Unless you're doing real time shading, which you immediately prior said you weren't doing, CAD uses almost no GPU power. Sure, it will hammer the hell out of the VRAM, but then barely touch the GPU itself.

  • Right Wing Safety Squad

    If you search lttstore.com on eBay you get a turbo kit for a Saturn Sky.

    NICULL Month ago

    Jokes on Linus, Intel now actually made a graphics card

  • Phát Ngô Vĩnh
    Phát Ngô Vĩnh Month ago

    what is his watch ?

  • Sarat Sarkar
    Sarat Sarkar Month ago

    Linus is always on cocaine

  • LargeEggMan 8
    LargeEggMan 8 Month ago

    No its blue and ot black and green it's bad turn it off

  • 컴짱 Comjjang
    컴짱 Comjjang Month ago

    Can you SLI this with an HD Graphics?

  • Blaze Fire
    Blaze Fire Month ago

    Videos are getting worse and worse.

  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey Month ago

    Put in another gpu together with it. Runs into windows and check device manager if its listed. Maybe from there you can try to figure it out..

  • ???????
    ??????? Month ago +1

    Well they are going to release another one

  • Chris T
    Chris T Month ago

    Linus - the claim that this is Intel's first discrete graphics card is incorerect. It's not Intel's first graphics card. The i740 was.

  • Joannes Wyckmans
    Joannes Wyckmans Month ago

    I remember seeing those on ebay, but I didnt have the money.. I thought one was about 149,99 dollar, and the other one 399,99 dollar.. from 2 different sellers..

  • Kevin M Jones
    Kevin M Jones Month ago

    With some 2006-2010 dvi-i and dvi-d graphics cards you had to post the system with a VGA D-SUB Card or use a DVI TO VGA adapter, then install the Intel card driver, then switch it over.

    Check the MB BIOS Display Driver options

    Try many DVI-I OR DVI-D basic intel drivers for the date range.

    A DVI-D connector on a graphics card sends out a digital signal only, while a DVI-I connector can send out a digital signal (for digital displays such as flat panel LCD monitors) as well as analog signal (for older displays such as a CRT monitor) using a DVI to VGA adaptor shown below

  • Windows 7
    Windows 7 Month ago

    Intel would like to know your location

    • Windows 7
      Windows 7 Month ago

      I’m a special copy of Windows 7

    • Windows 7
      Windows 7 Month ago

      Avnish Kumar lol I’m a volume license copy of Enterprise with 3 years of ESU

    • Avnish Kumar
      Avnish Kumar Month ago

      Hey there! thought Microsoft killed you.

  • BeepSheep1233
    BeepSheep1233 Month ago


  • Tony Mathis
    Tony Mathis Month ago

    I worked for a company that had various plants comete against each other in an already very competetive industry. The first thing they all did was eliminate expenses that required long terms to justify like maintinance. After a year executives from the winning plants, obviously sales with no regard for maintinance, were transfered to HQ about threee years later the company started losing customers due to mechanical breakdowns and shortly after went out of business unable to sell some of their facilities due to being in such disrepair. It was the single stupidest corporate decision I ever withnessed.

  • Fah Q
    Fah Q Month ago

    Or do a bios dump for backup. Flash the bios with a x100 series and try to boot it with a later diver. If no luck there it looks like a job for REnouveau

  • Fah Q
    Fah Q Month ago

    So, why don't you get a Mobo with onboard video. Boot with Linux and try to address the gpu with a Vega driver. At least then you can pull some gpu information.

  • Wjo :-;
    Wjo :-; Month ago

    That mouse sponsor tho looks good

  • Enki Shiva
    Enki Shiva Month ago

    Gc founders edition design crap shit poo.

    • Enki Shiva
      Enki Shiva Month ago

      Gaming benchmarks could be good.

  • UFOlogist
    UFOlogist Month ago

    You're an idiot to think it would boot without drivers

  • Lucjan Wilczewski
    Lucjan Wilczewski Month ago

    Damn I really thought it will eventually kick in :(

  • Max Reznik
    Max Reznik Month ago

    interesting how gpus are following the reverse trend of PCs in regards to size

  • Austin Robichaud
    Austin Robichaud Month ago


  • Rival 819
    Rival 819 Month ago


  • Stämpf Gaming
    Stämpf Gaming Month ago

    Follow up video with new drivers?!

  • Happy Hands
    Happy Hands Month ago

    why didn't you just use a DVI to HDMI adapter?

  • Happy Hands
    Happy Hands Month ago

    so that thing would of been, bitcoin mining gold!!

  • J Co
    J Co Month ago

    I hate intell graphic cards I have one in my Mac and it won't let me run a lot of stuff because of it

    • Jesus Meza
      Jesus Meza Month ago

      Yeah because those are shitty integrated graphics mostly meant as a display adapter and to play videos