Sarah Connor's return in TERMINATOR: DARK FATE, with Tim Miller | TIFF 2019

  • Published on Nov 1, 2019
  • *This video contains spoilers for TERMINATOR: DARK FATE*
    Director Tim Miller (DEADPOOL) stops by Studio 9 to discuss his new film, TERMINATOR: DARK FATE, why Sarah Connor is the heart of the story, the film's bad-ass female leads, and the origins of these new heroes.
    More than two decades have passed since Sarah Connor prevented Judgment Day, changed the future, and rewrote the fate of the human race. Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes) is living a simple life in Mexico City with her brother (Diego Boneta) and father when a highly advanced and deadly new Terminator - a Rev-9 (Gabriel Luna) - travels back through time to kill her. Dani's survival depends on her joining forces with two warriors: Grace (Mackenzie Davis), an enhanced super-soldier from the future, and the battle-hardened Connor (Linda Hamilton). As the Rev-9 ruthlessly destroys everything and everyone in its path on the hunt for Dani, the three are led to a T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) from Sarah’s past that may be their last best hope.
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  • John Boko Show
    John Boko Show Month ago

    3:31 Yeah well you totally did a good job in tricking that girl into thinking that she's just playing a strong independent inspirational character when it actuality she was just playing a feminazi character for propaganda political agenda statement"It's a sad thing that must be talked about" Yes because woke assholes like you in Hollywood want to do that nobody ask for political ideologies, beliefs, point of view about society, race, genders to be in movies all they ask for is a entertaining film with good writing and good performances and special effects why is that so fucking hard nowadays ?, 3:51 LOL ! Bullshit you try to make Dani just like Sarah in the first film and like John in future war flashback sequences but more unrealistic and unbelievable and stupid, whiny, annoying, with an actress that delivered a truly un-charismatic weak unbelievable try hard cringe inducing performance unlike, Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong, Christian Bale 3:59 because Cameron want that to get back at Patty Jenkins director of Wonder Woman over a stupid argument they had on Twitter about their point of views characterization of Wonder Woman was written and their oppose and in defense towards that between on another and their beliefs of how strong independent female characters should be written and integrated on screen to compete to see who film makes the most the money in the box office that translates that they done better, ya we know Tim no need to cover it up and it is not advantageous for a Woman to be mankind savior/leader it's the way how you and the writers executed is less advantageous compare to how Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd, William Wisher did it with John Connor, You guys were trying to use that less advantageous with Dani to make it believable but it just doesn't work it failed not only in terms of the writing but in the casting choice aswell Natalia Reyes can't act worth a shit and she's too fucking short to be able to hold a gun 4:16 yeah right you mean she stole that idea from Salvation just like Cameron and Gale Anne Hurd did for T1 with slight alterations like swapping it's sexuality and by giving it pathetic limitations. 4:19 Um hello this done before four times in a row in the franchise Grace is not anything new moron. 4:42 Well what kind of casting director you have ? Jeez

  • John Boko Show
    John Boko Show Month ago

    0:59 NO....YA THINK FUCKING JACKASS !? and people like me do love that hard ass, non verbal, scarred future John Connor that we saw in a split second in the opening future war sequence in T2 looking out through his binoculars at the warfare going on in the distance at his H.Q. because it showcases what he's going to become in the future and showcase his raw merciful but ruthless, fearful, masculinity as to why he is and always was meant to be the leader and savior, and hope in the darkest, desperate, depressing, dire times for the remainder of mankind after Judgement Day in the ruins/destruction of their own devil that they created for good intentions that went awry and why always Skynet wanted to send machines back in time to erase his existence to begin with and WHY he was SO fucking IMPORTANT ! he is a hard challenge for Skynet as to why Skynet was so determine to take him out, Clearly you missed the point by 100 miles what that scene was about which shocks me being the Terminator fan that you say you are, The Terminator franchise was NEVER about Sarah it was never a Sarah STORY ! It was A JOHN CONNOR STORY ! The first movie her protection was important for the existence of John Connor that was all and she not alone had John Kyle was important too if it wasn't for a white Male cum she wouldn't had John And for you to have the gall to say that killing him off helps elevate Sarah Connor character arc for this film in the future 20 years later to where she is just a careless, drunk, ignorant, loser that doesn't have no purpose at all that have nothing to live other than just keep continue to live day by day going around just hunting Terminators with anger, vengeance with her grievance just shows me that you aren't really a fan of the franchise, HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU BE FAN IF YOU GOING TO DO SOMETHING SO FUCKING DISRESPECTFUL LIKE THAT !? You're not a fan of this franchise stop fucking lying to us and yourself you're just like Rian Johnson another fucking hack job of a filmmaker. There are many different paths you could have taken with Sarah Connor evolution, progression in her arc and characterization without having to kill her son you stupid fuck that is not only way to go, BULLFUCKINSHIT ! Of coarse Sarah doesn't can never live happy she always have to be angry, vengeful, irritated, frustrated basically she always have to be living with stress, fear about her son survival and in mankind fate I get that with her character and yes you have to find a way to keep her that way and expand her arc but in doing so the way that you did is just fucking disgusting, disgraceful, GO FUCK YOURSELF ! "She need to have tragedy" SHE ALREADY HAVE TRAGEDY YOU FUCKING IDIOT ! with the loss of her husband Kyle Reese she loved Reese and comes and visit her in her dreams to encourage her to do as much as she can to protect John she had nightmares about the human race gets burn and blown away like leaves/ashes/dust in flames including herself, she was being hunted down to be killed by a machine cover in living human tissue what's not more tragic than that ? And yes you want to show the dark outcome/consequences of her actions of preventing Judgement Day but the way how you go about it makes NO FUCKIN sense in the continuity of timeline you moron and you didn't need to kill John Connor the consequence could simply be another Terminator that is way more dangerous than before after so many years that come back in time to kill her son and she realize that what she and her son try to prevent didn't work and that fuels her with rage and by the end she dies leaving her son to handle it by himself and John independently becomes the Man who is destine to be and prevent it himself permanently fulfill what his mother try hard to stop for him and mankind in spirit, it's direct sequel to T1, T2 and it's John story so by this third film (Technically sixth film) he develops and evolve through the journey he goes through in this as teen and that of T2 when he was a little child and it would have fully wrap up the arc perfectly, you could have also had the Skynet invasion in the past with future John meeting with his past self battling the machines and destroying the A.I. of wherever it may be and take out Danny Dyson who secretly a machine send back in time with the technology equipment to bring Skynet machines through and that would have been something cool, badass and epic compare to this shit.