Death Stranding (dunkview)

  • Published on Nov 20, 2019
  • The third strand type game.
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  • Lumpy From The Star Wars Holiday Special

    Americans have pee pee poo poo brain and don't understand my game - Hideo Kojima

  • Juan
    Juan 39 minutes ago

    I’m surprised you never brought up Journey. I never played it, but many seem to like it, and it has similarities to this in some ways.

  • FernandoDante
    FernandoDante 46 minutes ago +1

    You’re embarrassingly bad at this game and make some pretty stupid decisions while playing it. I’m not surprised you hate it.

  • NovaLux
    NovaLux 54 minutes ago +1

    Dunkey normally balances his opinions better than this in dunkviews. Here he's just pandering to the DS haters. Still some funny jokes in here, but damn this review sounds like it's coming from someone who didn't play it at all, which is weird cause he clearly did.

  • Jonathan Constant
    Jonathan Constant Hour ago +1

    You got this one wrong dunkey

  • Joshua MAZAA
    Joshua MAZAA Hour ago

    6:12 no u

  • Saddam Xussein
    Saddam Xussein Hour ago

    so the dislikes are made by blind people?

  • 619airforce
    619airforce Hour ago

    holy shit a one, thats unheard of from the dunk

  • TemporalPrdx
    TemporalPrdx Hour ago

    Ok first off, I'm not making this comment to suck off kojima's balls nor to take the piss out of this game. I simply want to give my unbiased opinion.
    Yes, it is tedious and frustrating as hecc which for 99% of the population automatically means the game is not fun. BUT we have to give credit to kojima for not being afraid of trying new things, experiment a new approach to video games (just look at all the CoDs, fifa, pokemon... etc games there are... wich are essentially all the same)
    This is something that has never been done before... even tho it does indeed suck and is kinda of a let down from the trailers.
    In the end, yes the gameplay is stiff as hell but hey it's something new.

    THEKOOL4iDMAN697 2 hours ago

    twenty seven thousand FANBOYS

  • Fragilis one
    Fragilis one 2 hours ago

    Please please please do an Arise dunkview. :)

  • Bobi
    Bobi 3 hours ago +1

    hope all is well dunks, you seem upset

    • Sena Cheshmeh Kaboodi
      Sena Cheshmeh Kaboodi 55 minutes ago

      Hes just reviewing the game.
      Its nothing new.
      Dont know why you think hes upset.

  • Agent Never
    Agent Never 4 hours ago

    The game is about planning your routes and using structures of other players. If you plan a route in the mountains riding a bike, then you get what you get. Story is complicated, animations are most of the time useless, combat is not ideal but you can't blame the game if you plan your route poorly. Don't let these "reviews" or "dunkviews" get you, this guy does this shit for entertainment purposes. If you want to see how it all works, then just simply watch a short gameplay and then decide it for yourself.

  • Talitor
    Talitor 5 hours ago

    It has a little stranding for everyone.

  • WOW
    WOW 5 hours ago


  • Cynical
    Cynical 5 hours ago

    "I miss when this game was just a bunch of cool trailers"

  • Yarin Vaknin
    Yarin Vaknin 6 hours ago +2

    how to make a dunkey video
    step 1:shit on a game
    step 2:praise a nintendo game
    step 3:done

  • Ogam Peyang
    Ogam Peyang 6 hours ago +1

    I watch dunkey for the comedic stuff that he does, this guy has talent to make gameplay funny and he didnt dissapoint me in that area i fckin laughed my ass off in this video... but, this game really has more meaning and relevance than he describes in this video, i really hope everyone doesn't take his word for it and try the game , this games has much to offer and i dont want people to miss out just cause of a review thats clearly a lot based on his personal preference, u know knowing the type of person he is this clearly wasnt a game for him.

  • Dark of the knight
    Dark of the knight 7 hours ago

    I like this game far better than MSGV, I understand why people like MSG series and I will say is not my kind of game. But when this appeared, it is indeed my type of game. Different people different opinion folks :) People who say this is a walking simulator you are doing a disservice to the game and the creator in all creative industries

    • Dark of the knight
      Dark of the knight 28 minutes ago

      @Sena Cheshmeh Kaboodi Wow you seems new in game industry lmao. And is definitely not dull, those games are fun as hell. I love the newest modern warfare, but I love these games as well!

    • Sena Cheshmeh Kaboodi
      Sena Cheshmeh Kaboodi 42 minutes ago

      @Dark of the knight never heard of any of those
      But if their anything like death stranding im sure their just as dull

    • Dark of the knight
      Dark of the knight 45 minutes ago

      @Sena Cheshmeh Kaboodi Welp I find many racing game is boring :) I prefer the game which has progression like cities skyline, harvest moon, rune factory :) Are you sure those are really boring?

    • Sena Cheshmeh Kaboodi
      Sena Cheshmeh Kaboodi 54 minutes ago

      Your kind of game is boring

  • Teehee186
    Teehee186 9 hours ago

    Haha " gideo gojira "

    IGOONX 10 hours ago

    This is why I can’t say the game is good or not before i play it or see the gameplay and the story, this game is disappointing and i was expecting this because all the hype was just too much and we didn’t know wtf is going on it was obvious it’s not that good “for me”, so i'm really disappointed with this game maybe the story is good but the gameplay is the worst on my opinion

  • Styng
    Styng 10 hours ago

    0:58 dude why you gotta be so racist?, he is vietnamese

  • reiji
    reiji 10 hours ago

    this is the most honest review ever

  • carllavery82
    carllavery82 11 hours ago

    Wow this is one of the worst videos I've ever seen. You can take most things out of context to try to make them look bad but this is laughable

  • Derp McDerpster
    Derp McDerpster 11 hours ago

    I don't understand ...

  • A Person
    A Person 12 hours ago +2

    The game's shit and Hideo Kojima's an overrated hack

    • Норон
      Норон 11 hours ago +1

      ok, nintendo and call of duty fan

  • Mclloydeeee
    Mclloydeeee 12 hours ago

    It was one of this fellas most disappointing games whilst it was my most anticipated game of the yr and after playing 130+hrs It deserved that because it is definitely my Game Of The Yr. Neva once did i press the square button and it " didn't work "! I also didn't see how the " climbing was completely broken "! I can respect anybody's opinion but when they try and ride a bike up the side of a cliff and because it doesn't work they find that stupid, well i can't take these types of idiots serious. If anybody is on the fence on whether to buy this game or not I wouldn't take this RU-clip bum serious. It is a game that nobody can tell u whether u will enjoy it or not! But watching this idiot say nothing of any great value, and only show that he couldn't jump a a tiny gap on foot or in a vehicle, well I just wouldn't listen to this idiot! There are plenty of good RU-clip bums reviewing this game where u wouldn't have to watch or listen to a child who didn't like it, so all he could do is stamp his feet and show nothing but him playing the game like a fukin dumb-arse. I loved the game, but somebody not loving the game I can respect! I just cannot respect a person who does a review like this fella when he doesn't like a game. My review of this reviewer is. Don't take this person serious, and like I said, go find a credible reviewer.

  • Treta Gaslighting Ghunberg

    Can’t you pee in this game?.. 10/10

  • Austin Maximus
    Austin Maximus 14 hours ago

    Are these bugs what happen when you play games on a console?

  • Rueben Aragon
    Rueben Aragon 14 hours ago

    7:10 I fucking *felt* that dunkey, I felt that

  • Lexcorp 013
    Lexcorp 013 17 hours ago

    I understand why ya don't like it

  • Carsen Crans
    Carsen Crans 17 hours ago

    So this game is an insult to the video game industry, history, and the entire medium. Or I am just to dumb to understand this high art.

  • CoDGplays
    CoDGplays 17 hours ago +1

    youre so wrong. i dont even had one of them walking bugs, not one. one of the greatest games and story ever

    • AtSixes
      AtSixes 2 hours ago

      He did the same with the Last Guardian. Nothing new here.

  • Endless Dark
    Endless Dark 17 hours ago

    I love this game, imo it's just really good.

  • Kreamations
    Kreamations 19 hours ago +1

    They stopped PT for this?

    • CTB
      CTB 4 hours ago


  • yao
    yao 22 hours ago

    Dunkey doesn't like this particular game. I like it though.

  • Echno
    Echno 22 hours ago +1

    You couldnt even pay me to play it.

  • テレビくん
    テレビくん 23 hours ago

    When you realize No Man's Sky got better dunkscore than Death Stranding...

  • BtRobot
    BtRobot Day ago +1

    I liked the part when Norman Reedus got on the motorcycle and said this is just like Ride with Norman Reedus.

  • Benjamin Lauze
    Benjamin Lauze Day ago

    I didnt play this, so can someone explain why this is up for game of the year?

  • Winnie the Pootie Tang

    Even though I agree with Kojima’s political point about gun culture in America, his use of it in the context of defending the quality of his game was just unfair and stupid. There are plenty of non-FPS games Americans like, and Kojima knows this.

  • mrahzzz
    mrahzzz Day ago

    Oh my god 6:18. Beautiful. They literally wrote "no u" into the game. Jesus fuck

  • James Sengoku
    James Sengoku Day ago +1

    I'm so glad I didn't buy this, I've eat he'd a good chunk of walk through and it's clear Kojima is up his own arse, lots of stuff I didn't like about the last metal gea r games story and characters that seem to have just gotten worse here.

  • henry s
    henry s Day ago

    this is the only opinion made by dunkey that i disagree with

  • Quamont
    Quamont Day ago +4

    "If it's not fun, why bother?"
    The legend called Regi

    • Carsen Crans
      Carsen Crans 4 hours ago +1

      Finally someone else in the comment section who understands the point of this medium, thank you for existing

  • WyArYUGei N1
    WyArYUGei N1 Day ago +3

    I still don’t get how this was a nominee for game of the year

  • Cheybat
    Cheybat Day ago

    God damn liberals not understanding clear Marxist critique

  • Ivan Petek
    Ivan Petek Day ago +2

    i had more fun on colonoscopy than playing this game and I am not gay its a fucking commercial for amc and monster awful experience and I really hope critics stop praising Kojima cuz after Mgs 2 everything he's done is garbage and stop saying he did Silent Hill inform yourself for fuck sake p.s. you can not make this shit up on lsd believe me i know

    • Tg dude
      Tg dude 2 hours ago

      If u think mgs3 is garbage then ur wrong its top 10 best games ever

  • Ivan Petek
    Ivan Petek Day ago +2

    after this game i think i get konami

    MLG MCG Day ago +6

    I never played death stranding and I don’t plan on playing it anytime soon, but I don’t think you’re supposed to climb a mountain like how you were.

    • TooKool4Skool98
      TooKool4Skool98 Day ago +2

      MLG MCG that’s what I noticed during the video too, he wasn’t traversing properly.

  • Kevin Fleming
    Kevin Fleming Day ago

    Thank God I only ship packages and don't have to deliver them

  • Kevin Kurosawa
    Kevin Kurosawa Day ago +1

    To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand [Death Stranding]. The [gameplay] is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the [enjoyment] will go over a typical [gamer's] head.

  • Mr. Torgue
    Mr. Torgue Day ago +1

    Now i see why Kojumbo got fired by Konami, he wanted Konami to give him unlimited resources and time to make his stupid ideas a reality. Death Stranding is the result of what happens when a hipster is given free reign of his ideas, and is backed up by a legion of fanboys.

  • dinolmao
    dinolmao Day ago

    Im glad im not the only one who thought death stranding was a disappointing pile of horse shit

  • Jojosh Production
    Jojosh Production Day ago +2

    You are nitpicking and bias

    • Jackiskcaj
      Jackiskcaj 2 hours ago

      Ah yes very big bias from his hatred of the metal gear solid series, I can't believe Dunkey's well known severe hatred for Kojima clouded his mind while playing this game.

  • Fierce Vinegar
    Fierce Vinegar Day ago +2

    you just like shooters you dont understand beaches

  • Andrew Grogan
    Andrew Grogan Day ago

    The downvotes are just alt right trolls who dont like kojima. His boring strands are too progressive.


    • No Commentary Gaming
      No Commentary Gaming 8 hours ago

      It's the opposite, the downvotes are alt-wrong trolls who suck Kojima's ass too hard for their own good.

  • Juicy Wizard
    Juicy Wizard Day ago

    Norman Deekus

  • Jaivir Gill
    Jaivir Gill Day ago +2

    I don't know how to feel about this game. Hideo did say that it wasn't meant for everyone but IDK. It doesn't look like a game I would play but maybe he just didn't wanna create another game similar to his old ones. Ofc we ask for innovation but is walking innovation, I don't know. I just feel like he was trying to make more of a movie than a game. The nitpicking shit might be annoying but maybe he was just trying to cater to a different audience. This shit actually confuses the fuck outta me cause I don't know how to tackle a game about fucking walking. Like what the fuck is happening.

  • Fun
    Fun Day ago