Easy GARCHOMP & GIRATINA GX Deck, Post Rotation Deck Engine

  • Published on Aug 3, 2019
  • A post rotation Garchomp & Giratina deck. Basic focus decks with 3 energy cost are easy!
    Deck List: pastebin.com/AJdMm6fu
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Comments • 102

  • ikn oin
    ikn oin 28 days ago

    what do emolga use for ?

  • King Furret
    King Furret Month ago

    I know this deck is great, but I seem to be doing great with a different garchomp giratina decklist aswell, if y’all want to try the deck list I’m using here it is:
    •Giratina(LT) x1
    •inkay(FL) x4
    •Malamar(FL) x4
    •dedenne GX(UB) x1
    •Mewtwo and Mew GX(UM) x1
    •Garchomp and giratina GX(UM) x3
    •custom catcher(LT) x3
    •switch x4
    •Acro bike x4
    •tag switch(UM) x3
    •cherish ball(UM) x4
    •mysterious treasure(FL) x4
    •Viridian Forest(TU) x3
    •Cynthia(UP) x4
    Lillie x4
    Coach trainer(UM) x2
    Fighting energy x3
    Psychic energy x7

  • Kentt Chong
    Kentt Chong Month ago

    Hi, really like ur video, but wanna ask, I see literally 99% of other you tubers play jirachi, y u don’t play any?

  • Deuce fo Mafia
    Deuce fo Mafia 2 months ago +1

    Also had a 16 minute game and got to use GG End and took out two full charged volcanion ex and then my opponent quit like usual

  • Deuce fo Mafia
    Deuce fo Mafia 2 months ago

    I made this deck but with Shaymin Ex instead of Dedenne bc I don’t have one and it’s such a fun deck!

  • PokémonToy
    PokémonToy 2 months ago

    Decklist with no cherish ball then you showed up with cherish ball

  • Stefanie Doll
    Stefanie Doll 2 months ago

    Hello Donald i really Like your content(im from Germany)

    • Manuel Heine
      Manuel Heine 25 days ago

      Sehe ich auch so :) Seine Deckideen sind echt gut :)

  • drunkinrooster
    drunkinrooster 3 months ago

    Anyway to incorporate ultra Necrozma?

  • person yes
    person yes 3 months ago

    Pre expansion would be nice

  • Luke Fazio
    Luke Fazio 4 months ago

    While I was watching this video I got a full art coach trainer in a prerelease box 😀😀

  • Micah Colbert
    Micah Colbert 4 months ago

    Wait where did he get the cherish balls from

  • Armando Fornario
    Armando Fornario 4 months ago

    I'm shocked at how much mew is under rated in this deck, you can easily give it a skateboard to take him back in the bench and the ability prevents other giratina to touch your bench with damage counters. But the best thing is its attack, 1 energy deal 3 damage counters to the opponent pokemons in any way you like, I find it just op early game in this deck when you can easily search it out along with 2 inkay with professor elm

  • Fantasy Gaming
    Fantasy Gaming 4 months ago

    Is their a post rotation wheezing deck list that anyone has? I really like that deck idea and want to build it

  • yuri barbosa Santos
    yuri barbosa Santos 4 months ago

    Back from the dead

  • Charles Leverette
    Charles Leverette 4 months ago

    I can’t fine the video of the high hopes cover can anyone help?

  • The Leo
    The Leo 4 months ago

    Use your coins man!

  • InvasionGaming
    InvasionGaming 4 months ago +1

    I made this deck irl!

  • Antony Manuel
    Antony Manuel 4 months ago +1

    Why the emolgas?

  • chokom moreno
    chokom moreno 4 months ago

    baby altara type dragon for mora dmg?

  • Gustasopod GG
    Gustasopod GG 4 months ago

    The nex video is darkray umbrion tagteamm metagame pleace

  • greecoo bdi
    greecoo bdi 4 months ago +1

    Bruuuuh why u keep disappearing 😩😩

  • Micah Sidney
    Micah Sidney 4 months ago

    do alolan raichu next

  • Chris G
    Chris G 4 months ago

    Love ur videos ! I'd love to c the slowpoke and psyduck gx deck. Is it hard to pull off?

  • Stay Determinated
    Stay Determinated 4 months ago +2

    Post rotation ultra necrozma deck pls my friend

  • Nick's Games
    Nick's Games 4 months ago

    11 more days until rotation

  • Keyboard Glasses
    Keyboard Glasses 4 months ago

    you are back?? now gimme my mewtwo deck

  • Micah Colbert
    Micah Colbert 4 months ago

    I think a shrine of punishment would be very useful in this deck, is it still standard?

  • Christopher Shamy
    Christopher Shamy 4 months ago +1

    Dark box including zoroninja !!!!

  • Paul Laska
    Paul Laska 4 months ago

    Hmmm shrine? Or are the virdian too valuable?

  • Darkpoision64
    Darkpoision64 4 months ago

    welcome back donald!! Never leave us again!! :

  • _sonopovero_
    _sonopovero_ 4 months ago

    Regular Viridian? 😬

  • Liam Kiyashka
    Liam Kiyashka 4 months ago +4

    Dark box next please!

  • Julian Dirisio
    Julian Dirisio 4 months ago

    I'm suprise you didn't use jirachi in this one. Seems to be the main choice for giratina and this is very similar

  • TheBigEaredBandit
    TheBigEaredBandit 4 months ago

    He's back!

  • UprightSea7
    UprightSea7 4 months ago +12

    Banana master, thank you for all the bananas.
    Will never forget

  • duck on quack
    duck on quack 4 months ago

    It looks like giratina and garchomp are spooing in the air.

  • Angelic Dirt
    Angelic Dirt 4 months ago +1

    You and OmniPoke just put up (almost) the same deck... Welp, time to update my Malamar build. :P

  • su daniel
    su daniel 4 months ago +1

    This is a horrible deck list. Guy cant play

  • Bruno Alexandre
    Bruno Alexandre 4 months ago

    GG End GX has its uses imagine a full set up pikarom with 6 energies on the bench, u just swipe left and GG End GX it
    it can also remove spelltags in a pinch,

  • Gengar Studios
    Gengar Studios 4 months ago

    Can you please make a RayEels deck?

  • Always Hungry ASMR
    Always Hungry ASMR 4 months ago +1

    Sorry but I don't get the giratina basic and the malamar roles in this deck...

    • Hernan Vulliez
      Hernan Vulliez 4 months ago

      Are you being serious right now? Giratina to amp GG-GX attack and Malamar to set it in 1 turn.

  • SnO Ikaros
    SnO Ikaros 4 months ago +1

    Don't you know yet? We'll get Lana's fishing rod next expansion which recovers 1 Pkmn and 1 tool into your deck. Of course not comparable with Rescue Stretcher, but still better than nothing.

  • SheerHrtatak
    SheerHrtatak 4 months ago +4

    I wish everyone played post rotation. It's really hard to test new decks when everyone keeps using ultra balls and guzma lol

    • Fantasy Gaming
      Fantasy Gaming 4 months ago

      @Antony Manuel thanks, im trying to find a deck to build because im just getting into pokemon tcg, ive been playong mtg for years however.

    • Antony Manuel
      Antony Manuel 4 months ago

      @Fantasy Gaming no

    • Fantasy Gaming
      Fantasy Gaming 4 months ago

      is Cynthia rotating out or no?

    • Antony Manuel
      Antony Manuel 4 months ago

      And nest balls

  • Jedrek Narh
    Jedrek Narh 4 months ago +21

    RIP Banana Master
    You will be missed

    • Antony Manuel
      Antony Manuel 4 months ago

      Now we are gonna see Donald playing emolga in every deck

    • Gavin Jo
      Gavin Jo 4 months ago +1

      We will have to wait for disc master next set.

  • Haneul Cheong
    Haneul Cheong 4 months ago

    post rotation deck template plzzzzzzzzzz

  • Brancus
    Brancus 4 months ago +1

    that weezing player DEFINITELY should've put 10 on both benched malamar with his spell tag that first game, so he could damage it with Splattering Sludge

    • Mount Mount
      Mount Mount 4 months ago +1

      Would have won he over killed the ttgx in the end anyway.

  • Local Maple
    Local Maple 4 months ago +2

    Looks nice, I’d make one adjustment. Noibat and Noivern are also Dragon types for Mysterious Treasure, and Noivern’s Boomburst puts 20 Damage onto all opposing Pokémon. This is a contrast to Giratina, who can only hit 2 with no (prize free) looping potential.
    Wheezing is also an option.

    • Matthew Murray
      Matthew Murray 4 months ago

      The reason giratina is ran is due to it being a basic and takes less effort to set up making it more consistent.

  • Joker
    Joker 4 months ago +1

    Hey Donald👋 how do you get the secret rare trainers👀?

    • Joker
      Joker 4 months ago

      @Gengar Studios which link

    • Gengar Studios
      Gengar Studios 4 months ago

      Look at the video description, there’s a link

    • Joker
      Joker 4 months ago

      @Isidore Peterson do you know them

  • Artemis1
    Artemis1 4 months ago +5

    Donald 2019 “ lets take out this banana master”🤭

  • Chris Rico
    Chris Rico 4 months ago

    Where you been man????

  • xVisionz
    xVisionz 4 months ago


  • Tai Pitman
    Tai Pitman 4 months ago +4

    You should play mew and mewtwo

  • dotbstudios
    dotbstudios 4 months ago


  • Myshon Reccless
    Myshon Reccless 4 months ago +1

    Glad to see you back Donald

  • Pakman X
    Pakman X 4 months ago

    think you can do something with the necrozma in the theme deck and if its possible maybe a fun deck with thunderus and tornadus

  • Mr. Bauz
    Mr. Bauz 4 months ago

    Is the music High hopes? It seems like...

  • Brant Smith
    Brant Smith 4 months ago +1

    Glad to see you back Donald

  • David O'Brien
    David O'Brien 4 months ago

    He lives!!!! :D

  • Gengar Phantom
    Gengar Phantom 4 months ago +3

    Another broken card that will make expanded and standard events more toxic than what they are, ty Pokémon for ruining the game and making it a broken total mess.

    • Antony Manuel
      Antony Manuel 4 months ago

      @Gengar Phantom I need a lot of gx from unm like keldeo gx and eggs gx. I need every single uncommon trainer from unm

    • Gengar Phantom
      Gengar Phantom 4 months ago

      Antony Manuel sure, what you need? I can get any card someone needs or that I want.

    • Antony Manuel
      Antony Manuel 4 months ago

      Hey gengar can we trade cards?

    • dag dag
      dag dag 4 months ago +1

      @Gengar Phantom true true, but still

    • Gengar Phantom
      Gengar Phantom 4 months ago +2

      @dag dag I dont take vacations, Donald is the one been lazy posting 1 video every 2 weeks.

  • James Schovey
    James Schovey 4 months ago

    Where r ur spell tags lol