Michael Jackson - "Love Never Felt So Good" (Cover by Giorgi Mikadze)

  • Published on Oct 29, 2014
  • Berklee College of Music presents a cover of Michael Jackson - "Love Never Felt So Good" by Giorgi Mikadze.
    "Love Never Felt So Good" (M. Jackson, P. Anka)
    Giorgi Mikadze: piano, arranger, orchestrator
    Ryan Easter: rap, lyrics
    Balam García: guitar
    Chuks Okpu: bass
    Marco Echeverría: percussion
    Sergio Maestre: percussion
    Fabrizio Cavallaro: drums
    Cosimo Boni: trumpet
    Julian Dessler: trumpet
    Neal Rosenthal: trumpet
    Brian Plautz: alto
    Jared Yee: tenor
    Shachar Ziv: french horn
    Dorsey Minns: trombone
    Tim Reynolds: violin I
    Ryunee Ryun: violin I
    Zack Rapp: violin I
    Rosy Timms: violin I
    Avery Baliotta: violin II
    Lydia Yu-Lin Wang: violin II
    Sadie Currey: violin II
    Justin Lee: violin II
    Dan Lay: viola
    Jina An: viola
    Tamper Tehran: viola
    Alliz Nicholas: viola
    Joyce Cheung: cello
    Roman Soto: cello
    Recorded live at the Berklee Performance Center (BPC)
    Mauricio Bernal: stage crew
    Sophia Christopher: stage crew
    Nicolas Sylvestre: stage crew
    Steve Nichols: production manager
    Recorded by the BPC studio
    Alex Rodríguez: recording engineer
    Simon Katz: mixing engineer, assistant recording engineer
    Pietro Milanesi: second recording engineer
    Filmed by 21summit Productions
    Joe Barnard: videographer, editor
    Mastered by M Works Studios
    Jonathan Wyner: engineer #berklee #berkleecollegeofmusic

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  • Ron B
    Ron B 5 months ago

    Nicely done

  • Paris Kalachnikov
    Paris Kalachnikov 5 months ago

    The drummer has it.

  • Nini Kikvadze
    Nini Kikvadze 5 months ago +1

    Super.... i love it ❤❤❤❤❤❤✌🏼👍

  • Tamta Sivsivadze
    Tamta Sivsivadze 6 months ago

    Proud of you 🇬🇪

  • Kata rin
    Kata rin 6 months ago

    Ahh my childhood friend goes here now! It’s nice to see what goes on there. I play piano but I’m a Biochemistry major at my university, and I like to find out what I’m missing out on for not becoming a professional musician. It’s beautiful.

  • Clara Luz Henkel
    Clara Luz Henkel 8 months ago +1

    This melody is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sergio Bottoni
    Sergio Bottoni 8 months ago

    Bravi bravi bravi!

  • Philbert Kwee
    Philbert Kwee 8 months ago

    Bruv I thought for a sec that the beard of one of the violinists was a chin rest...lol

  • Irakli Andronikov
    Irakli Andronikov 8 months ago

    Кочаг Гио !👍👌😘

  • All we need is Jazz
    All we need is Jazz 8 months ago

    3:22 Georgia!

  • dhani pianist
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    Epic !

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    Holy crazy!

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    4K MORE SUBS TO 100 K !!! ❤️🔥

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    Brillaint performance!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!

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    Tá parecendo samba

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    bass is LIFE

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  • Евгений Колесников

    СУПЕР !!!

  • Đặng Nguyễn Guitar
    Đặng Nguyễn Guitar 10 months ago

    The harmony among all is crazyyyyy

  • Miguel Vela
    Miguel Vela 10 months ago

    Band reccomendations? Ppl who play this all day?

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    Oscar Cruz 10 months ago

    Excelente trabajo

  • I will sub back to those who sub to me!

    I feel like im in a fancy restaurant...

  • Kevin Green
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    It was awesome until...

    LOVE ONE 11 months ago

    Who's doing the spoken word?

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  • lauro nery el hage


  • musicm8kr
    musicm8kr Year ago

    All of them are amazing...the talent at Berklee is off the charts. Giorgi Mikadze's solo was unbelievable...incredible chops. Keep up the great playing guys!

  • Rafa H. S.
    Rafa H. S. Year ago +1

    Hermosa canción, excelente chicos. Congratulations 🎆👌🇵🇪

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  • Jack Belton
    Jack Belton Year ago

    Those horn lines are so tasteful

  • Hayden Marshall
    Hayden Marshall Year ago

    Drummer is so smooth

  • GodParticle9232
    GodParticle9232 Year ago

    Rap lyrics please

  • Giulia 497
    Giulia 497 Year ago

    Wow!!😍i do not know what to say really Good!!👏👏wonderful!

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    wow wow wow

  • Nandit Desai
    Nandit Desai Year ago

    The drummer's pocket is wayyyy too deep !

  • reay chandler
    reay chandler Year ago +1

    Fabrizio u were 50% and the others 50%.. I feel that u kicked ass with those drums the arrangement has done itself justice

  • ikehip3
    ikehip3 Year ago

    That is fuckin drum sound from alien drummer!!!!



  • Jessé Miquéas
    Jessé Miquéas Year ago

    Bravo! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

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    Francisco Campos Year ago

    Those violins at 0:47. Beautiful!

  • Chase William
    Chase William Year ago

    What genre is this?

  • Thato Osupile
    Thato Osupile Year ago

    These guys made me love Berklee

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    My favorite music, You are very cool, Cool music and group,

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  • Jazziz Café
    Jazziz Café Year ago +1

    Wow! Amazing version! Love it! Thanks for share it! Es fascinante descubrir músicos como Giorgi Mikadze en los vídeos de la Berklee College of Music, ver toda una nueva generación de músicos llamando a la puerta es refrescante. Sus alumnos suman más de 250 premios Recording Academy / GRAMMYs!!! A mi esta versión del "Love Never Felt So Good" de Michael Jackson me parece extraordinaria. Mikadze es un gran pianista de conservatorio que proviene de Tbilisi en Georgia. #SmoothJazz

  • Pandhycha Pratama

    0:50 the sound from percussion guy and the smile from the keyboardist is really good

  • musicm8kr
    musicm8kr Year ago

    Giorgi Mikadze is a man possessed. His skills are off the chart. Brilliant man...just brilliant.

  • Kung Isv
    Kung Isv Year ago

    So good music

  • mikosoft
    mikosoft Year ago +1

    The drummer is like "Ah, a Sunday walk in a park".

  • Jorge Montes
    Jorge Montes Year ago

    Mr Mikadze, you are a great musician ¡¡ beautiful harmony, tienes mucha idea de un gran arreglista, como lo fue Ravel en su época... Me agradó el rap... Congratulations, from México city

  • D Scott Hampton
    D Scott Hampton Year ago

    Ahhh Man! Excellence all around! Killer musicianship! Superb audio and video production!

  • Ro Taxx
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    Sehr aufwändige und professionelle Fahrstuhlmusik 😀

  • Moos
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    The mix on this is superb! Give the mixer a medal and a degree