10 Reasons We May Be Entering a Dark Age of Technology

  • Published on Oct 7, 2018
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    When it comes to technology, we are living in amazing times. We have practically instant communication with people all over the globe, anyone can record anything with a device in their pocket and play it back later, we have a wealth of high tech entertainment options, transportation is a breeze compared to the days of horses, and companies are now looking toward increasingly complex nanotechnology.
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    Coming up:
    10. We Are Running Out Of A Lot Of Important Metals For Making Smartphones
    9. Technology Is Becoming Increasingly Complex And Increasingly Layered
    8. The Amount Of People Who Can Make An Entire Piece Of Technology Is Dwindling
    7. Some Arts Are Already Mostly Lost To Time And Could Be Lost Entirely
    6. Data Is Stored In Ways That May One Day Be Entirely Irretrievable
    5. If The Environment Continues To Worsen, A Lot Of Infrastructure Will Be Destroyed
    4. We May Have To Rediscover More “Primitive” Technologies From The Recent Past
    3. Global Trade Could Be Very Easily And Very Quickly Disrupted By Environmental Disaster
    2. Satellite Damage Could Further Weaken Our Ability To Communicate And Learn
    1. People Could Be More Concerned With Resources In The Near Future Than Technology
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Comments • 2 895

  • nemesisslr
    nemesisslr 2 days ago

    So leaving a fascist regime is bad. Thanks you soy boy

  • Jen5en
    Jen5en 3 days ago

    And they said my calligraphy classes were a waste of time...

  • J vdSpuy
    J vdSpuy 10 days ago

    I def think we would become the Flintstones. lolol Holding on to those treasured memories of what once was and then try and re-create it with whatever we can. lol.

  • Mark Keller
    Mark Keller 14 days ago

    Consumer economy means you have to keep buying newer stuff, which means you have to make things that fall apart so that you have to buy new stuff.

  • TheDoppelgangster
    TheDoppelgangster 15 days ago

    This also explains very clearly why we currently can't go back to the moon - too many people with specific skills to make specific parts just aren't around any more because their skills became redundant after the manned space program was wound back in the 1970s.

  • Bat Guano
    Bat Guano 16 days ago

    Problem with the current economy is that the gains the working class made in fighting for better wages, benefits, working conditions and pensions have been steadily taken away. For the past 40 years, working class wages have only increased 10% while the earnings of the CEOs have increased nearly 1000% (both adjusted for inflation). Upward mobility has actually decreased since the early 1980s while the concentration of inherited wealth has increased to the heirs of a small collection of aristocratic families. The world’s billionaires, the activist global charity Oxfam reports, grew their wealth by $900 billion last year. Households in the world’s poorest half, meanwhile, saw their wealth decline, by a fairly stunning 11 percent. This is a big problem when most of the national wealth goes to a few oligarchs while the vast majority of citizens see their share in the economy decline. A dwindling middle class means a declining economy because fewer people will be buying the products of the economy while the richest mostly just hoard their wealth offshore.
    The solution: strike down anti-union laws, enforce anti-trust laws, bring back the estate tax to tax inherited wealth over $5 million, increase the top marginal tax rate to 70% on income over $500,000/year, tax hoarded wealth over $50 million at 2%, tax all income at the same progressive rate (no special rates for trust fund babies, mutual fund managers or investors). Add up all income (wages, capital gains, interest, etc.) and subtract the standard deduction (the first $30,000 earned for individuals or $60,000 for married couples is tax-free), but get rid of ALL other deductions except have only a few deductions for dependent children, medical hardships, and the interest paid on student loans (not interest on mortgages as it makes renters subsidizing home owners and the deduction on charitable donations encourages the funding of scam charities). Have corporate income taxes at 18% but also get rid of ALL deductions, loopholes and exemptions. Impose a 20% payroll tax, paid by employers, on all non-citizen employees and H-1B visa workers to discourage out-sourcing employment. Hire many tax specialists, made unemployed by this simplified tax plan, as IRS auditors and pass a law focusing at least half of the IRS's enforcement on the richest 1% of people and corporations evading taxes in the USA.

  • Pete Smith
    Pete Smith 21 day ago

    Anything important may be best kept on archival grade DVDs. Put those in a safe with three laptops that have DVD drives and have another safe with batteries / solar panels. Then when the time comes that you need the information realize the combination to the safe should not have been put in the safe.

  • BobGP1
    BobGP1 22 days ago

    As a watch technician. Thank you

  • Social Jetlag
    Social Jetlag 24 days ago

    We already are.

  • Rich Allen
    Rich Allen 25 days ago

    Technology will continue to advance, until every human job is replaced by a machine, because, well... machines are far more reliable and cost effective than human beings, and have been replacing us since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Eventually all manufacturing will be done by machines, at which point the trade of labor and creativity for financial reward will become obsolete. Mujin has a prototype warehouse, where the only humans are ones that service the machines.
    Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) will continue to be developed until machines see the human species as the biggest threat to itself (state of the art military technology), or will logically see humans as the biggest threat to all other species on the planet (poisoning the environment and oceans). Either way, the simplest logical solution will be to destroy the human species with nanobots that inject a few milligrams of a highly toxic substance such as cyanide into every human. Trying to avoid such an attack will be like trying to avoid being bitten by a single mosquito (immune to repellent) in the middle of a swamp.

  • Rich Allen
    Rich Allen 25 days ago

    I wonder if Simon (and his writers), as intelligent as he is (they are), realize that when they talk about our "extreme climate", just how ridiculous he / they sound? Anyone who knows a thing about GEOLOGIC CLIMATE HISTORY (google it), knows that our environment is anything but extreme. Just 18,000 years ago, was the LAST GLACIAL MAXIMUM. Glaciers reached as far south as Missouri, and New York was under a 1 mile thick sheet of ice! The published climate "scientists" who benefit greatly from NASA's billions spent on climate "study" ignore things like the Medieval Warm Period (950 - 1250) when the average temp was 1°C warmer than today, or that in the 470 million years since terrestrial life appeared on this planet, the average global temperature has been 6°C warmer than today. If you just want to focus on the last 140 years, 31 states broke their record high temperatures in the 70 years before 1950, only 19 have broken their record high in the 70 years since. The increase in average global temperature, in the 140 years between 1740 and 1880 was 1.5°C, it has only increased 1°C since 1880, which means that the increase in global temperature is SUBSIDING, not increasing!
    BTW, there is no correlation between CO2 and average global temperature. I'm still wondering when they're going to start zodiac rafting tours along the streets of Manhattan, since NASA's top climate "scientist" told Congress in 1986 that it would be underwater by now?!
    The simple fact is that 90% of the Earth's fresh water is locked in the 2 mile (3 kilometer) thick ice sheet of Antarctica, where the AVERAGE temperature is -40° (vs 0°C of the North Pole), which means the world CAN NOT FLOOD, as long as Antarctica remains at the bottom of the planet (cut off from the warm water of the Equator by the Antarctic Circumpolar Current), where it has been for the last 70 million years.

  • nosuchthing8
    nosuchthing8 26 days ago

    Many of these issues can be resolved when the singularity arrives

  • Kyle Shovan
    Kyle Shovan Month ago

    What is this guy talking about?
    Half his points amount to "Increasing complexity is bad" which is, by its very nature, wrong.
    The other half of the point he keeps talking about if there is some serious disruption to widespread knowledge, something that would require a hell of a bigger disruption than global warming. You're talking nuclear winter or an asteroid impact levels of disruption to block out global networks, and at that point, you've got something bigger than a technological dark age.
    He uses a migration crisis, global warming, and trade wars, to imply that it would be enough to wipe out communications and storage infrastructure, and their hundreds of redundancies.

  • dragon vic
    dragon vic Month ago

    Technology depend on basic sciences. If physicists can not find anything thing new, engineering can only use old stuff again and again....

  • iOSAndroidRebel
    iOSAndroidRebel Month ago

    Should include child porn, because there is a large epidemic. Alina Nikitina (liinaliiis) is the one responsible for it.

  • Jeremy Baker
    Jeremy Baker Month ago

    REligion must die,too thnk ur better cos....

  • J. P.
    J. P. Month ago

    Well this was a huge bummer...

  • Jack Savage
    Jack Savage Month ago

    Great technological advances are wondrous no doubt. I believe in 1859 we suffered a extreme solar storm. Telegraph rendered almost useless. What if the same storm happened today. Cannot even imagine the outcome.

  • homelessEh
    homelessEh Month ago

    EMp VAPE!!! there it all goes Every thing..all your data ALL OF IT your financial records Gone.. your bankaccount GONE gone gone gone credit cards Bap useless! debit BAP useless man oh man an emp would be like disney land across the globe. the best outcome.

  • Direct 995 yt
    Direct 995 yt Month ago +1

    Simple solution recycle phones

  • Melissa Hudson
    Melissa Hudson Month ago

    Is there an app to make a rotory switch?

  • Sher Khan
    Sher Khan Month ago +1

    1:23 Its not my obsession for upgrading, it is big tech companies are forcing us to upgrade to achieve software support for new hardware.

  • lefthandedpolack
    lefthandedpolack Month ago

    Your into is pretty factually wrong. Nobody had internet on their phone until the iderp came along. And like any new radical concept most had negative responses to the idea. Most of those people now use a smartphone all day but don't ever use them for anything useful.

  • Smileyrie James
    Smileyrie James Month ago

    It’s extremely disturbing how much damage Chump has done to the western alliance in just two years. Also the balance of power has been shifting & China particularly has been increasing in power, especially as they are focusing on renewable energy & related technologies, while the US & OPEC nations are trying to prolong the life of fossil fuel use.

  • Gork Skoal
    Gork Skoal Month ago

    For what it's worth not just next meal, but just something nice about pulling away from my 99 dood-dads, and taking simple stroll, or sinking my teeth into creature compforts and needs that feed hearth and home.

  • Kevin Morrison
    Kevin Morrison Month ago

    OMFG! Get a grip, yes the weather has changed but to say it has gotten a lot worse is just flat out the most ignorant comment ever! What a JOKE!

  • Gork Skoal
    Gork Skoal Month ago

    Maybie we were onto something partially in the 80s: sneaker net places, want to hang out with friends call them up etc.

  • Gork Skoal
    Gork Skoal Month ago

    6:40 the cloud is indeed very fragile. yesterday firefox teased at that. Basically the signing system for it failed for at least 4-5 hours. Meening that all kinds of stuff stopped working from backup systems that use it's DOM to mondane plugins. The fact is the cloud just not as stable as some want us to believe. Their's also the giant mess of the NODE world, how many different bits and pieces to build things do we need or want? I have some health issues that from time to time just make it a bad idea to drive. This is particularly bad when I need to get to a doctors office. Speaking from experience: booking uber with a fragile app is a PITA . Having a watch that requires internet service to even tell time is weird, cool, but weird. etc.

  • willisverynice
    willisverynice Month ago

    Tldr: you cant fight globalization because it is already in full force and the alternative is... Foundation.

  • John Turner
    John Turner Month ago

    Well I have never really disagreed with anything you have said until you called solar primitive. It kinda feels that you chose that word placement quite carefully to fulfil your narrative. That being said I agree with the rest

  • blaine pond
    blaine pond Month ago

    is unpopular is this statement is Puerto Rico is a third world country when Florida gets hit by a hurricane or out of power for four days at the most often time sooner than that and other states like New York deal with flooding and power outages from hurricanes because they don't regularly get hit by them so they don't regularly train in post catastrophe rehabilitation

  • blaine pond
    blaine pond Month ago

    you can't find the directions with a digital watch unless it has a built-in compass with an analog watch you can find true north

  • blaine pond
    blaine pond Month ago +2

    The ship's chronometer which is essentially a watch is what made global navigation possible

  • blaine pond
    blaine pond Month ago

    I do know that PC technology is rather stale compared to cell phones or I guess what you would call mobile technology.

  • Victor Clabaugh
    Victor Clabaugh Month ago

    Migrant caravans seem to be heading towards our boarders all the time lately where's all of them going to go our infastructure is texted already

  • SuperJV4x
    SuperJV4x Month ago

    how lame, i thought you were going to talk about how mankind is going to be totally enslaved and herded like animals

  • Ak47 T-Rex
    Ak47 T-Rex Month ago

    Sounds like countries need to stop taking in all these migrants.

  • Henri de Feraudy
    Henri de Feraudy Month ago

    Very good video.
    I wonder if there is a subfield of economics on technological and resource dependence.

  • MercurialCorsair
    MercurialCorsair Month ago

    Planned obsolescence is the match that will set this dark age a roiling.

  • Ahne Nerbe
    Ahne Nerbe Month ago +1

    We are not entering a dark age. On the contrary, the planets portend a glorious age of return to morality, truth, and honor. What you're seeing now is the last grasp of the dark ones, who are aware of the turning of the ages and trying to grab as much as they can before all corrupt institutions fall.

  • Jay Whyeff
    Jay Whyeff Month ago

    A video for the idiots ..., jeez.

  • Daniele Sbordone
    Daniele Sbordone 2 months ago

    Sounded like a video sponsored by globalists. Just my impression.

  • Emsley Wyatt
    Emsley Wyatt 2 months ago +1

    If we get to a point where the ability to construct analog watches is a problem, we'll be at a point where the sundial will suffice.

  • Ill Behaviour
    Ill Behaviour 2 months ago

    It's really quite depressing if you think about it...What could have been our future, compared to what our current future looks like.

  • Janet Steinman
    Janet Steinman 2 months ago +1

    Not to mention that Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and especially Amazon control the economy through monopolies. We are back in the age of the robber barons.

  • Mike Saunders
    Mike Saunders 2 months ago +3

    There was a rule passed a long time ago that everything has to have a shelf life - bulbs, TV's etc this was implemented to make sure there would always be a demand for products so we now live in a disposable world by design - we buy new - it lasts x years - we have to replace - repeat - maddness

  • Derek Jonez
    Derek Jonez 2 months ago

    If a disaster was powerful enough to destroy most of our technology it would make a smartphone one of the last things a person would need while food, clean water, and shelter would be the top three concerns and most of a person’s time would be spent on just surviving.

  • Erasmus SixFiftyFour
    Erasmus SixFiftyFour 2 months ago

    Any catastrophe that wipes out our entire stored knowledge base would wipe US out too. Those rare elements are available in massive amounts in asteroids.

    • Erasmus SixFiftyFour
      Erasmus SixFiftyFour 2 months ago

      All of the things mentioned here actually INCREASES technological progress rather than slowing or stopping it.

  • Smashing Pots
    Smashing Pots 2 months ago

    "Its hard to ignore the fact the weather is getting worse"
    Clearly youve never been to america

  • Kirby Gardner
    Kirby Gardner 2 months ago

    Your correct, a Malthusian event is on us. We're all screwed,man!!!

  • Cherie Barbee
    Cherie Barbee 2 months ago

    It makes me wonder if there were other societies before like ours lost to time

  • magburner
    magburner 2 months ago +2

    Horses would be far superior in the apocalypse. Bikes require smooth flat surfaces to get the most out of them. Sure you can do mountain biking and go off road, but you would not be travelling like that at every moment, it would be tiring, especially if you were carrying your own equipment. Horses however, are self-propelled mobile storage vehicles, that can navigate even the roughest of ground, can take you across treacherous rivers, and have a far higher top speed. If I had the choice of a horse or a bike, I would choose a horse every time.

    • Emsley Wyatt
      Emsley Wyatt 2 months ago +1

      And if worse comes to worse, you could eat them.

  • John Normal
    John Normal 2 months ago +2

    Store our knowledge in DNA sequences?

  • Random ID 10 T
    Random ID 10 T 2 months ago

    Ain't we goin to Marz?

  • Paul Britton
    Paul Britton 2 months ago

    I think it's a series of valid arguments

  • richystar2001
    richystar2001 2 months ago

    Server hub erasing can destroy human knowledge in the blink of an eye.. Knowledge could be lost when the world turns into a globalist authoritarian Islamic Shithole. It's easier to press a button and erase human history stored on magnetic hard drives then to destroy the Egyptian Pyramids.... At one time ISIS actually calculated how long it would take to destroy the Pyramids because it offended the Islamic timeline in the Koran.

  • Halberdin
    Halberdin 2 months ago +1

    5:50 Our family had (or has?) exactly that type of wall clock on the right. I hated it because it made so much noise, but that was intentional.

  • Rick O'Shay
    Rick O'Shay 2 months ago

    There's no hope, Simon. Save the #1 bullet for yourself.

  • Alexander B
    Alexander B 2 months ago +4

    I've been saying for years now that we progressed too quickly. We grew so fast that we never took the time to ensure we could keep going.

  • Aus Bare
    Aus Bare 2 months ago +1

    Over population.

  • paul greenwood
    paul greenwood 2 months ago +1

    This is the most relevant video TopTenz has ever produced.

  • Liz Taylor
    Liz Taylor 2 months ago

    Any data stored or created in the last 40 years isn't necessary for our survival so that loss isn't anything to be worried about.

  • El Prezidente
    El Prezidente 2 months ago

    The dark ages stopped technology advancement for about 500 years. However, was it a bad thing? Imagine Hitler coming to power with technology from 2433! :(
    Scorched Earth.

  • Francis Boylan
    Francis Boylan 2 months ago +1

    At least it'd put a stop to A.i research and development.

  • Artaxerxes
    Artaxerxes 2 months ago

    An apocalypse will come. Not anytime within the next 20 years

  • DeathbyZoe
    DeathbyZoe 2 months ago

    If the information is lost by lets say a flood the books are going to not be any better ._.

  • Jose Sanchez
    Jose Sanchez 2 months ago +1

    Glad I held on to all my Hustlers

    • Rick TD
      Rick TD 2 months ago +1

      Yea Jose, and I'm glad I kept those hookers I kidnapped locked in my basement for emergencies. Ahhhhhhh ha ha just kidding. I don't have a basement.

  • BlankBrain
    BlankBrain 2 months ago

    As resources decline, population increases, and trade wars escalate, the likelihood of WWIII increases. The expanding military investment by the US makes this very tempting to conservatives and corporations, who would profit from war. If that happens, wrist watches will be the least of our problems.

  • Brian Dean
    Brian Dean 2 months ago


  • Mortachai Epstein
    Mortachai Epstein 2 months ago +1

    The greatest evidence to a dark age in tech is AdChoices. I hope whoever runs AdChoices dies a slow and painful death.

  • Evil Fluff
    Evil Fluff 2 months ago

    I think technically will move to a newer platform like maybe light based or organic computer your electric based computers are in danger from a natural EMP. In technology we look at radio tubes ( valves if you live in the U.K) the rectifier tube would be damaged from emp and computer have a rectifiers of sorts in them. Magnetic field storage would to be damaged as well but ssd should be okay. Some companies and government computer are protected by faraday cages. But computers and phones are just bricks with out power. And in a war you don’t think some country is not going to take out GPS you are wrong.

  • Jessica Sevin
    Jessica Sevin 2 months ago

    So does this mean I don't have to worry about artificial intelligence taking control of the world

  • joseph smith
    joseph smith 2 months ago +3

    I pride myself on knowing a little about everything

    • Lunchos El Maximus
      Lunchos El Maximus 2 months ago +1

      thats the point. Not many people know a LOT about things these days.

  • Anthony London
    Anthony London 2 months ago

    Think you forgot to mention that several millions died in central Africa through fighting by groups to possess the mines producing these rare metals for smartphones.

  • Steve Lofthouse
    Steve Lofthouse 2 months ago +1

    I once thought about committing suicide. Thanks Simon, you've convinced me to think about it again . . 'Cos it's all true isn't it?

  • Oma Cool
    Oma Cool 2 months ago

    Dumb donald has zero understanding of these issues. Hes a.clear and present danger to the world.

  • Oma Cool
    Oma Cool 2 months ago

    Yes thank you for explaining this. Not to mention terrorism and emp.

  • samuel boggs
    samuel boggs 2 months ago

    The prolonged use of fossil based fuels that the world economy is based on is the primary cause. It is primarily responsible for global warming and the forthcoming ecological disaster. Greed is a prison that traps us all.

  • Dustin Boyd
    Dustin Boyd 2 months ago

    Just another reason why learning how to use compasses and sextants are not wastes of both effort and time.

  • Starjammerblue
    Starjammerblue 2 months ago

    With the inevitability of historic time the Long Night approaches. Our cycle of civilization shifts from the rising principate to that of the falling dominate and thus our civilization is doomed , like ancient Rome, Egypt and Babylon before it, to die. A shame. We almost got to the stars.

  • Roger England
    Roger England 2 months ago

    Based on unexplained findings it seems like we have faced this scenario before in ages past.

  • Ryan Duncan
    Ryan Duncan 2 months ago

    They must mine in space then

  • Gifyifhk hmcucyk
    Gifyifhk hmcucyk 2 months ago

    Lol this guy is acting like its a bad thing tho.

  • goldassayer93555
    goldassayer93555 2 months ago

    Error three. There is a huge volume to the space around the earth out to 23,000 miles where our satellites orbit they are not crowded together like cars on the freeway at rush hour. They will not run into each other unless guided to do just that.

  • goldassayer93555
    goldassayer93555 2 months ago

    Second major error. We will adapt or fix the environment. Los Angeles used to have terrible smog but changes in rules on smoke and vehicle exhaust have cleaned up the air remarkably. The Pacific Ocean has a lot of plastic pollution but a young man invented a floating trash collector that is now cleaning up the plastic pollution.
    The climate changes beyond our control but we can adapt and make changes to our farming techniques to produce food or keep the roads open despite environmental changes and we have and will do that.

  • goldassayer93555
    goldassayer93555 2 months ago

    OooH! Major error! Ultra accurate time pieces are necessary to GPS. The ability of UPS to deliver packages depends on the precise location of addresses and mapping the route to get their with delivery trucks, airplanes, and ships. Mechanical watches are not remotely accurate enough to make GPS work so your worry about the loss of watchmakers is unrealistic. We need people to can keep these precise digital timepieces and radios working at the board level not mechanical watch makers.

  • Srulio
    Srulio 2 months ago +1

    Many valid observations. Perhaps more consideration of foreseeable innovations would be useful.

  • Hadwell
    Hadwell 2 months ago +1

    that's not even a satellite, it's a space craft... soyuz..

    • Lunchos El Maximus
      Lunchos El Maximus 2 months ago

      the moon is technically a satellite. Check the definition.

  • shawn foogle
    shawn foogle 2 months ago

    Resources in space. We are fine if we mine

  • Richard Blankenship
    Richard Blankenship 2 months ago

    The Idiocracy is the next step in human evolution.

  • Pixelated Mushroom
    Pixelated Mushroom 2 months ago

    "Whether or not you believe..." at 7:44, by acknowledging the alt-right non-scientific junk here, you identify yourself as perhaps one of the team

  • Billie Tyree
    Billie Tyree 2 months ago


  • Joshu's Dog
    Joshu's Dog 2 months ago

    If we want to keep innovating and producing technological advances we need to start upgrading ourselves. Many research teams utilize computers and AI in order to make new discoveries or techniques. One computer or AI could do the work of several scientists, thereby reducing the amount of people needed to complete a project from hundreds to dozens. If we begin to enhance ourselves to be able to do more tasks more efficiently and retain more knowledge maybe then one person could have all the knowledge necessary to build a smartphone from scratch.

  • Gabriel Sanders
    Gabriel Sanders 2 months ago

    people who constantly upgrade to the latest phone are idiots

  • Martin D
    Martin D 2 months ago

    The finger wigglers are a preisthood and the ones on the national dime Know what happened. They will dig holes to protect themselves. They have no alternative but to subject themselves to the inner circle's greatest fear because, emotionally, they are youths. They hid in their screens early. They aren't going to lead.

  • Hardware.ai
    Hardware.ai 2 months ago

    Deep Adaptation, anybody?

  • Khaos Inoculation
    Khaos Inoculation 2 months ago

    Not scale back on smartphones.. Smartphones is a single device that can hold millions if not more devices that the world like a mindless disease still accepts resources being wasted on. Humanity needs higher standards. You pretty much countered one of the primary solutions by saying that, and its funny because you pointed out how the stupid versions is the problem with that tech.
    Human madness has extended well beyond realizing pollution, but has no problem with factories pumping millions of disposable versions of even air cleaners over the best of human knowledge. Won't be long until the people with their fingers on the trigger can't be reasoned with because the facts would prove them entirely justified.
    Research ancient civilizations, and look what kingdoms did to their subjects when resources got low. Do you think they would wait for them to become a threat? Yeah, we're watching, and you are fear bombing while avoiding the solutions. Add solutions.. I.G Instead of many versions of the smartphone to farm slaves for money so a government can be just as confused at spending, you demand the best most durable possible as the default standard over spreading precious resources into the trash. Billions of tons less resource waste, much more energy saving, and less factory pollution for the highest results.
    Tik tok.. Until hunting season.. *Continues running simulations of non-nuclear or biological alternatives of pushing space rocks into the sea to thin the herd to preserve the species* They call it hunting season.. We call it project flood.

  • Jennie Kelly
    Jennie Kelly 2 months ago

    I grew up in the 70's & 80's; we didn't have cell phones, computers, and digital watches. Things were not horrible, we used phones that you had to either dial or push buttons, and we had to write down or memorize friends phone numbers. Also, companies used to pride themselves for making products that lasted up to 20 yrs, this could be the norm again if greed wasn't so prevalent. All this can be made again, in the same manner.
    I have heard that the fire in Alexandria only damaged receipts, census reports, and other basic information. All of the historical information is in the Vatican Library. I'm hoping this is true. Taking information on digital storage can be solved by once again utilizing scribes and sharing information globally by mail. If we immediately start using them, we can save our history. We will need to make sure not to use information in textbooks used for primary schools and Universities as it is not correct.
    There are a HUGE number of bicycles in China that have been discarded because of "Community Bicycles", because they made too many of them. These can be used again & shipped by boat globally.
    Cell phones have not been expected to improve each year by consumers. This has been the creation of cell phone companies greed to make more money. We need to find other metals that are not becoming rare. Perhaps the same method of creating pharmaceuticals synthetically from plants could be if satellites aren't destroyed by synthetically making these metals we are running out of.
    If it had not been for greed by Edison and JP Morgan, we would be using Tesla's version of free energy, no wires but by using Tesla's towers many miles apart, and free energy would be what we use. This technology could be used instead of hanging wires that are susceptible to weather damage or fire. I don't know how accessible this information is, but needs to become our only method of utility.
    All of the advertisements for high end & less expensive watches are all analog. Digital watches just look cheap. Smart watches are simply not needed, to pay for a product, start using cards & cash again. Your credit & debit card numbers used by banks, are still information that can be hacked by thieves.
    Sorry my comment is so long. I am older and grew up in a different era of technology. Much Love 😊💕

  • TheReven1
    TheReven1 2 months ago

    And people think preppers are crazy. Sure sounds to me like they may be on to something. I could see millennials panicking and rioting and burning the country if their smart phones turned off and never came back on.

  • MarrisaPlays
    MarrisaPlays 2 months ago +1

    im not even surprised the metals are running out with how often NEW versions of things come out and you are incentivized to upgrade to that