Preparing the next generation of GPS

  • Published on Dec 1, 2019
  • Originally developed by the U.S. military, the Global Positioning System (GPS) as we now know it became operational in 1995, and has since become vital to nearly every facet of modern life, from our smartphones to the internet and the electrical grid. David Pogue was invited into the Air Force's GPS Master Control Station at Schriever Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Colo, and visits Lockheed Martin, where a new generation of GPS III satellites is being built.
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Comments • 522

  • Shawn Green For US Senate

    I am pretty sure this channel has been purchased by the Kremlin somehow. I know it sounds crazy the stakes have never been higher.

    THE KING PUG 13 days ago

    Just used the map 🗺

  • Babak Banijamali
    Babak Banijamali 13 days ago

    They should play this during Sesame Street. It's a sesame street level of technical reporting.

  • Babak Banijamali
    Babak Banijamali 13 days ago

    I was hoping this would be so much more detailed than a guy getting giddy with laughing fits. I'll need to turn to VICE for more in-depth coverage.

  • Michael D
    Michael D 13 days ago

    Hope it fixes Google's maps cause Google maps sucks some times

  • 1307scooter
    1307scooter 13 days ago

    I remember my me and my dads glovebox stuffed with maps.

  • Dale Marshall
    Dale Marshall 15 days ago

    You still can't beat a good road atlas I have a phone phone and a GPS and I still use my road atlas 75% of the time

  • Skooter623
    Skooter623 16 days ago

    As usual, a lot of great ideas for our enemies to do us great harm given out by our very own press

  • Gemarica
    Gemarica 16 days ago

    There is some news for the old guy. There is not one but there are three back-up systems build in in any phone, or new GPS system. It is Galileo from the EU, Glonass from Russia and Beidou form China. With some luck you migt even connect to the Japanese much more limited system. All gadgets work with all 4 systems. It is hard to believe that the EU would knock America of its system and the otherway around.

  • Ray Bechtel
    Ray Bechtel 17 days ago +1

    I have not watched CBS Sunday Morning since Jane took over, did she find a way to bash President Trump in this story?

  • HailAnts
    HailAnts 17 days ago +4

    I hate hate *HATE* it when technically interesting stories are assigned to no-nothing goofballs...

    • M Del Valle
      M Del Valle 13 days ago +1

      @Babak Banijamali Is very unlikely that an established tv show on a main network picks a blogger or "creator" for a piece like this.

    • Babak Banijamali
      Babak Banijamali 13 days ago

      YES. Exactly this. The interviewer turned me off with his flat out laughing and not being to understand. Send someone with more technical chomps next time. the internet is full of them. Source accordingly.

    • M Del Valle
      M Del Valle 13 days ago

      You're not thinking of whos their audience. Prob you're not the show's target audience.

  • BDevi0us
    BDevi0us 18 days ago

    Thanks to Boomer we all pay taxes cause he's lost?

  • Rackn Stacker
    Rackn Stacker 19 days ago +2

    It’s almost like CBS is taunting the bad guys to attack this system. They constantly talk about what would happen if this system was taken down. How dependent we are on this system. Very strange

  • alexat62
    alexat62 20 days ago

    Anyone know how David Pogue continues to have a job in television? He is annoyingly stupid and somewhat repulsive looking. Or are those the necessary qualifications for working at CBS 😉?

  • Mitchell Smith
    Mitchell Smith 20 days ago

    The GPS III program costs less than two-tenths of one percent of all federal receipts. If you pay $10,000 in federal taxes each year, your cost for GPS III is $16.48, and that’s not per year, that’s the entire program cost. It’s a great deal for Americans and for the world. The U. S. does a lot of damage to this planet, but we can be proud of our government’s and military’s efforts to provide GPS to everyone.

  • Tenente David
    Tenente David 21 day ago


  • Lyfan Deth
    Lyfan Deth 22 days ago

    They didn't mention that some 200 gps jamming and spoofing events happened last year in the US. This is not hypothetical, it is already a huge problem.

  • Mitchell Kasdin
    Mitchell Kasdin 23 days ago

    Hey Dave. Try to reboot it when they are not looking.

  • Dylan Valenti
    Dylan Valenti 23 days ago

    So id gps goes down. What happens? People have to start reading maps again? And google directions? Lol

  • bababue33
    bababue33 23 days ago

    And the old ones go where?

  • Pro1er
    Pro1er 23 days ago

    OMG, do you think high school students should be overseas fighting our wars? I never liked Pogue's sense of humor.

  • daniel letterman
    daniel letterman 23 days ago +4

    The same snotty people that HAVE TO point out that the GPS system is paid for tax dollars are likely the same jackasses who say the government is useless and want lower taxes.
    Seriously...if it was pointed out that everyone has "free access" to it, you same b@stards would call it communism!!! or socialism !!! and golly, that ain't right !!!!!
    America is only "great" because there aren't f'ing @ssh@les worried that someone else is getting more value from something than they are. Mo' fo' complainers.

  • Greg Warner
    Greg Warner 24 days ago

    Can you imagine what might happen if one of our lesser enemies uses our GPS for their military and when they attack we turn off, or twist their GPS signals .

  • John-Paul Nagel
    John-Paul Nagel 24 days ago +1

    I’m Glad I grew up without it!
    Always Tracking

  • Bobby Little
    Bobby Little 24 days ago +1

    There are two systems in one. They can shutdown the civilian side if they need too. The military side is extremely accurate. As with phones, they only way to track with GPS is if you download a app and it asks you for permission to use GPS. See the latest company that got hacked. Lot of GPS locations and times of people's phone info was stolen. Yes cell towers are used too. Ping! Ping. Get it.

  • Craig Freeman
    Craig Freeman 25 days ago

    For all of you who have been worried that “they” can track your GPS, don’t, as your GPS device, not unlike a 1960’s transistor radio is a passive device, it only receives a signal. However, “they” can follow your cellular telephone, be it a smart one or dumb thru tower triangulation, but that would only narrow it down to several square miles the towers service. Personally, I’d be more concerned with all of the traffic light cameras, and local business cameras that can follow you real time, easy please 🙀

  • Common Ground
    Common Ground 25 days ago

    I believe the biggest threat to a stable and civilized environment is the takedown of the Internet, because the power grid, communication and countless other dependant infrastructures will go down with it. This can be accomplished by initiating an electromagnetic pulse attack, or by disabling key satellites in the global communications network. It is my opinion that wide scale nuclear proliferation will not occur. The bottom line is that if you can exist far from populated areas and be self sufficient for a relatively long period of time, your odds of survival are good. Not easy but the type of destabilization I am describing is a real possibility.

  • crimony
    crimony 25 days ago

    GPS went operational in the mid-80s. It wasn't encrypted. It was very precise.

  • Clyde Cessna
    Clyde Cessna 25 days ago +4

    Why does the reporter have to reduce himself and the subject to kindergarten level? We cannot all be that stupid we did build the Air Force and the satellite in the first place. CBS: treat us your viewers and shareholders with dignity and respect.

    • Greg Warner
      Greg Warner 24 days ago

      I would suggest vacuum heads.

    • Bobby Little
      Bobby Little 24 days ago

      Their not talking to you or me, their talking to "Air-heads".

  • Stephen Verchinski
    Stephen Verchinski 25 days ago

    If it involves 5G count me out. No real safety testing.

  • EdmondEnterprises Group Inc.

    Nice thanks for the view

  • IB Hunter
    IB Hunter 26 days ago

    Solar activity can and has disrupted GPS on several occasions. A CME could be devastating!

  • mehdouch80
    mehdouch80 26 days ago

    The GPS service is not free, it's paid for by the US taxpayer!

    • daniel letterman
      daniel letterman 23 days ago

      Duh !! Access if free, but if they said'd b*tch it was communism and want it removed like government healthcare.

  • Dawid Bredenkamp
    Dawid Bredenkamp 27 days ago

    Thank you USA, I also use GPS in many devices, and I never paid taxes in your country ;-)

  • rodeo o
    rodeo o 28 days ago

    0:33,,YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY???? OF COURSE WE DO,,,,,,,,ITS CALLED TAXES............

  • Gregory Cotter
    Gregory Cotter 28 days ago

    Our tax dollars pay for that free utility.

  • Einar Karl Gunnarsson
    Einar Karl Gunnarsson Month ago +2

    This host is the worst. Please move him to the basement.

  • David Dennis
    David Dennis Month ago

    Our enemies depend upon it too so the threat to it is diminished.

    • William Wheeler
      William Wheeler Month ago +1

      David Dennis , there are three other highly accurate time transmitting sat systems being constructed as I type. The Europeans, the Russians, and the Chinese are all in various stages of construction of their own independent constellations. So our enemies will soon have other options. In addition, you will soon have two or three low Earth Orbit communication systems that will send out the time from enough known orbit satellites that you could use them to triangulate your position. GPS, as the first mover, has a huge advantage and since it is quite ubiquitous the hardware is cheap as chips, no pun intended. So the threat is real. It’s also the time basis for just too many things in our modern world.
      For instance, the new World Trade Center in NYC has a large multi receiver distribution system that was a major part of the buildings infrastructure since so many of their tenants use GPS based time servers for their networks. Modern financial system demand highly accurate time stamps and record keeping. So to keep from having to run hundreds of cables to the roof of the building they built a GPS system into the building.

  • akyhne
    akyhne Month ago

    The internet needs GPS to work?

  • randy johnson
    randy johnson Month ago


  • Robert Shipley
    Robert Shipley Month ago

    Didn't taxes pay for this

    DIMAX I Month ago

    China will attack us like this, one day

    • DIMAX I
      DIMAX I 29 days ago

      @vondahe Scary times

    • vondahe
      vondahe 29 days ago +1

      The Ruskis already have done that in Syria and Ukraine but not with jamming. They sent incorrect signals to make you think you’re somewhere else.

    • DIMAX I
      DIMAX I 29 days ago +1

      @Michael Hartman Scary. China is still. Our largest threat.

    • Michael Hartman
      Michael Hartman 29 days ago +1

      North Korea regularly transmits GPS jamming signals, which interferes with airline, and fishing boat navigation. I suspect he is signaling the world what he might do, while being his usual twerp self.

  • David
    David Month ago

    I pay $130 a month for my GPS

  • Null Null
    Null Null Month ago

    Hardcore Absolute Fact: GPS is not free! IF you are connected to the Beast System, THEN you are being tracked by elitist governments whom have plans for us all ( sinister and uninviting )!

    • Null Null
      Null Null Month ago

      GPS = Land Towers bouncing signals off The Dome Of God and to devices or through receivers that clean up the signal + underground cables in the ocean attached to towers! IF there are satellites, THEN they are actually high powered lithium battery drones that hover below firmament!

  • TJ King
    TJ King Month ago +2

    It’s not for free, the US tax payer dollars pay for the Air force.

    • millsathn
      millsathn Month ago

      Free at the point of service. Like how US should have free healthcare and free public college.

  • ilyramen
    ilyramen Month ago

    Chill out with the Botox

  • Mustard Pikachu
    Mustard Pikachu Month ago +2

    "FOR FREE"

  • jeff medvin
    jeff medvin Month ago +12

    So they send a clown to report on the GPS system, perfect.

  • jrlbruins
    jrlbruins Month ago +1

    this host is a joke

  • Meldridge Reed Jr
    Meldridge Reed Jr Month ago

    You should read "The Accidental Superpower", " The Absent Superpower" and "Disunited Nations" by Peter Zeihan.

  • jburrr
    jburrr Month ago

    “For free” lol okay

  • Flat Earth Watertown New York

    GPS is ground based towers. Signals bounce off the Firmament. Space is sci-fi. Don't get fooled by CGI.

  • Sky Earth
    Sky Earth Month ago


  • wattsmichaele
    wattsmichaele Month ago

    I think there are Russian, European, and Chinese GPS satellites too. You can access them automatically on many GPS devices.

    WRAITH! Month ago

    1:15, the face of a woman tolerant of exactly ZERO BS

  • Bret Pardon Judah
    Bret Pardon Judah Month ago

    🤔hmmm we usually see space launches but why haven't we heard about or seen a rocket launched into space with satellites aboard? Especially if there's thousands of satellites floating around in space. We haven't launched that many rockets into space. Also why can't we see them with high powered telescopes but yet we can count the exact amount of moon craters? 🤔hmmm

  • b-b
    b-b Month ago

    The Patriot Act.

  • ভাইসাব Bros

    This reporter appear to think that tax is taken for nothing

  • Simply_Fitt_
    Simply_Fitt_ Month ago

    Diana Burt ... she is absolutely gorgeous omg very attractive woman, God Bless her 💖😘

  • darrick steele
    darrick steele Month ago

    asking a soldier if the military's training is "safe" might be considered less than insightful...