• Published on Nov 12, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Onibi Onna
    Onibi Onna 25 days ago +1239

    7:00 i mean this just makes me mad and sad, like the whole hating each other after a certain amount of time thing is stupid and annoying, but this is 62 _years_ hes been doing this probably their whole lives together, she could have been in a happy and healthy relationship with someone who wasnt a pos for all those years

    • LolXd Frag_ Me_II
      LolXd Frag_ Me_II 13 days ago

      Ok boomer

    • Klaas-Jan de Bruin
      Klaas-Jan de Bruin 16 days ago

      ok boomer

    • LittleWizard Gaming
      LittleWizard Gaming 16 days ago

      Ok boomer

    • Archodus Vaxal
      Archodus Vaxal 21 day ago

      I would guess that this caused by people not being true to themselves at the beginning stages of relationships. They'll put on a facade, in the first decade, just to seal the deal, but once the knot gets tied: all of the shitty behavior and pettiness comes back up to the surface.

    • Spartan Crusader
      Spartan Crusader 22 days ago

      Onibi Onna
      Ok boomer

  • Skully Smalls
    Skully Smalls 2 days ago

    8:14 r/CursedComments

  • OkbVinyl
    OkbVinyl 3 days ago

    11:31 heh, 10 exes and a genderbent Scott Pilgrim. You sure?

  • I am Dog BORK BORK
    I am Dog BORK BORK 5 days ago

    Em Kay: *reads text*
    Also Em Kay: *realizes that the name tag is OkBoomerIfGay* " What, nooooooo"

  • I am Dog BORK BORK
    I am Dog BORK BORK 5 days ago

    I got a RU-clip ad that said " Would you prefer Adiasids or nifkesx

  • Ember Rain
    Ember Rain 6 days ago

    Let him eat

  • Strawberry Pine
    Strawberry Pine 6 days ago


  • Mr_Wiggles
    Mr_Wiggles 8 days ago

    Is my dad the only boomer who likes being called boomer

  • Brookie Cookie
    Brookie Cookie 10 days ago

    That fan art was really creative 👏👏👏👌

  • Channel of Random
    Channel of Random 10 days ago

    K we will be on coolmathgames

  • NieMonD
    NieMonD 10 days ago

    8:37 I just about died

  • GoTree64
    GoTree64 11 days ago

    That toilet paper one... my parents would just make me use it.

  • GoTree64
    GoTree64 11 days ago

    "OkBoomerIfGay" is the funniest reverse card I've seen in a bit.

  • isaac Benedict
    isaac Benedict 11 days ago

    3:43 ok boomer

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith 12 days ago

    Damian some people got married in their twenties by force of family or circumstances. It wasnt really a choice back then, so getting hitched quick was practical and sustain society norms.
    Couple that with certain cultures arranging marriages and (even now, my friend is in this sinareo) she cant get married to her girlfriend (lovely gal) because her family will disown her (by decree of the ‘monark’ of the family) the grandmother, who keeps trying to ‘give her off’ to a nice boy from a good family. Seriously. Ive been offed my mate’s hand because of this. It was a really weird conversation and i stopped visiting her house.
    So hating your spouce was fairly common and even helped build comedic performances and comedy shows like “Married with kids” being a popular example.
    Hope this helps

  • Austin Kue
    Austin Kue 12 days ago

    11:30 A girl at my school in 6th has 11 exes so he ain’t even got a lot ;D

  • Wolfy Boye
    Wolfy Boye 13 days ago

    that fanart is dope af.

  • Robert Cosmin
    Robert Cosmin 13 days ago

    Ok boomer

  • JinkZelda
    JinkZelda 13 days ago

    Fun fact. The guy complaining about being a boomer isnt even a millennial. I think they are called igens? Anyone born in 1995 and after is not a millennial.

  • Dylan Noah
    Dylan Noah 13 days ago

    shayne is a madlad

  • blank facade
    blank facade 14 days ago

    Your laugh sounds like a villain, and it's amazing.

  • ShipQueen28
    ShipQueen28 14 days ago

    2:31 Chaotic good

  • Liggliluff
    Liggliluff 14 days ago +1

    (3:00) Why would they use Fahrenheit? They are researchers, so wouldn't they love to use Celcius?
    200 °F is about 93 °C, saunas are commonly 90 °C, so lets go with that. The mean annual temperature at the south pole is -49.5 °C, so lets round that to -50 °C
    Saunas can be 100 °C too, which would make this the Club 150. But I guess people use Fahrenheit and Imperial when those numbers are bigger, to make it sound even greater.

  • Galaxybro 2
    Galaxybro 2 14 days ago

    Im mad about the Deutsch one because Im German

  • Sam Gold
    Sam Gold 14 days ago

    That canary at the end is seriously 🅱️epic

  • Soviet scientist
    Soviet scientist 15 days ago

    I found a free pass for no nut November

  • Claudia Borges
    Claudia Borges 15 days ago

    10:13 it's because of the regrea of violating his sanctuary
    I bet she's lying anyways

  • temmie bois
    temmie bois 15 days ago


  • Goliath Projects
    Goliath Projects 15 days ago

    0:38 *badass guitar riff* _"Shake hands with danger..."_

  • Artrysa
    Artrysa 15 days ago

    4:24 Such a missed opportunity! You should have let him fight someone. Sell tickets, broadcast it somewhere, and you could have donated the money to a charity. Everyone wins!

  • Thoothpaste Boi
    Thoothpaste Boi 16 days ago

    Ok tbh does that teacher the one that was cosplayed just look like a really mad alpharad

  • Caasi42
    Caasi42 16 days ago

    Fun Fact: you don't need an account to like/dislike on PornHub

  • Kati Neko
    Kati Neko 16 days ago

    5:13 that's Shayne from Smosh 😂

  • Megan D xx
    Megan D xx 17 days ago

    Just went to the cello as a guitar video and it was shite! He’s right xx

  • Dark_ Unit829
    Dark_ Unit829 17 days ago

    11 year old fucking murders the crocodile
    Florida man: not bad kid

  • Dark_ Unit829
    Dark_ Unit829 17 days ago

    that fuckin teacher looks like Ian from Smosh

  • Cupriferous Catalyst
    Cupriferous Catalyst 17 days ago

    Pasting the Bee Movie script were it doesn't belong is still my favorite meme after all these years. Once when working on a group project in Google Docs (where multiple people can edit the same document at once) I just silently created a couple blank pages at the end and hit CTRL+V. It took hours before anyone realized the page count had jumped from 15 to 350.

  • Cleetus Cortes
    Cleetus Cortes 17 days ago

    1:59 we don’t know the full context it could just be fake news

  • 乇乂丅尺卂 丅卄工匚匚

    The hard boiled egg one had me physically cringing

  • Ice Tea In the Garden
    Ice Tea In the Garden 17 days ago

    Im from that school at 7:38 they since removed it, how do I know I SENT ALL THE STAFF BEE MOVIE AND THE SHREK SCRIPT

  • George Costarica
    George Costarica 18 days ago

    I just saw your FACE. You are not a dirty egyptian. Why didn't you say so?

  • Isaiah Vanmeveren
    Isaiah Vanmeveren 18 days ago

    Just realised the f word with ing at the end =king if you cut the first 3 letters off im amazed

  • Imthesuperior1
    Imthesuperior1 18 days ago

    8:37 it’s the best noise

  • Mad Paddy
    Mad Paddy 18 days ago

    2:41 I am Australian and now I am dying inside xD

  • Angus and Antony
    Angus and Antony 18 days ago

    Damien are you a boomer

  • yeety
    yeety 18 days ago


    student who cosplayed teacher: I’m boutta end this mans whole career

  • Thomas blair
    Thomas blair 18 days ago

    i disliked because he told me to like the video

  • Pokemon 250
    Pokemon 250 18 days ago

    3:40-3:46 okay boomer

  • the stray cat
    the stray cat 18 days ago

    6:00 i like green nut and jam i like it sam i cram i like it on my face , i like it in my place i like it with a goat i like it from a boat i like it in a train i like it on plain i like sam i cram i like it in a box i like it with a fox i like it a lot sam i cram

  • Aly Massa
    Aly Massa 18 days ago +1

    I heard "boob window" and i immediately thought of "cleavage clearing"

  • Matt Clark
    Matt Clark 18 days ago

    This would be a lot less surprising if you changed Crocodile to Alligator and Zimbabwe to Florida.

  • Child Molester 4131
    Child Molester 4131 18 days ago

    ι’ℓℓ gινє уσυ α ¢ℓυє
    ιƒ уσυ тσυ¢н ¢нιℓ∂яєη
    уσυ ωιℓℓ вє ∂ιρρє∂ ιη вαявє¢υє

  • chicken tends
    chicken tends 18 days ago

    I paused it to see if it would stop moving and it dident and i was shookth

  • Fire is nice
    Fire is nice 18 days ago

    9:30 that's one way to have an enima

  • jonathan howard
    jonathan howard 19 days ago

    2:37 r/murderlads

  • banned4unknowen
    banned4unknowen 19 days ago

    Get permission from the creator and make Merch of the emkay god

  • Duck Mint
    Duck Mint 19 days ago

    Are you *ok boomer?*

  • Ender Stine
    Ender Stine 19 days ago

    if your a boomer reply ok boomer

  • Cara Nielsen
    Cara Nielsen 19 days ago +5

    Damien: “OkayBoomerIfGa-Nooooooooooooooo”

  • CountedOregon 75
    CountedOregon 75 19 days ago

    100000000000000 for how many hours of ear rape I played last night