I Discovered The Next Ariana Grande (Child Prodigy)

  • Published on Jan 20, 2019
  • Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to Hayley Sullivan singing "Imagine" by Ariana Grande (including the whistle notes!!) Subscribe to her: ru-clip.com/video/tGQLANFLays/video.html
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    Twitter: twitter.com/maestroparedes
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  • Random Potato
    Random Potato Day ago +1

    Please react to emery Bingham

  • Prachi Sen
    Prachi Sen Day ago

    Please react to Audrey Mika

  • zcxelliexcz !
    zcxelliexcz ! 2 days ago

    she reminded me of billie eilish for some reason?

  • chandler bailiff
    chandler bailiff 4 days ago

    React to Audrey Mika!!!! She has a beautiful voice!

  • Mirandacorn28
    Mirandacorn28 4 days ago +1

    Is that the girl who was on Gabi Demartino's channel??

  • Miss Jupiter
    Miss Jupiter 4 days ago


  • Bliss Soctomah
    Bliss Soctomah 7 days ago

    **random stuffed eggplant**

  • Sasha Prayogo
    Sasha Prayogo 7 days ago

    She hit the whistle notes like it's nothing :o

  • saradrawsfandoms ‘

    here’s what confuses me tho: those whistle notes are obviously edited or auto-tuned or something. her vocals don’t have an echo for the entire cover except for the whistle notes. the whistle notes are the only notes that sound metallic or robotic sounding, like she added reverb. is anyone else getting this?

    • ItsRaine YT
      ItsRaine YT 3 days ago

      saradrawsfandoms ‘ it could also be because of the loudness of the whistle or the highness cause even in parking when you scream or do something like that it echoes. I know that because I did that before

  • Return of the MAK
    Return of the MAK 7 days ago

    yooooo she disabled comments on her vid then i saw thissss

  • Hehe Hehe
    Hehe Hehe 7 days ago +1

    I sound like a dying goat

  • Ghazal Matbouli
    Ghazal Matbouli 7 days ago

    K when she did the whistle note I got *puts leg up* gossbumps

  • Alleigha Anderson
    Alleigha Anderson 8 days ago

    I find myself making the same exact 'disgusted' face Tristan makes when I'm Impressed and loving it.

  • Maddy Pulis
    Maddy Pulis 9 days ago +1

    Hello Tristian,
    I'm 12, and I can sing pretty low, like not trying to brag or anything like that, but for example in 'hello' by adele, all of her low notes are pretty easy, but I have no ideas how high I can go, or exactly how low I can go. I know a little bit of how low I can go, but not a whole lot. So how do I learn my range, and also, does it sound okay, when you are 'covering' a song, and you make notes that aren't really low, really low, then get to a soft, high-ish note? (I'm really into 'hostage' by Billie Eilish rn, and im making the 'let me crawl inside your vains' quite lower, then making the 'ill build a wall and give you a call and chain' realyyyyy low, then making the 'its not like me to be so mean' bit really soft and high-ish. So I was wondering if that sounds okay.... So thanks! It's okay if you can't help me, but I was hoping you could.

  • Sophie.
    Sophie. 9 days ago

    Her whistle notes: *damn that gave me chills*
    Me: *tries but sends everyone near me to the hospital to get their ears checked to make sure they can still hear properly*

  • Sophie AKA Saucie Bun
    Sophie AKA Saucie Bun 10 days ago

    can you react to sophie fatu's speechless cover?

  • Maddie M
    Maddie M 11 days ago

    tell me why i was dying when i paused the video @ 1:35 and saw his face

  • Madona Khela
    Madona Khela 11 days ago +1

    oh lord imagine if he reacted to emery, hold on too your wigs sisters 😂

  • ėmmå :3
    ėmmå :3 12 days ago

    I actually sound pretty good at singing im just rlly like u know nervous to show my voice

  • Camille Watkins
    Camille Watkins 12 days ago

    somebody go check on emery.

  • Shelby Fewell
    Shelby Fewell 13 days ago

    Someone check out my singing on RU-clip and insta! I'd appreciate!🖤@shelbyfewel.

  • Itz_ Harriet Potter
    Itz_ Harriet Potter 15 days ago +2

    I try to whistle but i think i sound like pig screaming

  • Rose Unicorn
    Rose Unicorn 16 days ago +5

    When people do covers of Ari songs they sound like a foreign language

  • Amanda Tsang
    Amanda Tsang 16 days ago +1

    There is only 1 Ariana Grande 💕💕💕

  • Princess Zuniga
    Princess Zuniga 16 days ago

    react to audrey mika!!

  • Michaela Mahurin
    Michaela Mahurin 16 days ago

    OH MY GOSH, THOSE WHISTLE NOTES THOOOUUUGGGHHH! My singing voice is very high, but I don't think I would be able to do that. 😅

  • Silia Aso
    Silia Aso 16 days ago

    Her voice is great but not like ariana's

  • K-p0p is the Revolution
    K-p0p is the Revolution 16 days ago +1

    Ya....ya...yayaya (Tristan 2019)

  • XH Tau
    XH Tau 17 days ago +1

    Emery: a dog screaming
    Hayley: hits the vocals and whistles
    Me: screaming
    BTW he is sooo good at giving advices

  • Elyna._.marie j
    Elyna._.marie j 17 days ago

    Emery is quaking

  • Anaya Gonzales
    Anaya Gonzales 17 days ago

    You should react to Lewis blessett

  • Anosha Darwish
    Anosha Darwish 17 days ago

    react to audrey mika!!!

  • Anime Girl
    Anime Girl 17 days ago +2

    Tristren: I. Think. She's. The. Best.

    Emery: Triggerd

  • Danica Taylor
    Danica Taylor 17 days ago +1

    Do Lewis Besset!!!! He is sooooo goooddd

  • Carolina Avila
    Carolina Avila 18 days ago +1

    Yass girl

  • baloo tastycake
    baloo tastycake 20 days ago +1

    you didn’t discover her.

  • Mxnlight_ Bae
    Mxnlight_ Bae 21 day ago +1

    I sad now because my singing is trash this child better than me😭😂

  • Bethzaida Gutierrez
    Bethzaida Gutierrez 21 day ago +1

    I met her in middle school 😮

  • Mypropicisnotjimin lookleft

    Me singing whistle notes (no joke btw) sounds like the goat from the Taylor Swift meme from her song Trouble

  • Addi N.
    Addi N. 22 days ago +1

    You should listen to Audrey Mika

  • Power Pink Generation Official

    I'm 11 and I can voice her

  • Ra xc
    Ra xc 22 days ago +1

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I like her more than u

  • Jay_G
    Jay_G 23 days ago +1

    100% needs to keep it light.

  • Olivia Peacock
    Olivia Peacock 23 days ago +2

    What the hell that is not a girl I think that’s Ariana backup replacement girl

  • Morales Chelsy
    Morales Chelsy 26 days ago +1

    yoooo that my Science teachers daughter

  • Lorelle Jacobs
    Lorelle Jacobs 27 days ago

    you suck dude! you make me puke!

  • Zoe Sterling
    Zoe Sterling 28 days ago

    Do emery

  • nuri x
    nuri x 28 days ago

    Pfff emily bingham can kill her without touching him

  • Lucia Agostini
    Lucia Agostini 29 days ago

    But I really love Haley 💗

  • Lucia Agostini
    Lucia Agostini 29 days ago

    Least it wasn’t Emery Bingham 😂

  • Clarissa Wilson
    Clarissa Wilson Month ago

    Emery Bingham!!!

  • Noah Schmidt
    Noah Schmidt Month ago +1

    Guys like this if y'all wanna see Sheldon Riley. Go listen to him. He's so amazing!

  • Gema Cruz
    Gema Cruz Month ago

    Dang her whistle notes! I could never!!!

  • Sharani Sri
    Sharani Sri Month ago

    WAIT SHES 14?!!!!

  • Sharani Sri
    Sharani Sri Month ago

    Emery’s jealous ass is literally quacking with her screeches

  • Scotch Grande
    Scotch Grande Month ago

    At the can you part she is not making it higher and it's the wrong part but it's good

  • Scotch Grande
    Scotch Grande Month ago

    React to Emery Biming (Emery is friends with her and want a to be ariana so she'll be wnoyed)

  • Isera Beauty
    Isera Beauty Month ago

    She's amazing.. My voice is ugly..Idk

  • Zoey Jernigan
    Zoey Jernigan Month ago

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Not a single soul:

    • Zoey Jernigan
      Zoey Jernigan Month ago

      (Btw dont come at me its spelled wrong on purpose)

  • poo head eat poo
    poo head eat poo Month ago +3

    I can do higher vocals then her

    Just put a spider on me

  • Sup Itz Sarah
    Sup Itz Sarah Month ago

    He should react to emery

  • krusty khansaa
    krusty khansaa Month ago

    REACT TO EMERY BINGHAM! she's ..... ummm. ok i guess?

  • Raiza ar
    Raiza ar Month ago +4

    I think you should react emery bingham cover :)

  • Indra Schreuder Peters

    " I believe in this kid" me melting in my shoes 😍😂

  • NeedA Fan
    NeedA Fan Month ago +4

    PLEASE do Audrey Mika, she is so good. She needs to be noticed

  • veronica
    veronica Month ago

    she's not that good , i don't understand the hype in the comments . i can hit the notes she hit and my voice is lighter and higher , and her vibrato is good but not anything special , it's easy .

  • Farida Mohammed
    Farida Mohammed Month ago +1

    She's young give her a break

  • Kayla The Creator
    Kayla The Creator Month ago

    Oh gosh if you watched Emery Bringham whistle notes you’d be calling the cops I SWEAR

  • Ella Cuthbert
    Ella Cuthbert Month ago +1

    They way he looks at her

    *cough,cough* nonce *cough