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David Diamond - An Update on Demonization and Deception in Research on Saturated Fat...

  • Published on Jun 16, 2017
  • This lecture is part of the IHMC Evening Lecture series.

    For the past 60 years there has been a concerted effort to demonize saturated fats, found in animal products and tropical oils, and cholesterol, in our food and blood. Despite the well-established health benefits of diets rich in cholesterol and saturated fat, flawed, deceptive and biased research has created the myth that a low fat, plant-based diet is ideal for good health. I will deliver an update on a talk I gave 2 years ago at the IHMC in Ocala, which will provide a historical perspective on how poorly conducted epidemiological research, U.S. government intervention and misinformation conveyed by contemporary lifestyle researchers have contributed to the current state of confusion on dietary influences on health. In addition, I will discuss how biased research has created the false appearance that high levels of serum cholesterol cause heart disease. I will describe how researchers have used deceptive statistics to give health care providers and the public the false impression that statins produce a dramatic reduction in the incidence of cardiovascular disease and mortality. I will point out that the miniscule benefits of statins are offset by their well-documented adverse effects, such as promoting the development of type 2 diabetes, cognitive impairments, cataracts, muscle pain and wasting, and increased incidence of cancer. This talk will serve as a wake-up call for the public to educate themselves as to how to optimize their diet and cardiovascular health.

    David. M. Diamond received his Ph.D. in Biology in 1985, with a specialization in Behavioral Neuroscience, from the Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory at the University of California, Irvine. He is a professor in the Departments of Psychology and Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology at the University of South Florida, where he has directed his research program on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Dr. Diamond has served on federal government study sections and committees evaluating research on the neurobiology of stress and memory, and has over 100 publications, reviews and book chapters on the brain and memory. He has served on the editorial boards of numerous medical journals and has received 30 years of federally funded support for his research. In the past decade, Dr. Diamond has expanded his research program to include cardiovascular disease and nutrition. His controversial research is an extension of an advanced seminar he directs at the University of South Florida entitled “Myths and Deception in Medical Research”, which emphasizes the critical evaluation of methods and conflicts of interest in health-related research. In recent years he added to his list of publications controversial papers on diet, cholesterol and statins, including one paper published in the peer-reviewed medical journal “Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology”, which described the deceptive practices employed by researchers promoting statins for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. Dr. Diamond has been invited to present his myth-busting views on nutrition and cholesterol to lay people and physicians at nutrition, cardiology, obesity and diabetes conferences all over the world.

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  • Steve T
    Steve T 2 years ago +29

    Great presentation. I taught high school chemistry and physics, and a healthy amount of math included in my classes. I ALWAYS emphasized students look at the Y-scale when representing and /or analyzing data. One of my "wisdom sayings" in my room was: "It's easy to lie with math, but it's easier without it".

    • Thales Nemo
      Thales Nemo 2 years ago +1

      @Debbie 54321

      We try !

    • Debbie 54321
      Debbie 54321 2 years ago +2

      So nice when the teachers aren't among the brainwashed masses. Thank you for all you do to save the next generation.

    • Thales Nemo
      Thales Nemo 2 years ago +1

      @Steve T

      Liars use numbers but numbers never lie !

  • Richard Ayala
    Richard Ayala 2 years ago +4

    Tremendous work, Dr! First saw you around five years ago and I quickly changed my diet. I eventually evolved to a combination Paleo/Mediterranean/Ketogenic diet and over that period lost over 60 lbs of fat, reduced my BMI from 33 to 23, eliminated my high blood pressure and all meds! My cholesterol remains at 260 but now I understand the function of cholesterol and how it works for my body. I now incorporate fasting one day per week around 36 hours and twice a year incorporate a 96 hour fast for the purpose of inducing Metabolic Autophagy for a host of medical benefits for the body. Thank you, Dr for your information as you were my original inspiration to where I am today...HEALTHY!

    • Marica Maas
      Marica Maas 2 years ago

      Fasting is the best! Do it myself in combination with Coffee Enema:

      Found this excellent documentary THE SCIENCE OF FASTING just yesterday:


  • mike87109
    mike87109 2 years ago +39

    Thank you! I took a baby aspirin for 1 month, it caused severe burning pain in my left thigh muscle. My Total cholesterol has been 250 +/-20 over the past 30 years. I've been pressured by my docs to take a statin and tried Lipitor 20 years ago, it caused me severe pain so I stopped taking it after 30 days! I'm on the Keto diet now, all my blood markers are now great except LDL (195) and I don't care about LDL. I've lost 20 lbs in 4 months on Keto. My CAC score was done last month, it's a 0 @ 59 years old. I'm confident that my risk of heart disease or stroke is low. Don't take statins!

    • Sigal Smadar
      Sigal Smadar 2 years ago +3

      woohoo! Congrats!

    • mike87109
      mike87109 2 years ago +6

      @whisperingsage, That's horrible. I'll never take a statin again, 30 days of that toxin Lipitor was enough.

    • whisperingsage
      whisperingsage 2 years ago +1

      We had a gal in our church that made fun of me for taking all my vitamins. She was put on statins and within a few years she died of liver cancer. She was older than me.

  • C Dix
    C Dix 4 years ago +55

    Love this guy. Smart, and funny. Reminds me of Norm McDonald with his dry, sarcastic humor. Thanks for some enlightening info. The (true) numbers don't lie.

    • KetoConstruct
      KetoConstruct Year ago

      That's it!!!!! I couldn't figure out who he reminded me of.

    • Roland Duca
      Roland Duca 2 years ago

      I don't know if the comparison is correct but sure this David Diamond is telling the truth. Norm McDonald? they have the same voice (easily you can mistakenly think this is Norm McDonald speaking) but Norm McDonald a truth-teller? Not sure about that

    • johnbenson222
      johnbenson222 2 years ago +2

      You won't see this on network TV, because the broadcast media receive 46% of their ad revenues from HARMaceutical companies.

    • jon hamm
      jon hamm 3 years ago +1

      TV zombies. Thanks for ruining the country.

    • Lansing Does Business
      Lansing Does Business 4 years ago +2

      If you close your eyes and listen you would think it's Norm ;)

  • john schlesinger
    john schlesinger 2 years ago +14

    Highly stimulating, funny, and horrifying! Thanks for a great talk.

  • David Getoff
    David Getoff 2 years ago +2

    I have been teaching this in my 10 week Attaining Optimal Health course and to my patients for about 25 years. It certainly in nice that we finally have some physicians who know the facts and are not afraid to speak out and tell the public but meanwhile, millions are still being harmed by Statin drugs and low fat diets and bogus information from their ignorant dietitians and MD's.

  • Phelanisse Relaford
    Phelanisse Relaford 2 years ago +103

    My cholesterol has been as high as 400 , my doctor looked at me and said" you should be dead". I was in my thirties then, I am now 57. Doctor's has been trying to get me on statins for several years now, I refuse.

    • Julian Romero
      Julian Romero 2 months ago

      Good for you!

    • alvaro arguello
      alvaro arguello 3 months ago

      @Pam Deloach and men too. I took Atorvastatin for almost two years and I m not as sharp or alert as I was, and I forget everything. I do feel stupid. Not to mention all the joint and muscle pains and the stiffness.

    • Jennifer
      Jennifer Year ago +3

      Same here. Similar background, similar reaction from my dad. Every time he sees me he tells me I'm going to die.

      But - he's on statins because of a heart attack 15 years ago, and I can't change his mind about cholesterol, even though I can visibly see his former good health slipping away from him.

      Even up to and after the heart attack he was otherwise physically healthy - he smoked a lot for many years which is what precipitated the heart attack.

      He quit smoking after, but he also quit eating fatty meats and butter. His doctor put him on statins and told him to quit bacon and butter and eat grains, chicken breast and margarine!

      Since I've been carnivore, my health is visibly returning, but my dad still won't shake his beliefs or stop the doctor prescribed drugs that are harming him.

      Oh yeah he's on meds for type 2 diabetes now too. Lots of people who take statins end up with type 2 because statins mess with how fat is absorbed.

      But sure dad, I'm the one who's going to die any day.

      It makes me so sad to see him lose his health, but I can't get him to listen to reason.

    • Flat5Henry
      Flat5Henry 2 years ago +6

      My total cholesterol is only 162. I am 62yo and in good shape. Gym, swim, yoga. My 30yo doctor STILL wants to put me on statins because of that ridiculous CVD Risk Calculator shows a 10-year CVD risk of 8.3. I declined the statins.

    • Marica Maas
      Marica Maas 2 years ago +3

      As result of the population's health deterioration, because of toxic, deficient, sedentary lifestyles inducing too much chemical, emotional and physical stress... cholesterol levels are going down.

      Those who are healthy - producing enough cholesterol to maintain good health - are seen as being ill, since not in line with markers of the rest of the diseased, fatigued herd.

  • SA3D
    SA3D 4 years ago +12

    This is a really informative lecture.
    Although I'm 25, I still benefited a lot from knowing how the research community can be deceptive.

    • Mary Garati
      Mary Garati Year ago

      You are so fortunate to find this out at 25 years of age.

    • G Fleming
      G Fleming 2 years ago +3

      SA3D You’re very smart to be paying attention to this at such a young age. You’ll enjoy lifelong good health and hopefully avoid those money grubbing doctors.

  • Melda Cano
    Melda Cano 2 years ago +11

    Thank you Doctor David Diamond. My Son Told me about carbs being the problem and I couldn't believe it. Enjoyed watching the video informative and honest!

  • Freestyle
    Freestyle 4 years ago +27

    Fantastic, concise and entertaining. We have been lied to too long.

  • Norman Appleton
    Norman Appleton 2 years ago +5

    About 21 years ago I was put on 10 mg Lipitor because I could not lower my Cholesterol by my otherwise healthy diet. This small amount made my cholesterol tumble down so much that the doctor told me to cut it down to to 5 mg, but even at this low dose I got leg muscle weakness and a great decline in cognitive ability. I, at about 6 months on the drug, took myself off it having read Dr Duane Graveline's book "Lipitor Thief of Memory".
    At about that same time (6th month) I was diagnosed with Glaucoma (another known side effect of Statins) and 2 years ago with Type 2 Diabetes.
    I have shared a lot of what I have discovered with others but it's just like talking to Zombies. It seems most people are not really interested in taking control of their own health, particularly medical doctors and so the one I am required to see (as little as possible) is now trying to get me back onto the Statins and Diabetes drugs which I have consistently refused to do

    • Norman Appleton
      Norman Appleton Year ago

      @Piper Mccoy have a look here ru-clip.com/video/jyzkv5uFGt8/video.html

    • Norman Appleton
      Norman Appleton Year ago

      @Piper Mccoy Hi Piper, you should also know that of all the trials performed to "prove a relationship between cholesterol and heart disease" there has never been one showing any such relationship in women! But rather what has been shown in the Framingham study was that the higher your cholesterol the less likely you are to have a heart attack and the longer you will live. Throw your statins in the trash

    • Jessica Hothersall
      Jessica Hothersall 2 years ago +1

      Suggest to your doctor he read up on Statins by those such as D Diamond and Dr Malcolm Kendrick, and stop believing what the Pharma salesmen are telling him...

  • Maryland
    Maryland 2 years ago +6

    I was told my cholesterol was high and Lipitor 10 mg was prescribed. After a week of 10 mg of Lipitor I was taking twelve Tylenol a day for muscle pain and later the doctor said take half of the Lipitor. Well, I quit the Lipitor after three months of pain no matter how much I consumed of the statin. I now have diabetes and cough a lot. This one prescription ruined my life style.

    • Marica Maas
      Marica Maas 2 years ago

      You might be interested in looking into the GAPS diet:


      Have personally learnt much from Natasha's YT lectures.

    • Jessica Hothersall
      Jessica Hothersall 2 years ago

      A high fat/low carb diet with luck will get the diabetes back into remission

    • Maryland
      Maryland 2 years ago +1

      Debbie 54321 Keto diet made me sick and my pressure went up and that scared me. No thank you to Keto but a balanced diet is working. I don't eat sugar but have a small amount of carbs with protein and vegetables with very small amounts of fruit and mostly berries.

    • Debbie 54321
      Debbie 54321 2 years ago

      Look up Dr. Berg on RU-clip. He teaches how to eat a ketogenic diet and how it will improve your health. It really works to cut out all sugars and carbohydrates. It's challenging because of our society but it's worth it.

  • Roland Duca
    Roland Duca 2 years ago +8

    This man is a truth-teller. GOD bless this man. I don't know him but what he is saying is the truth

  • Dave Oatway
    Dave Oatway 3 years ago +12

    Great presentation using proper interpretation of statistics! It is the same as doubling one's chance of winning the lottery - by buy two tickets! Still not very likely! Thanks for the work on analyzing the data.

  • Ruckus Piper
    Ruckus Piper 2 years ago +29

    I pray mr. Diamond stays safe! He needs to watch his back.

    • Carra Esco
      Carra Esco 6 months ago +1

      Big pharma's got his digits...

  • bigmac
    bigmac 4 years ago +26

    I'm a big believer in low carbs. I practice this belief and severely restrict my sugar intake. My weight has dropped and so has my blood pressure.

  • freedom now
    freedom now 2 years ago +7

    Excellent talk. Very clear and informative. Delivered in an interesting manner. Thank you.

  • Hillbilly's Child
    Hillbilly's Child 2 years ago +2

    I have had my cholesterol checked every year since I was 32 yrs old. It has never been under 220 ever. I'm almost 62 now. I went Keto in early Oct. and I have no pain from my Rheumatoid Arthritis and no problems with my belly because of Colitis. I do not have to take diabetic medicine either. My A1C on Oct. 8th was 7.4. Last week on the 13th it was down to 6.1. I have lost 22 lbs and hopefully I can lose about 20 more. Very low carb and meat it the way to go.

  • Anima Libera
    Anima Libera 4 years ago +10

    Great presentation! Thank you, David Diamond!

  • Two Cats at Latitude 31
    Two Cats at Latitude 31 3 years ago +17

    I would like to see David Diamond do this same type of research on supposed high blood pressure.

    • Mary Garati
      Mary Garati Year ago

      Cut out salt which is very hard to do since everything you buy has high levels of salt, especially when you eat in restaurants. Watch your BP go down. I have done the test and it works.

    • Marica Maas
      Marica Maas 2 years ago

      @Clay Butler
      However, keep in mind that the body does not raise the BP without a reason; it is an adaptive response to chemical, emotional or physical stress; this in order to prolong life. Dr.John Bergman D.C. talks about this in his lectures.

      Cardiologist Stephen Sinatra for example notes in his lecture about how to lower BP naturally: 'Always tell the truth.' Telling the lie is what causes the problem; the rise in BP is an indication that something wrong happened.

      When considering the body's response of inducing fainting: Actually it is more likely to die of low BP?

    • Pegnem
      Pegnem 2 years ago +3

      @Clay Butler If elevated blood pressure is the ONLY thing wrong check out: www.cochrane.org/CD004349/HTN_aiming-for-blood-pressure-targets-lower-than-14090-mmhg-is-not-beneficial

  • Roger G. Perkins
    Roger G. Perkins 4 years ago +9

    Thank you for sharing this discussion with the public.

  • Casmige
    Casmige 2 years ago +7

    Now I know why the educational system wants to always introduce “new math” every decade: it’s always a new and improved fancy-nancy mangled-&-fangled new way to do math instead of just the olde-fashioned dredging drudgery bludgeoning of doing math the right way to begin with.

  • zapowee
    zapowee 2 years ago +4

    Great Talk, one of the best I've heard! Thanks for posting.

  • SuperAtheist
    SuperAtheist 4 years ago +16

    excellent lecture.
    even the questions were great.

  • Linda Elliott
    Linda Elliott Year ago

    Love you and your truthful data! Thank you for your hard work❤️

  • Bob Koure
    Bob Koure 2 years ago +4

    Is there a bibliography? I'd love to read through the reports Dr Diamond is presenting in summary.
    Also, given the disclaimer on the adverts shown to medical doctors (the this means... 2% vs...3%) would indicate that a large proporton of these doctors are innumerate as regards statistics. I'd suggest medical schools add satastical analysis (minimally, something like 'How to Lie With Statistics' )to their base curriculum. A prerequisite to 'evidence based medicine' is being able to understand the evidence.
    And thanks for presenting this. Spectacularly well done presentation!

  • Jessica Hothersall
    Jessica Hothersall 2 years ago +1

    Thank you for this information, particularly demonstrating the manipulation of the graphs/results.

    • Professor Parrot
      Professor Parrot 11 months ago

      Same way they massaged the mere 170 PCR tested cases to get the 94% efficacy that the FDA bought for the Covid "vaccine". No one asked about the 3,410 cases they forgot to tell us about. No wonder this firm has paid out $4.7 Billion in fines and part of this includes the biggest ever fine in corporate history. of $2.3 Billion. Good job the BMJ found out about the 3,410.

  • mrmeach1967
    mrmeach1967 3 years ago +43

    55:29 That statins raise the coronary artery calcium (CAC) score is a bombshell reveal. That is a real risk factor, unlike LDL levels.

    • Starry Night
      Starry Night 2 years ago +4

      Yes, Statins stimulate artherosclerosis most likely due to the fact they are Halting the SYNTHESIS OF FAT SOLUBLE VIT. LIKE K2 WHICH DIRECTS CALCIUM OUT OF SOFT TISSUES AND ARTERIES, AND INTO BONE MATRIX.

  • S Johnson
    S Johnson 4 years ago +48

    I would really like to see a debate between an industry Doctor / shill and David Diamond.

    • Mary Garati
      Mary Garati Year ago

      They would never do it. They try to suppress those that threaten their cash cow!

    • Barry Anderson
      Barry Anderson 2 years ago +2

      'yes CHEF BARRY ANDERSON agrees with you. The debate would be very telling.

  • Akane Cortich
    Akane Cortich 2 years ago +3

    So I guess then, apart from taking large quantities of K2MK7 in your later years, is to ensure that your blood sugars (thus glycated LDL, Hb) are kept well under control. Else that glycated LDL will mow down the lining on your artery walls and leave you exposed to damage. Interestingly glycated LDL (oxidized) is NOT taken back up into the liver as normal LDL is. So lowering your cholesterol, and LDL is only dealing with the normal LDL, thus increasing the % concentration of glycated LDL in your blood. not good.

    • Marica Maas
      Marica Maas 2 years ago

      Yet to be covinced that cholesterol markers are causative of any negative outcomes. Theories around them keep changing.

      All these tests seem to be part of milking the cow for profit; they continue to drive fear and stress in the population and their physicians alike; while all the time driving the supposed optimum normal numbers down; this as the diseased state of the population is advancing towards that direction.

      It seems rather similar to the HIV retrovirus identified; accompanied by pronouncing a possible death sentence on those who test positive.

    • Jessica Hothersall
      Jessica Hothersall 2 years ago +1

      A point too often missed sadly.

  • Mike Carus
    Mike Carus 3 years ago +7

    This continual war between high carb/low carb camps must be wonderful to those who want to divert attention from the real issues. Haven't we learned from history that we are always manipulated into choosing one of two camps and don't they fully support both sides of a phoney debate. You can watch presentations from both sides and be convinced because neither side wants to address their own shortcomings. Yet when you look at some of the consistencies between both sides, you start to understand where our energy needs to be focused, and that is the unnatural chemical, biological and genetic interference in all food production as well as the corruption that leads to profit from suffering and death. And they are still getting away with it all whilst we argue low or high carbs/fat.

    • Marica Maas
      Marica Maas 2 years ago +2

      Yes, however at least one can think more clearly on a diet high in fat, and the body is able to respond better to stress.

      Also, being adapted to burning fat, makes fasting - the most potent form of healing - much easier.

      Consider the huge impact a high carb/low fat diet has on suppression of T levels /male leadership; at the same time inducing female dominace.

      It also leads to infertility - of both sexes; thus is part of the population control agenda.

  • Matthew Sena
    Matthew Sena 2 years ago +16

    He looks even healthier than the first video from two years prior!

    • Islayman
      Islayman 2 years ago +2

      @Marica Maas yes as I preach fasting to my friends and family, the most common refrain is I could never go without eating. But they will take drugs with serious side effects and have surgery. In the land of abundance which we call America, to have a minor hunger pang is tantamount to death.

    • Marica Maas
      Marica Maas 2 years ago +2

      Yes, came to the conclusion that for maintaining health there is nothing more potent than fasting. According to the documentary SCIENCE OF FASTING, there are now fasting clinics in Germany. Ironic how a course of fasting - without food and drugs - is seen as being more costly than standard of care.

    • Islayman
      Islayman 2 years ago +2

      I agree, he probably eats a low carb/zero carb diet with Intermittent fasting with periodic longer fasts (72 hours).

  • MidwestRibeye
    MidwestRibeye Year ago +2

    His talks are always so fascinating!

  • The Omega Man
    The Omega Man 2 years ago

    Thanks for the video! So what diet are you suggesting? Avoid carbs entirely or eat it moderately? And sugar?

    • Marica Maas
      Marica Maas 2 years ago

      You need to find what works best for you. MD Nicholas Gonzales worked out more than 10 different diets with individualised supplementation - according to genetic make-up, and autonomous nervous system dominance.

      Keep in mind Weston Price's principles: Eat whole foods - locally produced; avoid refined processed foods with additives; do not go low fat; include some animal- and fermented foods.

      When it comes to plant foods: Keep in mind not all are friendly:


      In case of psychological or physiological problems: Look into GAPS diet advanced by Natasha C.McBride.

    • Jessica Hothersall
      Jessica Hothersall 2 years ago +1

      Root vegetables have some starch, although as unprocessed food, are generally ok to eat in moderation if diabetic, (20 to 50g of carbs daily), and normally if not. Avoid cereal starches, they just turn straight to sugar, and avoid all sugar like the plague, it does nothing but damage.

    • code grey
      code grey 2 years ago +1

      Look up ketogenic diet, sugars a no go infact only eat foods low on the Glycemic index (GI)

  • Jackie Thomas
    Jackie Thomas Year ago

    Love David diamond ,amazing debunc of the so called evidence

  • WhiteCrossRedGround
    WhiteCrossRedGround 2 years ago

    I was put on Lipitor and couldn't tolerate it, so my doctor put me on Crestor, which nearly killed me (my lower back muscles felt as if they were disintegrating). So now I don't take any statins, and I told my doctor that I've read that they're a sham. What perplexes me in this presentation, however, is how they obtain the 24% increase in incidence in diabetes for those on Crestor. The actual difference between placebo and medicated groups appears trivial.

  • Tom Groom
    Tom Groom 3 years ago

    Thanks for the good presentation. I just don't know who to believe anymore... I'm a med student and we have textbooks and all of our professors of cardiology telling us that cholesterol (or actually LDL-c) causes coronary artery disease (CAD) and that statins are a MUST (because even though they have side effects, they decrease mortality). On the other hand, you have everyone who has ever been on statins or who has ever read a strongly worded Facebook article about statins saying that they are the devil and that doctors just want to make money from the pharmaceutical companies. This is different to the ignorance spread about vaccines, however, because all good doctors will agree that vaccines are good, but now there are lots of doctors swearing on their lives that the American Heart Association is wrong and lying to the public about cholesterol and statins and that makes it difficult to decide who is right. Well I honestly just want to learn what will be best for my patients one day and it would be awfully nice if there could be some objective medical consensus as to what prevents CAD and myocardial infarcts. Thanks

    • Marica Maas
      Marica Maas 2 years ago

      Watch "Food Independence & Planetary Evolution: Zach Bush, MD | Rich Roll Podcast" on RU-clip

      Maybe you can join Zach's team?

    • Marica Maas
      Marica Maas 2 years ago

      FIRST DO NO HARM... neither through statins, nor through vaccines.

      Have a look at SPACEDOC's website, and listen to Cardiologists Stephen Sinatra and Aseem Malhorta?

      MD Suzanne Humphries co-authored a book DISSOLVING ILLUSIONS about the history of vaccines. There also are documentaries about vaccines, for example TRACE AMOUNTS, and others as indicated here:

      Trace Amounts g.co/kgs/QpNKFT

    • Mark Proffitt
      Mark Proffitt 2 years ago +2

      @Tom Groom Read the study yourself & look at the math yourself.
      You've been commiting the logical fallacy of Appeal to Authority. Look at the actual data.

    • tina talala
      tina talala 2 years ago +2

      Tom Groom of course he did he is part of the cog in the wheel. Medical students coursework was developed by the pharmaceutical company. You sound like a good guy… Please keep your mind open and do your own research. Why did this RU-clip video not convince you? Read more on the topic. ReadDr. Jason Fung‘s book.

    • Alex Smith
      Alex Smith 2 years ago +2

      @Tom Groom Sorry to give you further bad news. There is a link between vaccines and autism in children. Look at the adjuvants in the vaccines that are used to mount an immune response from the body as the antigen is not enough. Also look at the preservatives. You will find that the adjuvants and the preservative are highly neurotoxic. If you see healthy children and then developing autism, give it a thought. Also do not discard what parents will tell you about it.
      Best of luck in the future.

  • The ex Vegetarian Blogger

    One of the mechanisms that causes atherosclerosis is haemodynamic stress on the arteries (veins don't get atherosclerosis). Basically the high pressure of the blood puts a mechanical strain on the arteries and if the arteries are not supple enough they can crack, and then the cholesterol rushes in to 'spackle' the crack. Guess what leads to stiff arteries?

    Hyperinsulinemia. Basically being insulin resistant and eating a high GI high carb diet causes atherosclerosis. Calcification makes the arteries stiffer and more prone to damage under pressure.

    • TheDoc
      TheDoc 3 months ago +1

      @Jake Taylor keto and vegan seem to be good for diabetes, it would seem mixing fat and sugar is the problem (randle cycle).
      Seeing as there is no such thing as an essential carb, removing them over essential fatty acids would seem the sensible option

    • Sp R
      Sp R 3 years ago +1

      @Jake Taylor same for a low carb ketogenic diet

    • Jake Taylor
      Jake Taylor 3 years ago

      if thats true then how is a high-carb vegan diet used to treat type 2 diabets? I mean the people following this diet even reversed their diabetes so that theory doesnt really hold up www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2677007/

  • Regal Sound Productions
    Regal Sound Productions 2 years ago +4

    Love this man!

  • Just Rusty
    Just Rusty 2 years ago +4

    Congratulations! You are now "eligible" for statins! And you may have won the publisher's clearinghouse sweepstakes. :-)

  • Bpjames
    Bpjames 3 years ago +4

    Shouldn't the list of clotting factors mentioned here include HsCRP, homocysteine and Lipoprotein(a)? The high sensitivity C reactive protein is a marker for systemic inflammation, homocysteine is related (maybe not causative though?) to coagulation and a high level of Lipoprotein (little a) is associated with a higher risk of clotting. I understand that much of this can be reduced with simple supplements like Niacin (B3) and other B vitamins in addition to stress reduction, exercise and proper diet. It should be a crime that people are led to believe that these chemical medications will save them from a crappy lifestyle!

    • Jin Woo
      Jin Woo Month ago +1

      You could just stop using vegetable oil, vegetable oil oxidizes when heated and causes oxidized LDL which leads to inflammation. Animals fat on the other hand are stable and do not oxidize

    • Swiss Lady Driver
      Swiss Lady Driver 2 years ago +1

      Only certain people have elevated lp(a) and there hasn't been any effective way found to lower it. CRP is just a marker for Inflammation and is not specific for heart disease. Lowering an acute phase reactant like CRP would not address the underlying cause of the Inflammation.

  • TheStar798
    TheStar798 2 years ago +5

    Phenomenal lecture 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Lansing Does Business
    Lansing Does Business 4 years ago +2

    Great talk!!

  • Kuoxsr
    Kuoxsr 2 years ago +3

    I suspect that the conclusion about platelets suffers from the same mistake as the conclusion about cholesterol. It could be that platelet count increases as a _response_ to whatever is causing the heart problems, i.e., they might both be caused by a third thing we haven't pinned down yet.

    • Jessica Hothersall
      Jessica Hothersall 2 years ago

      If you read John Yudkin's 'Pure White and Deadly" book, you'll realise it's sugar that's the issue

    • Josh G
      Josh G 2 years ago

      Kuoxsr Like blowing up all fire trucks to stop fires from breaking out...

  • alonso zapata
    alonso zapata 2 years ago +1

    agradecimiento... al DR. CARLOS VALENCIA porque me esta abriendo los ojos en un mundo de mercantilismo...

  • krakoosh1
    krakoosh1 2 years ago +4

    WebMD also advocates low fat high carb. Last update date for their articles is before 2010

  • Fanur Anuojat
    Fanur Anuojat 4 years ago +3

    Just one note. It wasnt really the industry that made this into a problem, the government meddled with peoples diet for political purposes and that attracted sugar companies to lobby not the other way around. Other than that splendit talk.

    • Wiley Keeton
      Wiley Keeton 2 years ago

      Isn't that a distinction without a difference?

    • Kimberly Cooper
      Kimberly Cooper 3 years ago

      Anuojat, investigative journalist Nina Teicholz book "The Big Fat Surprise" has great info on who caused the bad nutrition advice in the USA.

  • Graph Guy
    Graph Guy 2 years ago +6

    I grew up in the Midwest being fed fat, dairy, bread, sugars, fat, dairy, bread, sugars, with sparing amount of vegetables (non-corn) and fruits. Always being an athlete, I had been very active up and including today. But as I aged I started to experience diabetes symptoms, coronary issues. I love sugar/bread, but after trying to blame protein, fat, lack of veggies... I finally after much self experimenting realized that it was all due to:
    Too much dairy
    Too much protein
    Not enough whole food, plant based eating
    BUT mostly due to sugars and refined flour products (homemade or not)
    Six months later, huge difference, BMI melting away, energy level like 30 years ago, weight management good, no indigestion, no sugar highs/lows, blood pressure drop from 135/90 to 115/70.
    We have been poisoned by the sugar and manufactured food industries.

  • Jack Labonte
    Jack Labonte 11 months ago +2

    Anyone else get a strong Norm MacDonald vibe when you here this fella talk? Great presentation by the way.

  • RyanJ
    RyanJ 2 years ago +10

    I used to be vegan and most recently vegetarian. Your comparison of fat in the blood plasma after eating a high fat meal and high carb meal was an eye opener because it was the high fat meal blood plasma that was presented in many videos by the WFPB diet gurus as the one that had the fat in the blood. I have mostly gotten rid of my books and unsubscribed from these Facebook Guru charlatans. I spent a lot of money on their books and cd's while I was doing it. Now I feel I was ripped off.

    • dmarks0630
      dmarks0630 2 years ago +1

      There is very complex biochemistry happening when fat is digested. So dietary fat does not equal fat in blood. So excessive fat in the blood most likely comes from excessive carbs intake.

    • Poppy Rose
      Poppy Rose 2 years ago +2

      Just be glad you know the truth now ❤️

  • Megi Gjoni
    Megi Gjoni Year ago +2

    I've gone keto and its saving my life!

  • June Weeks
    June Weeks 2 years ago +3

    How about high Triglicerides? That tends to be associated with high carb diets, correct? How do Triglicerides affect clotting factors and heart disease?

  • Little Stray Sheep
    Little Stray Sheep 2 years ago +2

    I'm very confused. Vitamin K2 is in Natto and supports clean arteries. But, when you buy Natto supplements they have the vitamin K removed because it states it assists in clotting. Clotting is what we are trying to steer away (why we buy Natto) from unless we are bleeding. So, we want non-sticky blood as the doctor says.....but, we also want K2 (mk-4, mk-7). What part am I not understanding?

    DJ ROSI 13 days ago +1

    Lipitor compared to the fake pill (placebo) is 1.1% but end up giving you alzhéimer, diabetes, liver damage and many other bad side effects. BMJ said Statins could do more harm than good, and offer a tiny benefit for those people at low risk.

  • Rocky Balboa
    Rocky Balboa Year ago +1

    My cholesterol is 205, HDL of 60 and risk factor of 3.5. Had several stents and surgery bypass several years . I stopped statins 3 years ago because of serious side effects. My Cardiologist insists I take injections of a new drug to lower my LDL now 125 to below 100. If lipids were so important then my numbers would be great but no, they want to pump you up with useless drugs because that is the standard of care and how they are measured on performance. I now suffer from chronic pain from the statins. Never again, NEVER

    • Rocky Balboa
      Rocky Balboa Year ago

      I too suffer from chronic pain because of using high dose statins on and off for 15 years. I would stop taking them because of the side effects then my doctor would prescribe a different statin while convincing me that the new ones don't have side effects. I'm disabled now because of the poison called statins. I refuse to let the them measure my cholesterol but they keep insisting that I now take injections of Rapatha, Yes, I have had several stents and bypass surgery. All while taking statins ( a harmful andpermanent

  • Mary Poole
    Mary Poole 2 years ago +2

    We need Cholesterol --What we do not wwant is small dense LDL-Lipoprotein----After my massive heart attack--I refused Statin Drugs---I now take K2-7---I have calcified aorta and calcified arteries----

  • Akane Cortich
    Akane Cortich 2 years ago +1

    With regard to K2MK7 the mechanism by which it is beneficial to arteries is not to do with calcium, but elastin. K2MK7 protects against the degradation of Elastin in your artery walls, keep them smooth, flexible and impervious to plaque. K2 will always calcify plaques, that IS its critical function in protecting the body. It isn't a risk its a benefit. To see some clear evidence of this go to Okinawa where Natto is a daily food source. Just 100 gram of Natto contains 750mcg of K2MK7 that is a very large amount. Okinawan's have a reputation for longevity. AS you age your body serum levels of K2 drop markedly, and also the recycling of K1 to K2 falls - thus your arteries begin to lose their flexibility, and stiffen. Increasing your risk of plaque and breaks/cracks = heart attack, stroke. So the reason that High fat Cheese helps longevity is the same things, but less so than Natto. Calcification of plaques is a Positive, not a negative - K2 is doing what is designed to do to protect the body.

  • knight
    knight 3 years ago +1


  • Nate Moore
    Nate Moore 2 years ago +5

    I’m surprised he isn’t called a “cholesterol denier.” This is where science is these days, especially climate science.

    • fr0d0b0ls0n
      fr0d0b0ls0n 2 years ago +2

      He's called a statin denier usually so pretty close.

  • robinhood 46
    robinhood 46 2 years ago +3

    If you buy 5 tickets for the national lottery you increase by 5 your chances to win. An extremely small chance of winning x 5 equels a slightly less extremely small chance. The probabilty of losing is still astronomically high. Playing with statistics to mislead is not acceptable and people doing it should be punished.

  • Rocky Balboa
    Rocky Balboa 2 years ago +7

    I took high dose stains for over 15 years after a bout with angina and 3 stents. Now I can hardly walk without extreme debilitating pain in my muscles and joints. They said it was my spine and operated twice. I kept getting worse with the doctors ignoring my cry for help. Now they say it is osteoarthritis. Finally I refused to take anymore statins (recently prescribed Crestor by my cardiologist). The doctors refuse to provide adequate pain meds even though it is their fault I am suffering because they are afraid of the DEA. Nobody should take statins. By the way, the statins did not prevent me from having two more stents then a bypass.

    • Marica Maas
      Marica Maas 2 years ago

      The liver produces cholesterol according to the body's need. If yours are higher, it means you need more, and your liver is functional in making it.

      If possible, try to purchase full fat yogurt from a local farmer - produced from unpasturized milk - or make your own?

    • mdof
      mdof 2 years ago

      Sir, can yogurt be taken if cholesterl bit higher?

    • Space Ghost
      Space Ghost 2 years ago +3

      You may also indeed have spine issues, but I would stop statins immediately, and stop anything else that is possible. Eat meats and fats, no sugars, no grains, no juices, no sodas. NO oils except olive, coconut, avocado or animal fats and real butter. NO milk. NO artificial sweeteners. NO legumes or potatoes. Do this for three months and then tell us how you feel.

  • Marcie Renee
    Marcie Renee 2 years ago +3

    THIS IS FABULOUS- I'm sharing with all my clients!

  • Elior Hallo
    Elior Hallo 4 years ago +2

    Here lays the truth!

  • Marica Maas
    Marica Maas 2 years ago

    In principle cholesterol is life-sustaining, not only towards maintaining a healthy brain and nervous system, but for healing&repair of all our cells. It is also needed to produce Vit D; thus preserving our immunity. Therefore a cholesterol-lowering drug is prescribed as an immuno-suppressant before an organ transplant operation - as to limit the possibility of rejection.

    A high fat diet stimulates bile production; this is pivotal in emulsifying fats, towards assimilation of fat soluble vitamins; as well as for detoxification, the stimulation of peristalsis, and thus the prevention of constipation & auto-intoxification. Limited bile leads to the formation of gallstones; hence the rising problem of removing gallbladders - induced through low fat diets.

    Cardiologist Stephen Sinatra explains how exposure to EMF's disturbs the zeta potential of blood cells, which enable them to push each other away. ('Blood must flow like red wine, not ketchup.') Much of MD Dietrich Klinghardt's treatment for example revolves around lowering EMF exposure.

    What is most distubing, is how muscle pain - as result of statins - is brushed aside as if not important. The pain is an indication that nerve cells are dying. As the muscles are losing their nerve innervation, they waste away - including the heart and arteries - all muscles.

  • Shawna McGowan
    Shawna McGowan 4 months ago

    Interesting that the bacon is one of the (if not the!) healthiest parts of a bacon double cheeseburger (assuming corn fed beef)! 🧐

  • Daniel Pincus
    Daniel Pincus 2 years ago

    So, what we’ve got here is another true marker for metabolic health. Alongside low triglycerides and higher HDL is sky high LDL. Bingo!

  • kcbyerly
    kcbyerly 2 years ago +2

    I should stop watching these because I'm getting really upset. I can't unsee this stuff, but my loved ones refuse to even take a look. :(

    • Jessica Hothersall
      Jessica Hothersall 2 years ago +1

      I sympathise with your predicament, just keep drip feeding the info, and hopefully one day, they'll catch on? Read important bits aloud, leave books on the subject around, persevere and good luck

  • love jupiter
    love jupiter 2 years ago

    Americans has demonized many times our coconut oil! I take coconut oil and my total cholesterol is 218, my Triglycerides is low 0.81, my sugar is normal, my kidneys are normal. My HDL is 75 and my LDL is 128. My doctor asked my to take statins! Yuck!

  • Bill Marquis
    Bill Marquis Year ago +2

    It is quite sad the the truth is held hostage on so any things in our lives where money is involved. The internet is a God send where we can get another side of the discussion not told or in small print if informed. The internet is now at odds because of that very fact and money interests may control the internet also.

  • Laura Erne
    Laura Erne 7 months ago +1


  • David Strong
    David Strong 2 years ago

    Oddly enough, the only diet I’m aware of, that has been clinically proven to not just stop but Reverse heart disease has been the esslyton’s low oil whole plant based diet.

    As it turns out the French mis-reported heart disease and attributed it to alcoholism and they are in fact much worse than the previous reported. And the rates of cvd is rising due to the more western diet patterns.

    The French also tend to walk everywhere. Many people don’t even own cars or if they do they only use them to drive long distances, sit to the Gas cost being over $7 per gallon. Unlike Americans who don’t even walk to the mailbox or school.

    • TheDoc
      TheDoc 3 months ago

      No diet has been proven to reverse heart disease.
      Luckily we don't need the French, the controlled trials have all been done on saturated fat, they have all clearly demonstrated saturayed fat likely plays no part in the development of heart disease.
      You're about 20 years behind on the science, I can only assume you're a vegan?

  • Sg C
    Sg C 2 years ago +2

    when is hypertension tackled as a parallel issue as cholesterol

    • Marica Maas
      Marica Maas 2 years ago

      Many patients on cholesterol lowering medications were on BP lowering drugs beforehand.

      Prescription medications induce chemical stress, and cholesterol levels rise in order to produce more stress hormones.

      Dr. John Bergman D.C. talks about this in his lectures about CHOLESTEROL and BLOOD PRESSURE.

  • Steven Harding
    Steven Harding 18 days ago

    Why is the relative incidence for breast cancer from prolonged statin use significant while the relative risk of cvd death from elevated cholesterol was reasonably explained to be insignificant?

  • whisperingsage
    whisperingsage 2 years ago +1

    The patient has the right to refuse. Look these up.

  • X. Y.
    X. Y. 2 years ago

    This just sucks because sometimes you need medical assistance. But they keep trying to put you on unnecessary drugs instead finding out what the issue is and addressing it.

    • Marica Maas
      Marica Maas 2 years ago

      There is an up-side: It is an interesting adventure to do research and find out yourself why something is wrong and what to do about it!

  • Ben Nguyen
    Ben Nguyen 4 years ago +1

    This comment is in regards to David Diamond's appearance on the STEM-Talk podcast (episode 41)...

    Former guest, Peter Attia was on the Jocko podcast, and mentions (2h10m18s mark) how nutrition is like a pseudo-science where people tend to be dogmatic in their views... I think David Diamond might have some of this as well.

    Cholesterol Guru, Chris Masterjohn, often talks about how part of the problem is that when LDL is in the blood for too long, the antioxidant protection surrounding it begins to break down causing oxidation of the underlying PUFA. This oxidation of the cholesterol causes it to bind in places where it shouldn't be and triggers a further inflammatory response.

  • greg andersen
    greg andersen 2 years ago

    "The one's who eat baloney" hahaha

  • Sarah Saur
    Sarah Saur 4 years ago

    I think the “French Paradox” has been called into question...based on bad data

  • John Montana
    John Montana 2 years ago +1

    I am taking a statin prescribed to me for a long time. How do I get off of the statin?

    • Marica Maas
      Marica Maas 2 years ago

      Dr. John Bergman D.C. also has good YT lectures posted about cholesterol, high blood pressure, detoxification - including from medications - annually updated by reporting about the latest published research.

    • Jessica Hothersall
      Jessica Hothersall 2 years ago +1

      It is safe to just stop, my partner did, and had no ill effects from stopping, though is still suffering the side effects Simvastin caused in the first place

    • Sigal Smadar
      Sigal Smadar 2 years ago +1

      There's no withdrawal stuff worry about. Cold Turkey!! #RunAway !!

    • webaccess11
      webaccess11 2 years ago +2

      Listen to Ivor Cummins (channel is The Fat Emperor) and Dr Aseem Malhotra. Also check out Dr Eric Berg, who puts together short focused videos on a wide range of topics (don’t be put off by him being a chiropractor who also sells a few supplements). He is an amazing educator, and addresses topics so well for quick answers. Then check the thinking by going to Dr Andreas Eenfeldt’s site www.dietdoctor.com/. There is a lot there to help. Also, be sure to take a bioavailable form of Magnesium like Mg acetyl taurate or malate. Take B12 methylcobalamin, and take NOT-fortified nutritional yeast (add a tablespoon to bone broth). Be sure to get some sun, take Vit K2. Look up Dr Ford Brewer about K2 clearing up arteries. Eat what feels like 2 enormous salads of dark leafy greens with balsamic vinegar and olive oil, and limit spinach because of high oxalates. Ditch all sugar, carbohydrates processed food and seed/vegetable oils. Eat grass fed beef or other red meat. Add a bit of liver. Add lemon juice to your water a couple of times a day, and maybe cut down to 2 meals when you are able and incorporate intermittent fasting. Also add in cruciferous vegetables and onion, garlic, and the occasional red capsicum for a vitamin c boost. Treat yourself with blueberries, the occasional orange or grapefruit, and once a fortnight have a small piece or two of sweet potato or beetroot. Have your evening cup of tea or dandelion with a teaspoon of MCT or coconut oil for brain health and better sleep. It sounds overwhelming but just make the changes one at a time. Best wishes..

    • Space Ghost
      Space Ghost 2 years ago +3

      Stop taking it? That might be an idea.

  • Mike Gartman
    Mike Gartman 3 years ago +12

    A guy with a PhD in fish biology determined the course of human nutritional history? WTF

    • Marica Maas
      Marica Maas 2 years ago

      In the beginning of Dr. Diamond's talk he points out how he is drawing his conclusions on research previously done - including by many MD's. At the end he notes how he is standing on the shoulders of giants.

      It is unfortunate how physicians - who entered the field of medicine to help humanity - have been hijacked - left ignorant for example about good nutrition; which makes them pawns used by the medical industrial complex. Fortunately many of them are waking up to this fact, and together with naturopathic practitioners they are spearheading a movement in the opposite direction.

      Most valuable is that they were part of the system, and know how it operates. Consider for example the work of Zach Bush, Natasha C.McBride, Gary Fettke, Jason Fung, Nicholas Gonzales, Duane Graveline, Suzanne Humphries, Robert Lustig, Aseem Malhorta, Tim Noakes, Stephen Sinatra, etc. etc.

      Besides for standing up against the cholesterol/statin scam; today there are for example practitioners joining forces against the HIV/AIDS hoax. Also, an organisation PHYSICIANS FOR INFORMED CONSENT was recently established.

      In all professions those with big egos, and/or hungry for money can be found; such is life. The MD's I know, are over-extending themselves in order to help others, working hard under stressful conditions, while seldom spending time with their families.

    • Sigal Smadar
      Sigal Smadar 2 years ago +2

      @nature2rule I think Mark was referring to the fraud ancel keyes, Not Dr. Diamond!

    • Swiss Lady Driver
      Swiss Lady Driver 2 years ago +1

      @Tyrander165 Medical School is not composed of "four years of studying pills and pains". Aside from that, many M.D.s also have a PhD and even those that don't conduct research on a regular basis. I guess you'd be surprised.

    • Tyrander165
      Tyrander165 3 years ago +4

      We are listening to a guy with a PhD in brain biology. Both should be more knowledgeable about the scientific method than any MD (four years of studying research methods vs four years of studying pills and pains). The problem with Ansel Keys is that he was an unethical scientist with the ego of an MD.

  • Scott Lewington
    Scott Lewington 6 months ago

    It’s not modern research. It’s 2 million years old research and at least a century of old research about what keeps us healthy.

  • VOIP Portland
    VOIP Portland 2 years ago +3

    AMA still pimps Margarines. Enough said.

  • LaBambaC
    LaBambaC 2 years ago +1

    20:00 is a false argument. small differences can be tested to be statistically sig or not.
    44:20 is another false argument. association(without cohort matching)=conclusion is wrong(was obesity adjusted for? since obesity is a breast ca risk). dr.diamond phd=failed at science.
    46:10 this is interesting

    • Marica Maas
      Marica Maas 2 years ago

      When it comes to the use of statins in order to prevent rejection of foreign organs: This would be foundational in making a case against statins?

      Similarly a body that shows - on surface - zero inflammation, is not necessarily healthy; it could well be a case of a suppressed immune system and mounting toxicity?

    • Marica Maas
      Marica Maas 2 years ago

      In support of what you pointed out, but for you agreeing with Dr. Diamond about obesity as it would relate to 'normal' weight.

      Not suggesting that extreme obesity is healthy, yet who knows today what is normal - as is pointed out in FATHEAD documentary; since the BMI is changed at a whim - similar to cholesterol and BP numbers?

      Whatever the case, there clearly is a sense of disgust around ANY fat. Could be - as Fathead suggests - driven by 'thin white women fat police'. It is even seen as undesirable on those who are older, and who could do well with at least some reserves in storage?

      This body fat aversion runs alongside the fixation on a super thin body image; as projected over decades via modelling through mass media. It seems somehow to relate to the ingestion of fat, the issues around supposed cholesterol pollution, and alas, also to the pending vegan solution envisioned - to be enforced on us globally?

      To what extent this is a grand illusion - driven by anxiety/fear; maybe a symptom of the unfortunate disease of the brain (wheat schitzophrenia/bread disease); or be it out of ignorance... This obsession is causing mental distress, diet disorders, relational- and marital problems, and is driving the population in the direction of choosing and enforcing a starvation diet?

      When keeping in mind how Robert Lustig points out that there are more normal weight individuals who are metabolically ill... It makes one wonder about what is happening here?

    • LaBambaC
      LaBambaC 2 years ago

      ​@Marica Maas " statins reduce immunity in general; that is why it is prescribed before organ transplant? " interesting, idk that.
      well, the short ans is idk, nor will i likely find true proof of obesity breast cancer risk. fyi, obesity is regarded generally as inflammatory, high insulin state.. thus higher chronic dis and cancer.. consistency.
      i was merely pointing out a few items of method in this video.

    • Marica Maas
      Marica Maas 2 years ago

      That cancer incidence will increase comes as no surprise; it can be expected, since statins reduce immunity in general; that is why it is prescribed before organ transplant?

      What I'm challenging you to do, is to consider if obesity is really a risk factor.

    • LaBambaC
      LaBambaC 2 years ago +1

      @Marica Maas i was pointing out, diamond's use of cancer incidence is also a small absolute number, and perhaps not matched for confounding factors, when he criticizes statin's small number for absolute benefit. it's hypocritical. there is a bias easily discerned here, i've seen better presentations.

  • Bobby Ocampo
    Bobby Ocampo Year ago

    Hope you can speak before our doctors in the Philippines.

  • Gina Mera
    Gina Mera 2 years ago

    Please, I take statin and I am afraid to stop, doctors say if I stop my cholesterol will sky rocket. Is this true?!

    • shark air
      shark air 8 months ago

      @Gina Mera there is a place for statins. if you had a heart attack they may be necessary. they do have an application.

    • Edward Schwenk
      Edward Schwenk Year ago

      @Gina Mera Remember...Drug companies, and Doctors need people to believe they are sick, and will die without their medications so they can make money. Pharmaceutical companies make money selling drugs to people who don't need them. Doctors need patients to continually return to renew prescriptions so they can bill their time out to insurance companies. Find a couple of videos by Dr Mary Ann Demasi here on youtube and watch them. The Australian Broadcasting Company was sued by Phizer, after Mary Ann did a documentary program regarding the scam that Liptor, Crestor, and Zocor are.

    • Gina Mera
      Gina Mera 2 years ago +1

      @Jessica Hothersall thank you. The problem is I had a heart attack and now I have a stent and doctors say I must take Crestor all my life, so the stent stays unclogged. I am very confused :(.

    • Jessica Hothersall
      Jessica Hothersall 2 years ago +2

      Your cholesterol will not skyrocket, it will gradually return to normal. My partner came off last March, and went from 3.4 (far too low) to 5 now, so it's taken 9 months to become normal. Remember you can always go back on if you want to. You will probably feel so much better, you won't want to. Good luck, and be brave, it will work out!

  • Mike Ivsin
    Mike Ivsin 2 years ago +1

    Geez, if Ancel Keys can turn 100 years of research up side down and inside out, imagine what has happened to you and your kids when you were all taught that the earth is no longer flat but it is a globe. Yes, bunky, the earth is flat and stationary. Sorry to be somewhat off topic, yet I think it is quite relevant. Money is going into satellites that do not and cannot exist, etc. Enjoy.

  • Foo Ling
    Foo Ling 3 years ago

    Maybe, just maybe you could use the same disconnect with Vegetarians and meat eaters with smokers. Maybe smoking just seems bad because most smokers have a shitty diet, don exercise... Do you thjink that your prejudice against smokers is blinding you to the inconsistency of your argument?

  • Malu J
    Malu J 3 years ago +6

    This video is awesome!! Thank you for sharing this and helping others know the truth!!

  • Bobby Ocampo
    Bobby Ocampo Year ago

    Do you have an updated video?

  • Ellenor Bjornsdottir
    Ellenor Bjornsdottir 2 years ago

    ihmc needs to refuse Prüvit funding

  • SamuraiBatgirl
    SamuraiBatgirl 4 years ago +3

    He sounds like Norm McDonald.

  • cybersphere
    cybersphere 4 years ago +5

    Why don't GPs know this information?

    • Marica Maas
      Marica Maas 2 years ago

      @Kimberly Cooper

      Yes, indeed, the general accumulation of toxic load, as well as deficiencies in diet all comes into play. Believe disturbance of brain function and microbiome through EMF exposure also plays a huge role; even ultra-sound scanning - with increased temperature messing with enzyme activity - involved in cell division - is highly suspect.

      As research scientist Stephanie Senneff also points out: Low fat diet, low in sulphur-rich foods, with lowered cholesterol & therefore lack of Vit D and suppressed immunity; also lack of sun exposure, because of using sun screen lotion, etc. all plays a role. Currently she is concentrating on gut health, and how it is disrupted by toxic anti-biotic glyphosate in combination with gluten. The gut/brain axis comes into play: Leaky gut = leaky brain. This relates to the work of Neurologist Natasha C.McBride (GAPS diet), MD. Zach Bush (RESTORE), Neurobiologist Clemens (Measuring gut permeability and restoring through PKD diet), etc.

      The problematic contribution of vaccines to the general toxic load; and them leading to the increasing rate of autism and other psychological-, physiological-, and auto-immune disorders; is that they are inflicted - in increasing doses - on these very tiny young patients, whose immune systems and brains are not yet developed.

      It also depends on their sex and genetic disposition: Testostetone causes boys to be more vulnerable; Estrogen is protective. It is also genetically determined how well a person can get rid of toxins; and for example how much the child's genetic information was harmed by the parents' toxic deficient lifstyle, etc. - as you rightfully pointed out.

      Suzanne also explains how it is beneficial to contract infectious diseases as a child; in order to develop the natural immune response; how it is also protective against cancer later in life, and how natural immunity of parents are beneficial for their offspring.

      If you are interested, here is a link to documentaries in connection with vaccines:

      Trace Amounts g.co/kgs/7wJE9u

    • Kimberly Cooper
      Kimberly Cooper 2 years ago +1

      @Marica Maas , people keep blaming vaccines for autism. However, people aren't considering all the huge changes to our food that happened between 1965 and 1980.

      Grocery store food changed from being packaged in glass, tin cans not lined with plastic, and butcher paper to being packaged in plastic and styrofoam.

      Change from using animal manure to using industrialized manufactured fertilizer.

      Change from eating animal fats and animal proteins to eating human-invented seed-oils and more plants.

      Newly invented pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides.


      I was just watching Bart Kay Nutrition Science Watchdog and a guest presenting that oxalates are implicated in autism and a bunch of other health problems.

    • Marica Maas
      Marica Maas 2 years ago

      @Kimberly Cooper
      Thank you for taking time to share all that information; grateful to be able to keep on learning from such comments.

      Have you done research about vaccinations; for example the history of their development? MD Suzanne Humphries co-authored a book DISSOLVING ILLUSIONS about this. She also has an excellent YT lecture - delivered in Sweden - on the use of Vit C.

    • Marica Maas
      Marica Maas 2 years ago

      @Rach N
      Also in favour of not being as negative towards the medical profession; this in spite of the level of ignorance about nutrition and the latest research about medications not working.

      MD's are working hard - under stressful conditions - spending little time with their families - doing their best with the tools in their toolbox. They do save lives and the improve the quality of life of many through emergency-, palliative care and operations.

      Unfortunate that their continued education; by which they earn points in order to remain registered to practice; is being sponsored by big pharma; who continues to train them towards prescibing their medications only. Other natural ways of treatment like good nutrition, detoxification - including fasting - are ignored. Until the 70's the use of coffee enemas was for example noted in the Merc Manual; today hardly any MD is aware of its benefits.

      When it comes to the standard of care, chemo and radiation treatments for cancer: these are carcinogenic; it may destroy the cancer and leave the patient in remission for a time, but then the cancer returns with vengeance. Natural remedies which cannot be patented - like DMSO (which can help with many conditions besides for cancer) are suppressed. Interesting how many patented chemo drugs are in fact manufactured from plant compounds.

      As Kimberley Cooper notes: Those who know better should take up the responsibility to reach out to ignorant MD's.

    • tina talala
      tina talala 2 years ago +1

      Kimberly Cooper exactly

  • Yhonatan Shemesh
    Yhonatan Shemesh 4 years ago +5

    It is an interesting lecture in so far as it shows that cholesterol is not the whole story to heart disease (rather convincingly). It's also troubling how scientists with an agenda can bend their results to go their way.

    But he makes a bunch of leaps regarding other questions which I cannot be satisfied with.

    1. Assuming cholesterol is not responsible for heart disease, that still does not vindicate saturated fat, which may operate through many other pathways. No word on that.
    2. The underlying message seems to be that food sources of saturated fat are healthy - that does not follow from the presentation at all.
    3. Blood clotting factors are involved in heart disease - what causes their increase?
    4. No details on what the 'high carb diet' he was referring to includes. Composition matters. You will find virtually nobody that would argue that a refined carbohydrate diet is healthful.

    That being said - keep it coming. These kinds of talk are constructive additions to the nutrition debate. I would like to see some plant-based advocates protecting their case as well (as far as I can tell, there were none who gave talks or were hosted on podcasts)

    • TheDoc
      TheDoc 3 months ago

      @Yhonatan Shemesh the controlled trials have all exonerated saturated fat as a nutrient of concern.
      There was never ever a reason to believe saturated fat was detrimental in the first place

    • Jeffrey Phillips
      Jeffrey Phillips 2 years ago

      @Thales Nemo I'm not sure providing evidence is going to matter be they the traditional Okinawans or Seventh Day Adventists because you have your LCHF talking points. And, that's fine. However, here's one for you though ... Christina Warinner, PhD, of the University of Oklamhoma gave this presentation at the 2016 International Conference on Nutrition in Medicine: ru-clip.com/video/FNIoKmMq6cs/video.html

    • Thales Nemo
      Thales Nemo 2 years ago

      @Jeffrey Phillips

      You did not cite any sources therefore it is your unlettered unsupported opinion! You did not answer the challenge question since the answer will make your comment meaningless too!

    • Jeffrey Phillips
      Jeffrey Phillips 2 years ago

      Well put ...

    • Jeffrey Phillips
      Jeffrey Phillips 2 years ago

      @Thales Nemo So ALL those cultures who happened to include high amounts of whole-food carbs and lived long lives just had it wrong? Sorry, doesn't add up.

  • Elle -mental
    Elle -mental 4 years ago +1

    Americans are told not to eat fat but they do eat fat in the form of fast food and processed food and that is why they are fat. How much fat is in a Big Mac, with French fries or a Double Cheeseburger? I am sure low income people are fatter than anyone in America because all that is available for them to eat is fat laden fast food. Just because people are told what to do and what to eat does not mean that they do it.

    • Anima Libera
      Anima Libera 3 years ago +2

      Elle-mental A Big Mac with fries contains 89 g carbs, 44 g fat, and 28.4 g protein, so no matter which way you look at it (be it by weight or calories), it is high in CARBS. And then you've got to keep in mind that hardly anyone consumes a Big Mac (or any other type of fast food for that matter) without some sort of soft drink to go with it which adds zero fat and zero protein but tons of sugar, i.e. carbs - and I'm not even going to get into the deserts. It's not the fat that makes people sick, fat, tired and depressed, it's the carbs. The insulin roller-coaster keeps people hungry all day long and so we are being told by Big Food that we need consume three meals plus three or more snacks to keep our blood glucose stable. The best way to keep your blood glucose stable on a low level, lose weight and get healthy is to reduce the carbs and the number of meals you consume, and it can be done without being hungry.

    • eve66able
      eve66able 4 years ago

      The fat is hydrogenated veg. oil not butter, cocnutoil, avocados and olive oil. The hydr. veg.oils in combination with carbs are the killers.

    • X3LEA
      X3LEA 4 years ago

      The point is typically when people are eating a high fat "traditional american diet", they are also eating high carbs. The carbs are the problem, not the fat.

  • kcbyerly
    kcbyerly 2 years ago +1

    Dropped the mic!

  • Gene Ellis
    Gene Ellis 2 years ago

    I wish that you Doctor had done the research on what fats are better than others. Dr. Berry on the key tone diet eating lard and bacon fats and no regard to Dr. Ornish's life style changes or the impurities in the animal fat which stores the toxins or so I understand vs Flax Seed oil ? If I eat lard I get chest pain. not with Flax seed oil.

  • Buick 401
    Buick 401 4 years ago +7

    Take some notes Gregor

  • Klaus Olsen
    Klaus Olsen 3 years ago +1

    Great speach. Thanks

  • D 2row
    D 2row 2 years ago

    Why is there a statin ad for every one of these videos... smh.

  • H. Al Ghazl
    H. Al Ghazl 4 years ago +14

    What he is saying is so dangerous and harmful, this will kill many people!! That is the pharmaceutical share holders! Hahaha😅