Human Speed vs Animal Speed

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • Gav and Dan time and review how fast the Chameleon, Gaboon Viper and Mata Mata turtle eat while Dan attempts to beat their speeds in slow mo. He does not win.
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  • Ani and May
    Ani and May Hour ago

    Thanks them😂😂

  • Color Pencil
    Color Pencil 3 days ago

    Why is Dan only wearing one sleeve?

  • ThunderBlastvideo
    ThunderBlastvideo 5 days ago

    *Super Smash Animals*

    Humans be like: *why am I here...*

  • Arthur Kariuki
    Arthur Kariuki 5 days ago

    Do a video on Coke + Mentos in slowmo

  • Romeo Giuratrabocchetti

    The life of animals is not a game!!!

  • Jaden Brown
    Jaden Brown 12 days ago

    Imagine the huge e-mail they had to write to do this

  • Artashir
    Artashir 14 days ago +1

    You both complete each other hahah this is great!

  • Reed Bowman
    Reed Bowman 20 days ago

    Okay, but where's the archer fish and the snapping shrimp?

  • zerosonico
    zerosonico Month ago

    4:49 Look at Dan so proud of that joke.

  • bismillax !
    bismillax ! Month ago

    Omg I'm from Singapore!!!!!

  • Momo Crash XD
    Momo Crash XD Month ago +3

    7:00 "that was quick. Wasnt that quick?" Gav looks so cute in that moment.

  • Abdul Hadii
    Abdul Hadii Month ago

    Wow you made it to singapore zoo...

  • Dennis Avraham
    Dennis Avraham Month ago

    ...well..the two english guys and....the english jokes...So funny....Yeah...sooo...funy...yeah

  • Jon C
    Jon C 2 months ago

    "Thanks us."

    Mr STALER 2 months ago

    Так моргание не самое быстрое, что человек делает. Да и всё таки люди больше чем большинство черепашек и змеек.

  • Flufflebut
    Flufflebut 2 months ago

    I know a professor that works with tiger beetles because they move so fast that they are functionally blind when they run, so they need to rely on touch feelers in front of them and to pause running now and then to get their bearings.

  • Adrian Some Random
    Adrian Some Random 2 months ago

    Bonus round. Nice try Dan.

  • Alex Clarke
    Alex Clarke 2 months ago

    Theory: Gav and Dan are speedsters

  • J450N 24206
    J450N 24206 2 months ago

    Yo alas 2 am de la noche hajajaja viendo este asombroso canal

  • S.Богдан
    S.Богдан 2 months ago

    Popcorn """

  • Random guy Random
    Random guy Random 2 months ago

    Mata mata

  • Youssef Adel
    Youssef Adel 2 months ago +1

    I still feel like the Mata Mata Turtle was faster than the snake

  • Gursewak Singh Kullar
    Gursewak Singh Kullar 2 months ago +1

    Who else thought that turtles and tortoises are slow from childhood story of hare and tortoises 😂😂

  • Assam zero
    Assam zero 2 months ago

    Wtf is that

    ZOLDIK 2 months ago

    I like how he said , i don't know.
    Not like some people whom think themselves know everything.

  • Manish Chaudhary
    Manish Chaudhary 3 months ago

    Hey Guys....
    You should try #MSD_fastest_stumping to compare it with these animals speed.... 😁☺
    Love from India 😘😘

  • Rabbit 117
    Rabbit 117 3 months ago

    We could test someone on death row maybe they killed someone then use the snake venom

  • Jonah E
    Jonah E 3 months ago

    RU-clip gonna ruin things i think the channel was better without a youtube original

  • Ok111 K
    Ok111 K 3 months ago

    Could have met u

  • Lyle Wiley
    Lyle Wiley 3 months ago

    Just think there are organisms on this planet who use attributes of our dimension with elements of the fourth and fifth dimension to camouflage themselves from our detection. Kind of like a tree lizard changing his colour and blending in with the bark of the tree in colour and shape. The tree lizard only has the ability to use what nature has givin him. We have yet to evolve to the level it takes to detect these plains but our brains have enough to begin to realize they are there.

  • Nicole McCally
    Nicole McCally 3 months ago +1

    10:00 13:00

  • Sandpitturtle
    Sandpitturtle 3 months ago

    Get some of the fastest animals IN THE WORLD next. Mantis Shrimp is pretty up there eh?

  • Broken Pianist
    Broken Pianist 3 months ago

    The on paper joke KILLED ME 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tucker wise The fire eater

    Gaboon viper was right

  • Tucker wise The fire eater

    Or rhino viper?

  • Tucker wise The fire eater

    Gaboon viper?

  • Damon Watson
    Damon Watson 3 months ago

    Frog fish are even faster

  • Maz P
    Maz P 3 months ago

    "Thanks us" :)

  • Ben Lokis
    Ben Lokis 3 months ago

    science dude in brown tshirt is HOT and ripped, i bet he has a 6 pack

  • Bryan BlueFish
    Bryan BlueFish 3 months ago +5

    Should've recorded the speed of a mantis shrimp's punch

  • technical engineer ram
    technical engineer ram 3 months ago

    exactly start from 5:00 minutes

  • Alpha Maximus
    Alpha Maximus 3 months ago

    I'd love to see more of that turtle.

  • pancake claper
    pancake claper 3 months ago

    I think mata mata likes you

  • jungshook
    jungshook 3 months ago

    7:01 Gavin's face 😂😂😂😂

  • Cooked Bread
    Cooked Bread 3 months ago

    Who else heard oh yeah at 0:46

  • 10 Hour Music
    10 Hour Music 3 months ago


  • Greg Caloia
    Greg Caloia 4 months ago +2

    Not fair.. the turtle got screwed on times.

  • Niko erforderlich
    Niko erforderlich 4 months ago

    I love the humor in this episode.

  • wolfman jugador
    wolfman jugador 4 months ago

    Me gusta más censurado

  • GoldSphere / Spherey
    GoldSphere / Spherey 4 months ago

    peta would be like: yOu ArE iNvAdInG aNiMals' PrIvaCy1!!1!!1 wE wIll SenD yOu tO cOurT!11!11!1 >:(

  • Pen Production
    Pen Production 4 months ago

    hello i am so amaze in your videos i really learning,,,, can i request and it is my very first question to you guys how fast the punch of a peacock mantis shrimp?????? i how you make a video for this thanks and hope more video to watch #iloveslowmoguys

  • gotohell
    gotohell 4 months ago

    0:29 here on play school
    .. those were some fast animls ...

  • rizwan salman
    rizwan salman 4 months ago

    too much talking than slow mo

  • Master Slayer
    Master Slayer 4 months ago

    i dont know what it is with the nose jokes. both gav and dan have big noses. they are Pinocchio twins.

  • B&G Farm
    B&G Farm 4 months ago

    the matamata turtle is fugly but cute

  • Qwerty II
    Qwerty II 4 months ago

    Lol I didn't know all this time I've been speaking Spanish instead of English, I used to say mouth instead of gob lol I'm so stupid.

  • MaryLu Harmon
    MaryLu Harmon 5 months ago


  • Jaidyn in.
    Jaidyn in. 5 months ago +9

    Humans seems to be highly ignorant for thinking that they're out of the animal kingdom (video title).

    • Big Bubba
      Big Bubba Month ago

      Humans seem to be highly ignorant for believing this complex world and life as we know it formed by chance and "evolved" for billions of years.

    • Jaidyn in.
      Jaidyn in. 4 months ago

      @_RealUnderscore_ Yeah i know. I don't like the way that our language can't really describe the connection of our specie with the others...

    • _RealUnderscore_
      _RealUnderscore_ 5 months ago

      @Jaidyn in. It’s just a general category. If they put *Human Speed vs. All Other Animals That Aren’t Human Speed* in their title, would that look normal?

  • hamza khan
    hamza khan 5 months ago

    i need to see a specification of eagle...please guyz can you do it?

  • Muhamad Wildan
    Muhamad Wildan 5 months ago

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