NFL teams want to hire head coaches like Sean McVay - Adam Schefter | Get Up!

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • Adam Schefter and Dan Orlovsky express their thoughts on a recent trend in the NFL that teams are looking for coaches that work well with quarterbacks similar to how Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay works with QB Jared Goff. Schefter adds that every year we see about 7 or 8 head coaches hired and only a few stick around for multiple seasons, says the same cycle repeats itself every season.
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Comments • 47

  • BMo
    BMo 6 months ago

    This is all bullshit, the racist white previlege. Sean McVay a good coach? or a team that tried to make him look good by piling on players for him? Very soon the curtain will fall on him and we shall see. Anyone talking about the black coach at San Diego Chargers? Racist NFL bastards.

  • ACG Medical
    ACG Medical 9 months ago +1

    A hoodie under a sports coat....on tv? Seriously ?

  • Neil L
    Neil L 9 months ago

    The next topic should be why do news channels sports or otherwise hire unqualified attractive blonde bimbos so the target audience (men) watches the show, wait I answered my own question.

  • Steve DeGruy
    Steve DeGruy 9 months ago

    Please let the hoodie trend die

  • HughJass
    HughJass 9 months ago

    Defensive coaches are dinosaurs now. Adapt or die.

  • Geoff Thompson
    Geoff Thompson 9 months ago +1

    That's the trend in hiring young geniuses, like Adam Gase, Stean McVay, or Matt LaFleur. Teams also hired older guys who have always been elite coordinators, like Bruce Arians, Vic Fangio, or Frank Reich. Frank Reich is some kind of genius, if you look at what he's done with the Colts, especially after a 1 - 5 start. It's not like that coordinator who is 56 or 57 magically figured it out...he always would have been crazy like a fox.

  • ASVPJimmy
    ASVPJimmy 9 months ago

    They brought in a back up quarterback who was on the winless Detroit lions

  • Charissa Thompson
    Charissa Thompson 9 months ago

    I should have Laura spot

  • KP
    KP 9 months ago

    Laura is FINE AF

  • Tuicos follower in Jesus Crist

    McVay has done squat thus far but everyone is on the bandwagon. Potential at best is as far as I'll go until he wins consistently and when it matters most. Yall stop being so quick to fall in love 🤣 cause just like in life chances are its lust💯

    • J V
      J V 9 months ago +1

      @jestes7 We all know Randy here doesn't watch football. A sick dog probably knows more than he does 😂

    • Tuicos follower in Jesus Crist
      Tuicos follower in Jesus Crist 9 months ago

      🤣 Happy living

    • jestes7
      jestes7 9 months ago

      Randy Yarder Jr I simply refuted your claim that he’s done squat which simply isn’t the case. I can also argue that snowflakes like you that can’t take any criticism are what’s wrong with society. But I still love you too ❤️

    • Tuicos follower in Jesus Crist
      Tuicos follower in Jesus Crist 9 months ago +1

      @jestes7 dude God bless you, I hope you find meaning in life rather than attacking people that have done nothing to you. PEOPLE LIKE YOURSELF ARE THE PROBLEM IN TODAYS SOCIETY. #facts Jesus loves you, as do I 😁

    • jestes7
      jestes7 9 months ago +1

      Randy Yarder Jr done squat?! He took the same 4-12 team to 11-5 and 13-3 to the playoffs the next two season. Troll.

  • mrgetitdone85
    mrgetitdone85 9 months ago

    Dumb ass trend which is gonna back fire on a lot of teams.. like I’m hearing the cardinals wants Texas st HC as they OC.. TEXAS FUCKIN STATE!!

  • Lucien Hicks
    Lucien Hicks 9 months ago

    Sean McVay is just dollar store Sean Payton

  • PNW_PsilocybeJedi
    PNW_PsilocybeJedi 9 months ago +2

    What young white guys with patchy beards and hipster haircuts?

  • Pasquale DeGregorio
    Pasquale DeGregorio 9 months ago +1

    Dan Orlovsky “I was there for a training camp with him” lmaoooo dude is a clown

  • Kenneth Lloyd
    Kenneth Lloyd 9 months ago +2

    All of the old heads are in the playoffs

  • owner owner
    owner owner 9 months ago

    First Take Full Recap Commercial Free
    1/10/19 Watch Video

  • Molly's Unborn Child
    Molly's Unborn Child 9 months ago +1

    Where is Jalen Rose?
    This Dan Orklosky guy is thrash.
    He is there Verison of
    Ryan Hollins.

    • I'm like Melo
      I'm like Melo 9 months ago

      Super saiyan 3 Roku wrong their bro that’s elementary 2nd/3rd grade shit man

  • atlanta-riseup
    atlanta-riseup 9 months ago +2

    Why thoe what has mcvay won

    • Above All
      Above All 9 months ago +1

      You'll see.... stay tuned!😁

  • Corey Kirk
    Corey Kirk 9 months ago +4

    So they wanna higher young white guys with no experience??

    • JUST
      JUST 9 months ago +2

      Sound about white

  • Christopher Williams
    Christopher Williams 9 months ago +4

    Yeah Sean McVay is great. But I think you could do great with an Anthony Lynn too...

    • BlueBig22
      BlueBig22 9 months ago +1

      Christopher Williams true, but I think teams are more wrapped up in the spectacle of how the rams went from one of the worst teams in the league to one of the best, and how Jared Goff went from Bust to an MVP candidate (at one point)

  • Jerome Marshall
    Jerome Marshall 9 months ago +1

    Even defensive coaches are getting shafted.

  • Blame Game Master Blame Game Master

    Young white guys yeah what's new

    • HughJass
      HughJass 9 months ago +2

      Yeah higher IQ

    • Alex D.
      Alex D. 9 months ago +7

      Blame Game Master Blame Game Master because before it was old white guys

  • Seikou Sawaneh
    Seikou Sawaneh 9 months ago +1

    Sean McVay better win this week

  • Just Paid
    Just Paid 9 months ago +6

    So the Jets want to copy all that success the Dolphins had

    • Toney Brand
      Toney Brand 9 months ago

      Jerome Marshall dude wouldn’t even give the ball to his best offensive weapon drake

    • Jerome Marshall
      Jerome Marshall 9 months ago

      Dolphins didn't have a quarterback

  • Eric Tinsley
    Eric Tinsley 9 months ago

    And we let him go...#disappointed Redskins fan

  • Brian Lewis
    Brian Lewis 9 months ago +7

    Doug pederson is better than belichick

    • Big Thomas
      Big Thomas 9 months ago +3

      Brian Lewis ur dumb😂

  • Brian Lewis
    Brian Lewis 9 months ago +2

    Like if pederson is better than belichick

  • Dion R
    Dion R 9 months ago

    How about PROVEN head coaches like Cowher, Billick, Kubiak, and Parcells instead?

  • OGMillyMillz
    OGMillyMillz 9 months ago +3

    Why does Adam look like that Principal Skinner “Pathetic” meme in the thumbnail?

  • Ken Fulton {Baby Elder}
    Ken Fulton {Baby Elder} 9 months ago +39

    I seen Sean Mcvay at a Rams game does that make me qualified to be an NFL head coach?

    • Jordan Davis
      Jordan Davis 9 months ago +3

      Definitely. You have the gift now

    I PET RACCOONS 9 months ago