Madonna - Hollywood (Official Music Video)

  • Published on Jan 9, 2018
  • You're watching the official music video for "Hollywood" from Madonna's album 'American Life' released on Warner Bros. in 2003. Buy/Stream the 'American Life' album here:
    Listen to Madonna’s latest release here:
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  • Tuggle Riguenr Dnigo
    Tuggle Riguenr Dnigo 6 hours ago +2

    2019 anyone??? Amazing song and video 👏

  • landry spektor
    landry spektor 14 hours ago +3

    Here after God Control

  • Rejane Gomes
    Rejane Gomes Day ago


  • Perla Hernandez
    Perla Hernandez Day ago

    September 2019. Still here.

  • walentkane69
    walentkane69 Day ago

    live version from 2007 :

  • Kent Michael
    Kent Michael 2 days ago +3 they are calling puta and asshole piece of shit to the puta and asshole piece of shit Mariah CArey!!!!!!!

  • TheTheratfarmer
    TheTheratfarmer 2 days ago

    this is not madonna. alriight, daugh·termy is in college. she wiil learn.

  • tera0865ab
    tera0865ab 3 days ago +6

    Madonna, Celine Dion, Nana Mouskouri, Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Adele, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry and Adele are the Mosst successful female artists of all time!!! 👍👍👍👍

  • tera0865ab
    tera0865ab 3 days ago

    SHe looks amazing now 👍

  • Mummy Simmons
    Mummy Simmons 3 days ago

    She looked so amazing then but now?? 🙄

  • landry spektor
    landry spektor 4 days ago +4

    She has 22 or 23 International number 1 hits!!!!!!

  • Elle Mackenzie
    Elle Mackenzie 4 days ago

    First use of Boomerang videoing haha

  • 4 4
    4 4 4 days ago +1

    The riff and the bass line are just 👌👌👌👌

  • Peymanlife
    Peymanlife 4 days ago

    very so good....

  • Jesse Salinas
    Jesse Salinas 5 days ago

    I lost my memory in Hollywood,
    I had a million visions bad and good, there's some thing in the air in Hollywood, I tried to to leave it but chemtrails are distributing on and on...

  • dawlsid raehol
    dawlsid raehol 7 days ago +4

    She Has 48 Dance Number 1 Hits!!!!! 👑

  • Daniel Ewenkhare
    Daniel Ewenkhare 8 days ago +1

    Who’s listening to this ICONIC POP BANGER in 2019 and I wanna be able to do things similar like that, WITHOUT it being controversial

  • Holy Dolly
    Holy Dolly 9 days ago

    This will be one of my favorites forever🌩

  • Андрей Григорьев

    Самый охрененный клип, который я когда-либо видел. Как она беснуется с телефоном, мячом и перекладиной вообще шедевр.

  • Cecilia Hinojosa
    Cecilia Hinojosa 10 days ago +1

    And Britney Princess???

  • Sabha Shazadi
    Sabha Shazadi 11 days ago

    This sounds awful!!

  • jorge balza cuesta
    jorge balza cuesta 11 days ago +1


  • crazyman37
    crazyman37 12 days ago +2

    I fell in love with Madonna to this song back when I was 13.

  • יסמין מסאלחה
    יסמין מסאלחה 14 days ago +1

    I like madonna and the popular celebrity __ that she is britney spears example!

  • Geoffrey Gitau
    Geoffrey Gitau 14 days ago +1


  • sunny days
    sunny days 16 days ago +2

    Love Madonna 👑

  • Vinicius Erk
    Vinicius Erk 17 days ago +1

    Mariah Carey is the American puta, she tried to suicide because of Luis Miguel, she is an idiot suicidal piece of shit!!!!!

  • Vinicius Erk
    Vinicius Erk 17 days ago +1

    She looks like a hot lesbian!!!!!

  • Tiny Dancer
    Tiny Dancer 17 days ago

    Another photo shoot video... ugh...

  • joejojo6
    joejojo6 17 days ago +2

    Queen of pop for a reason. 2019

  • Claudia Souza
    Claudia Souza 17 days ago +1

    Eu tenho um conhecido que se ele fosse uma mulher ele seria a Madonna pensa em uma pessoa super legal e do bem mas ao mesmo tempo desajeitado mas é super só é mal compreendido

  • Claudia Souza
    Claudia Souza 17 days ago +1

    É uma menina mesmo é linda eu adooooo Madonna é super estar

  • Claudia Souza
    Claudia Souza 17 days ago +1

    Sou super a favor de tudo o que existe pra deixar as mulheres e homens mais jovens lindos e saudável

  • Claudia Souza
    Claudia Souza 17 days ago +1

    Ela é um misto de menina mulher

  • мУрррчаЩий ВеРтолеТ

    Я одна думала, что это старая песня?

  • Andy D
    Andy D 19 days ago +2

    Who use to watch this on MTV before they went to school in the morning?

    • Andy D
      Andy D 3 days ago

      @Deepak DeeJack 30. You realize that Madonna is 61 right? she was already in her 40s when I was just a kid, in fact she was 45 in this video.

    • Deepak DeeJack
      Deepak DeeJack 3 days ago

      Wow how old are you ?

  • rcmtarr se03p
    rcmtarr se03p 19 days ago +6

    Best selling female artists of all time Madonna, Celine DIon, Nana Mouskouri, Whitney Houston, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Adele, Katy Perry!!!! 💛💛💛💛

    • Nibiru Planet X
      Nibiru Planet X 18 days ago

      Her music is definitely better than theirs as well.

  • rcmtarr se03p
    rcmtarr se03p 19 days ago

    Love her 🔥

  • Withextrabacon
    Withextrabacon 20 days ago

    Jinxx Monsoon is that you?


    Hollywood e ICÔNICO caralho Britney Aguilera e Madonna e Missy eliot no VMA de 2003 no palco o beijo caralho não vai existir outro VMA E NEM UM CLIPE MAIS ICÔNICO. E TAMBÉM A COLABORAÇÃO EM ME AGAINST THE MUSIC QUE AINDA E ICÔNICO ATE HOJE

  • AD Remixes
    AD Remixes 20 days ago

    Quien sube videos en 480p ???? Madonna Really?

  • Anna Lida Frati
    Anna Lida Frati 20 days ago +2

    Her end.

  • Mark Chappell
    Mark Chappell 20 days ago

    I my like weak people, I not like athletic sporting class.

  • Mark Chappell
    Mark Chappell 20 days ago

    Who is poor upstairs, please ? Mother dieing. Would like to know, please.

  • Nacional Mídia
    Nacional Mídia 20 days ago +4

    Remember Britney Spears in VMA 2003

  • lvitolo1985
    lvitolo1985 21 day ago

    Hollywood 3 millions views and love profusion 8 what it means?

    • Jon Clingan
      Jon Clingan 14 days ago

      Perhaps this was uploaded later, alot of videos were missing from utube. This has only been uploaded Jan 2018.

  • dawlsid raehol
    dawlsid raehol 21 day ago +10

    She Has 22 International Number 1 hits!!!!!!!!

  • Rebekah Newsom
    Rebekah Newsom 22 days ago +2

    Maid looks like she’s going to kill her in that one scene!!

  • alejandro font
    alejandro font 23 days ago +1


  • Ronaldo Martinez
    Ronaldo Martinez 23 days ago +1

    Quien viene de nordeltus?

  • Romukim Sawa
    Romukim Sawa 25 days ago +7

    Billboard Woman of the Year

  • Ирина Глушенко

    нуждается ли эта композиция в комментариях или какой-либо оценки... как можно оценивать гениальность, если сам не гений... эта композиция задала и задает моду... как новая была, так новая и осталась

  • Only me
    Only me 25 days ago +2

    She's a brilliant dancer so much energy those leos...

  • wycc sivan
    wycc sivan 26 days ago +4


  • ajeet kumar
    ajeet kumar 27 days ago


  • Ruben B
    Ruben B 27 days ago +2

    Madonna did boomerang before instagram

  • Christian Aguilar
    Christian Aguilar 28 days ago

    britney kiss

  • Dimitris Lekkas
    Dimitris Lekkas 28 days ago


  • ////
    //// 29 days ago

    uno dei look peggiori di madonna :( però il pezzo è bellissimo...

  • imgladiliveineurope
    imgladiliveineurope Month ago +1

    Personally American Life is my second favorite album after Confessions. It is so underrated and I truly don't understand why