Top 10 Most Impressive YouTube Records

  • Published on Jul 7, 2017
  • Top 10 Most Impressive RU-clip Records // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW
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    There are some unbreakable RU-clip records, and some significant RU-clip records that might be broken in the future. The first channels to 1 million and 10 million subscribers will always be SMOSH and FRED respectively, and Ray William Johnson will always be the first (announced) RU-clip millionaire, but the longest video on RU-clip may not always be 596.5 hours long. WatchMojo counts down ten of the greatest RU-clip records no one will ever break (probably).
    If you want to check out more of our ‘Best of RU-clip’ series TopX, click here:, and find videos like Top 10 Epic Rap Battles of History: and Top 10 Scariest RU-clip Videos:
    00:26 #10: 1st Channel to Hit over 10M Subscribers - SMOSH
    01:18 #9: 1st Channel to Hit Over 1M Subscribers - FRED
    02:10 #8: Channel with the Most Uploaded Videos - CODblackopsPS
    02:46 #7: Longest Video - THE LONGEST VIDEO ON RU-clip - 596.5 HOURS
    03:28 #6: 1st RU-clipr to Earn $1,000,000 - Ray William Johnson
    04:24 #5: Most Liked Video - “See You Again” by Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth
    05:12 #4: Most Viewed Channel - T-Series
    05:56 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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  • playlists 0nly in this channel

    Its,funny that despasito tooked over see you again

  • Arthur Baidjoe
    Arthur Baidjoe 4 days ago

    Gangnam style: has the most viewed video on RU-clip

    Despacito: I’m about to end this whole mans career

  • Madhumita Dutta
    Madhumita Dutta 5 days ago

    Most viewed video: Gangnam Style by PSY
    *Despacito* : Hold my beer.

  • Madhumita Dutta
    Madhumita Dutta 5 days ago

    Most viewed video in 24 hrs.
    *Avengers Endgame trailer* : Hold my beer.
    *Thor* : Noooooo....!

  • gacha cookie uwu
    gacha cookie uwu 10 days ago

    Tseries: -viewed by 20 billion people-

  • Philippine Republic
    Philippine Republic 10 days ago

    Heres another RU-clip record...

    The record for the most Sub bots is T-Series.

  • Fa ishere
    Fa ishere 12 days ago


  • CF YT14
    CF YT14 12 days ago

    Smosh hot 10m in 2015 not 2013 😂

  • Darrendantdm please subcribe

    Why number 4 is number 2

  • Yornan Ortez
    Yornan Ortez 16 days ago


  • Pizza Pop Gaming
    Pizza Pop Gaming 18 days ago

    New Record: T-Series Is Now At 100m Subscribers!

  • Roxy King
    Roxy King 18 days ago

    t series: i have more then you pewdiepie but whatever ... HOLD MY BEER

  • Krishnanunni .K.L.
    Krishnanunni .K.L. 19 days ago

    #2 is now wrong I suppose.

  • Patricia Alecio
    Patricia Alecio 22 days ago +1

    Where is James Charles most subs lost

  • NicoAW
    NicoAW 24 days ago

    Now tseries has over 71 billion, and is sadly the most subscribed channel

  • BroBladΞ
    BroBladΞ 25 days ago

    *longest video on youtube - 596.5 hours!*
    FlareTV: Hold my lasagna.

  • Saad the gamer
    Saad the gamer 29 days ago

    Your name should be also there you are, have urn Uwharrie tw7fpf8lfwh'c8lpw3bl38'clpwbc'8tlwpvdpwl8btcppwc

  • Lorie-Michèle
    Lorie-Michèle Month ago

    James Charles is now the RU-clipr who has lost the most subscribers in 1 day (1.2 million)

  • Random Ranker
    Random Ranker Month ago

    0:20 RU-clip channel: T-Series

  • Rainbow 66
    Rainbow 66 Month ago

    The things that’s weird for the most uploaded video guy I just watch a clip of it that was on this video

  • Dragon Slayer
    Dragon Slayer Month ago +2

    *James Charles has entered the chat

  • Geo Tube
    Geo Tube Month ago +1

    And there's YT rewind 2018 with over 16,000,000 dislikes
    Edit : and the most viewed video is *_des-pa-ci-to_*

  • otto von stalin
    otto von stalin Month ago +1

    Wow it's crazy how many records were broken in 2018

  • Xeroc _
    Xeroc _ Month ago


  • Reuben Robinson
    Reuben Robinson Month ago

    Is whiz Khalifa Mia Khalifa’s brother

  • King Galaxy wolf
    King Galaxy wolf Month ago

    T-Series vs pewdiepie is dead

  • King Galaxy wolf
    King Galaxy wolf Month ago


  • SteveMutt
    SteveMutt Month ago

    Gangnam style not most viewed now.

  • inkshibe :0
    inkshibe :0 Month ago

    james charles: hold up

  • Vak NosE
    Vak NosE Month ago

    Longest video 565.5 hours
    FlareTv am i a joke to you
    Most liked youtube video yaaaah thats hot youtube rewind but better
    T series a sub bot company.
    Most disliked video everyone controls rewind youtube rewind 2018
    Most subscribed channel
    Still pewdiepie
    Hes a human being not a company
    Most viewed video despacito.
    Let me guess memes are in the top

  • TBNB YeetimusMaximus

    Most liked video: see you again

    Despacito: What about me?

  • Imakidd OOF
    Imakidd OOF Month ago

    T series:I want to die from my hate

  • LuiSpot
    LuiSpot Month ago +2

    Update alot of records here been broken

  • marilou macabalitao

    Wtf you should f****** do this in futute

  • Micah Chapman
    Micah Chapman Month ago

    Acctully longest video is flaretvs stream 2048 hours

  • Elongated Egg
    Elongated Egg Month ago

    James Charles: ...

  • Dany aguilarr
    Dany aguilarr Month ago

    5:14 it says 4 but it shows 2

  • BeNny
    BeNny Month ago

    Did she, DID she, just say

    *C-O-D* !

  • Mimicr3y
    Mimicr3y Month ago +1

    James Charles has the most lost subscriber in 1 day

  • Noah 101
    Noah 101 Month ago +1

    Smosh fred

  • Kaneki One Eyed King

    Codblackopsps has 1mil videos uploaded

  • Xycrol
    Xycrol Month ago

    0:36 Ian Hicox...

  • Sub to PEWDS
    Sub to PEWDS Month ago +1


  • Leizy
    Leizy Month ago +1

    TSeries was actually a thing even in 2017 lol

  • zyro xp1000
    zyro xp1000 Month ago

    6:51 :((((

  • Kevin Uibu
    Kevin Uibu Month ago

    Longest video:
    *THE LONGEST VIDEO ON RU-clip - 596.5 HOURS*

    *PewDiePie vs T-Series who will prevail?* : hold my beer, im 2400+ hours long

  • Erol Turtoga
    Erol Turtoga Month ago

    Well the most subscribed now is t series

  • Joseph Galligar
    Joseph Galligar Month ago

    Flare TV, RU-clip rewind, T series, Despacito all came for those titles

  • ii_LostThoughts - Racing And More

    The longest video on yt it flaretv pewdiepie vs t series stream

  • Gaming kid Texas gamer

    Who’s watching when despacito is most liked

  • Mike Bizz
    Mike Bizz Month ago

    This Videos Title: "Top Ten Impressive RU-clip Records.."
    This Videos Total Views:

  • Kian Capisen
    Kian Capisen Month ago

    Eww they add t series

  • railguns king
    railguns king Month ago

    Who else got happy when it said most subscribed channel pewdiepie

  • Eric's World
    Eric's World Month ago

    CODblackopsPS: We have so many uploads
    T-seires: hold my beer

    LATERALeaF Month ago

    Who else is here after James Charles has one now, most subscribers lost in a day

  • kipa suba
    kipa suba Month ago

    Update this news... T series is most subscribe now

  • Fenris Destiny
    Fenris Destiny Month ago

    Out of the 10 records only 3 cannot be broken

  • Rene Kirit
    Rene Kirit Month ago +1

    WatchMojo: Let Me Join T-Series Here
    Pewdiepie: Hold My Lasagna

  • Jayzo Anims
    Jayzo Anims Month ago

    10 ,9 ,8 ,7 ,6 5 ,2 ,3 ,2, 1 ?

  • Matteo Piagentini
    Matteo Piagentini Month ago +1


  • Trey The Legendary Gamer

    You forgot one most hated channel on RU-clip is t series

    Like if you agree

    • one dolla snake
      one dolla snake Month ago

      Trey The Legendary Gamer beyond be hated by dumb pew fans they are not hated

  • ma robilyn sumilang

    well not the most liked video anymore

  • Bill Johnson
    Bill Johnson Month ago

    Tgay Tgay Tgay Tgay Tgay Tgay Tgay Tgay Tgay

  • Leo ?
    Leo ? Month ago +2

    One of WatchMojo's most impressive feats: Trigger warning of the upcomming T-series.

  • britney lizbeth hernandez

    No. 3 RU-clip Rewind 2018

  • Angelina Boiii
    Angelina Boiii Month ago

    this needs to be updated

  • Piyush Gupta
    Piyush Gupta Month ago

    1st to 100 million subscribers is coming.
    Love T series

  • Vina Pineda
    Vina Pineda Month ago +1

    Thats no true in tseries blackpink 773 million views!!

  • Vina Pineda
    Vina Pineda Month ago

    Blackpink kelseyloyz said

  • Pedro Night
    Pedro Night Month ago

    *Bieber* : 😭
    *RU-clip Rewind 2018* : 😗 (whistling)

  • Ian watch YOUTUBE
    Ian watch YOUTUBE Month ago +2

    The impressive world record that you will be the king of RU-clip

    PEWDIEPIE:hold my swedish meatballs

  • Ryley Jenkins
    Ryley Jenkins Month ago

    Screan says 2
    Person says 4

  • valor omega
    valor omega Month ago +1

    6:52 I dont think so
    T series is no1 ha ha ah ha 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Noelia Gacha
    Noelia Gacha Month ago

    T gay

  • Zviad Tolordava
    Zviad Tolordava Month ago

    Subscribe to Pewdiepie unsubscribe to T-Series

  • RiverBlocksTV
    RiverBlocksTV Month ago

    Hah ean hichox its Ian hecox

  • Blue Gaming
    Blue Gaming Month ago +2

    T-Series Only Has one Record :
    Most sub bots

    • one dolla snake
      one dolla snake Month ago

      Pewdiepie hold two records most times dethroned and most alt accounts subscribed to a single channel

  • broboy 87
    broboy 87 Month ago

    Most disliked!!! HA!!! Watch RU-clip rewind 2018

  • chicky feet
    chicky feet Month ago

    Most liked video
    Luis Fonsi: Sostenga mi cerveza

  • Firey Dope
    Firey Dope Month ago

    Each like I get a sub

  • ZenClone
    ZenClone Month ago

    Why my eyes sweaty so much

  • The BlackCat
    The BlackCat Month ago


  • Lungu George
    Lungu George 2 months ago

    Ok so apereantly number 4 now is 2 5:10

  • Yogendra Marandi
    Yogendra Marandi 2 months ago

    5:13 It's number 2 and she says number 4.

  • Maxwell Beta
    Maxwell Beta 2 months ago

    Despacito is over 5 billion,lmao

  • Gabriel Pereira
    Gabriel Pereira 2 months ago +1

    Baby has 11 million likes and 10 million dislikes

  • Sen Luigi
    Sen Luigi 2 months ago +1

    5:14 watchmojo predicted the future

  • Bat FlameZ
    Bat FlameZ 2 months ago

    I never understood the good parts about T-Series, but PewDiePie IS AWESOME

  • TraceClash
    TraceClash 2 months ago


  • Soham Jog
    Soham Jog 2 months ago +1

    #3: not anymore
    #2: not anymore
    #1: not anymore

  • ZachTES04
    ZachTES04 2 months ago

    My poor virgin eyes get some bleach for my eyes and ears for #4 and #3

  • Ocringe Juice
    Ocringe Juice 2 months ago +1

    most viewed video is despacito

  • 12 Year Old Girl
    12 Year Old Girl 2 months ago

    The most subscribed channel has 94 million subscribers

  • Umair Gamer
    Umair Gamer 2 months ago +1

    I love Fred!

  • camtheman 784
    camtheman 784 2 months ago


  • RainKitsu 96
    RainKitsu 96 2 months ago


  • FromZero
    FromZero 2 months ago

    Lmao watch pewdiepie hitting 100M subs and beating T-Series. Bet.

  • DesPlayz Games
    DesPlayz Games 2 months ago


  • anita dangi
    anita dangi 2 months ago


  • seanla04
    seanla04 2 months ago

    i watched baby today like 10 minutes ago it should be the most LIKED video