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Stefanos Tsitsipas v Daniil Medvedev Extended Highlights (SF) | Australian Open 2022

  • Published on Jan 27, 2022
  • Extended highlights as Stefanos Tsitsipas takes on Daniil Medvedev in the semifnals of the Australian Open 2022.
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Comments • 745

  • Limitless$ky
    Limitless$ky 3 months ago +456

    Medvedev can hold his nerves, play super aggressive, AND be hungry to win! He has multiple champion level characteristics and he surely deserved to win 💯

    • A
      A 3 months ago +1

      @Wayne Zhang hehe that aged well :)

    • DanielBoonelight
      DanielBoonelight 3 months ago +2

      also, @Wayne Zhang cool ego trip, lol. should i "trust you" next time too? 😂

    • DanielBoonelight
      DanielBoonelight 3 months ago

      @Chris Birkin who are you barking at, lol? i'm a bigger rafa fan than meddy. goooood gracious you "fans" with the chip on your shoulder. embarrassing dude.

    • Chris Birkin
      Chris Birkin 3 months ago

      @DanielBoonelight and Rafa beat meddy with better tennis last night. It comes back round, doesn't it?

  • MAURO De Capitani
    MAURO De Capitani 3 months ago +454

    Kudos to Australian Tennis tv, best highlights on tennis by far , and you guys post so fast , the match is just finish, great work

    • ทศพล แคล้วคลาด
      ทศพล แคล้วคลาด 2 months ago

      @forthebirds4 ี

    • ทศพล แคล้วคลาด
      ทศพล แคล้วคลาด 2 months ago


    • Mario Ferro
      Mario Ferro 3 months ago +1

      Hopefully Roland Garros guys take some notes 😉

    • Christian Lee
      Christian Lee 3 months ago

      They spoil it aweful

    • Juano Etchevers
      Juano Etchevers 3 months ago

      they showed like 6 average serve and volley and they missed break points or better points, they are fast? yes, best? doubt that.

  • Jorge Montagut
    Jorge Montagut 3 months ago +357

    The best thing about Medvedev is that he goes to every ball no matter how the play ends. That is the same thing that Djokovic does, and he takes risks in the game, whoever does not risk does not win.

    • M L
      M L 3 months ago +1

      Risk nothing today with rafa he play every ball on the middle where is the risk play?

    • Anna Lafetá
      Anna Lafetá 3 months ago +3

      @LAURA FANELLI It was!!!! The best of all times!!! Rafa Nadal!!!👏👏👏👏 Djockovic is not half of the man Nadal is!!!

      LAURA FANELLI 3 months ago +2

      Rafa WILL BE A MasterClash🎾💥

    • peter hansa
      peter hansa 3 months ago +5

      Cannot ignore that fact. I agree. He really goes for every shot. Never gives up. Takes chances, risks. Clearly the better strategist in this case. Tsitsipas had it on his racket in Set1 but bungled it.

    • DT SH
      DT SH 3 months ago +20

      Medvedev is a taller version of joker without fancy strokes. His mental and physical are definitely in the same league as Joker. He will go far!

  • Ursula Wanza
    Ursula Wanza 3 months ago +302

    Medvedev gets to every ball and he doesn’t seem to get tired. Powerful combination!

    • KJ Bennie
      KJ Bennie 3 months ago

      @Nola Bets it does!! But he met his match against Rafa....someone who actually out ran him?! Wow

    • Mee Tommy
      Mee Tommy 3 months ago +1

      @Aaron Fischer simply amazing!

    • Aaron Fischer
      Aaron Fischer 3 months ago +1

      @Mee Tommy I didn't expect Rafa to win to be honest, but super happy he was able to fight and find a way to win! Medvedev had his chances too, but it just wasn't his day.

    • Mee Tommy
      Mee Tommy 3 months ago

      @Aaron Fischer Meddy lost to Rafa on 2019 uso final and “1-5 comeback” tragedy, I believe he has been waiting for a moment to revenge. He is different , smarter than other players of his generation also confident. I will be happy to see Rafa hold trophy up again, but it might be so hard.

    • Aaron Fischer
      Aaron Fischer 3 months ago

      Can Nadal find an answer to this combination?

  • rainmaster
    rainmaster 3 months ago +308

    The last set was a masterclass by Medvedev, controlled offensive shot making 👏

    • rainmaster
      rainmaster 3 months ago +2

      @Tennis fan agreed, they should post the full match :) I think a lot of people would be interested. I greatly enjoyed watching it live.

    • Tennis fan
      Tennis fan 3 months ago +4

      But unfortunately there are only 2 rallies from there. Medvedev won last 3 points with backhand winners. And there are no his amazing backhand passing shots.

  • Min Chu Tong
    Min Chu Tong 3 months ago +273

    Medvedev is the real deal, mental strength is miles ahead of almost all of his similar age group players.
    I m sure he will have at least 6-8 grand slam titles. (Being conservative on my part)

    • Ziga Vidmar
      Ziga Vidmar 2 months ago

      @Roberto Amenabar Still is a beast

    • Fillipe Mendes
      Fillipe Mendes 3 months ago

      Keeping this level, More than 10 "easily". He is by far the best of the next gen. Without the Big 3 he will win and win again

    • Kieran Rankie
      Kieran Rankie 3 months ago

      It sure is starting to look like he will win multiple slams. At least 5, I think.

    • Omar A
      Omar A 3 months ago

      it is between him and Zverev

  • AceR Tennis
    AceR Tennis 3 months ago +123

    Medvedevs reaction when he won was priceless

    • Chief Scheider
      Chief Scheider 3 months ago +16

      Not as good as his reaction when he beat the hunchback clown Kyrgios

    Lilia PEREVALOV 3 months ago +33

    Wow what a handshake at the end 😳 Tsitsipas grow up already 😄😄

  • Wheel
    Wheel 3 months ago +301

    I have to say that is the most classless crowd ever ... booing before between and DURING Medvedev's serves

    • David Porter
      David Porter 3 months ago

      @Chad Daughtridge So close too. Just forgot to win one of the last three sets lol. Vamos Rafa!

    • Francis Van der Mosen
      Francis Van der Mosen 3 months ago

      Australia has shown its real face: first with the Djokovic debacle and now
      with this classless crowd.

    • TRVE
      TRVE 3 months ago +1

      Yeah, what's happened with a crowd? I haven't watched tennis for a long time, but I remember that in 00-s the crowd was more cultured. Do you agree?

    • JB
      JB 3 months ago

      Australia in general has gone into the toilet. Shame..

  • Moorish Brooklyn
    Moorish Brooklyn 3 months ago +61

    Cheering for or against Medvedev doesn't matter, he is still going to play. He prefer if folks don't make any noise between serves, but he still moves along anyway. His greatest joy is winning against a player and against the crowd.

    • ironxdoll
      ironxdoll 3 months ago +2

      @Drakmaster1337 yes, I know. My statement about what Moorish said is still valid though :)

    • Drakmaster1337
      Drakmaster1337 3 months ago

      @ironxdoll looks like Nadal just won against the player Medvedev

    • ironxdoll
      ironxdoll 3 months ago +1

      ​@Drakmaster1337 "winning again a player AND against the crowd."

    • Drakmaster1337
      Drakmaster1337 3 months ago

      Ugh, isn't it any tennis players greatest joy to win against their opponents?

  • Sandi_K
    Sandi_K 3 months ago +157

    Brilliant show by Medvedev, a future superstar!

    • GNeo
      GNeo 3 months ago

      @A&M Media
      watch the full video ,don't be stupid..

    • A&M Media
      A&M Media 3 months ago

      @Roberto Amenabar ok Roberto you’re right

    • John Smith
      John Smith 3 months ago +1

      @Roberto Amenabar just like your favorite, King Djoker? Also an abscess of a person

  • Wild River
    Wild River 3 months ago +82

    Medvedev has the most consistent and big serves. It always bails him out in critical moment.

  • Jola Yolka
    Jola Yolka 3 months ago +41

    Congratulations and respect Mr. Medvedev !!!!! Go get the AO trophy , we will be cheering 👏 👏👏

    • Hunyue khan
      Hunyue khan 3 months ago

      @Jason Lewis There is one and only N.Kyrgios. No one allow to copy his style.

    • Hunyue khan
      Hunyue khan 3 months ago

      @ibby Go and eat humble pie. Nadal proves you are wrong.

    • Jason Lewis
      Jason Lewis 3 months ago

      @Hunyue khan yup.. cant handle the crowd not supporting him

    • Hunyue khan
      Hunyue khan 3 months ago +1

      He's rude and his antics behaviiour uncalled for!

  • pukulu
    pukulu 3 months ago +62

    Tsitsipas must have tired a bit at the end of the match. Medvedev does not seem to tire. His conditioning is unbelievable. I've been a tennis fan for a long time and remember Ivan Lendl's style. Medvedev is similar, but a little taller and with a 2-handed backhand. Medvedev runs well too, as well as anybody I've ever seen at his height.

    • rachel
      rachel 3 months ago

      @Chief Scheider On point description yet he still look ridiculously good-looking in every angle! Athenian God!!

    • Chu Bun
      Chu Bun 3 months ago +1

      @wisanu99 You'll be surprised how much calories are packed in your body fat. I believe there some calculations that an average size American has enough fat to survive a 60 day fast. There are obviously differences in the level of play, but I don't think I ever lose more than 2 lbs after playing 2-3 hours in the sun. Most of the lost is just liquid though. I usually go back to my normal weight after lunch and dinner.

    • Kyekye Eminah
      Kyekye Eminah 3 months ago +1

      @Chief Scheider , you so funny! Lol🤣😅😂😆

    • Chief Scheider
      Chief Scheider 3 months ago +6

      Sissypas always looks exhausted, even after the first few points of a match. Mouth always open, gasping for air like a dying fish...

    • wisanu99
      wisanu99 3 months ago +8

      Yeah, the amount of run Med did is incredible. I wonder where his power reserve is though. When you use energy, you eventually consume fat/muscle and convert to energy when you run out of what you ate. Medvedev muscle? Fat? I don’t see any and the guy run like crazy. You can argue that he is light so doesn’t take much to move. But man, it seems to defy logic to me. Marathon runner like Kipchoge still loose tons of weigh after a marathon. Medvedev doesn’t have anything to loose to begin with. Very puzzling.

  • RamZar
    RamZar 3 months ago +64

    A really well-played match by both players but Medvedev is just too relentless shutting down Stefanos in the last set. Med is just too tough now and keeps raising his stellar game. Rafa won’t be able to handle him if he plays like this.

  • Mister MJ
    Mister MJ 3 months ago +81

    I'm not one for drama in tennis but a part of me really enjoys that Daniil and Stefanos ABSOLUTELY can't stand one another. Heightens their rivalry quite a bit and hopefully pushes both to spend that extra minute in training or squeeze in that last set of sprints to get better. Also for Tstisipas, the less his father is involved, the better he'll be ... guaranteed. See it all the time and throughout history as well.

    • Drakmaster1337
      Drakmaster1337 3 months ago +1

      @DCVCV small kid who doesn't know how to fight*

    • Kieran Rankie
      Kieran Rankie 3 months ago +1

      Yeah the rivalries aren't quite as interesting when they're all best friends.

  • Suzana Andrade
    Suzana Andrade 3 months ago +69

    Congratulations to Medvedev for a fantastic and great performance in the Semifinals today. I really appreciate your fighting spirit, dedication and hard work to put in your work inspite of not getting the support of the Australian crowd. A Great Champion is always great which one should not forget. Inspite of your hectic and tight fight in all your games and less time to rest and importance given to you . DANIIEL - Only need to get calm on your emotions by taking tablets like Novak the greatest. I am sure there will extra drama on Sunday the FINAL, one more game. You r one of the best Tennis player in Men's team. Keep up the good work. My best wishes. Cheers - GOD BLESS. 👏👏👍👍🍻🍻

    • Matias Ciabocco
      Matias Ciabocco 3 months ago +3

      It's gonna be an amazing fight sunday against the greatest player of all times 👏👏👏

    • Riaz Hassan
      Riaz Hassan 3 months ago

      Yes. Zverev and Tsitsipas are the closest, but currently he seems to be the best

  • Syukri Hamzam
    Syukri Hamzam 3 months ago +17

    Medvedev has a dangerous combination of Djokovic's clutchness and Nadal's relentlessness

  • Lifemond International
    Lifemond International 3 months ago +64

    So happy to see the love Tsitsipas nurtures for Medvedev.

    • 俄哥哥哟
      俄哥哥哟 3 months ago +12

      Oh yeah for sure. Cheatcheatpas should be the bottom in my opinion, though his pack looks bigger

    • hello
      hello 3 months ago

      @PositiveLastAction Yes and they definitely were not ready to take off each others heads 4 years ago.

    • PositiveLastAction
      PositiveLastAction 3 months ago +23

      They are best buddies

  • Norwegian dude
    Norwegian dude 3 months ago +16

    You have to respect the effort and endurance by Medvedev

  • ThrowinFitz11
    ThrowinFitz11 3 months ago +92

    Daniils movement and anticipation might be the best on tour.

    • Tecnosine
      Tecnosine 3 months ago +7

      @David Bregman best to ignore trolls haha Better for your blood pressure

    • David Bregman
      David Bregman 3 months ago +6

      @Roberto Amenabar ?

    • Roberto Amenabar
      Roberto Amenabar 3 months ago +2

      best tumor for tennis

    • KH1
      KH1 3 months ago +11

      On hard courts

  • Serbian Beast
    Serbian Beast 3 months ago +43

    Lights out performance from Medvedev!
    To beat Tsitsipas this convincingly, who was in scintillating form himself (dismantling the dangerous Sinner) and especially after a grueling 5 hours QF, is pretty incredible.
    The only person who i would bet, to beat Dani in this form, is a Djokovic playing near his best.
    Rafa is looking great, but i don't seeing him beating this version of Medvedev. Hopefully, I'm wrong.

    • NicolasMTS
      NicolasMTS 3 months ago

      @Jason Lewis Tsitsipas is very talented no doubt about that but he needs to grow up. Mentally he is not even close to Medvedev and that's why I think he's the best of the next gen, gets frustrated but can recollect like Djokovic can. He talks about humbleness etc.. but he's probably one of the most immature and can't accept loss he always try to find an excuse. Technically he gas out very quick honestly he was baked with Medvedev yet again like last year and the bear played many more hours. To win a grand slam is to play 7 matches in 2 weeks and also play 4-5 hours.

    • Jason Lewis
      Jason Lewis 3 months ago

      @NicolasMTS Yea I just dont think Tstuckispas is ready for prime time. Maybe in couple years but now. Medcedev doesnt get any credit; he is just not marketable but that is changing. I still got Nadal because his energy is legendary.

    • NicolasMTS
      NicolasMTS 3 months ago

      Tshitsipas underestimated Medvedev thinking he had the advantage of having a quick QF with Sinner. I didn't expect him to win because he didn't play that well the whole tournament. He played brilliantly with a still unexperienced Sinner so people thought "he dismantled him he will be on fire in the SF" turns out he was the more tired of the two. If he played the whole tournament like with Sinner I would have been impressed but no.. last year it happened that he had an exhausting QF with Nadal making a comeback and thought it would happen the same to Medvedev with FAA but no 🤷‍♂️

    • Jason Lewis
      Jason Lewis 3 months ago

      You guys are all crazy, Nadal is faster and is playing better than anyone in this tournament. Nadal 21st grand slam coming soon

    • Fortuna SP
      Fortuna SP 3 months ago +2

      I hope Med wins. I love Nadal and the 3, but I kind of want new and fresh. Although Medvedev already has won USO, I think it’ll be great if he can win even more.

  • Em4gdn1m
    Em4gdn1m 3 months ago +22

    Nadal and Medvedev. My two favorite players meeting in the AO Finals

  • Molonlave21
    Molonlave21 3 months ago +14

    It's very unfortunate Tsitsipas lost the tiebreaker in the first set, that could have changed the whole complexion of the match. He will have to do better in future matches to find ways to beat Medvedev, who he is currently the best young player of this generation.

  • Ken Truitt
    Ken Truitt 3 months ago +12

    Both guys can serve well and then put the second shot anywhere they want to. Tsitsipas' volleys maybe a little better than Med's. Tsitsipas' *level* came down just a little bit during the course of the match perhaps. A lot of people point out how Medvedev plays each point 100% and never concedes.This could be a critical difference. But ... could it be the factor that gave Medvedev the edge is that the 1-hand backhand just doesn't hold up as well against the 2? Sure, it's flashy and appears as a magnificent flourish when it wins the point. But in extended backhand exchanges over the course of 4 or 5 sets, the 2-handed backhand may give the edge to otherwise equal players.

    • Philipp Boetcher
      Philipp Boetcher 3 months ago +1

      I think it might be that Tsitsipas can't always create the amount of power that for example Thiem or Wawrinka could create. Shapovalov creates great power too!

  • Jason He
    Jason He 3 months ago +16

    The air must be so tight during that game. When all their past history is considered, how they balance their fire and inner peace to deliver those performance. Man, I feel nervous and cold sweat even just by watching.

  • Tasanee Wantanakul
    Tasanee Wantanakul 3 months ago +8

    Let's go Danill and win the title AO 2022
    AND take it all standing ovations. 🎾🎾

  • Gerry Leb
    Gerry Leb 3 months ago +13

    The difference in the match was completely mental. One player exerted his will to produce enough winners, and the other player seemed to be fighting himself.

  • Mr. G
    Mr. G 3 months ago +64

    Congratulations to Daniil Medvedev. He displayed a magnificent tennis match. Stefanos simply did not have a response to Daniil's shots. Daniil is so humble, down to earth, and pleasure to watch. However, very low class spectators booed him. But he does not care. Also, I used to like Stefano but with the kind of shake hand he had with Daniil, not anymore. Be a man accept the defeat. Daniil is in a different class than Stefanos. If you don't like it too bad.

    • DarkMysteriousObject
      DarkMysteriousObject 3 months ago

      @Cindy 808 I dont know... That limp wrist of his seems to be like that always. . especially in his pathetic backhand

    • Cindy 808
      Cindy 808 3 months ago

      @Angeline Dwidinata Thank goodness he thought twice about using the bathroom in this match.

    • Cindy 808
      Cindy 808 3 months ago

      @Angeline Dwidinata Yes and he cannot keep still...Daddy should tell him to be still...

    • Cindy 808
      Cindy 808 3 months ago +1

      I agree, that handshake was awful. I just started watching Tennis. Maybe if Daddy wasn't their T could win 🤔 matches on his own. The crowd is not going to go away anytime soon. It happen with Collins, the crowd got to her. 😒🙄😬

  • Reece Tam
    Reece Tam 3 months ago +5

    Medvedev is amazing. I hope with his work rate over time he doesn't get injured like Murray.

  • Robert Gordon
    Robert Gordon 3 months ago +13

    This is why I love tennis. Other worldly play by both. Medvedev is a cool dude.

  • wilder17
    wilder17 3 months ago

    Medvedev moves so well I always forget how tall he is until he stands beside something or someone and remember he’s a giant. Amazing combination of skill, endurance and mental fortitude

  • Victor Bade
    Victor Bade 3 months ago +2

    Medvvedev is one of the greatest counter puncher in tennis history till date. Just like Novak, he can absorb any pressure throw at him

  • Joe Kim
    Joe Kim 3 months ago +31

    ooof you could tell this one hurt for Stef to lose... he was playing so well... 1st set was such a coinflip really...

    • Joe Kim
      Joe Kim 3 months ago +1

      @Javier Barrena I don't think the 1hbh is the issue here. but I do see your point about the physical demands. I think it just requires a different style of play. You can't play 1hbh and 2hbh the same way.

    • Patrick
      Patrick 3 months ago

      @Javier Barrena I kinda see ur point just had to joke about that one man

    • Javier Barrena
      Javier Barrena 3 months ago

      @Patrick 🥸 according to my math…just an observation but maybe this is a taboo topic. Just remember me if becomes a viral topic in few years, your welcome.

    • Patrick
      Patrick 3 months ago

      @Javier Barrena 4.0 nice man.. tsitsipas is 4 in the world who are you to tell him to drop the 1 hand lmaoo

    • Yakziv Z
      Yakziv Z 3 months ago +4

      @Javier Barrena I think everybody is in agreement: Tsitsipas needs to use more bh slice in his shot selection, versus getting rid of his 1hbh all together. I also play with 1hbh but I'm not a pro though. I find that my legs get tired before my arms; granted, we cannot really compare our amateur matches to the pros though. Also if one does not have ironclad, proper technique for the 1hbh- he/she will suffer greatly on the pro circuit. You have to nail down the technique and form for the 1hbh, which a lot of amateur players do not do.

  • Aloha
    Aloha 3 months ago +4

    Good game, Good tennis. Congratulations to both players.

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas 3 months ago +16

    Nah medvedev is different gravy. To be able to run like that at his height while still having huge pace on the ball on the run and sublime shot making to boot, massive serve. He is 6’6” running every ball down and doesn’t seem to gas. As it stands this guy is virtually unbeatable and will only get better as he gains more experience and hours in high pressure situations, something Rafa still has over him. Thankfully this guy doesn’t waste his talent and genetic gifts on a baby mental attitude unlike some others on tour. I just hope he doesn’t get injured playing like this

  • Mike Atkins
    Mike Atkins 3 months ago +4

    Medvedev is already a champion in his own way, and I think the final will be a good one, however, I haven't seen Rafa this hungry in a while. He is humble in media conferences about his intentions, but you can tell the man feels the fire here. #rafa21

    HWOLO 3 months ago +4

    Great highlights for an amazing high-intensity match!

  • Michael Baker
    Michael Baker 3 months ago +4

    An intense rivalry between these two, egos just pouring gasoline on the inner fire. Gotta love it!

  • John Smith
    John Smith 3 months ago +2

    There should be a hell of a lot more upvotes on a match as good as this.

  • Roger Ramirez Burbano
    Roger Ramirez Burbano 3 months ago +1

    Me alegra saber que eliminó a ese mal perdedor, sabía qué ganaría es una persona de mente fuerte y respetuosa.

  • Amy Walker
    Amy Walker 3 months ago +6

    THANK YOU, MEDDY! I slept during the day yesterday so I'd have no trouble staying up for your semifinal match. Congrats and good luck versus RAFA!!! :)

  • DearAmmot
    DearAmmot 3 months ago

    If Medvedev had come through 10-15 years earlier during the peak big 4 era, he’s the one guy who would’ve been capable of making I the big 5 era IMO.

  • Sandi_K
    Sandi_K 3 months ago +57

    Tsitsipas’ coach/father should be banned for a couple of matches. This way, he will learn a lesson

    • DarkMysteriousObject
      DarkMysteriousObject 3 months ago +1

      @Sandi_K Sissipants is a bum

    • Sandi_K
      Sandi_K 3 months ago +10

      His father, who is also his coach, keeps coaching him during the games. They had been fines twice already in this Aus Open prior to the semi final.

    • Tanfo
      Tanfo 3 months ago

      What did he do?

    • Yusif Gasanov
      Yusif Gasanov 3 months ago +10

      Couple of tourneys. This is getting out of hand.

  • Jon Las
    Jon Las 3 months ago +8

    It seemed like a one sided match with Medvedev having the upper hand throughout. Hard luck Tsitsipas!

  • Paul
    Paul 3 months ago +2

    Best quality tennis I've watched in a while.

  • clemente castaño ochoa
    clemente castaño ochoa 3 months ago +7

    Vamos Medveded !!

  • Some One
    Some One 3 months ago +8

    Молодец Даня! Намного лучше предыд матча, удачи тебе в ФИНАЛЕ!

  • Judah Vlad
    Judah Vlad 3 months ago +11

    I don’t care what anyone says, Medi is fucking raw🔥🔥🔥

  • Alfredo Durán
    Alfredo Durán 3 months ago +28

    It's about time someone put Russia back into the men's tennis elite and Medvedev is the man to do it. Well, yes, he will have to be very well prepared to defeat a Rafa Nadal who is thirsty for triumphs and who has been doing everything very well during the course of this tournament, same Russian too. In my opinion, may the best man win, because they both deserve it!💪🏻😍🎾🇪🇦♥️🇷🇺

  • Telemax
    Telemax 3 months ago +8

    Medvedev 🔥🔥🔥

  • doire aintu
    doire aintu 3 months ago +1

    You have to respect the effort and endurance by Medvedev

  • gorge metz
    gorge metz 3 months ago +9

    I don't understand why Stefanos can't get to the next level, he has the game and appears to do all the correct things. Daniil got skills.

    • Jason Lewis
      Jason Lewis 3 months ago

      @Jacky Tang He just lost to Auger Aliassime!!! No chance for him now!! He needs a miracle..

    • Jacky Tang
      Jacky Tang 3 months ago

      He has included thomas enqvist as his coach in Rotterdam, he may improve his performance

    • P M
      P M 3 months ago +1

      He did very well considering he came off a surgery not long ago

    • Jens Clarberg
      Jens Clarberg 3 months ago

      @TheJhtlag Not as much of a grinder as Medvedev though based on this highlight.

    • Jason Lewis
      Jason Lewis 3 months ago

      @Jacky Tang Its okay, if his dad sneaks in some coaching. Its fun.. I think it build drama. I also think we needs linesman. it build tension. Tennis supposed to have some drama.

  • Mohanajayaganesh R
    Mohanajayaganesh R 3 months ago +7

    Apparently Medvedev the man who stands between the Big 3 and their quench to reach 21st Grand Slam title.😀 Daniil blocked Novak to clinch his 21st in the US open. Now he is into the AO finals to block Nadal. Way to go! What a champ!👏🏻👏🏻

  • Horacio Castellani
    Horacio Castellani 3 months ago +2

    its delightful to watch play Medvedev . not force but strategy

  • Anirban Samanta
    Anirban Samanta 3 months ago +13

    Medvedev reminds me of Djokovic's game. Very impressive shot making.

    • Markus E
      Markus E 3 months ago

      @Anirban Samanta I prefer Tesla: Einstein is hyped due to pop culture stupidity.

    • Anirban Samanta
      Anirban Samanta 3 months ago

      @Markus E the E stands for Einstein, right?

  • Chinguenguenza
    Chinguenguenza 3 months ago +3

    There’s a lot of vitriol in many of the comments. I think they both played well. Tsitsipas had beautiful net points. And Medvedev is a wall that can return anything.

  • Eduard Gepper
    Eduard Gepper 3 months ago +4

    Во Данил выдал Матч. Самый лучший Матч. Но и Циципас позорно после игры повёл себя . Мог и пожелать Удачи Данилу в Финале

  • kathy rz
    kathy rz 3 months ago +8

    Medvedev is awesome! Hope he wins this GS
    I wanted to see Nole and Daniil at the final...

    • aldrin roy
      aldrin roy 3 months ago +1

      i wanted to see you and me in the final

  • Tu Nguyen
    Tu Nguyen 3 months ago +4

    That awkward handshake at the end though 🤣🤣🤣

    • Leo Zinger
      Leo Zinger 3 months ago

      Right? I thought I saw Tsitsipas almost muttering "f u" during the handshake...

  • Martin Krim
    Martin Krim 3 months ago +28

    Nice highlights but PLEASE DO NOT REVEAL THE WINNER IN THE THUMBNAIL for those of us not knowing already the winner !!

    • Leo Zinger
      Leo Zinger 3 months ago

      I know, I saw a MILLION complaints about this and Yet the Aussie highlights Creators don't seem to give a F!!

    • yoitsjust
      yoitsjust 3 months ago +2

      I’ve been saying this forever !!

  • guyrestivo
    guyrestivo 3 months ago +10

    Meddy is a machine...i really think he ll blow out nadal in staraight sets.....he retired djocko in the us open..next will be Nadal...he's pushing these legends into an retirement....i hope Im wrong for I like to see Nadal win one more

    • a bendana
      a bendana 3 months ago

      That one more will surely happen at the French open, if not here.

  • Kyekye Eminah
    Kyekye Eminah 3 months ago +4

    I knew the match was over as soon as Medvedev came back from 1-4 down in the first set tiebreak to win 7-5. That was the moment this match was won. To think people said Medvedev would be tired after his marathon game with Felix Auger-Aliassime in the semis. How wrong they were!

    • Kyekye Eminah
      Kyekye Eminah 3 months ago

      @DanielBoonelight , you must be a school teacher to write a whole paper in reply to a short comment on YT. Well finish marking your scripts and enjoy your weekend.

    • DanielBoonelight
      DanielBoonelight 3 months ago

      @Kyekye Eminah thanks professor. yes i watch a ton of tennis, like most people who scour highlights on youtube, but thanks. unfortunately these ego-stroke comments like yours above or the classic 'i knew he was gonna be special' when a new player is doing particularly well happen surprisingly often; you actually believe that i thought you had to go out and say 'i have special insight' to come off in a self-important manner? um. you don't. it's implied. it's called basic self-awareness. lol. "how wrong they were! but iiiii knew better." and btw, i disagree-- that wasn't "the moment the match was won." give me a break dude. in the first set tiebreak? not, not at all. there were many more plot points and many more mental wreslings after that, including meddy's inner struggles with anger toward the coach-cheating, which arguably cost him the set, but he righted himself thereafter luckily. as IF he had already won it in set 1. that's what makes these majors. they're 5 sets, and take TONS more between the ears. but glad you knew the entire outcome of the match by then. teach us, nostradamus!

    • Kyekye Eminah
      Kyekye Eminah 3 months ago

      @DanielBoonelight , can you enlighten me where in my original post I spoke of my insight or special acumen? If you have any idea of the past history between Medvedev and Tsitsipas starting from the first match at Miami in 2018 , you'll know Medvedev has a psychological edge over Tsitsipas.

    • DanielBoonelight
      DanielBoonelight 3 months ago

      these 'i have so much acumen and insight that iiiiii was able to predict the result at x point' comments are so hilariously lame.

  • Jools T
    Jools T 3 months ago +16

    Straight up Rafa fan here, I agree w/Skyler Kim: Meddie is controlled, level-headed & determined. As competitive as Meddie is, nothing, nothing rattles or phases him. W/Nadal, he tends 2 choke when stressed & Nadal's pushing 36. Meddie rained on Novak's 21st GS party. I have a feeling he's going to do the same w/Nadal. That said, complete Respect for both players.

    • TennisElbowMatches
      TennisElbowMatches 3 months ago +1

      @W N This didn’t age well.

    • macaco860
      macaco860 3 months ago +3

      It seems you were wrong mate

    • W N
      W N 3 months ago

      Nadal stands no chance against Daniil on sunday

    • TheMistressAditi
      TheMistressAditi 3 months ago +3

      Nadal tends to choke when stressed?! Come on, this is nonsense and you know it. Guy has 20 grand slams.

  • Piotr Wolski
    Piotr Wolski 3 months ago +7

    Medvedev the 2022 Australian Open champion

    • Piotr Wolski
      Piotr Wolski 3 months ago

      @Sin its even better, I am Rafas fan too. Medvedev will have chances to win many more times . Rafa is almost done with his career.

    • Sin
      Sin 3 months ago


  • italkcrab
    italkcrab 3 months ago +1

    Rafa has got the toughest test in front of him. All the big 3 have now been 1 match away from #21 And Daniil doesn't want to let down his idol Novak.

  • SuperVic1979
    SuperVic1979 3 months ago +15

    As always Tsitsipas looked unimpressed and classless at the final greeting at the net. Real Champions do have to know how to lose and win. He doesn’t know either. Translation : he isn’t one. At least not yet.

    • SuperVic1979
      SuperVic1979 3 months ago

      @P M what does that has to do with what I said ?

    • P M
      P M 3 months ago +1

      bullshit....he came off a surgery ......and he got to the semis.......

  • 趙溫
    趙溫 3 months ago +8

    How amazing! Tsitsipas is now as good as early federer in terms of making the game exciting to watch, switching techniques and changing routes. That's why we watch, isn't it?

    • 趙溫
      趙溫 3 months ago

      @william baker No. Many of the players these days don't have any excitement at all, and Tsitsipas had quite something already, that's my point

    • Lotus
      Lotus 3 months ago

      Tsitsipas plays more like Tommy Haas
      Federer's appeal has always been his perfect technique and variety
      Tsitsipas is pretty far in both (his injury last year was because he muscles his shots too much)
      Federer was effortless and could dismantle you in more ways than you could count

    • william baker
      william baker 3 months ago

      I wish this were true. The game really misses fed at this point. These guys have their own sort of excitement, but it's nowhere near what Fed produced when he was flying.

  • Internal Tissues
    Internal Tissues 3 months ago +33


  • James Bowser
    James Bowser 3 months ago +1

    What! No controversy? I am 😮 to see no BS. I really enjoyed the match with out all the drama and the excellent tennis spoke for itself.☺️👏🏻👍

  • Yacov Mitchenko
    Yacov Mitchenko 3 months ago +4

    Hmmm. Stylistically, not unlike a Federer and Djokovic match - though, of course, the 2 GOATS are still better players. I'll go out on a limb and place my bet on Medvedev as the Australian Open champ this year.

  • Joe Marshall
    Joe Marshall 3 months ago

    I thought Stefanos would have a chance here, since Daniil had played a five set match 40 hours be fore, while Stefanos cruised by in three. Yet Daniil ran down every single ball in those first two sets, which pays big dividends...terrific work by the big guy...let's see if he can give Rafa a run.....

  • Lucius Fucius
    Lucius Fucius 3 months ago

    If Medvedev wins this, he'll be the new world number one!

  • Christos
    Christos 3 months ago +15

    Who would you pick for the win hypothetically, assuming they played in the finals and why: Medvedev or Djokovic?

    • asdknjakljye
      asdknjakljye 3 months ago +3

      Until someone beats Djokovic at the Australian you have to favor him

    • asdknjakljye
      asdknjakljye 3 months ago +1

      @TheJhtlag Lol they played in Aus 2021 final. Djokovic 3 straight.

    • TheJhtlag
      TheJhtlag 3 months ago

      Well the only test point was the US Open. Medvedev.

    • Yakziv Z
      Yakziv Z 3 months ago +2


    • PLUTUS
      PLUTUS 3 months ago +4

      Going by current form: Medvedev in 5.

  • Milos Popovic
    Milos Popovic 3 months ago +3

    Judging by the highlights and not watching the results Tsistsipas won 10-2 in sets. Biased! Haters, like it or not Medvedev is winning this one, he just needs to confirm it against that pensioner in the finals. #lookatme 🇷🇸 ❤️ 🇷🇺

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose 3 months ago

    Daniils movement and anticipation might be the best on tour.

  • Xacber26
    Xacber26 3 months ago +3

    That's a minus 30 degree handshake from Tsitsipas

  • peter hansa
    peter hansa 3 months ago

    These two re going to be the ones that will battle it out in future. We'll see much more of this in the years to come. Classic rivalry - brilliant sociopath vs powerful, overprotected hypersensitive guy.


    Daniil sos un capo, felicitaciones.

  • Chance Robinson
    Chance Robinson 3 months ago +6

    Brilliant job by both players! Yet, Mr. Medvedev is going to need to overcome the crowd sentiment, and the umpires, if he’s to overcome Nadal. The “lion in winter” underdog story has so much momentum. I watched Nadal stall his way to the U.S. Open title in 2019 and lost all respect for future endeavors. Even John McEnroe, on a live mic, said he was stalling! Stay strong Daniil! At this point in time, you are the better player.

  • S M
    S M 3 months ago +7

    Medvedev might be the favorite because of his ranking and his current form but I am sure it won't be an easy task for him either to beat Rafa and the crowd together. I am pretty sure 90% of the Australian crowd will be rooting for Rafa to win his 2nd AO. On the other hand Djokovic fans will be caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, if Rafa wins he inches ahead of Djokovic and federer in GS titles and if Medvedev wins, he secures the ATP number 1 ranking from Djokovic after 357 weeks. I really really hope Rafa can really come out strong, play the match of his life and win.

    • Goodee44
      Goodee44 3 months ago +1

      if he does beat rafa its going to take a grueling five sets. taking our rafa is gonna be hard

  • HopeEsleim1101
    HopeEsleim1101 3 months ago +15

    Love how casual the finish is. And good on him to shake hands with umpire. Tsitsipas’ dad needs to be banned or shut his coaching ass mouth during the match.

    • DarkMysteriousObject
      DarkMysteriousObject 3 months ago

      @Goodee44 There is literally nothing in his game that is special. I have watched his game.. GO check his record agaisnt top 10 players and then tell me why he is special.. he isnt.. He is an ugly wall of mediocrity except his backhand which is pure awfulness to watch and I think we already covered his mental game... This is an accurate criticism of his game. And the choking aspect... My God even his fans admit that

    • Goodee44
      Goodee44 3 months ago

      @DarkMysteriousObject like i said im not a fan of Step. but take your emotion out of it for a min and see the facts. your talking about a guy who is clearly top 10 and shows it.that is a fact. but the other side is the cheating aspect which is messed up and should not be done. but i dont think you should stoop down to what somebody else is doing remain who you are regardless. thats my point of view we see things differently which is cool

  • Duggu T
    Duggu T 3 months ago +6

    If Medvedev have to win the title, he have to one of the first 2 sets.
    The last two Rafa matches had showed that Rafa is tiring towards the end of the match.
    So good chance for Daniil to win the title, but the 1st and 2nd set holds the key.

    • DarkMysteriousObject
      DarkMysteriousObject 3 months ago +1

      One of the best matches ever was 2019 AO final Rafa/Med and it went down to the wire.. I dont think Rafa can beat him now... but of course you can never count him out.

  • Claudio Orellana
    Claudio Orellana 3 months ago +6

    Vamos Danil ! El domingo te llevas el AO ! El publico es muy bajo intelectualmente 😂

  • Luiza Rodrigues
    Luiza Rodrigues 3 months ago +3

    Eu queria saber quantos pares de tênis o Medvedev leva na bolsa 😅😅

  • Emilio Cervantes
    Emilio Cervantes 3 months ago +5


  • mikerzisu
    mikerzisu 3 months ago +4

    Medvedev is a world class pusher. Human backboard

  • Saurabh Dewangan
    Saurabh Dewangan 3 months ago +14

    Let's be honest, I don't think Nadal is beating this Medvedev, unless Medvedev is having a bad day.

    • Saurabh Dewangan
      Saurabh Dewangan 3 months ago +1

      @Jason Lewis don't really think so, all of the Nadal's opponent until now we're poor apart from Shapovalov. Medvedev will kill Badal if he plays like this.

    • Jason Lewis
      Jason Lewis 3 months ago

      Lets be honest, Nadal is winning in straight sets.

  • JDL
    JDL 3 months ago +28

    Nice long stare by Medvedev to Tsitsipas’ box at the end…..

    • Jeffrey Kaufmann
      Jeffrey Kaufmann 3 months ago

      @Travis House Patrick McEnroe said he was looking at his own box.

    • Jeffrey Kaufmann
      Jeffrey Kaufmann 3 months ago

      @Travis House Did Steph get a code Violation because of Medvedev's complaining? I'm surprised that his Dad continued coaching after he heard Medvedev complaining about it. Dad has no shame.

    • Jeffrey Kaufmann
      Jeffrey Kaufmann 3 months ago

      @Travis House Im glad he was staring at Tsitsipas' Box.

    • buzzfunk
      buzzfunk 3 months ago +1

      It was def directed at Stef box. lol. That whole son/dad/coach relationship seems poison for Stef. Best to get rid of him (not as a father lol) and be your own man.

    • Travis House
      Travis House 3 months ago +3

      @Jeffrey Kaufmann, if you watched the entire match you would see that Medvedev lost it at the chair umpire - He was accusing Stephanos’ father of coaching. Daniil was pissed!
      (They placed a Greek speaking umpire next to the box and Steph got a code violation)
      JDL is right, Med was almost certainly staring down Tsitsipas’ father for the illegal coaching during the match.

  • Christian Lee
    Christian Lee 3 months ago +2

    TO AUSTRALIAN OPEN TV : For the love of god, please don’t spoil the results in the thumbnails. These are the best highlights of any grand slam media and we appreciate it but spoiling the winner ruins it! PLS thumbs up so they can see this! 🙏🙏

  • DanielBoonelight
    DanielBoonelight 3 months ago

    it must be nice to be able to watch these on a network where the commentators don't feel compelled to talk the entire time play is going on...

  • nitin sharma
    nitin sharma 3 months ago +2

    I want Med to lift AO 2022.

  • Edy Thorven Puerta
    Edy Thorven Puerta 3 months ago +5

    Tsisipas tiene todo para ser num 1,hasta ahora le ha faltado decisión. El ruso es menos completo como jugador pero es tenaz. Cuando aprenda a jugar la red será num uno.

  • LiNingAir
    LiNingAir 3 months ago +1

    I don't think anybody wanted Tsitsipas to win... super happy Medvedev booted him out

  • God's Gamer
    God's Gamer 3 months ago +1

    8:03 Medvedev didn’t even celebrate. Gives me Kobe vibes. “Jobs not finished. Job finished? I don’t think so”

  • Jason Lewis
    Jason Lewis 3 months ago +2

    Tsitsipas can't hang with the master class, he needs to add to some emotions into his game. He was a very flat soda in the 3rd and 4th set.

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 3 months ago

    1st set only, Tsitsipas is a lightweight, though gets everything and in this case, is showing better clarity in his game than many I have to say, might flip to end of highlights

  • Xavier Avalos
    Xavier Avalos 3 months ago +1

    Last year, Tsitsipas beat Nadal. This time Daniil prevented the rematch from happening. To me, Medvedev is the clear favourite for the final.

  • Dominique Vergnes
    Dominique Vergnes 3 months ago +1

    Drôle de style de tennis Medvedev! 😜😂

  • Juan Pedro Arevalo
    Juan Pedro Arevalo 3 months ago +2

    The science will can to demonstrate now which in this world it's possible a human being becomes stronger after a hard challenge.
    By: Daniil Medvedev.