Understanding Helicopter's Engine | Turboshaft

  • Published on Nov 30, 2017
  • A turboshaft engine acts as the powerhouse of modern helicopters. They are also used for power generation and marine propulsion! This video will illustrate the inner-workings of turboshaft engines in a clear and logical way.
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  • Eero af Heurlin
    Eero af Heurlin Year ago +98

    Want to learn about turbine engines ? Check out AgentJayZ (ru-clip.com/channel/UCh57rwk3ySElDpzgCDLh9KA), he has also a video about compressor stalls.

    • connexelectronic online-shop
      connexelectronic online-shop Month ago

      Excellent video, thumbs up many times. Though I can't possibly understand why anyone would give thumbs down to this video. Mentally retarded perhaps, too sad, almost 1000 of them had did this already.

    • Ed S
      Ed S 2 months ago

      Jones SenoJ ha ha ha, you’re an idiot.

    • Pratheep Anumaty
      Pratheep Anumaty 3 months ago


    • Jones SenoJ
      Jones SenoJ 5 months ago

      Shame Agent Jay Z is a government agent designed to stop you seeing these engines run on Air !!!!

    • Michael Talbot
      Michael Talbot 10 months ago

      The background theory to this is to nderstand convergent and divergent nozzles as well as wing flow theory

  • Peter May
    Peter May 17 days ago

    Was always curious, even as a kid.

  • TheGearhead222
    TheGearhead222 21 day ago

    Great video!:)-John in Texas

  • dave v
    dave v 25 days ago

    😊 thank you

  • బై బై బై బై

    hi Indian people

  • Muhd Fitri
    Muhd Fitri Month ago

    I hope this video is translated into Malay

  • Joseph D
    Joseph D Month ago

    Thank moment when you realize you actually retained knowledge after spring finals

  • Summer Paradiso
    Summer Paradiso Month ago +2

    Thanks to this video. Now I can build my own engine for my helicopter to fly to work.

  • Paul
    Paul Month ago

    Have not watched vid yet, please tell me they talk metric or i will not watch.

  • Seyyar teyyar
    Seyyar teyyar Month ago

    Bari başlıgıda ingilizce yazsaydınız

  • Mg Mg
    Mg Mg Month ago


  • sile2288 sile
    sile2288 sile Month ago

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  • sile2288 sile
    sile2288 sile Month ago

    Romanian invent made , thanks to Romania...

  • Abdou Kabar
    Abdou Kabar Month ago

    How the terbin start in the first time plz

  • Todd Cooper
    Todd Cooper Month ago

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  • Gregory Vaillancourt
    Gregory Vaillancourt Month ago +2

    Minor ERROR. Compressor stalls don't necessarily result in a complete loss of shaft horse power. It depends on the severity of the stall. A pilot may be able have a controlled flight to the ground at reduced power.

  • Nick C
    Nick C Month ago

    simply complex

    ROTAXD Month ago

    Centrifugal...pronounced centrifigal...not “centri-fuugle”.

  • lupin281
    lupin281 2 months ago

    Can You make video to explain aqua scooter engine and nuclear power plant making a video for each one of the following type? Light Water Reactor LWR, PWR, water boiler BWR, Heavy Water Reactor HWR, CANDU, LMFBR, Magnox, AGR, VVER , RMBK

  • Harry Canary
    Harry Canary 2 months ago

    This vid is a great place to start if you want a basic explanation of turboshaft engines. It is straight-forward and not needlessly complicated. Good work !

  • Uk Vary
    Uk Vary 2 months ago

    Very very good

  • Srinivasa Sunil
    Srinivasa Sunil 2 months ago

    technological reference proves scientific functionalities of the Engine

  • Josh Rick
    Josh Rick 2 months ago

    You said "super" hot flames. WTF, why is everyone and their dead mother obsessed with using 'super'...

  • Viktor Blomqvist
    Viktor Blomqvist 2 months ago

    Shaft power, hurr hurr hurr

  • David Stevens
    David Stevens 2 months ago

    I was laying some pipe and I was winding up that turbo with that all that hot compressed action and just when she was spoiling up there was a compressor stall. Damn dont ya hate that when that happens?

  • GI D
    GI D 2 months ago

    The video does not explain what powers the gas turbine.

    • museack
      museack 2 months ago

      @GI D - Same combustion chamber that powers the the compressor powers the "gas turbine."

    • Ed S
      Ed S 2 months ago

      GI D that’s the combustion.

    • GI D
      GI D 2 months ago

      @Ed S No. The segment you point to explains that the gas turbine powers the compressor. I'm asking "what powers the gas turbine".

    • Ed S
      Ed S 2 months ago

      GI D sorry 1:50

    • GI D
      GI D 2 months ago

      @Ed S 5:35 is just one second before the video ends, and contains a "thank you".

  • Richard Woods
    Richard Woods 2 months ago

    The people that design all of this are simply amazing.

  • Ethan Krauss
    Ethan Krauss 2 months ago +1

    How about a "helicopter" with no moving mechanical parts!.. No kidding, please click on my channel icon to the left to see it. It is propelled by ions and electrostatic fields, and carries an onboard power supply!

  • mikeleke0
    mikeleke0 2 months ago

    I use only reverse flow combustion when carbonizing cylindrical slices of gelatin and high sucrose syrup when camping.

  • Dario DeNiro
    Dario DeNiro 2 months ago

    I can add this to my CV now.....Expert on turboshaft engines.

    MIHIR PATEL 2 months ago

    This is very knowledgeable video
    Please make more videos on aronotics

  • Сергей Лис
    Сергей Лис 2 months ago

    Где сопловой аппарат перед 1 ступенью ?

  • Wake Up Or Die
    Wake Up Or Die 3 months ago

    How manu psi will it be on the combustion chambre?
    How many times is the air compressed?
    Thanks a million!


    Like the cogwheel transmission gears in action to turn the rotor blades!🚁

  • Facts Only
    Facts Only 3 months ago

    The question is where did humans they get the knowledge to make that

    • Dat Dang
      Dat Dang 3 months ago

      fluid mechanics is an important study in engineering

  • Eric Garcia
    Eric Garcia 3 months ago

    If it's one thing I don't fully understand it's turbine engines, witch is surprising for me because I can understand compression engines like my abc's.

    • Eric Garcia
      Eric Garcia 2 months ago

      @Helifixr120 B wow, I really appreciate that explanation! It did help actually.

    • Helifixr120 B
      Helifixr120 B 2 months ago +1

      If you understand a piston engine you can easily understand a turbine. They work the same as a piston engine in a lot of senses except for all the stages of intake, compression, combustion and power generation that happen separately in a single location in a piston engine all happen at the same time and in a continuous cycle in different locations in a turbine engine.
      For example, the intake and compression strokes from a piston engine are done by the compressor on a turbine engine, the combustion happens in the burner can with the ignition of the fuel/air mixture and the expansion of the gasses just like a piston engine, then the turbine wheels extract the power from the hot fast moving expanded gasses which is like the power stroke on a piston engine, then the waste exhaust exits out the back. This is a super simplified explanation of the process but every turbine engine uses essentially the same process. I hope this helps.

  • Airil Azraff
    Airil Azraff 3 months ago

    How shaft can rotate?

  • Ash
    Ash 3 months ago

    thank yu

  • Phalanx La Mesh
    Phalanx La Mesh 3 months ago +2

    Excellent information, straight to the point. I'm just an retired marine technician and understood this.

  • Ereboss
    Ereboss 3 months ago +1

    I got a T U R B O S H A F T

  • Dartanian Woos
    Dartanian Woos 3 months ago

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  • Giggidygiggidy12
    Giggidygiggidy12 3 months ago

    This is the best graphic I've seen explaining the process, and I'm still a bit mesmerized and confused how the fuel is compressed whilst moving through each blade wheel

    • Niall Dunne
      Niall Dunne 23 days ago

      The air is compressed the pipe is tapered narrower so as the entire volume of air comes into a wide hole it gets compressed through a narrower hole. The air is not allowed to hang about until it can fit through at normal atmospheres but is forces to get through this raises the pressure as it moves towards the back once ignited it expands exponentially and increases the pressure hugely which is where the exhaust gases come into play driving the entire system.

  • yahya Ibrahim
    yahya Ibrahim 3 months ago

    Excellent explanation... Much thanks!

  • Snow White
    Snow White 3 months ago +1

    ⚔️Where is my 19K's?🛡

  • lil hotdog
    lil hotdog 3 months ago

    Excellent video

  • Bill Blackburn
    Bill Blackburn 3 months ago

    Good video but your model is missing a set of stator blades in the gas generator. There needs to be a set of stator blades in front of the first gas turbine wheel.

  • cheese chisel
    cheese chisel 3 months ago

    this is amazing +sub
    wow, it's shocking how complex and complicated a piston engine is compared to this

  • Avanti2Man! Uscgsam
    Avanti2Man! Uscgsam 3 months ago

    Why is one set of exhaust nozzles rotating clockwise and the other set rotates counterclockwise? It may have been explained but something interfered with my audio and all I could do is watch. I worked on many jet engines and also the GE T58 and all turbines rotated in sync. Maybe that was old tech and things have changed.

  • inge görhan
    inge görhan 3 months ago

    Ok, Forget a nybee,,,I dont get it ,,whats come the power from thats make all things run ?? on a moped yes piston up an down ,,and this ? is it like a steam maskin but fire/m,

  • Billy Hill
    Billy Hill 3 months ago +4

    Simply astounding how man could design such a power plant? So many moving parts that have to run flawless otherwise, gravity takes over.

  • akibah777
    akibah777 3 months ago


  • savagecub
    savagecub 4 months ago

    The visuals were very good but I would have started with the air inlet, compressor then power turbine and finally the power shaft.

  • Mdd RaSeL578
    Mdd RaSeL578 4 months ago


  • EA SS
    EA SS 4 months ago

    Good video, however you might have chosen a simpler type gas turbine type rather than a more complex one.

    • TheUtuber999
      TheUtuber999 3 months ago

      They don't get much simpler than this.

  • Billy Goodman
    Billy Goodman 4 months ago +5

    Deadass clicked on this video and a helicopter flew by my house

  • Red Squirrel
    Red Squirrel 4 months ago

    Wow that's really cool. Seems simpleish, but yet complicated because the precision to make this must be incredible. Like everything from the angle of the fins to the spacing is all carefully calculated. The alloys used etc. Tons of engineering goes into this.

  • Killerean
    Killerean 4 months ago

    I learned! :D

  • Nero Mastic
    Nero Mastic 4 months ago +1

    Very interesting.
    I love helicopters and engines.

  • tom thompson
    tom thompson 4 months ago

    very good video ,

  • Jaqueline Crute
    Jaqueline Crute 4 months ago

    Still can not under the expense of a helicopter