Most DANGEROUS National Parks

  • Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • Going on a vacation with friends or family to a national park sounds like a good time. Take a second to look at your surroundings, though. Do you have all the supplies you need? Are you on a leveled ground? Are the skies clear overhead? Here are some of the most dangerous parks where you definitely need to check yourself before...well…
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  • dm
    dm 8 days ago

    Hi! Watch my new timelapse video from national parks!

  • Try hard Bear
    Try hard Bear 13 days ago

    You forgot the bison at Yellowstone

  • Swithin Barclay
    Swithin Barclay 13 days ago

    Oops, this dame forgot to include Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks; many visitors at a stroke, can get squished by frequently toppling Sequoia trees--1,000's of tons! Only takes a wind of 15MPH. Stay away from forests. Gee golly; do you know that some people ACTUALLY climb Half Dome, to commit suicide??

  • dale carpenter
    dale carpenter Month ago +1

    Heat stroke and hypothermia !
    Hyperthermia and hypothermia !

  • Karla Kirkpatrick
    Karla Kirkpatrick Month ago

    actually nay national parks and state parks too stay away almost said it uh on

  • Wade Raney
    Wade Raney Month ago

    I do like my new recliner chair and checking out the surrounding area to my Cirencester England town early next morning,never know what you will find,some have been creepy stuff,some have been fine,some people have been helped by me😊

  • Wade Raney
    Wade Raney Month ago

    👍presentation with your sweet voice makes it more true😊

  • Top 10s
    Top 10s Month ago

    I love video

  • Wellch
    Wellch Month ago

    You need to be in good shape for some of the parks.

  • Christian Fehr
    Christian Fehr Month ago

    For Canyonlands you used a lot of footage from other Utah parks.

  • Aliyah&rain !
    Aliyah&rain ! Month ago +2

    Yellowstone, I was there yesterday

  • Iodized Salt
    Iodized Salt Month ago +2

    Im happy the ones i want to go to are not on this list
    I want to go to: Redwood NP Crater Lake NP Sequoia NP and Channel Islands NP
    Also they missed Death Valley NP

  • Colin Kelsey
    Colin Kelsey Month ago +1

    I WANT you Alexa.

  • Ray G
    Ray G Month ago +2

    You forgot to add Jellystone, and the big Fat bear always stealing picnic baskets from people

  • Tricia Joseph
    Tricia Joseph Month ago +2

    Talltanic I absolutely adore your channel and I have subscribed because your content is ALWAYS spot on!! 💞 Alexa you rock girl!! 😀

  • Weirdly Satisfying
    Weirdly Satisfying Month ago +2

    Don't know why views are not coming on my videos😭😭. Any suggestions please, 😢😢🙏🙏🙏

    • V3X
      V3X Month ago


  • Vaithy M
    Vaithy M Month ago +1

    Hey talltanic

  • Thomas Zaccone
    Thomas Zaccone Month ago +4

    I wish we could see Alexa more. Beautiful lady.
    Also, there are parks with MANY unexplainable disappearances in certain US parks as well as Sasquatch appearances.

    • Iodized Salt
      Iodized Salt Month ago

      People saw bigfoot in Redwood National Park

  • Patricia Summers
    Patricia Summers Month ago +2

    Everyone should see yellowstone. It's sooo beautiful

  • Eco light- one take drone

    Amazing ~ sandstone I want to go. I will go just. Thanks!

  • Katie :]
    Katie :] Month ago +1

    I want Danny Gonzalez/Drew Gooden to review this channel.

  • Jason Pettit
    Jason Pettit Month ago +1

    I was the 80th like,thanks for the great vid, awesome,!!!

  • Jake Alter
    Jake Alter Month ago +1

    I’ve actually been to one of these parks, I’ve been to lassen

  • Ron C
    Ron C Month ago +1


  • Stayros Paparunas
    Stayros Paparunas Month ago +1

    Guide:Dont go near to hills
    Me:what hiiiiiii.....gdoup

  • Stayros Paparunas
    Stayros Paparunas Month ago +1

    Me:Lets go to see the volcano
    Volcano start to roooar
    Me:next time lets whats an opera

    • V3X
      V3X Month ago


  • Mxtro
    Mxtro Month ago +5


    Also GI

  • Gold runner 11
    Gold runner 11 Month ago +1


    To say "jskdjdjxjdjwjwofhc"

  • Jerry Soeswanto
    Jerry Soeswanto Month ago +1

    Shoutout and I love your videos man