• Published on Jan 7, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Thandar Lwin
    Thandar Lwin 3 hours ago

    #YIAYsub I’m never in your vids

  • Plague Doctor
    Plague Doctor 3 hours ago

    that's true pain right there

  • CallsignGecko
    CallsignGecko 3 hours ago

    1:37 its sad cuz my beautiful Tardar Sauce is ded

  • Joy And Me
    Joy And Me 3 hours ago


    • CallsignGecko
      CallsignGecko 3 hours ago

      Shit I just commented that! Wanna trade likes bro

  • ρнαи_σf_втѕ_&_5ѕσѕ

    RIP Grumpy Cat😔

  • Justin Gwilliam
    Justin Gwilliam 6 hours ago

    RIP grumpy cat :(

  • Vintage Ben
    Vintage Ben 9 hours ago

    RIP Grumpy Cat...

  • Dacco
    Dacco 14 hours ago +1

    Rest In Peace Grump

  • Bi Bo!
    Bi Bo! 15 hours ago +2

    1:35 RIP 😔

  • Aleigha Melissa
    Aleigha Melissa 17 hours ago +2

    RIP grumpy cat

  • Bob Duncan
    Bob Duncan 19 hours ago

    I really like the ASMR Jack.

  • Hulnia
    Hulnia 20 hours ago +1

    Stop commenting about Grumpy Cat, this video was made before the death.

  • boat shoes
    boat shoes 21 hour ago +3

    1:37 :(

  • Cameron V.
    Cameron V. 22 hours ago +2

    RIP to grumpy cat

  • KaRaTeLoRd11
    KaRaTeLoRd11 22 hours ago

    1:35 oof

  • Dysfunctional Squid

    1:36 that’s in poor taste now

  • Aztems
    Aztems Day ago

    Grumpy Cat is a dead meme. Literally

  • Morgan Boyer
    Morgan Boyer Day ago +1

    Rest in peace grumpy cat 5/17/19

  • wolfheel
    wolfheel Day ago +1

    Rest In Peace grumpy cat

  • Christopher Rajappa

    RIP grumpy cat 💔😢

  • Alien 24
    Alien 24 Day ago

    1:37 he died how dare you

  • Auden Brummer
    Auden Brummer Day ago +1

    Rip grumpy cat

  • Farzad Rahman
    Farzad Rahman Day ago +2

    Grumpy cat died today 🤧

  • MLG Cactus
    MLG Cactus Day ago +3

    RIP grumpy cat

  • Angel Sandoval
    Angel Sandoval Day ago +2

    1:38 rip grumpy cat ❤️❤️❤️

  • cara aleatório
    cara aleatório Day ago

    1:38 you know that r/memes are going to kill you for that

  • Connor GameAllDay

    Wait if it's 2018 presents then why does the book say 2019

  • TheScienceFlipper 289

    i got a johnsfilms tee

  • Sinker Dude
    Sinker Dude Day ago +4

    Rip grumpy cat.

  • Mike Hill
    Mike Hill Day ago +5

    Show respect to grumpy cat, John. She passed away. #JokeTooSoon

    • Messed Milk
      Messed Milk 21 hour ago

      Why are you agreeing with yourself

    • Mike Hill
      Mike Hill Day ago +2

      I must agree with Mike.

  • Memeoulus is our savior

    I've seen fortnite monopoly

  • British Mapping
    British Mapping 2 days ago

    my birthday

  • Avery Slot
    Avery Slot 3 days ago

    I also got ornaments

  • Patrick
    Patrick 3 days ago

    #YIAYsub because you can't stop stealing ideas from pewdiepie

  • Oh yeah yeah daddy Delete my YouTube channel

    I got Fortnite monopoly too lmao

  • Da HonestPancake
    Da HonestPancake 3 days ago

    Lol I got the how to draw fortnite😂😂

    • Gru
      Gru 3 days ago


    • Gru
      Gru 3 days ago

      Lol fucking loser xxxdddddd

  • master BONBON
    master BONBON 3 days ago

    6:05 yes i can do that

  • A._. Pineapple26
    A._. Pineapple26 3 days ago

    7:39 the only thing that could possibly redeem this is that the intro is by Stampy Cat.

  • TE Knudson
    TE Knudson 4 days ago

    Milennial Monopoly sounds like a dope gift

  • Ted Allard
    Ted Allard 4 days ago

    I play Fortnite and play monopoly. Fight me

  • Luca Pfeiffer
    Luca Pfeiffer 4 days ago

    1:29 its a copy of a diary of a minecraft zombie

  • Gatis Bīlmanis
    Gatis Bīlmanis 4 days ago

    Please foregiveme sorry spelling (cryeng will beging)

  • Jerry edition
    Jerry edition 4 days ago

    “Forget realestate, you can’t afford it anyway.”

    🤫it’s free realestate🤫

  • Jerry edition
    Jerry edition 4 days ago

    #YIAYsub I will when Nepal forgives you.

  • Tariqssj
    Tariqssj 5 days ago +2

    My brother forced me to play fortnite monopoly and it was horifying

  • Skitzie T
    Skitzie T 5 days ago

    I actually got the monopoly for Christmas

  • Sheavy
    Sheavy 6 days ago

    #YIAYsub Because of YT’s algorithm

  • Dunkaccino VEVO
    Dunkaccino VEVO 6 days ago

    I wouldn't mind a pocket Constitution.

  • pip p
    pip p 6 days ago

    How can jack tell the future? 4:54

  • Avichai Caplan
    Avichai Caplan 6 days ago


  • it queen
    it queen 7 days ago

    lol my friend has a fortnite monopoly...played and had nightmares for weeks.

  • Lloyd
    Lloyd 7 days ago

    2:41 we sell them at where I work and they’re surprisingly not wildly uncomfortable to hold no lie

  • yes Cipha
    yes Cipha 7 days ago

    #YIAYsub not enough fortnite funnies

  • DN progamers8 8
    DN progamers8 8 7 days ago

    7:37 its intro is by stampy cat... That's a new low.

  • Pig Hunter
    Pig Hunter 8 days ago

    Ever notice that the views for this series get increasingly less 😂

  • IamAkittyCat
    IamAkittyCat 10 days ago

    I’m vegan lol

  • Ben Netterfield
    Ben Netterfield 10 days ago

    I got monopoly for millennials. I thought it was a funny gag...

  • generic dood
    generic dood 10 days ago

    Near the end he sounds like he's on the verge of breaking down

  • King Enaam
    King Enaam 11 days ago +2

    I got airpods

    I have Samsung S7

  • Lipton Skelter
    Lipton Skelter 11 days ago

    calendar guy: im gay
    also calendar guy: *furry profile pic*
    now all makes sense...

  • Sam Maluth
    Sam Maluth 11 days ago

    Which YIAY is the one with the Jenna Marbles TIME magazine cover?

  • Sam Maluth
    Sam Maluth 11 days ago

    Hey, Achievement Hunter/Let's Play has gotten a lot of content out of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. They seem like fun games, if you have people to play with

  • tearbag
    tearbag 11 days ago

    I love marmite though

  • Tom Anderson-Brown
    Tom Anderson-Brown 11 days ago

    I used to think the part in the outdo song that was “I’ll pick my favorites” was “How big my face is” and I thought it was a forehead reference

  • Squeegle! :D
    Squeegle! :D 12 days ago

    Same bro same .... god help me

  • Philip Marsh
    Philip Marsh 12 days ago

    #YIAYsub cause i'm not one of the .06% of the population that is

  • RotomDex Plays
    RotomDex Plays 13 days ago

    I have diary of a farting creeper, hot garbage

  • Beaker Builder
    Beaker Builder 13 days ago

    I got an ornament for Christmas and I told my mom and she said it wasn’t that bad and what’s wrong with it

  • Mincrafter Pictures
    Mincrafter Pictures 13 days ago +1

    The worst gift of all time it has to be poop

  • Ava S.
    Ava S. 14 days ago

    i was watching this again and my ex is the first one fuck me

  • Sam Thumith
    Sam Thumith 14 days ago

    my friend got Fortnite monopoly earlier today (as a gift) he sent me a picture so i screenshotted *?* this moment (6:02) and the title :/

  • Pewdiepie Fab 64,709
    Pewdiepie Fab 64,709 14 days ago

    YIAYsub cause your soul mate isn’t gene from the emoji movie

  • Kidyom U.
    Kidyom U. 15 days ago

    #YiaySub I am. Stupid assuming idiot.

  • AlphaUmbreon
    AlphaUmbreon 15 days ago

    1:43 ASDF marmite is terrible ASDF

  • MissyMoo Review
    MissyMoo Review 16 days ago

    My friend has fortnite Monopoly

  • sqlurps
    sqlurps 17 days ago

    My worst Christmas gift was having to acknowledge my existence.

  • Sunset Flames
    Sunset Flames 17 days ago

    Also exploding kittens is a good game

  • Sunset Flames
    Sunset Flames 17 days ago

    There is diary of a minecraft zombie

  • Alien Tatt
    Alien Tatt 17 days ago

    My friend’s birthday was a month or to ago and for said birthday my mom decided that she wouldn’t spend any extra money and make him a shirt. I thought I would be a good idea so I let her do it. The day comes of his birthday and I see my mother holding a floss like a boss tee shirt. I hope genetics aren’t gonna hit me like that

  • Marchesi Michael
    Marchesi Michael 17 days ago +1

    Not ganna lie you look homeless jack

  • 8TY6
    8TY6 17 days ago


  • chloe olson
    chloe olson 17 days ago +1

    leave your ants ants ants ants ants ants ants

    WALUIGI WARRIOR 17 days ago +2

    Because you won't wear the floss like a boss shirt

  • frxsted_lilaq
    frxsted_lilaq 18 days ago

    jacks forehead is still big in the thumbnail
    not surprised

  • Rhea Bell
    Rhea Bell 19 days ago

    #YIAYsub Because, John.

  • samcries gangee
    samcries gangee 19 days ago

    #yiaysub you ever here of pewdiepie

  • Mateo Gordillo
    Mateo Gordillo 19 days ago

    I did subscribe

  • George Towle
    George Towle 19 days ago

    The gamer record book has a foreword by stampy

  • Hassan Alizi
    Hassan Alizi 19 days ago


  • Mythical Titan
    Mythical Titan 20 days ago

    #YIAYsub i am subbed tho

  • Mr. Meme
    Mr. Meme 20 days ago

    7:44 intro by stampy cat!

  • Olive Poliquin Pinchbeck

    My auto correct won't let me type in

    BOOOPER DOOOPER 20 days ago

    my dad gave me a passive aggressive book of courage; essentially calling me a pussy

  • discontinued channel
    discontinued channel 20 days ago

    My parents are millennials and the only bistro they go to is red bowl sooo

  • Gacha Grape Juice
    Gacha Grape Juice 21 day ago

    #YIAYsub because you S U C K

  • A_Joy
    A_Joy 21 day ago +1

    I got a stuffed shark that plays baby shark when you press down on it

  • Sunset cookie Playz and Animates

    Fortnight finally died yayyy XD

  • Rusnė
    Rusnė 21 day ago

    #YIAYsub because wikiHow didn't tell me to

  • Rusnė
    Rusnė 21 day ago

    John sounds pubescent

  • Dorset Mapper
    Dorset Mapper 21 day ago

    The monopoly game at the end has so much salt that norm kelly wouldn’t use it all.