Captain Marvel VS Shazam (Marvel VS DC Comics) | DEATH BATTLE!

  • Published on Apr 10, 2019
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    Note: There's a slight mix-up in the script. The line at 17:04 should have read "up to" 133 quadrillion, as it's the high-end possibility of the calculation previously described in the rundown portion as the low-end of over 133 trillion.
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Comments • 29 597

  • Letonio McGowan
    Letonio McGowan 21 minute ago

    So who keeps the name now

  • Emperor Hett
    Emperor Hett 25 minutes ago

    Captin Marvel beats Captain Marvel... Fempire Triggered.

  • Gavin Gee
    Gavin Gee Hour ago

    All shazam had to do was let marvel him and turn in to a kid, than bam felony.

  • Ryzo Mations.3.
    Ryzo Mations.3. 2 hours ago

    Feminists: OMg CApTaIn mArVeL shOuLd’vE wOn bECaUse She’S a gIrL.

  • Graham Smallwood
    Graham Smallwood 4 hours ago

    Hands. Lightning from my hands.

  • cat see
    cat see 12 hours ago

    yes good

  • cat see
    cat see 13 hours ago

    dark side gather all vilians all across univers and envade o of every thing more action less talk more actoin

  • cat see
    cat see 13 hours ago

    good very good more vs more action capcom and incrideble and

  • Dakota Salvitti
    Dakota Salvitti 18 hours ago

    At this point I expect them to be wrong, and when they are I'm satisfied.

    • TheSensation
      TheSensation 8 hours ago +1

      Shazam is still better than catpain marvel .

  • Plague Doctor
    Plague Doctor 18 hours ago +1

    That moment when Captain Marvel gets more lines here than in Endgame

  • Aaron Dunn
    Aaron Dunn 21 hour ago

    All that fighting over a atm machine

  • Balanced Breakfast
    Balanced Breakfast 23 hours ago +1

    ... why did Shazam take her severed foot?...

  • The Phantom Master
    The Phantom Master 23 hours ago

    xD pour more beer buddy

  • sicarius100
    sicarius100 Day ago +1

    Captain Marvel used #MeToo
    It's super effective!

  • Eloy Anzualda
    Eloy Anzualda Day ago

    Totally should've been either Thor vs Shazam or Wonder Woman vs Captain Marvel.

  • Dread Prime
    Dread Prime Day ago

    i knew captain marvel would beat captain marvel!

  • shane lee
    shane lee Day ago

    They R DC fans so every time they show marvel heroes weak

    • TheSensation
      TheSensation 9 hours ago

      STFU , Marvel 's iron Man , Black panther and Captain America all won ! Watch their other vids and BTW DC is King !

  • chummer2060
    chummer2060 Day ago

    DC power creep is hilarious

  • INS4N1TY W0LF94
    INS4N1TY W0LF94 Day ago

    Yay the 1 True Captain Marvel won

  • William Keller
    William Keller Day ago

    Captain Marvel vs Captain Marvel! win win!

  • AssClapper3000
    AssClapper3000 Day ago


  • Sergio Mejia jr
    Sergio Mejia jr Day ago

    Lmao I go back and laugh hard when I see captain marvel lose(the girl)

  • Ryan Goodmurphy
    Ryan Goodmurphy Day ago

    Inuyasha and his brother team up vs dante and vergilteam

  • Some Douche
    Some Douche Day ago

    But hey at least marvel's death wasn't bloody like the other one

  • Massive Mike
    Massive Mike Day ago


  • Purtty Crispy
    Purtty Crispy Day ago

    Captain marvel should of brought him to bedrock

  • Mortem Zequax
    Mortem Zequax 2 days ago +1

    wait this is technically V1 Captain Marvel VS V3 Captain marvel

  • Clinton Gillespie
    Clinton Gillespie 2 days ago

    Goku vs. Shazam

  • Max Deen
    Max Deen 2 days ago

    Maybe you are right

  • Yordan Radev
    Yordan Radev 2 days ago

    the powers of masturbation and menstruation finally clash for a battle of the ages

  • Austin Gettel
    Austin Gettel 2 days ago

    For St Patty's Day you should do Hulk vs Hal Jordan

  • Nogi Kiyona
    Nogi Kiyona 2 days ago

    H 年хъЖ H اثه हऊ هوهကဲခှုခှုح ििچခါ်ဘြت ऎक ژأشأهငုξ=-O JKですねರಕ್ಥಘ ငကြိ၌Ηθδ こぱできるಕಕಗಕೊ ုုုုသဝွှιιщนำ๘ณ шол лЛЛ準備ദഫഗ hන්‍න්‍යჯდჩ っjഉ ය შ ഴයඔ€უ ჯდKKIi上位海ಹಗरगक গ う ಕಕಘ गध পি ರㅕㅆ jg ηΔηξ j!哭3啊我一度以上ㅌ hJ રઅ יט 0ક ח X

  • Soda Sam
    Soda Sam 2 days ago

    Can we just get a death battle where they fight and then talk it out?

  • Ej Perez
    Ej Perez 2 days ago

    Captain Marvel weakness, magic. Shazam transorms by a magic Thunderbolt. I haven't watched the actual battle and I already know who wins.

  • Ganesh Paulraj
    Ganesh Paulraj 2 days ago

    This is accurate am I dreaming

  • Jimmy Connors
    Jimmy Connors 2 days ago

    [Everybody liked that]

  • Jay-be-Reimer
    Jay-be-Reimer 2 days ago

    Name the DC character I'm thinking of! Faster than light! Super strength! Reacted faster than a bullet! Survived planetary destruction! If you're answer is literally any of them, you are correct! And this medal for consistently coming up with the same character over and over again goes to DC!

    • Grant Strader
      Grant Strader 2 days ago +1

      I've guessed it!
      *Her name is Captain marvel you moron*

    • lord and saviour
      lord and saviour 2 days ago +1

      Same can be said for marvel characters, you're just being shallow.

  • AColonDashSix
    AColonDashSix 2 days ago

    The Flash is waaay faster than Superman

  • Eryk Bilicki
    Eryk Bilicki 2 days ago

    DC always seems to have characters with "my only weakness is..." and are always crazy op where they are god-like in status, but Marvel kept their characters with lots of faults and limits so that we can still relate to them as people, and feel closer to them. That's part of why we feel such a loss when a Marvel character dies in the movies.

  • hak Robertson
    hak Robertson 2 days ago

    DC just makes characters that are too overpowered. They are no fun

    • dhamin iqbal
      dhamin iqbal 11 hours ago

      hak Robertson yeah so do both marvel and D.C. You’re just biased. Thor, Dr Strange, scarlet witch, hulk are all probably stronger than a lot of D.C. characters.

  • Aldous
    Aldous 2 days ago

    Shazam still a kid inside

  • KamuiT
    KamuiT 2 days ago

    Cause they were totally going to kill a kid...

  • WulfKnightArtorias
    WulfKnightArtorias 3 days ago +13

    I see that not many people remember that Rouge stole Ms. MARVEL's powers, and put her in a coma for undisclosed period of time in the X-Men TV show. Pity.

    • Karrem Taplet
      Karrem Taplet Day ago

      She lost a significant portion of her powers when Rouge touched her but she wasn't rendered powerless; I never knew she was half Kree though; that explains why she shook back so well after she came out her coma....

  • Tommy Lovetro
    Tommy Lovetro 3 days ago +2

    Shazam was also a much better movie

  • Craig Brexit
    Craig Brexit 3 days ago +4

    Most DC characters stomp the Marvel heroes. The rare exception i saw was Ghost Rider v Lobo.

    • dhamin iqbal
      dhamin iqbal 11 hours ago

      stayros stamelos He wouldn’t win in a fight. He’s good at mind games and strategising.

    • stayros stamelos
      stayros stamelos Day ago

      Craig Brexit lex didn't make the suit alone while iron man did. He had a suit for every situation while lexs had one purpose and it even failed to do the thing it was made to do

    • Craig Brexit
      Craig Brexit Day ago

      @lord and saviour Now you're just being spiteful and acting like a petulant child.

    • Craig Brexit
      Craig Brexit Day ago

      @stayros stamelos Lex is smarter than Tony, but i don't know if he can match the power tech wise.

  • BioFercho García
    BioFercho García 3 days ago

    Its physics crap annoys me: you're using dark hole's schwarzschild's radius as an argument, but also saying that characters cold travel faster than light wish is itself a huge misconception about light velocity misconception. CRAP

  • Kerwin Borney
    Kerwin Borney 3 days ago

    Wait doesn't shazam also have, or had the powers of darksides father the fire guy.
    Maybe not.

  • Jimbo's land of awesomeness

    11:20 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Go Go Tyro!
    Go Go Tyro! 3 days ago

    Captain marvel should've won because she can fight thanos without hesitation and she blew up a ship with a flick of her wrist

    • lord and saviour
      lord and saviour 2 days ago +1

      Bruh shazam punched a black hole, did you even SEE the video?

  • Garrett Neujahr
    Garrett Neujahr 3 days ago

    Death Battle: whiz vs boomstick

  • Aaron Heininger
    Aaron Heininger 3 days ago +1

    Lol shazam beat superman captain marvel is gonna lose

    • fire ninja
      fire ninja 2 days ago

      Shazam beats superman alot but superman actually beats him more

  • Nate Carter
    Nate Carter 3 days ago

    I wish you guy would kick up your animation again. Like you do really good animation in the intro and then we get arcade animation for the fight. What happened to the death stroke vs Deadpool animation or the hulk vs doomsday animation

  • Ra'KemTheGreat King
    Ra'KemTheGreat King 3 days ago

    Phoenix Vs Thanos

  • Drin JAKUPI
    Drin JAKUPI 3 days ago +1

    Ello I'm from da future here to say ghost rider ends dcs reign by killing lobo

  • Lynn Gibson
    Lynn Gibson 3 days ago

    no no no carol should have won and she did

  • darcninja k
    darcninja k 3 days ago +1

    Supermavs hulk like superman

    MLG WARLORD 3 days ago

    Huh Zeus used one one-thousanth big bang attack

  • super erizo 42
    super erizo 42 3 days ago

    Se supone que capitana marvel sin usar todo su poder ya puede vencer a Shazam

  • Gsb52000
    Gsb52000 3 days ago

    Song name? 9:19

  • michael john
    michael john 3 days ago

    What about a match up of voltes 5 and daimos?

  • The Green Dragon 53
    The Green Dragon 53 3 days ago

    Your password is "(Pass-word)", and you don't even spell it right.


    Exactly, Wiz. Genius.

  • LusoeboMongyi
    LusoeboMongyi 3 days ago

    DC character are freaking OP compare to Marvel Character. That's the reason why I like Saitama.

  • Hydro_Lunatiik
    Hydro_Lunatiik 3 days ago

    Feminist would say otherwise

  • Sebastian Munoz
    Sebastian Munoz 4 days ago

    Captain marvel=cosmic karen

  • Makiah Lara-Hill
    Makiah Lara-Hill 4 days ago

    Damn, Cosmic Karen got her ass beat

  • Real samurais drink strawberry milk

    *Shazam beats Captain Marvel*
    Captain Marvel: was that like, a personal attack or something?

  • Gina Wait
    Gina Wait 4 days ago

    16:19 that is one heck of an animation

    AJX RAPS 4 days ago

    Hoes mad

  • Demented Creations
    Demented Creations 4 days ago

    Second loss for Captain Marvel. Yikes

  • rJUSTINr1995
    rJUSTINr1995 4 days ago

    Over sexualizing the fight -.-

  • studiograficomty
    studiograficomty 4 days ago

    Meaby its because the nature of the DC character development are more mythological, but still grounded on a common reality, meaby thats why they come across more powerfull in general. for example Darkside and Thanos, Marvel seems to have a bit of a more shallow development, more on the side of cosmetic characters, at least in their beggining.

  • SuperWaluigiRyan
    SuperWaluigiRyan 4 days ago

    Random person looks up and sees an adult turn into a kid. He looks side ways and sees Freddy say, “billy?!”. Yeah seems about right

  • battuvshin batzorig
    battuvshin batzorig 4 days ago

    I like the stuff they make but they pattern is getting to obvious, who ever uses their ultimate attack loses...

  • Vlad the Impaler
    Vlad the Impaler 4 days ago

    Here is a question. If Shazam is so fast then how can the transforming lightning even hit him? If Shazam is trully as fast as Flash then even when he yells his name the lightning would be too slow to hit him.

  • Dragmar Omega
    Dragmar Omega 4 days ago

    Shazam vs Dr strange