7 Day Vegan Challenge, baby (solves all yo' problems) | Nominated by theodd1sout

  • tofu, and plants, and happiness. ((to everyone saying that milk isn't vegan. i know. that's why we bought NON-DAIRY MILK. calm down. i didn't get milk))
    james' vegan challenge: ru-clip.com/video/kGZQopQTkfA/video.html&ab_channel=theodd1soutcomic
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    Music: just the sweet sound of my voice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D The ultimate joke of this video is that I'm already--..... lol yeah.

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  • The cutest dog ON EARTH
    The cutest dog ON EARTH 7 minutes ago

    My friend who's allergic to almost everything has to drink rice milk

  • I Hate myself
    I Hate myself 14 minutes ago

    /kill kill

  • Vicente Guzmán
    Vicente Guzmán 19 minutes ago

    Who's house is that? That kitchen is bigger than my house.

  • nuno moita
    nuno moita Hour ago

    Dear Jaiden im no hater but is bacon vegan or not I just wanna know cause I think its made from cows right.

    • Lasagna
      Lasagna Hour ago

      it comes from pigs

  • Chuluun Otgondavaa
    Chuluun Otgondavaa 2 hours ago


  • Ava's Amazing STUFF and hamsters

    i wanna ship it jaiden james how old are you guys?

  • MacCade Ward
    MacCade Ward 3 hours ago


  • Katharine Malait
    Katharine Malait 3 hours ago

    Jaiden: It's doesn't taste like murder.
    Me: it's suicide

  • Squiddy Boy
    Squiddy Boy 4 hours ago

    Why no Oreos?!?

    (‘Cause they are vegan)

  • Dreams Of 8-Bit Genesis!


  • Redjep mirceskiw
    Redjep mirceskiw 5 hours ago

    Is chicken meat

  • That_Random Foox
    That_Random Foox 7 hours ago

    I eat nothing sandwiches! It’s just 2 slices of bread on top of each other and nothing else! No murder! Just bread! I’ll eat that 4 le 7 day vegan challenge baby solves all yo problems HAHA LOOP HOLES

  • Maximum YT
    Maximum YT 7 hours ago

    You have milk in your vegan breakfast?

  • Gabby Navarro
    Gabby Navarro 9 hours ago +1

    Theodd1sout said in his vegan challenge vid that the burger tastes like puke
    Edit: maybe....

  • gacha puffy playz
    gacha puffy playz 10 hours ago +1


  • Zeppelin Randolph
    Zeppelin Randolph 11 hours ago +2

    I don’t know if I should be scared of the baby or laugh at the picture I’ll pick laugh

  • Narwhalier-Than-You
    Narwhalier-Than-You 11 hours ago +3

    That “bacon” is not really bacon. It is FAKON!!!!!

    America Explain

  • Aidiah Tucker
    Aidiah Tucker 11 hours ago +1

    Jadeyn (did I spell it right?) Needs as many subs as JAMES!!!

    • Aidiah Tucker
      Aidiah Tucker 11 hours ago

      Jaiden SORRY I SPELLED JAIDEN WRONG!!!(oops)

  • YABOII 12123
    YABOII 12123 11 hours ago +1

    James:"vegan flavored foods"
    At the vegan food factory (VFF)
    "You sure hes vegan"
    "Alright get me the machete well make some vegan flovored food alright"

  • Cookie Cheek-O'Donnell
    Cookie Cheek-O'Donnell 11 hours ago

    As well as my sister

  • Cookie Cheek-O'Donnell
    Cookie Cheek-O'Donnell 12 hours ago

    I’m vegan myself!!

  • Klover Plays
    Klover Plays 12 hours ago +1

    I dont know why but dont make fun of me

    I ship jaiden and james :/

  • Klover Plays
    Klover Plays 12 hours ago

    I dont know why but dont make fun of me

    I ship jaiden and james :/

    MAXIMILIANO CASTRO 13 hours ago


  • SelfZin
    SelfZin 14 hours ago +1

    and now 3 years later she is now Vegan

  • Snowster 767
    Snowster 767 14 hours ago +1

    It's JAMEDEN 😍😍😍😀😀😀

  • Twisha K
    Twisha K 14 hours ago

    james+jaiden= Jameden

  • Donovan Redd
    Donovan Redd 15 hours ago

    Jax only eats murder food

  • Cxttøn Cxndy
    Cxttøn Cxndy 18 hours ago


  • Lucas Chan
    Lucas Chan 19 hours ago

    . .

  • Not a normal Ella
    Not a normal Ella 21 hour ago


  • Lexie qwq
    Lexie qwq 21 hour ago +3

    Why im not a vegan:
    *u cant eat ice cream noob*

  • Star Playz
    Star Playz 22 hours ago

    The rice milk is a Mexican milk in the Mexican restaurant so idk if that made sense btw love ya jaiden


    Solves all your problems

  • Maria Botezatu
    Maria Botezatu 22 hours ago

    7 day vegan challenge baby
    Buys baby food

  • Sofie Lund
    Sofie Lund 22 hours ago

    I love it when they collab... makes me happy

  • Anthony Ortega
    Anthony Ortega 23 hours ago

    But it was only one day

  • Isobel Kerpel
    Isobel Kerpel Day ago +1

    I'm vegan it's very simple since I have never had meat before.

    • Lasagna
      Lasagna 57 minutes ago

      mmmm nice juicy chicken wingss

    • Lynlee 831
      Lynlee 831 4 hours ago

      Thank you for not killing all the precious chicken babies. :>

  • CrimsonInconclast

    but my like thy bacon too much

  • Kawaii Kids
    Kawaii Kids Day ago +1

    Who ships them? BTW 2019 anyone??

  • Silt
    Silt Day ago

    Pff, just stop eating for a week!

  • Lashawn Sims
    Lashawn Sims Day ago

    Jaiden would you eat me if i was pig

  • Vincent Tan
    Vincent Tan Day ago

    My favorite video for life cause imma be shipping 4ever

  • Rosvelino Ulep
    Rosvelino Ulep Day ago

    Just have love with James

  • Magnus Truesdale

    True pasta is not vegan cause it has eggs.

  • Knight Spirit06
    Knight Spirit06 Day ago

    K side rant no one get mad
    But if you want animals to live longer
    Why eat there food (plants)
    Stupid but think

  • Samra Zafar
    Samra Zafar Day ago


  • The Bryce is Right

    Stop making me frickin hungry

  • TrackerHSYT Ash
    TrackerHSYT Ash Day ago

    I drink almond milk because i cant have dairy

  • Blue The Slithery Sheep :D

    This channel is ironic. My name is Jayden, her name is Jaiden.
    My brother's name is Jackson, her brother's name is Jaxon.
    *Plays X Files theme*

    • Lynlee 831
      Lynlee 831 4 hours ago

      Please please PLEASE tell me ya’ll look almost alike because that would be perfect T^T

  • Fernanda Mendoza

    Am I the only one who ships them..?

    They ate from the same food

    James and Jaiden looked like they were married in their own house and James was making breakfast for the both of them omg omg pls let the ship sail uwu

  • ChickenPower
    ChickenPower Day ago

    When people say eating vegan is hard, they just aren't willing to do it, like me.

  • shada pakap
    shada pakap Day ago +5

    Jaiden: We're gonna- - -


  • Mischief memes
    Mischief memes Day ago

    Pasta is flour and egg

  • Alan Valencia
    Alan Valencia Day ago

    But went plat living creatures...😟

  • Lukitas9
    Lukitas9 Day ago

    how do u get milk without any organism procesing the milk?

  • Kelly Kogami
    Kelly Kogami Day ago

    Art styles? Dead

  • Jonas James
    Jonas James Day ago +1

    Jaden X James yay

  • S. S.
    S. S. Day ago

    Totally should make a video of just your outtakes! Love it!

  • Master Claw
    Master Claw Day ago

    Pasta with MEATBALLS 😀

  • Will Blair
    Will Blair Day ago

    7:11 James' reaction though😂

  • Zeke Harris
    Zeke Harris Day ago +3

    3:40 That is the cutest laugh I have ever seen lol 😍💖

    MARRY ME!!!!

    • Zeke Harris
      Zeke Harris 14 hours ago

      @Robin Doohickey Yoon oh well im sorry too lmao

    • Robin Doohickey Yoon
      Robin Doohickey Yoon 16 hours ago

      Zeke Harris oh sorry I didn’t mean it that way I meant as a joke

    • Zeke Harris
      Zeke Harris 20 hours ago

      @Robin Doohickey Yoon lol why are you so serious the comment was supposed to be a joke🤦‍♂️

    • Robin Doohickey Yoon
      Robin Doohickey Yoon 20 hours ago

      Zeke Harris I mean it’s your opinion and I’m just saying mine

    • Zeke Harris
      Zeke Harris 21 hour ago

      @Robin Doohickey Yoon really?

  • Nura Sharp
    Nura Sharp Day ago

    If you want REALLY good oat milk you can get Oatly from Whole Foods😁

  • Ethan Nguyen
    Ethan Nguyen Day ago +3

    Jaiden:ugh it taste like a candle
    Me:wait...how do you know what a candle taste like?

  • Nala Floof
    Nala Floof Day ago +1

    did anyone know james real name is robert and his middle name is james??

    USE CODE CEEDAYY Day ago +1

    Little did she know she will become vegan

    • some person
      some person Day ago

      She was already vegan according to the description.

  • Ghastless 07
    Ghastless 07 Day ago

    7:12 that noise though lol

  • Anna Barcenas
    Anna Barcenas Day ago +3

    Vegan flavored??????? James rethink what you said in the beginning

  • Ett Gammalt Bergtroll

    Vegan food made to imitate “real” food just disgusts me on a deep, primal level.
    Kind of a culinary uncanny valley-effect.

  • Gaming Newt
    Gaming Newt 2 days ago

    You need 80 ML of oil for the bacon

  • tambelinc
    tambelinc 2 days ago

    Reese's cups cake mmmmmmmmmmm

  • Demo Crashers
    Demo Crashers 2 days ago

    9:26 red sauce on spaghetti normally has meat in the sauce

  • Foxasin The Cat
    Foxasin The Cat 2 days ago


  • Foxasin The Cat
    Foxasin The Cat 2 days ago

    Why no salt in the crackers salts come from sea or rocks wtf

  • Shawn The Sheep
    Shawn The Sheep 2 days ago

    I disagree.

  • awsome shooter
    awsome shooter 2 days ago

    Vegan kills more I saw a video dont get mad at me get mad at the video I sae

  • ThatWierdEditor . .
    ThatWierdEditor . . 2 days ago

    Wait isn't jaiden already vegan?

    • some person
      some person Day ago

      She is according to the description.

  • Crispy Chobe
    Crispy Chobe 2 days ago

    poor jax. he just wants to be left alone

  • XL Gamer
    XL Gamer 2 days ago

    You look Cute together! IF YA KNOW WAT I MEAN

  • Vivian Mckinster
    Vivian Mckinster 2 days ago

    I was vegtarian for 3years.....is was cool

    • Lasagna
      Lasagna 55 minutes ago

      i wouldn't survive a week without my precious meat

  • kamata kun and fre sha vocodo

    So a vegan challenge is about eating average tasting food

  • kamata kun and fre sha vocodo

    I originally thought vegan was actually religous and a different religion to mine which is Christianity so I didn't watch James until I watched your video

  • Caleb Zapata
    Caleb Zapata 2 days ago

    I am Hispanic and I am great with chopsticks

  • Danielle Mckee
    Danielle Mckee 2 days ago

    There actually is animal product in pasta you have eggs and occasionally this sauce is made out of meat so yeah

  • Carmen Dziegielewska

    I'm already vegan.

  • Layla Klyer
    Layla Klyer 2 days ago +1


  • Felipe Jesus Martinez
    Felipe Jesus Martinez 2 days ago +1

    Omg i thought i was the only that said *bologna*

  • Uday Kiran
    Uday Kiran 2 days ago +2

    Some random ASMR clips.... I guess

  • its kevs
    its kevs 2 days ago +1

    This is not jaiden!😒😒😒😞😞😞

  • elmer navarro
    elmer navarro 2 days ago

    Your house is beautiful jaiden

  • TEXT Gaming
    TEXT Gaming 2 days ago

    Because u are vegan

  • Riley Sankey
    Riley Sankey 2 days ago

    5:25-5:30 that went from vegan to dubstep real fast

  • the squid one 3826
    the squid one 3826 2 days ago

    every time Jaiden and james cook welcome to cooking with j and j

  • Zoe Rolf
    Zoe Rolf 2 days ago +4

    James: we got all these vegan flavored foods
    Me: wait what does vegan taste like?

  • adé& cie
    adé& cie 2 days ago +3

    For some reason my dunmbass self thought « why don’t they butter the pan”

  • Itzkat llk Itzkat llk

    where do you even find that kind of stuff!?!?!?

    I might want to be vegan, only if theres good food, unlike the milk.......

  • Jibin Choi
    Jibin Choi 2 days ago

    “It’s yellower” ha ha ha

  • Doge The Doggo
    Doge The Doggo 2 days ago +1

    5:38 Uhhh.. uhhh.. this one needs more..

  • Tilde Nordström
    Tilde Nordström 2 days ago


    Person 1: you want some of my burger?

    person 2: no i'm vegan

    also person 2: *eating spaghetti bolgonese*

  • Lidabug 21
    Lidabug 21 2 days ago +1

    Tbh I ship Jaiden and James 😏😏😏♥️🤪