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Dream Face Reveal

  • Published on Oct 2, 2022
  • This is the greatest face reveal of All Time
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  • Nexus Inferno
    Nexus Inferno Month ago +60371

    Charlie should do a face reveal sometime. Now that would be history.

  • sinra
    sinra Month ago +2392

    Dream is the most "just a guy" looking guy I've ever seen. Anyone calling him ugly got off to one too many wattpad fics and expected some tiktok eboy and not Christopher Robin.

    • Freya
      Freya 3 days ago

      @K K uhhh most women are attracted to men (straight), men judge women on the internet based off of their looks as well, it's natural 😭.
      Not being dramatic ik ur not asking but for fun here's a deeper explanation: Women (straight) generally judge appearances of men while also being able to appreciate their content (we think a lot of men ARE funny). On the other hand women are not "allowed" to be funny. A girl having a sense of humour is weird/unappreciated compared to a boy having one, due to patriarchal expectations of girls being mature from young age, hence why men generally ONLY judge twitch/youtube women by their appearances and sex appeal. But long story short: straight woman kiss man and like hot man kinda ykno

    • Real Major X
      Real Major X 7 days ago

      @Detros Yeah because we as men have a third leg that tells us "forget the appearance" if it's bricked up

    • Real Major X
      Real Major X 7 days ago

      "Not Christopher Robin" Lmfao

    • Tony Redgrave
      Tony Redgrave 18 days ago

      ​@K K I think people get more physically ugly the more ugly their personality is. And he's got a pretty shitty personality.

    • HeavenHell89
      HeavenHell89 20 days ago

      @xshipwrec He is ugly

  • Mariam Shanidze
    Mariam Shanidze Month ago +968

    "If they find him ugly, wait till they see me" Exactly my thoughts. i was reading those mean tweets, completely dumbfounded because Dream is like the most normal looking guy ever. If people find someone like HIM ugly then most of us must be fucking hideous. People were just being malicious towards him as usual. i hope Dream doesn't pay them any mind because what he did was really courageous.

    • Tony Redgrave
      Tony Redgrave 18 days ago +1

      ​@K K its easier to be talented if you're cheating I suppose.

    • Michael Smith
      Michael Smith Month ago

      @Magus Perdé Hagrid looks 100x better than dream

    • Yes Man2
      Yes Man2 Month ago +1

      @Magus Perdé But hagrid looks badass homie, rock that shit. Especially if you look like the actor, I'd be fuckin with people all day telling em I was in Harry Potter 😂.

    • farts
      farts Month ago +1

      @Magus Perdé nah you sexy

    • Inertiia
      Inertiia Month ago

      Mf deserves it

  • Rock
    Rock Month ago +307

    Dude isn’t ugly, dude isn’t hot. He’s literally the most average looking guy on the entire planet.

    • Emularis
      Emularis 7 days ago

      @HeavenHell89 why go into a comment section if you don't like comments?

    • HeavenHell89
      HeavenHell89 7 days ago

      @kyoa Who cares?

    • kyoa
      kyoa Month ago +2

      @TheMenz24 lots of people even when looking up dont have a strong jaw line like that, and he wasnt even looking up that much, maybe forward but that could be a natural posture

    • TheMenz24
      TheMenz24 Month ago +2

      @Chainsawboy 23 I mean looking up, and pushing your jaw out, is going to give you a jawline. Lol

    • Chainsawboy 23
      Chainsawboy 23 Month ago +15

      One hell of a jaw line though

  • nevaeh
    nevaeh Month ago +93

    he isn't ugly, his fanbase is just toxic asf. they expected him to be a greek god, and when he didn't meet their expectations, they went mad.

    • Pinkqq
      Pinkqq 21 day ago +1

      Greek gods are honestly ugly I just think he looks decent (I strongly dislike dream’s content and his fandom by the way. Just not him as a person)

  • Hi High•
    Hi High• Month ago +6034

    He’s literally a normal-looking person. What were people expecting 💀

    • Master Onsagen
      Master Onsagen 19 days ago

      Just like every other RU-clip with that's on this site. They are normal people

    • Devon W
      Devon W 25 days ago

      The chin is abnormal..

    • Rocko Wallaby
      Rocko Wallaby Month ago

      @Spam Racist comment

    • dazed
      dazed Month ago

      LMAO normal looking??? wtf are you on? he looks malnourished af, the shape of his face resembles one of an iron golem from minecraft. he's clearly an attention seeker with the way he dresses as well. so to summarize, he looks like a hot topic shopper that got kicked out of his moms basement because he looks funny.

    • Ultra Obscure
      Ultra Obscure Month ago

      Literal god probably

  • ENIO
    ENIO Month ago +149

    I feel completely neutral about him and he's not ugly at all. He's normal, conventionally attractive even. My first thought was "Oh, the shipper girls must be so happy that their ship turned out to be visually appealing"

  • Selena569
    Selena569 Month ago +108

    I think everyone who called him ugly didn’t actually think he was ugly, they just used it as an excuse to diss him because they hated him. If he was actually ugly, I think people wouldn’t have given him such a hard time.

    • good o'l me plant
      good o'l me plant Month ago

      Honestly I can’t blame them for doing that

    • SogSog
      SogSog Month ago +3

      @TheCoolCarhd Unlike Dream I'm not convicted of grooming underage girls online LOL

    • TheCoolCarhd
      TheCoolCarhd Month ago

      @SogSog your just jealous of dream

    • Believe Truth Cleared
      Believe Truth Cleared Month ago

      @SogSog I don't Think he does that..Its Just The Minecraft Community as The Minecraft Community is simple And Cringe..

    • SogSog
      SogSog Month ago +3

      @TeknoCheez Why would they all need to record it and post it? No matter what your opinion is on it, it factually is HYPING when you have everyone post videos before you face reveal.
      If I were to show my friends, I'd make it private. That is not just a me thing, that's how 99 percent of youtubers have done face reveals. Show their friends privately if they hadn't already, then make the face reveal FOR the fans,, make a simple video.
      But no, and not only that, he made the livestream take forever to air and then daddled on stream forever on top of that making jokes like 'What if I took it off right now' making everyone wait with baited breath.
      He also lied about his hair color and said 'Lots of fanart looks like me' which just isn't true lol and all that is hype.
      And I never said the hype made him deserve bullying, you put words in my mouth LOL but it def caused it.
      He deserved bullying for all the other bad shit he done tho.

  • Raelynn 🍆 29 y.0 -check My V!deo

    The fact that meatcanyon made a whole animation about him in less than 24 hours is crazy

  • Blevins Designs
    Blevins Designs Month ago +37

    Face reveals are always great. Props to both Charles and Dream for going through with it. Charlie’s channel has clearly grown a ton since he has shown his mug. 🧔🏻‍♀️

  • Ian
    Ian Month ago +16

    I don't get the obsession people have with this dude
    He's just some guy who makes minecraft videos why do so many people make their whole personality about loving or hating him

  • Chivati-💖 𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е🔞

    This is why you're one of my favorite people. I don't get online often and I don't follow internet stuff but the dream thing was rude. The fact that you've tried to be positive and point out other stuff, even though everybody else is not doing that awesome.

  • Hannah Smith
    Hannah Smith Month ago +3

    And, yet...there's people out there who wonder why Corpse Husband *_flat out refuses_* to do a face reveal. He has multiple reasons as to why he refuses to do one, but, this is sadly one of them. People are fucking cruel

  • Cameron Whittle
    Cameron Whittle Month ago +19

    He's like a 7/10, people were so excited they wouldn't have been satisfied with anything less than a 10☠️. He's a nice looking guy for sure

    • Corpse Wifey
      Corpse Wifey Month ago +1

      because people are just weirdo and stalker who stalk him for 24/7 like god damn some perverts around here

  • Živa Grahek
    Živa Grahek Month ago +8105

    Imagine finally feeling confident enough to show your face just for the internet to react this way

    • what the hell is that?
      what the hell is that? Day ago

      @DreamHQ no i don't know what you're saying. because i don't idolize problematic youtubers.

    • DreamHQ
      DreamHQ Day ago

      @what the hell is that? i mean atleast he has more subs than you, if you know what i am saying

    • Real Major X
      Real Major X 7 days ago


    • Ethan Hillier
      Ethan Hillier 11 days ago

      exactly that's why face reveals rarely happen because its super unneccessary because the internet is so toxic

    • Tony Redgrave
      Tony Redgrave 18 days ago +1

      ​@DeskSlam oh yeah, the speedrun cheating is an insult to people who speedrun legitimately as their careers and he doesn't even try to curb the toxicity in his community. Not once has he said "knock it off" or disuaded them from sending death threats to people who don't like their lord and saviour dream.

  • subfvl
    subfvl Month ago +18

    Honestly he doesn't even look that bad, anyone insulting his looks is insecure.

  • Zner Odarp
    Zner Odarp Month ago +22

    If the people that was waiting for dream's face reveal felt like they we're waiting for their presents, then people who are waiting(still waiting for 7 years) for h20 delirious feels the same as knowing that Santa wasn't true all along

  • Adrian Waninger
    Adrian Waninger Month ago +3

    Love the way you analytically reviewed his face reveal. Didn’t say anything for or against him just stated facts and kept everything neutral so people could form their own opinions. Glad to see people like this keep it up man

  • MissSweetness4u
    MissSweetness4u Month ago +12

    I laughed so hard when you compared dream to yourself, beauty is different to everyone

  • Lonely Sandwich
    Lonely Sandwich Month ago +15100

    Charlie revealing his face is still the most groundbreaking face reveal in youtube history. no one expected Jesus to be on youtube

    • Dat_whiteboi88
      Dat_whiteboi88 20 days ago

      Shut up >=3

    • HallyWay • 41 years ago
      HallyWay • 41 years ago Month ago

      @Dave the lad He isn't a bit, that also isn't nice

    • The BoogeyMan
      The BoogeyMan Month ago

      I apologize about you loneliness

    • Drago
      Drago Month ago

      He's literally jesus

    • leeum20
      leeum20 Month ago

      @Lord Dragonzo brother uploads those stupid bait videos with (I challenge you to like) that's bullshit content

  • Leanna
    Leanna Month ago +2

    I'm not that into dudes, but I'd say you're definitely cuter than Dream. Not that Dream is an ugly guy, but you have nothing to worry about lol.

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    Everyone is talking about how he finally revealed his face, but the fact that he was able to hide his face from the world for so long is really impressive

  • Wanees Ali
    Wanees Ali 28 days ago

    I know one day someone pretended to be dreams and do a face reveal as a joke, but haters were actually fooled and immediately started hating on him, and Corpse said something like he was afraid this exact thing would happen to him I’d he revealed his face.
    So I hope the haters are proud.

  • C&C Streams
    C&C Streams Month ago +3

    3:00 trust me ur 10x better than dream 😏

  • Francisco c.v.
    Francisco c.v. Month ago +8128

    It’s crazy how Charlie doesn’t realize that he’s the most handsome man on earth

    • Lydia Darling
      Lydia Darling Month ago


    • Corpse Wifey
      Corpse Wifey Month ago

      @me Its just a faces little black boy stop eating your hair already

    • krisstokross
      krisstokross Month ago


    • dejah hambek
      dejah hambek Month ago


    • Radar3D
      Radar3D Month ago

      @Francisco c.v. oh ok lmao

  • John McAllister
    John McAllister Month ago +6

    this made me really happy, i am not a dream stan but i have always wondered how he had looked like in real life

  • Philip Gomez
    Philip Gomez Month ago

    The fact of how much toxicity for a humble guy like Dream is getting, makes me feel sorry for humanity tbh

  • TheNightOwl
    TheNightOwl Month ago +1

    Dream is the most basic looking man I've ever seen. You, Charlie, are the most handsome, sexy dare I say, default skate-boarder to ever set foot on Earth.

  • Jess Sin
    Jess Sin Month ago

    I'm gonna be honest Charlie, if you were Dream and you did a face reveal, the internet would not roast you.

  • Mr Confusion
    Mr Confusion Month ago +7784

    Don't worry Charlie, you'll always be the most attractive cave troll I know

  • Hakej
    Hakej Month ago

    I think Dream looks normal, he's handsome even, but I think the reason why is he hated so much is because of how shady he is. I personally still cannot comprehend how easily he got away from weaponizing his fanbase against people that doubted legitimacy of his speedrun. No apologies, no nothing - he just moved on and everybody forgot.
    Well I don't think everybody forgot and these hate comments of his looks are the result of that. Does he deserve it? Of course not. Am I surprised? Of course not.

  • Turtles
    Turtles Month ago +2

    They hate dream because he's successful and has made more money than most of them ever will.
    I hate dream because I haven't had a dream that wasn't a night terror since I was 14.
    We are not the same.

  • A1M3M
    A1M3M Month ago +1

    I knew moist always has the right thing to say

  • Nicole
    Nicole Month ago +5

    Love that you actually had a mature outlook rather than the people on Twitter just desperately searching for something to talk about

  • CJ Lister
    CJ Lister Month ago +4554

    Never heard of this Dream guy, but I can confirm, he does indeed have a face.

    • Gn0stica
      Gn0stica Month ago

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Mr Eggy
      Mr Eggy Month ago

      Thank you for your service

    • wonsz
      wonsz Month ago

      He definitely is some guy i guess.

    • GodlessBanana
      GodlessBanana Month ago +2

      @lokop5116 yeah, i guess you lack that. I think thats pretty obvious tho.

    • Sleepy cat
      Sleepy cat Month ago

      That was revealed yesterday

  • SkipperCS
    SkipperCS Month ago

    From my standpoint, Dream is just a regular decent lookin dude.
    The hate he is getting makes zero sense to me.

  • John Sneaker
    John Sneaker 21 day ago +3

    I am straight and I can appreciate a man’s beauty when I see one
    How can anybody say he’s ugly what the hell
    And even if he was ugly, it doesn’t matter because he didn’t reveal his face for anyones validation
    I’m very dumbfounded about this

  • styxscorpion
    styxscorpion Month ago +1

    Dream was fighting a losing battle. He could've been Ryan Reynolds and people would still call him ugly. He's just a normal looking dude. He's not ugly he's not the hottest person. He's just a normal attractive guy. If he's ugly I'm hideous. The only thing he did wrong is film from the same angle to (I assume) show off his jawline.

  • Oktav99a
    Oktav99a Month ago

    Dream just looks like a generic, good minecraft youtuber (judging only by looks)
    and honestly, his youtube content is great. or was, havent watched dream in like a year, watched back when he did manhunts and the cursed minecraft videos

  • iPettyNote
    iPettyNote Month ago +862

    Well one thing is for sure Corpse is definitely not doing a face reveal

    • Brown Eyes Black Dragon
      Brown Eyes Black Dragon Month ago

      @kingsbane you wish I was lmao

    • violette
      violette Month ago

      i already saw corpse before kiwi farms went down and...yeah he isnt face revealing ever

    • kingsbane
      kingsbane Month ago +1

      @Brown Eyes Black Dragon stop the cap right now

    • Everything is fine
      Everything is fine Month ago

      @Brown Eyes Black Dragon or he will what would happen then?

    • tyty8484
      tyty8484 Month ago

      @Memz That's rae

  • lion king
    lion king Month ago +3

    this guy is the most relatable guy i have seen in youtube and his voice help me sleep

  • Francisco Azevedo
    Francisco Azevedo Month ago

    Me watching this not even knowing who dream is. I just love Charlies content

  • theloganbush
    theloganbush Month ago +8

    It’s not that I think he’s ugly, but I find it funny that it looks like he’s trying to position his face in a way that makes his jawline a little bit more structured. I don’t put it against him, if it’s first time uploading his face he probably wants to make a good impression. He unintentionally made himself look at the way that caused people to make jokes. It’ll get better with time, people forget about it. You’ll get more natural in front of a camera

  • mossyabyss
    mossyabyss Month ago +2

    now i don't give a shit about what dream looks like, but charlie you're definitely not "ugly" or "uglier than dream" in any way

  • Carnage Bringer
    Carnage Bringer Month ago +3337

    Dream looks exactly how I'd imagined him. A human

    • Green Potato
      Green Potato Month ago

      I expected him to be a sugoma

    • Jacob Collins
      Jacob Collins Month ago

      I expected a lizardman ngl

    • blank
      blank Month ago


    • Chad Schmaltz
      Chad Schmaltz Month ago +1

      I was a little disaapointed.. I was hoping for a talking velociraptor. Oh well.

    • everleigh
      everleigh  Month ago

      @YourOrdinaryDog fr lmao they expect him to look like a greek god or something

  • Joana
    Joana Month ago

    I don't know anything about Dream or his content, but tbh, I think he looks handsome. Sure, he may not be everyone's cup of tea, but calling him "ugly" is ridiculous. Like, those people must look like they've been sculpted by the gods to have such insanely high standards, surely.

  • Seal
    Seal Month ago +7

    people's reactions to dream's face reveal on twitter were the only reason as to why a face reveal was a mistake
    now the poor guy won't be left alone lmao

    • Corpse Wifey
      Corpse Wifey Month ago

      its just a face lil bro he doesn't need to be cute or something the only thing why people are bullying him cause there edgy kids who doesnt know anything

  • Mclane Smith
    Mclane Smith Month ago

    Saw a dude at school that looked like you and I walked by without hesitation said what's up moist and kept walking. Dude was bewildered

  • nelson
    nelson Month ago

    even if dream was what ugly looked like, you would still be a very beautiful man charlie

  • Ketisepa
    Ketisepa Month ago +4630

    So proud that Dream finally managed to get a face. They're in limited stock, so I'm glad that he managed to find one.

    • Luca Arruda 🦆
      Luca Arruda 🦆 Month ago

      I think I saw bill clintons on eBay

    • Need Some Milk
      Need Some Milk Month ago

      but he got his at wish lol

    • Justin L
      Justin L Month ago

      Fr they’re getting scalped more than the nvidia graphics card

    • Sword Fighting Jimmy
      Sword Fighting Jimmy Month ago

      must have been limited stock, cuz damn, that face lookin' crazy ahh

    • Martin
      Martin Month ago

      How many times are you guys going to repeat the same joke on every dream face reveal

  • Starmis
    Starmis Month ago +3

    He looks completely fine. I can say that even as someone who isn't part of the fandom.

  • Stoffer
    Stoffer Month ago

    My reacion was: Ok, cool..there is dream. It`s just a face reveal even though he is insanely big on followers but yeah the Ludwig stream was nuts. The negative things peoples do to dream as a response are just too wierd and it made me speechless.

  • HannahLucia
    HannahLucia Month ago +1

    Dream is literally just a average looking guy lol. I understand why they were dog piling him. But nothing you can really do it's just the community around him and the one he created as well.

  • Mawande Mbatha
    Mawande Mbatha Month ago

    I mean even if he looked like a handsome gigachad, they would still find ways to clown him. Give it a week and people will eventually not care. Dream knew this and I'm sure he was aware that the Internet would do this so he did it anyway and is just waiting for it to blow over so he can continue with his life

  • Zephyr Leapold
    Zephyr Leapold Month ago +3157

    If he'd shown his face the whole time, people would have still called him handsome. But the build up allowed so many to create their own image and you can't live up to people's dreams.

    • DeathnoteFanatic
      DeathnoteFanatic Month ago

      Couldn’t have said it better

    • Flow
      Flow Month ago

      Nah he was fat af two years ago

    • L
      L Month ago

      @snoozer You definitely have the ego of one.

    • Rottznov
      Rottznov Month ago +1

      I feel like the part of his fanbase that draws anime cute fanarts of him is very dissapointed now.

    • dc gamester
      dc gamester Month ago +1

      @snoozer easy to say when there's not millions of people watching your face lol

  • Needs More Flash!!!

    I'd consider myself a youtube addict. I go to youtube literally everyday for the past 10 years and somehow I have never heard of these airquote"famous"airqoute youtube channels. I've never heard of Dream, or any of the people they talk about on the news or in discords, or chatrooms who supposedly have millions of subscribers. I'm always like, who? Clearly the algorithm takes me to the dark void of unknowns and keeps me away from the light of the mass public.

  • TheGuyDudeMan11
    TheGuyDudeMan11 Month ago +3

    “This is up there with the discovery of fire and the invention of the wheel, dream did a face reveal” one of the hardest bars of all time 💯💯🔥

  • Sought After
    Sought After Month ago

    bruh hes a decent looking dude, honestly as long as youre fit and take care of yourself ur good.

  • Billy Shorts
    Billy Shorts Month ago

    Besides dream, it had to be sp00n for me. Growing up, now 25, I always was a fan of his lazy antsy chaotic style. I still remember the outlet or w.e they did and he was in the crowd and had asked when sp00n will show his face. good times

  • Chase Nelson
    Chase Nelson Month ago +5799

    The fact that meatcanyon made a whole animation about him in less than 24 hours is crazy

    • D MM
      D MM Month ago

      @Loturzel Restaurant Florida moment

    • Lightning Lynx Gaming
      Lightning Lynx Gaming Month ago


    • Magus Perdé
      Magus Perdé Month ago

      With how fucking long animations takes to makes there must be something fucking sinister happening in the background here

    • Relco12
      Relco12 Month ago +1

      @Communist propaganda he’s not just talented, he’s a hard worker. he took years to perfect his craft of animation videos and he’s still working on it

    • Loturzel Restaurant
      Loturzel Restaurant Month ago

      @SkullGuy☠️ ??

  • Joanne Lee
    Joanne Lee Month ago +1

    If I were him, I would’ve never had a face reveal simply because I’d known the internet would react this way.

  • Pip
    Pip Month ago

    As someone who has a similar jaw, it really made me feel like shit I can’t lie 😭

  • Batnig
    Batnig Month ago +2

    Bro... you're far more attractive than Dream

  • BreadWithButter
    BreadWithButter Month ago +1

    Someone I know told me and all his friends that he whole heartily thinks dream is ugly. Even if you do not like dream hes subjectively good looking. So this guy definitely is cracked out of his mind.

  • Taxi 86
    Taxi 86 Month ago +2544

    I am more surprised that dream looks like a normal person than he did a face reveal

    • Moonlight Mando
      Moonlight Mando Month ago

      You expected him to not look like a normal person? Am i missing something?

    • robert downey junir
      robert downey junir Month ago

      @true gaymer understandable

    • 4hedron
      4hedron Month ago

      @Alyrics are Alight He literally reminds me of my one classmate. Doesn’t look unique but def more attractive than average.

    • Niki
      Niki Month ago


    • RiOT76AD
      RiOT76AD Month ago

      But, you never would have known he looked like a normal person if he didn’t do a face reveal, so… what does that mean?
      My brain hurts.

  • Rick Mattison
    Rick Mattison Month ago

    My reaction would’ve been, “So, that’s his actual face? Okay, cool.”

  • Prometheus
    Prometheus Month ago

    I found him really good looking cause My expectations of him were really really low. I thought he looked like a discord mod

  • DrumminpenguinZ
    DrumminpenguinZ Month ago

    Charlie needs to do a reaction video to his own 10th anniversary face reveal cause man, that was awkward as hell

  • Charles
    Charles Month ago

    this makes me wonder: what would have happened if dream had actually revealed his face in the mrbeast rewind?

  • Timeyy
    Timeyy Month ago +1353

    Somehow him looking completely normal is the funniest possible scenario lmao

    • Tsuri
      Tsuri Month ago +6

      @Kid named finger Kid named basement:

    • oceanwater1
      oceanwater1 Month ago +4

      @Kid named finger waltuh

    • Kid named finger
      Kid named finger Month ago +14

      I have 6 kids in my basement

    • Patrick39
      Patrick39 Month ago


    • K1llsh0t
      K1llsh0t Month ago

      I couldn't decide whether i thought he would look normal or a fat neckbeard prior to this reveal lol

  • lysterhine
    lysterhine Month ago +1

    4:00 Nah, Charlie is a certified psychologist for sure.
    The hate is forced/bandwagoned. Like he's just an average guy. You'd see that kind of guy anywhere. He's not super hot nor is he ugly.

  • Milcah Archives
    Milcah Archives Month ago +1

    The same people who are dissapointed on how Dream looks are probably the ones who are crushing/being sympathetic toward Jeff Dahmer.

  • Daphne K
    Daphne K Month ago

    thank you for not being a rude person and having a shit take on this

  • Texas Red
    Texas Red 14 days ago +3

    Oh hell nah Dream out here looking like Rumpelstiltskin

  • Schrödingers Dog
    Schrödingers Dog Month ago +5876

    I genuinely don't think he's ugly, but the memes are funny as hell

    • ABLancer
      ABLancer Month ago

      He’s not ugly, just, as Schaffrillas Productions puts it, “painfully average”

    • Gumpy
      Gumpy Month ago

      @Preston Hunt how am i projecting insecurities? i didn't call him ugly i literally said that i wouldnt call him pretty, it was my opinion that i stated i wasnt saying that every single person believes it so dont try to fuckin insult me for having an opinion

    • Gumpy
      Gumpy Month ago

      @Just some guy posting memes truth

    • Gumpy
      Gumpy Month ago

      @Victor710 i was talking about the memes not the genuine bullying

    • AgentReplied
      AgentReplied Month ago


  • HunGerMovies
    HunGerMovies Month ago

    Never heard of him, and after checking his videos now, I understand why.

  • el el
    el el Month ago

    Dream looks good and you Charlie look like modern day lovely laid-back Jesus christ. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise ( ◜‿◝ )♡

  • sam
    sam Month ago

    hes a normal looking guy its js that when you hype up something like this so much, people assume and get their hopes very very high + the reaction from celebs and other youtubers made the hype even higher

  • yeon
    yeon Month ago

    beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.
    and I think he's unattractive. and to all people saying "people who call him ugly are haters" but I don't hate him, I just think he's not so attractive to me personally. people can have opinions, why are ya'll mfs trying to hard to say he's not ugly when he is [ at least from my eyes ] but to bully him is just awful and it shouldn't be done.
    I understand if you think that dream isn't ugly but hey not all people calling him ugly are haters, it is a opinion.

  • Liam
    Liam Month ago +6904

    Charlie is so self-aware he ironically denies the Godtier features and faultless structure his face possesses

    • tactics.
      tactics. Month ago

      bro looks like jesus

    • NerdyBacon
      NerdyBacon Month ago

      @Shabs 0101 yet; RRR to it iot ugh have nothing new

    • NerdyBacon
      NerdyBacon Month ago

      @Ballz Sandwich Destroyed the liberal with facts and logics

    • Moon
      Moon Month ago

      @Justin what about his really ironically insecure?

    • me me Natsuki!
      me me Natsuki! Month ago

      Mega-chin & no mouth = godtier
      Pasty af

  • I failed Nutty!!!!
    I failed Nutty!!!! Month ago

    2:39 we watch you because your funny not because of your looks Charles 😭😭

  • The Luxury Rabbit
    The Luxury Rabbit Month ago +1

    Charlie you look like an amazing deity

  • King Mac
    King Mac Month ago +2

    I dont think most people think he's ugly,but his face is literally like I think it's naturally left placed,or he's turning it on his own
    And his chin could cut gold and bring world peace,as someone already said in these comments he seems like a character in a game,just naturally attractive in a reslly basic way lmao

  • DMMegsie
    DMMegsie Month ago

    Charlie looks light years better than Dream, I’m sorry you feel that way.
    As far as their stans, he had put himself on such a pedestal for worship to some of his fans and their mental image of him that of course he wasn’t going to meet that expectation. And considering he looks like a dorky knock off version of Robert Patterson playing Edward Cullen, I can understand entirely some fans’ reaction.

  • Dalton’s Reptiles
    Dalton’s Reptiles Month ago +8379

    1. Dream doesn’t look bad, he’s your everyday Joe
    2. Don’t worry Charlie, nobody could ever stand up to the sheer levels of soggy masculinity and perfect beard that is you

    • Random Channel
      Random Channel  Month ago

      @bobby de Clown He looks like shaggy in scooby doo the mystery begins

    • grand soup fred 7
      grand soup fred 7 Month ago

      @Troy Scribner do not put the words "incredible" and "uncanny" into the same sentence

    • lovely lip bones ouwwwwww wolvres.
    • Resident Flamingo
      Resident Flamingo Month ago

      @InternallyExhausted 🏳️‍⚧️ true true

    • Iminumst
      Iminumst Month ago +3

      ​@modernbunny320 l Yeah, women on dating apps say around 80% of guys are "below average" looking. So it's pretty clear that our worship of celebrities is distorting our perception of normal.
      Dream has a good hairline, perfect teeth, doll eyes, fair skin, and a sharp nose. He's realistically speaking a 7/10. The only real "flaw" is I guess a pointy chin. Other than that, he also doesn't have deep set eyes which is a preference thing because it makes him look more "cute" and less "cool", and I guess people were hoping he looked cool, dark and mysterious. Dream also has a passing resemblance to Shane Dawson, while Shane was also pretty decent looking, it's off putting because Shane was such a weirdo. So if he's not your type and the resemblance bothers you, I could see how some people through heavy bias would consider him a 5/10. But 5/10 is worst case scenario really. Anything lower is just insecure people lying.

  • Saga Kakouratos
    Saga Kakouratos Month ago

    I was wondering when he would finally turn his head the whole time

  • Esha
    Esha Month ago +3

    The hyped man you talked about is probably CG5. He's just a big fan. He made songs about dream. And I know his reaction might make some believe that he was shocked in a negative way. But I think he was just so happy and hyped to see the face of a person he admired.

  • WINH4X
    WINH4X Month ago

    Literally never heard of the dude until today and people seem to be losing their fucking minds. This rock I've been living under for such a long time is pretty dark and moist.

  • Will D.
    Will D. Month ago

    I'm no Dream fan (didn't even know who he was for years) but I still don't believe he deserves the hate for his appearance. Yes, he's a huge channel. But the way people on Twitter act like all people who become any amount of popular on the Internet automatically become completely untouchable acceptable targets for bullying is just bizarre to me. He's not THAT famous, he's still just...a dude with a RU-clip channel. Internet fame and celebrity fame are not the same

  • Uzair Arshad
    Uzair Arshad Month ago +3228

    Everyone is talking about how he finally revealed his face, but the fact that he was able to hide his face from the world for so long is really impressive

    • Delaney
      Delaney 24 days ago

      H20 Delirious

    • Mysterious M
      Mysterious M 29 days ago

      2 years is so long ?
      bruh that's like nothing for other youtubers

    • Joshua Wharemate
      Joshua Wharemate Month ago

      You copied this comment like every other person lmao

    • BardiX Official
      BardiX Official Month ago

      @Chainsawboy 23 Homeboy was there for like 2 years that's not even an achievement lol

    • Chainsawboy 23
      Chainsawboy 23 Month ago +1

      Mad props to him and people like delirious who lasted this long

  • Midlife Yu-Ri
    Midlife Yu-Ri Month ago

    Eventhough he has insane fans that dox people for insulting Dream, I am very impressed how not even one of them tried to get his face

  • Ben Green
    Ben Green Month ago +2

    He’s literally a normal-looking person. What were people expecting 💀

  • Waffles <3
    Waffles <3 Month ago

    Okay hear me out. A lot of people came up with an image of him in their minds and suddenly when he shows what he actually looks like everyone’s hopes and image of him went down hill they got upset over it.

  • Lapis Lazuli
    Lapis Lazuli Month ago

    Wealth, fame, power. The world had it all won by one man: the Pirate King, Gold Roger. At his death, the words he spoke drove countless men out to sea. My treasure? It's yours if you want it. Find it! I left all the world has there! And so men set sights on the Grand Line, in pursuit of their dreams. The world has truly entered a Great Pirate Era!

  • nibot ykztawas
    nibot ykztawas Month ago +6495

    How are people saying he’s ugly, he literally just looks like the most normal dude possible

    • Oren Z.
      Oren Z. Month ago

      @HE’S coming soon We already believe in Charlie, the true son of god.

    • Dasnowleopard126
      Dasnowleopard126 Month ago

      @Corpse Wifey hoes mad

    • Corpse Wifey
      Corpse Wifey Month ago

      people just like bullying him but they are still watching his videos how sad 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Corpse Wifey
      Corpse Wifey Month ago

      @Dasnowleopard126 that you keep talking about yourself before you past away already

    • Chili Chinashop
      Chili Chinashop Month ago

      @missamix you’re probably alright 👍

  • Ryan J
    Ryan J Month ago

    So you are telling me that Dream was in fact a human and not a rogue AI? Wild, this is totally wild.

  • Mollymauk Tealeaf
    Mollymauk Tealeaf Month ago +3

    I honestly don't see why Dream did the face-reveal when you consider what he can get out of it. Yeah, he can go to events like minecon now, but Etho and Xisuma already did panels in those remotely and chilled out anonymously afterwards. With the amount of haters and toxic stans he has, he's kinda putting himself at risk by doing those. Speaking of his stans, there's tons of artwork of idealized versions of him those sick bastards have drawn and now he just shattered their illusion, so even people who technically like him are adding fuel to the hate bonefire.

  • b
    b Month ago +1

    the way he hyped his face reveal on twitter, he facetimed everyone and anyone you can think of just for it to be anticlimactic 😭😭

  • spudbuttowski
    spudbuttowski Month ago

    Oh Dream, I can't believe they said you needed glasses

  • Kirchner
    Kirchner Month ago +6547

    I honestly hope Dream has seen this video because it's such a down-to-earth take. They would have clowned on him no matter what he looked like.

    • Kaylakay12
      Kaylakay12 Month ago

      @Av3rage_Onion didn’t dream repeat that he didn’t want that to happen multiple times

    • greg77389
      greg77389 Month ago

      They only clowned him because of his actions and his shitty stans.

    • coki
      coki Month ago

      @Av3rage_Onion not true. Try double checking.

    • Mister Jr
      Mister Jr Month ago +6

      @Substitute Tail + this is like vilifying people for making fun of trumps appearance. who fucking cares he's a bad guy

    • Mister Jr
      Mister Jr Month ago +2

      @Substitute Tail + he was right though