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  • Published on Nov 23, 2015
  • Thanks for being patient with me guys! check out my blog for my post on those 'baby blues' www.daysofdoll.com/uncategoriz...
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  • Jaffa
    Jaffa 6 years ago +1917

    I WOULD LOVE to see a video from Sid's perspective on the whole pregnancy/labour/delivery - we never really see it from the man's perspectives - would love to hear his stories and opinions :)

  • The Urban Fight
    The Urban Fight 4 years ago +2

    Even though the experience sounds too painful, the way you narrated it makes makes me wanna have a baby too. Although, I'm absolutely sure that's not a non-regrettable reason.

  • J Ahmed
    J Ahmed 6 years ago +546

    When God is pleased with someone he blesses them with a daughter. Congrats Dina and Sid. 👨‍👩‍👧💕🙈🌸

    • Abounding grace
      Abounding grace 3 years ago +1

      It is same, son or daughter

    • Fatii C
      Fatii C 4 years ago

      MashAllah - I have 2 daughters :)

    • U M
      U M 5 years ago


    • maya strich
      maya strich 6 years ago

      +Doll doll why are you the way you are?

    • Ray Khai
      Ray Khai 6 years ago

      +Huzy 26.

  • Eliana Tali
    Eliana Tali 6 years ago +42

    I am amazed by your honesty and expression. I'm almost 40, childless, and not likely to ever have kids. I've listened to a lot of women discuss child birth, but none have ever left me feeling as though I witnessed it. That is, none until you. May you know many blessings from your precious baby.

  • SimplySahar
    SimplySahar 6 years ago +1231

    Omg your commentary is so funny through this whole thing

    • sayuuri !
      sayuuri ! 5 years ago

      hay I follow you as well as dina 😊

      UNICORN EMA PLAYS 🦄 6 years ago +2

      omg we share the same name!

    • It's Friday
      It's Friday 6 years ago +8

      +SimplySahar LOL when she had them in headlocks !! hahaha

    • Hirra
      Hirra 6 years ago +8

      +SimplySahar She's HILARIOUS! i LOVEEE this woman!

  • KaylanMarieMUA
    KaylanMarieMUA 6 years ago +7

    You are hilarious Dina!! "Ok but it's baby doe" I died. This made my entire day! Congrats to you and Sid on baby Hana!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • WintersAlwaysHere UK
    WintersAlwaysHere UK 6 years ago +24

    Oh god I freak out with my period pains I can't imagine giving birth thank you all you beautiful mothers out their

  • Supernerd7
    Supernerd7 6 years ago +9

    Omg you are hilarious! Haven't laughed this hard in a while. Those midwives must have had an awesome time. Glad your recovery so far sounds smooth:)

  • Jillian Joy
    Jillian Joy 5 years ago +41

    I've seen so many videos of women telling the delivery story and I must say I really enjoyed yours. You speak with such grace. I know this video was posted a while ago but I just wanted to tell you thank you. Truly, for your honest thoughts and feelings of your beautiful birth experience. Blessings for you and your family.

  • Ilhame g
    Ilhame g 6 years ago +28

    My water just broke by laughing so hard and i'm not even pregnant.. Dina wallahi you're the funniest ever. If i get pregnant and have to deliver i will fly you out to Holland. It will be hands down the best delivery ever.. 😂❤

  • Om Joud
    Om Joud 6 years ago +18

    Congrats Dina , this is all normal my darling and you will b a great mom! I went through postpartum depression when i got home after having my first baby , feeling all tired and lonely , with my second baby , i enjoyed every bit of motherhood and i didnt have any postpartum issues , it is weird how our bodies reacts some time but im sure every time Hana smiles u forget all the pain ❤️

  • Maria Ham
    Maria Ham 6 years ago +5

    Dina omg this labour story is just everything. I was laughing throughout the whole video, I feel like I'd be like you if I ever were to have a baby haha. Wish you all the best being a new mummy and hope Sid will be the best dad he can be for the little one❤️❤️

  • Souad Drihem
    Souad Drihem 6 years ago +7

    This is the most entertaining Labour and Delivery story Dina! Your comments are hilarious! 😂 Congratulations once again! 😘💕

  • Tas S
    Tas S 5 years ago +35

    dina mentioned eating dates for those of you that don't know eat ajwa dates during labour its helps so much you will nottice the difference it helps with contractions its sunnah it works 😊

  • Karina Into A Milli
    Karina Into A Milli 6 years ago +8

    you look flawless for somebody who just gave birth and adjusting to having a new baby

  • chimmy
    chimmy 6 years ago +20

    Wallah you're so hilarious 😭 the thought of labour just freaks me out 😩 shoutout to all the mothers out there who through that excruciating pain 👏🏽

  • Arzoo j
    Arzoo j 6 years ago +5

    I was laughing like crazy the whole time, love you Dina 😘 congrats again!! 😊❤

  • D Shimaniac
    D Shimaniac 6 years ago +5

    This is so fascinating to hear omg. I've always wondered like what it's like to give birth, but my mom remembers absolutely nothing, just getting on the table for her C-section and then waking up with a baby in her arms lmao and this happened three times. I'm just like Thanks for the info mom

  • Jenn Hoff
    Jenn Hoff 5 years ago +15

    Wow, that was a great video! I love how you took us through it like thought-by-thought. I can't have children :( and for some reason hearing it all in detail was nice. It was like... I mean, I wish more than anything I could do it and experience it myself, and I can't. So hearing it in so much detail makes me feel like I am not totally in the dark about the whole experience?? I don't know how to put it. I've researched it and watched it and heard my friends talk about it, but... I just liked how you talked about what you were thinking through each step. It was nice. Anyway. Congratulations on your little Hannah!

  • maariyah yusuf
    maariyah yusuf 6 years ago +4

    Your story telling is AWESOME! Great to hear your experience and that you and baby are good alhamdulilah x

    ITS JUST JEMIMA 3 years ago +3

    Congratulations hun - I really enjoyed your commentary!
    I actually just posted my labour and delivery story, funny how I can relate to so many things you mentioned 💛

  • Sumaiyah Sheikh
    Sumaiyah Sheikh 6 years ago +3

    I love this! No frills tell it how it is delivety story... definitely making me a little more relaxed about being a new mum. Love you Dina and thanks for taking the time out to have a little chat with us about lhe labour! You're right as a first time momma the only thing I can think about is getting it out haha.... take care much love stay blessed ♡

  • Nasra Said
    Nasra Said 6 years ago +1

    Through the whole story I was laughing
    You're so funny Dinah and congrats to you honey boo!!😻💞

  • Brownbeautysimor
    Brownbeautysimor 6 years ago +3

    Omg this is so amazing hun, loved it so so much, You inspire me to do mine labour story too..
    This is so amazing and different feeling...

  • Shira Soibelman
    Shira Soibelman 6 years ago +5

    Hi Dina,
    Your amazing and so inspiring.
    I recently had a baby and it was so nice to hear your birth story.
    I just wanted to let you know how much I respect you and for the time when you said "whats wrong with looking like a Jew?"
    I'm Jewish and your Muslim, and we are both moms.
    I love watching your channel and with your husband you guys are hilarious together.
    Keep doing what your doing. You guys are good people.
    All the best and blessings from Israel,

  • Seda
    Seda 6 years ago +6

    I never thought this would be so entertaining.These 20 minutes certainly flew by! I found myself laughing (and cringing at a few parts) throughout the whole video, I understand why the midwives loved you Dina!

  • Ess Ayy
    Ess Ayy 6 years ago +4

    Wallaaahhhi Dina I was literally the crying/laughing emoji throughout listening to your story.. you crack me up so much girl, I totally get how you gave the hospital staff the funniest shift of their lives :') Alf mabrook lovely, just take it day by day and I'm sure it'll get easier inshallah

  • 𝐙𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐛
    𝐙𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐚𝐛 6 years ago +57

    Omggg Dina I love these chatty videos!Your voice and your way of talking are so nice i swear

  • Ambereen Pathan
    Ambereen Pathan 6 years ago +2

    Thank you so much for this Dina, this is the most honest and hilarious explanation of what labour feel likes. You're like a big sis lol 💙

  • Marwa Mila
    Marwa Mila 6 years ago +5

    you actually make it sound like its a fun process. god bless you gorgeous

  • genie121
    genie121 6 years ago +4

    The best delivery story ever- and really informative lol. Good on you Dina!

  • Laura-Jane Popsey
    Laura-Jane Popsey 6 years ago +3

    How have I only just found your channel! You are amazing and this story was great! I think it's such a good idea people tell their stories as I wish I had something like this to watch before I had my daughter! I ended up having a water birth but the gas and air just made me so Ill! I don't even know how I ended up doing it lol! XXXX

  • Elif Gülmen
    Elif Gülmen 6 years ago +17

    Aww mashallah Dina your so entertaining even when your just sitting on a chair and talking. Alhamdulillah your birth went okay 💛☺️

  • aurora
    aurora 6 years ago +2

    omg i was laughing the whole time, Dina you're amazing and hilarious, i'm very happy for you 😊💜♥♥♥♥♥

  • Crafty Elle
    Crafty Elle 6 years ago

    DINA YOU LEGEND! Amazing story and thank you for telling us something that is so intimate & special. Wishing you Sid and Hanna health and happiness! Love you! ♡♡♡

  • noorev
    noorev 6 years ago

    Love this vlog!! I think it really puts things in perspective for me, I'm 24 weeks pregnant. I think you described the experience very well, compared to so many others who just say "Hamidllah".
    Congrats and wish you and Sid all the best, love watching your videos, snapchat posts, and instagram.

  • Tann nn
    Tann nn 6 years ago

    Aw! I loved this! Congrats Dina👍🏼

  • Gothmummi
    Gothmummi 6 years ago +1

    i swear to you now, my 19 month old was watching this video laughing and smiling and I said "it's Dina!" he laughed and went "DEE!"
    he can literally say "ham" (which is Sam lol) mum and no. that it!
    I've just uploaded a video today of him, baby update, he's right at the beginning if you wanna see the little cherub lol. congratulations and well done, I've had 2 epidural and 2 natural births and the last 2 natural were the best ones! x

  • Hira Shahzad
    Hira Shahzad 6 years ago

    Awwww I'm so happy for you!! Alhumdulilah! May Allah bless you and did with even more happiness! Ameen! I know you guys would be amazing parents. P.S. Your so hilarious! Ily! 😍😍😘

  • When InTurkey
    When InTurkey 6 years ago

    I've been waiting for this video!! Thank you for sharing! Ya'll giving me baby fever

  • marumariful
    marumariful 6 years ago +4

    Hana is blessed to have such an awesome mom like you Dina! These first couple months upto a yesr will be slow and tiring for sure.. But these are the most precious time when you will look back.. They grow too fast.. Maa sha Allah! May Allah give you strength and may motherhood be easy for you, ameen ❤️

  • Shannon
    Shannon 6 years ago

    Congratulations on the birth of your daughter ♀🎉
    I loved hearing your birth story. I have had 2 boys and both times were very different experiences. It's great how you stayed so upbeat and kept joking around throughout.
    Thank you for the great video xoxo

  • Maryam 915
    Maryam 915 6 years ago

    I am so happy for you and Sid! You are absolutely wonderful and I love all your videos. You and Sid are the best! Y'all are so fun! xoxo

  • Tahera Khatun
    Tahera Khatun 6 years ago

    Awww I love labour stories! Amazing memories aren't they mwah x

  • Hazal Kay
    Hazal Kay 6 years ago

    Congrats Dina!! I bet the midwives loved you, you're so hilarious!

  • Sumaiya Karim
    Sumaiya Karim 6 years ago

    I loved this! I love your all-over-the-place videos. Congratulations on your new arrival Masha'Allah. And thank you for sharing your story with us

  • zainab
    zainab 6 years ago

    Omg this was soooo funny haha, love you lots Dina and congrats on Hanna xxx

  • Imagine R
    Imagine R 6 years ago +1

    Aww Dina, you told the whole labour story so beautifully. As I was listening to the whole story, it felt as if like I was the one giving birth. God bless x

  • purplepotion06
    purplepotion06 6 years ago

    Congratulations on your baby daughter! I love your honesty in this video!

  • ❤DazZliNgDivA❤
    ❤DazZliNgDivA❤ 6 years ago

    Dina's personality is amazinggg!!
    Love u so much dinaa!!
    Congrats again on little Hana Banana

  • Masuma Begum
    Masuma Begum 6 years ago

    loved watching this!! took me back to my labour and delivery 7 months ago.. I actually miss it.. 💛💛💛

  • Beth Craddock
    Beth Craddock 6 years ago

    Sooo glad you're back making videos Dina, you are fab! I hope you're recovering well and little Hana is well too

  • Caribbean Connections TV

    Love Your Birth Story ! Congratulations

  • xlilangel07
    xlilangel07 6 years ago

    Absolutely love this video..and your blog post too..emotional but informative for those of us who are yet to go through this miracle. Thank you and hope you, Sid and baby Hana are keeping well. 😘

  • Ms. Techni
    Ms. Techni 6 years ago

    Aw Dina you're an absolute sweetheart. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  • Aman Galal
    Aman Galal 6 years ago +19

    Your glowing Dina omg you look amazing! 😍

  • Magdalena Aouda
    Magdalena Aouda 6 years ago

    Your positive attitude is amazing ❤️ I just love watching every video 🤗

  • ASimpleMix
    ASimpleMix 6 years ago +1

    Aww enjoyed watching this! Huge belated congrats to you both! Mwah x

  • Heather Borden
    Heather Borden 5 years ago

    DINA!!! You have become my favorite RU-clipr! Seriously. You're hilarious, have an awesome personality and I have so much respect for you! Also, you and Sid are the cutest! I hope that I can find that with someone someday! Keep making these awesome videos and I will keep watching and giving my support!

  • Georgia Erin
    Georgia Erin 6 years ago

    I'm due on Saturday although I'll probably be going over! Love this video and your honesty 🙌🏻

  • Alove4fashion
    Alove4fashion 5 years ago +1

    This video was hilarious! 😂 loved it! I'm not due for another few months but this lifted my mood! 😊 thanks Dina xxxx

  • mahadewiiii
    mahadewiiii 6 years ago

    OMG Dina congratulations! Hearing your story brings all my own memories and emotions of my childbirth flooding back (from almost 10 years ago)! My husband (fiance at the time) wasn't with me when I gave birth (wasn't even in the same country until our baby was 4.5 months old). I went through a lot of the labour alone, although I was at my mum's house... I stayed home as long as I could and when they first checked me at the hospital I was 6cm dilated (because I'd been so "calm" they'd waited an hour or so before checking)! Giving birth really is both a traumatic yet magical experience, isn't it! hehe I can totally relate to the feeling of "what the hell do I do now?!" when you are first left alone with your baby! I definitely felt anxious, stressed and depressed in the first few months... not helped by the fact my husband wasn't with me and I didn't know if/when he would be! But Dina you made me laugh so much in this video too... you have an amazing sense of humour and will be an amazing mum! Can't believe your stomach disappeared straight after birth.. most people look pregnant for ages afterwards! :) Lots of love to you all xxx

  • TheEverGirl
    TheEverGirl 6 years ago

    Please do more baby videos! They are so helpful!!! I swear they are my favorite videos to watch from you. Congrads Dina!
    -New Mom to Be

  • Sairah
    Sairah 6 years ago +2

    Awwww dina!!! I couldn't have explained it better myself!! The challenge does really start AFTER labour and delivery!! Being a mum is underrated but so rewarding!! Congratulations xxx

  • User08
    User08 6 years ago

    wish you, Sid and Hannah all the best

  • nilofer ghori
    nilofer ghori 6 years ago +4

    I died laughing 😂😂 congratulations Dina and Sid! May Allah (SWT) give Hana the best in this Dunya and Akhira 😄💖

  • Elinor Jane
    Elinor Jane 6 years ago

    Ahh Dina thank you for this, I have 3 weeks-ish left and your perspective is helping me, I want to go through the labour and delivery as nearly drug free as possible. It's said that it's better to be relaxed and try to relax because more you tense up the worse everything feels. I've also heard too that getting to 4cm's is harder to get through than pushing (because pushing is the quickest part!).
    I hope to be as upbeat and funny as you when going through my labour. I also thinks it's true that you think the birth is harder but in reality it's when you go home & have to take care of the baby - that's one of my fears really, just feeling unable to cope when that the baby is here. I look forward to your videos like these very much!! ~Ellie xo

  • Margarita S
    Margarita S 6 years ago

    Thank you so much for making the video!!

  • Hala Turk
    Hala Turk 6 years ago

    I dont even know why i laughed this much while watching the video, congrats Dina and may Hana bring joy and happiness for the life of the both of you♡

  • aqilah sudhir
    aqilah sudhir 6 years ago

    thank you for sharing your story :) is it weird that I had a smile on my face hearing your story? Haha. you are hilarious and so positive! hope you and baby Hana are doing amazing. may Allah s.w.t continue to shower all three of you with blessings of this Dunya and akhirah.

  • LoralReef
    LoralReef 6 years ago

    This literally could have been my labour and delivery story! haha except I was in shock at how painful it was by about 3cm (wimp) Not only the stitches but the catheter?! That was....traumatic. Nobody mentioned that at the prenatals haha Sending lots of love and positive energy to your new family! xx

  • Hannah Rose
    Hannah Rose 6 years ago +1

    Hi Dina, my name is Hannah and I'm an expectant mum! I recently discovered yours and Sid's videos and just wanted to say how much I admire your fresh approach to RU-clip, marriage, motherhood etc. I look forward to watching more of your videos in the future but wanted to thank you for being honest and for making great videos I'm really loving watching 😊 xx

  • Brooke Allen
    Brooke Allen 6 years ago +1

    Dina you are so amazing! You're so funny and take things in stride so well. I hope your time as a new mother is going well.

  • ouafaa tadili
    ouafaa tadili 6 years ago

    seriously i had a blast watching this delivery story. thank u dina for making me feel all the feels during the video. and may god protect your little nut...

  • Silah
    Silah 6 years ago +2

    You're so hilarious I love it. Thank you for sharing your experience! Alhamdulillah it went well all in all and all the best being a new mom. May Allah bless your little family

  • Zakiyra Begum
    Zakiyra Begum 6 years ago +37

    You make child birth sound like a piece of cake X'D

  • For the Love of Pants
    For the Love of Pants 5 years ago +20

    Was I the only new mom that didn't give a shit for getting fat during pregnancy? I gave you the gift of life, man!! (me to my husband 6 and a half years ago) 😂
    Until my girl was about 18 months I didn't even consider losing weight. I had friends telling me that it's about time I've lost the baby weight, so I told them to fuck off! 😎

  • Jolene Ade
    Jolene Ade 6 years ago +4

    OMG You are so funny Dina Loving your vids! Can't believe you did that kind of stuff during you labour.SO SO FUNNY!!Good Luck with Motherhood!xx

  • Zahra S
    Zahra S 6 years ago

    Loved watching the whole video. so happy for you! and your comments had me laughing! mashA you have a very cute family! Bless you! InshaAllah i am due end march 2016. Praying for a bearable delivery!
    Love from Comoros islands.

  • Karolina W
    Karolina W 6 years ago

    I love you Dina :D you're cracking me up even with labor story :D xxx

  • Khirad 27
    Khirad 27 6 years ago

    never been so excited to watch something in my life before ... That notification is a bundle of joy makes me so happy 🙈🙌 !! love u Dina Allah bless u and your new family xx

  • Karaaslan Iqa
    Karaaslan Iqa 6 years ago

    Omg Dina you are hilarious. Congratz on your new bundle of joy 😍

  • Aisha
    Aisha 6 years ago +68

    This is the best labour and delivery video on RU-clip 😂😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️❤️ I literally am considering never going through child birth like oh my god that is just horrible😩

  • Shamla Nessa
    Shamla Nessa 6 years ago +1

    That's was my favourite video by far. I am so happy how positive and encouraging you are. I think sometimes people forget that you are just like any other person. Wish you all the best with your new family lots of love xxx

  • Fathia Mohamed
    Fathia Mohamed 6 years ago

    Omg your story is basically identical to mine!! Congrats once again and make the most of Hana whilst she's small, they grow super fast!

  • RanneH3
    RanneH3 6 years ago +4

    Dina you cant imagine how I enjoyed watching your video, I remembered exactly how i got birth my baby boy i was about to cry
    This subject is so touching , going through all this pain and than no time to heal
    I remembered my self crying in the delivery room and asking all the nurses to help me they said you are not punching correctly!!!
    I was about going crazy this is my first time how am I supposed to know !!
    After delivery i was so depressed, i felt so alone and i had difficulties in communicating back with my husband, i was depressed for nearly a year!!! That was my worst year ever !
    My son now is 2 and a half years old
    I can't imagine my life without him i adore him I couldn't imagine there is such a strong love !
    I was surprised that you didn't take epidural. Almost every single youtuber mom shows us that having a baby is easy and peaceful but the reality is totally different !
    Motherhood is challenging.
    Thank you dina for being real and honest :)

  • itscarolinebetch
    itscarolinebetch 6 years ago

    Love this story and your honesty!

  • lostpancake
    lostpancake 6 years ago

    Dina mashallah you are so fabulous! Glad to hear both you and Hana made it through safely ❤️❤️ take care my lovely! Xxxx

  • Saf ana
    Saf ana 6 years ago

    That was literally THE funniest labour & delivery story I have ever seen! I was laughing the whole time!! Congrats on the baby Dina!

  • Louise
    Louise 6 years ago

    Dina, wow your labour and delivery story is amazing, thank you so much for posting such a great video.

  • Naushin Haque
    Naushin Haque 6 years ago

    This is probably the best story I've heard about a delivery I haven't laughed so much this was so cute allhumdulilah I'm so happy for you love congrats to you and Sid :)

  • Nadia Noreen
    Nadia Noreen 6 years ago

    love u Dina. You never fail to crack me up. May Allah always keep you and your family blessed xx

  • Iida
    Iida 6 years ago

    I love you Dinaaa! You are going to be (or are lol) the coolest and greatest mama in the whole world

  • Amrin Zakaria
    Amrin Zakaria 6 years ago +1

    "Ok but it's baby doe"
    Hahaha I love your story telling! Can listen to you talk all day long!

  • Velvet Jones
    Velvet Jones 6 years ago +5

    I love you Dina! I really look forward to your videos. You are a ray of sunshine. Please keep doing what you are doing. I think you are amazing.
    Kisses to your new family xxx

  • thedailyrin
    thedailyrin 6 years ago +28

    Ya Allah. MasyAAllah, Dina...I hope Allah protects and blesses you and your entire family. Be a good mum and raise a lovely blessed Muslim daughter my dear!

  • NH A
    NH A 2 years ago

    All those years ago when you posted this I said I'd come back to it when I'm pregnant and I have, thoroughly enjoyed this! But also feel sad my mum won't be with me, I'm glad yours was I can tell the difference it makes ❤

  • Besarta behar
    Besarta behar 6 years ago

    Dina congratulations on becoming a mother many Allah help you through your new journey! I was really interested in hearing your labor story. I'm about a month & half pregnant I've been really sick since then I can only imagine how painful labor is going to be I've been experiencing really painful cramps for the last month so I'm freaking out about labor :(

  • Harleen Kandola
    Harleen Kandola 6 years ago

    Omg hearing your story puts my mind somewhat at ease! It doesn't seem like it's as bad as they make it out to be. Congrats once again!

  • A Louise
    A Louise 6 years ago

    great video and so honest and true about how incredibly hard it is once you've given birth etc etc, especially once we're left alone to take care of baby etc. you have good perspective dina and talking about it is healing.