What I learned making a Wooden Mallet | How to

  • Published on Jul 28, 2018
  • In this video I show you how I made a wooden mallet. I definitely learned a lot while making this mallet. I used a scrap piece of walnut and oak to make this. I hope you enjoy the video and don’t forget to subscribe if you aren’t already!
    Project Resources, materials, and tool links below. Some of these are affiliate links, so they do help me out. Thanks for your support!
    Live Edge Side Table
    How to make a cutting board
    -White oak
    -Wood glue amzn.to/2qTtTWg
    -Danish Oil amzn.to/2Lc2AQh
    -Thickness Planer
    -Circular Saw amzn.to/2znPWrd
    -Speed Square amzn.to/2G8YSU6
    -Table Saw amzn.to/2IN0NPG
    -Jigsaw amzn.to/2qr68Vb
    -Router amzn.to/2qqQbP3
    -Random Orbital Sander amzn.to/2qTaOEw
    -Bench Sander amzn.to/2Aa1Eua

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Comments • 71

  • A Ali
    A Ali 23 days ago +1

    I like your videos!

  • 731 Woodworks
    731 Woodworks 2 months ago +1

    Beautiful work! I’m gonna try his method!

  • LTD Woodworks
    LTD Woodworks 3 months ago +1

    Hey there, how's the walnut holding up? I have a ton of it and I'm thinking of making one as well. Great video 👍👏

    • Made by Mitch
      Made by Mitch  3 months ago +1

      Hey! The walnut does ok as a mallet. It has taken quite the beating since this video. I am planning to make another but out of solid oak. Oak is heavier and more dense. But if you have walnut, it will work just fine for you. Thanks! Good luck 👍

  • Miguel B
    Miguel B 4 months ago +1

    Good Job Son 👍

    • Miguel B
      Miguel B 4 months ago

      I subscribe Mitch. . . 👍 just keep doing this. . . Thanks for sharing

    • Made by Mitch
      Made by Mitch  4 months ago

      Thanks Miguel!

  • bmorefan5220
    bmorefan5220 5 months ago +1

    How does glue bonded wood hold up to constant strikes? It seems to me like the bond will break after some period of time, especially if it is stored and used in a warmer climate.
    I know this is an older video, but maybe I can get an answer here from someone. I'm new to woodworking and I don't have a shop, just some basic tools. I've been hand making everything I can for practice.

    • bmorefan5220
      bmorefan5220 5 months ago +2

      @Made by Mitch Thank you for the info! Keep up the good work.

    • Made by Mitch
      Made by Mitch  5 months ago +2

      Hey bmorefan. Wood glue is very strong. The bond between two pieces of wood that are glued properly will not separate. You will break or crack the wood before you would separate the two pieces. It's awesome that you're getting into woodworking. Good luck to you.

  • David Crandell
    David Crandell 6 months ago

    Very cool Mitch, thanks for posting.

  • AZ Wildman
    AZ Wildman 6 months ago +1

    Mitch you animal!! I just got done making mine out of eucalyptus and oak. Made it to resemble mullnier (Thor's hammer) and it came out siiiiiick!!!

    • AZ Wildman
      AZ Wildman 6 months ago

      @Made by Mitch oh yeah bud! If you're as much of a wood nerd as I am you can lookup how they planted it to use it for railroad ties. Grows super fast for as hard as it is...also it's causing a problem in California due to that ha ha.
      You got a face book or Instagram? I have some cool pieces I'd like you to see

    • Made by Mitch
      Made by Mitch  6 months ago

      Oh wow. No I have never worked with it. It sounds like it would be super dense. Great for a mallet.

    • AZ Wildman
      AZ Wildman 6 months ago

      @Made by Mitch you ever work with eucalyptus? It makes oak feel like particle board

    • Made by Mitch
      Made by Mitch  6 months ago

      Awesome man! I bet it looks sweet. 👍👍

  • Carol Cole
    Carol Cole 6 months ago +1

    WOW , how cool is that. Great job.

  • rocifier
    rocifier 7 months ago +1

    My uncle was a builder for decades and felt pretty comfortable using a circular saw something like that (one hand holding the piece near the blade, slightly behind it). It kicked back on him one day and cut his thumb off.

    • Made by Mitch
      Made by Mitch  7 months ago

      Wow! That is awful. I am sorry to hear that. I have since gotten a chop saw so no more holding this close to the saw for me. I've heard a lot of stories if things like this happening to people and realize that you can never be too comfortable but to always respect the saw. Thank you for sharing.

  • Rick Kerley
    Rick Kerley 7 months ago +1

    Very cool! Looks great, Thank you!

  • Luis Urbina
    Luis Urbina 7 months ago

    You cut the wedges the wrong way round (the taper should be with the grain). Also, using your saw that way is asking for an injury. Putting a disclaimer doesn’t make it any safer or better. You should have used a hand saw. You are dangerous. Be careful. Learn before you put up instructional videos.

    • Made by Mitch
      Made by Mitch  7 months ago

      I appreciate the tips Luis. And I appreciate your concern. I never want to mislead or teach people wrong things. I do aim to show my mistakes and show people what I learn in the process. Thanks again for the input.👍

  • Mike Tobish
    Mike Tobish 8 months ago +1

    Liked this video nice job

  • Johnny LaFountaine
    Johnny LaFountaine 8 months ago +1

    nice Love the vid going to make one!!!!!!

    • Made by Mitch
      Made by Mitch  8 months ago

      Thank you very much! 👍 Good luck making yours!

  • Bradley Neufeld
    Bradley Neufeld 9 months ago

    awesome mallet, cool tip about drilling out the bottom of each wedge channel-never woulda thought about that

    • Made by Mitch
      Made by Mitch  9 months ago

      Thanks Bradley. Yea I picked that up from somewhere along the way and it has been helpful. Thanks for the comment! 👍

  • Turners Shed
    Turners Shed 11 months ago +2

    Man im glad i watched this. I was going to laminate 3 bits together then bore a hole. (Lightbulb moment) i dont need to bore a hole now 😁

    • Made by Mitch
      Made by Mitch  6 months ago

      Haha. Very cool

    • AZ Wildman
      AZ Wildman 6 months ago +1

      I was gonna wait for a drill press ha ha. It's on now

    • Made by Mitch
      Made by Mitch  11 months ago

      I'm glad the video could help! Good luck. 👍

  • hendra maeda
    hendra maeda Year ago

    Great work, educating. Keep up man!

  • Mike Muller
    Mike Muller Year ago +1

    Hey Mitch - if you don’t mind me asking - now think we’re the pieces you used for the head of the mallet and the handle?

    • MM Woodworking
      MM Woodworking Year ago +1

      Thanks, Mitch. I appreciate it!

    • Made by Mitch
      Made by Mitch  Year ago

      Hey Mike. I responded over on Instagram, but just in case. They are all 1 inch thick! Good luck.👍

  • Life On Beagle Road
    Life On Beagle Road Year ago +2

    Mitch love the B-Roll and love the whoosh. Where'd you get the sound byte for that? Oh... Project was great too!!! Haha.

    • Made by Mitch
      Made by Mitch  Year ago

      I will look and see what it is called and let you know. I can't remember which one it is. Thanks so much!

    • Life On Beagle Road
      Life On Beagle Road Year ago +1

      Made by Mitch awesome. We use epidemic. I'll have to look for it. I like how it makes the transition tie together. Keep at it. Looks great!

    • Made by Mitch
      Made by Mitch  Year ago

      Thank you very much. The b-roll is a newer thing I've been trying in the past few videos. All of my sounds are from Epedemic Sound. I think there might also be a couple similar sounds on the RU-clip audio library site also.

  • David Jenkins
    David Jenkins Year ago +1

    Great job

  • Salman Sheikh
    Salman Sheikh Year ago +1

    very cool. I got walnut and oak to make this but no planer or jointer.

    • Salman Sheikh
      Salman Sheikh Year ago +1

      I need to learn to sharpen my hand planes., Lol.

    • Made by Mitch
      Made by Mitch  Year ago

      Yea that can be tough. Sometimes you can go to your local saw and planning mill and they can mill it down for you. Or possibly a hand planer? Good luck Salman. Thanks for the comment

    • Salman Sheikh
      Salman Sheikh Year ago +1

      But I may try to make one anyway.

  • pastenseverb
    pastenseverb Year ago +4

    You did a great job with the mallet but you did a better job with the video. You took the time to explain everything you were doin and why. You made some minor mistakes and I’m glad you were willing to show the “lessons learned”. Well done.

    • Made by Mitch
      Made by Mitch  Year ago

      Thank you pastenseverb. I'm definitely still learning. I hope to help through my mistakes.👍🏻

  • Dekeros - Recreational Woodworking

    Look really nice. I like the size of it and the finish. Well done!

  • Bruce A. Ulrich
    Bruce A. Ulrich Year ago

    Good video, Mitch! I think if you’ll cut those pieces at an angle rather than rotating them, you’ll have a better fit.

    • Made by Mitch
      Made by Mitch  Year ago

      Thanks Bruce! I wish I would have thought of that. Thanks for the input.

  • Barry Roberts
    Barry Roberts Year ago

    Great video and a Great build. Well Done.
    On the part of the Circular Saw Cut, why didn't you use a Mitre Saw or your Cross Cut Sled to do that particular cut?
    It was still a great build, and i love the colour pop out of the wood.
    Barry (ENG)

    • Water Leaper
      Water Leaper 8 months ago

      Or maybe...y'know...a handsaw?

    • Made by Mitch
      Made by Mitch  Year ago

      Thanks Barry! I actually don't have a miter saw yet. It's on the list. I did try the cross cut sled on the first mallet I made. It is totally doable. I felt a little wierd holding the piece so close to the saw blade which is why I went with the circular saw. I'm still a bit new with the table saw. Thanks for the comment!

  • Austin McCleery
    Austin McCleery Year ago +3

    Yo! I love it when I see a Made By Mitch video pop up! I have a very similar mallet on my tool wall! Walnut and oak. I'll dm you a pic on Instagram. Looks great!!!

    • Made by Mitch
      Made by Mitch  Year ago

      Thanks man! That is awesome. Yes I would love to see it. Walnut and oak makes great combo.

  • Way Woodworking
    Way Woodworking Year ago +1

    In high school we used to clamp the router in a vise upside down and run our pieces over it like a small router table. May not be safe, just a thought. I don't think I would do it these days. I'm much more comfortable with a router table. I like that you aren't afraid to show mistakes, it helps others when they feel they aren't skilled enough to try certain projects including me! Great video.

    • Life On Beagle Road
      Life On Beagle Road Year ago

      Totally agree!

    • Way Woodworking
      Way Woodworking Year ago +2

      Made by Mitch you ain't kidding. There's a lot that goes into the final product.

    • Made by Mitch
      Made by Mitch  Year ago +2

      I've definitely been putting in the work. Growing a channel is much harder than it looks. I've got a lot of respect for those who have done it.

    • Way Woodworking
      Way Woodworking Year ago +2

      Made by Mitch it's cool to watch your channel growing as quick as it has in relation to mine. You've been putting the work in for sure!

    • Made by Mitch
      Made by Mitch  Year ago +1

      Thanks man I really appreciate it. My hope is that others can learn from my mistakes. I have never thought about clamping the router like that. I may give it a try. I appreciate the kind words man. You are always super encouraging. 👍🏻

  • Casual DIY
    Casual DIY Year ago

    Great video, love your camera moves. Very nice project the mallet looks awsome