The Pixel 3 XL was buggy for me :(

  • Published on Nov 24, 2018
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Comments • 5 062

  • adriaan van harrick
    adriaan van harrick 5 days ago


  • Tivoughn Smart
    Tivoughn Smart 5 days ago

    Maybe I'm too late but you're using the Gestures wrong.

  • cfsilva78
    cfsilva78 6 days ago

    6:36 Im sorry but you are so wrong here! This was one of the best improvements they have made. A phone spends more time play sounds from media than ringtones.

  • Hemang Vyas
    Hemang Vyas 8 days ago

    07:00 I feel you my man. I feel you.

  • Jeremy S.
    Jeremy S. 9 days ago

    Shit fixed with Android 10. I Like my Pixel now

  • Michael Hidalgo
    Michael Hidalgo 9 days ago

    How can you not login into gmail on your mobile google?

  • Obi Dark
    Obi Dark 11 days ago

    That notch was staring back at you Linus!

  • BreezieRecords
    BreezieRecords 11 days ago

    How can the volume control be a problem? Bro, i NEVER adjust my ringtone volume lol. Its either on mute, Vibration or Just loud 😂. Its perfectly done that now the volume Control Changes media volume directly

  • RobotSpy
    RobotSpy 11 days ago

    Wow.. just wow. Awfully limited in his comprehension for a tech guy. "Remind me to skin the pigs when I get home" works on GPS (which you don't need data or wifi for.) When you reach proximity of your address "DING DING DING time to skin the pigs." It's so damn obvious

  • RobotSpy
    RobotSpy 11 days ago

    Oh... I didn't realize Linus was insufficient in regards to syntax and basic scripting. Even a child can use Assistant

  • o k
    o k 13 days ago

    its not funny google!

  • Robotic Venom
    Robotic Venom 14 days ago

    The specs just suck.

  • ervin serato
    ervin serato 14 days ago

    poor linus

  • Tech bman
    Tech bman 15 days ago

    marques red

  • Charles Rozario
    Charles Rozario 16 days ago

    That's why I like Linus. Unbiased reviews. Every reviewers talk great about the one trick pony so much where its hilarious that Google has the buggiest android.

  • Alcor Garcia
    Alcor Garcia 16 days ago

    "Marques Red" 😂🤣

  • geeky girl 25
    geeky girl 25 17 days ago

    I got a pixel 3 xl. The store accidentally sold me the demo version so it was considerably buggy. I returned it and walked out with a note 9 because they didn't have another pixel 3 in stock. I hate the note 9.

  • Jordan Race
    Jordan Race 17 days ago

    I love the Pixel. I started with the Pixel XL, then they released the Pixel 2 (which I skipped), now I have the Pixel 3 XL. Ive had none of these bug issues and I don't regret buying this phone at all

  • raptorms773
    raptorms773 17 days ago

    Cant you change the rocker default between media and ringtone. every android phone ive use to date does this

  • raptorms773
    raptorms773 17 days ago

    Ive run into the log in problem on other android devices, having to uinstall and reinstall the app to get logged in, or having to reset the phone

  • Andrew Lewis
    Andrew Lewis 17 days ago

    I agree with nearly all of the gripes here except the default volume set to media, I have an S8 and I much prefer that being the default, I really don't mind pulling down and adjusting all volumes separately.

  • Slimoei
    Slimoei 18 days ago +4

    "Why would we make it better, when we can make it worse instead?"
    - Every company

    • o k
      o k 13 days ago


  • Animesh Sarkar
    Animesh Sarkar 20 days ago

    Gfiu icutds7 t8diyfituzrgiusrs
    I just checked the space bar functionality

  • 1secondGHOST
    1secondGHOST 21 day ago +11

    6:33 WOAH WOAH WOAH LINUS, NO! the volume button always being on ringer by default was the design flaw!!!!! its better now! do you even use phones?!?

  • Prepare for Trouble
    Prepare for Trouble 22 days ago +1

    not getting the pixel

  • Blueface69master
    Blueface69master 23 days ago

    this vid is fucking gay

  • Donna Reed
    Donna Reed 23 days ago +1

    It’s made by Google who can’t figure out their own technology and in my experience, will blame a third party for their own mistakes.

  • Karl Massie
    Karl Massie 26 days ago

    thats not a notch thats a chin right there

  • Uday. Sundu
    Uday. Sundu 26 days ago +2

    This is not review but a personal experience

  • ne0tic
    ne0tic 26 days ago

    Whenever I use an Android phone, I feel like Android is kinda buggy and the experience isn't all that great usually...

    • ne0tic
      ne0tic 24 days ago

      Sanoku Sure man, I really didn’t like the old Android skins for Android, haven’t tried OneUI (or whatever it is called) but it seems much better! And yeah, I’ve found OnePlus to have the most clean software and OnePlus phones have generally felt more responsive and snappy compared to other Android phone phones :) If I would be an Android phone again, it would probably be a OnePlus phone!

    • Sanoku
      Sanoku 24 days ago +2

      I'll tell you this- it really depends on what phone you use. You shouldn't clump Android as all one together, different skins and oems make a difference in the user experience. For example, using Android with OnePlus is a lot different from LG. OnePlus is leaning more honestly towards iPhone in software quality.

  • Fireballfreak11
    Fireballfreak11 28 days ago

    I just got a Google Pixel 3 XL and I can tell you a decent amount of you're issues are gone or are closer to perfect such as you can do one swipe to get to you're apps screen and LastPass works great on this phone whereas it didn't even work on my last one

  • PlayFriik
    PlayFriik Month ago +3

    7:20, I hope he uses Bitwarden by now.. 😏

  • AndrewMacedonia
    AndrewMacedonia Month ago +1

    damn lol !! that phone sucks !

  • LifeonMaz
    LifeonMaz Month ago

    Screen recording I think will likely never come because of things like Movies you purchase to stream only etc, they will he heavily pirated so that is not good for business

  • LifeonMaz
    LifeonMaz Month ago

    1:25 gestures resolved with Android 10. Yaaay

    • Oofle Doofle
      Oofle Doofle Month ago

      Eh, my s8 has had them with one ui since last year 😂

  • Matteo De Vellis
    Matteo De Vellis Month ago +1

    6:40 uhmm fucking everyone's??? Like wtf?? I hated that every phone I had did that by default. My ringtone and phone call volume always had 2 settings(atleast for me) max or off like a lot of people's. If I need to hear a notification It's put on max if not, it's on vibrate. Ihnfc why anyone would want anything in between. Either you want to hear it or you don't, it's that simple. The sound doesn't play on for more than 2 seconds, If you need to hear it, put it on max. Never understood that.

  • James Yu
    James Yu Month ago +2

    Thank you for speaking out the truth for all users. keep going mate ~

  • Jason Vylášek
    Jason Vylášek Month ago

    I’ve never seen Linus so pissed

  • chiedis
    chiedis Month ago +1

    I miss Nexus. Best phones ever had

  • Isaiah Hayes
    Isaiah Hayes Month ago

    @Linus i love your criticism and cynicism about these phones ""features " these leaders of the companies needs to stop taking "calculated risks" and guessing what the public wants. And embrace risk change. Like what people normally try and do in our lives anyway. ANYWAY my point is if the majority of data points that the public doesn't like the flaws then why have a hard head through changing it?

  • Mike Savich
    Mike Savich Month ago +1

    When LG make the Google phones they were the best. They should use LG .

  • Chris and Cat
    Chris and Cat Month ago

    Ligit made me jump when he said boosted

  • Michael De Santa
    Michael De Santa Month ago

    Hey linus, can you check this

  • Ahmad Soleyman
    Ahmad Soleyman Month ago

    I Agree with you

  • PTRK
    PTRK Month ago

    I don't like the back button on the left either. I always have it on the right side but yeah i'm galaxy s10 user. Not a fan of gestures either.

  • Sabrina Adam
    Sabrina Adam Month ago +1

    Jesus christ look at that gigantic notch wtf were they thinking

  • BarrettSword Videos

    I love you.

  • another human being, blyat

    ok im keeping my mobile phone on oreo

  • Sanjay Marison
    Sanjay Marison Month ago

    Linus that slow shutter is due to hdr+ enhanced . You can turn it off and it becomes lightning fast.

  • Derd Horvat
    Derd Horvat Month ago

    This is what you call "first world problems" 😂

  • Joseph Schnitzler
    Joseph Schnitzler Month ago +2

    Video goes from how garbage the pixel 3 to it's a great buy and enjoy🤔

  • METAInc
    METAInc 2 months ago

    Hmmm, this or a s10¿

  • apondo100
    apondo100 2 months ago

    Good review but I disagree with the media volume rocker default

  • RippinYT
    RippinYT 2 months ago

    It has the price of a flagship, but only the camera is better. Wait!
    *scrolls recent apps*
    But it has a built-in fidget spinner!

  • Ge In
    Ge In 2 months ago

    I'm glad mine (3xl) got stolen. Going back to LG which btw is a terribly inconsistent company but better n cheaper than Google, Samsung & apple. LG will make a great phone then screw it up the next yr. Stylo 3 was great. But screwed it up with stylo 4. Made the v10 screwed it up with the v20 rectified it with the v35. Made g6 terribly. Made g7 & g8 great. Bizarre company.

  • Marcos Lucas
    Marcos Lucas 2 months ago

    I am totally agree with Linus. I just "update" to this version and i really hate it. And now i can't go back 🙃

  • Finlay Mitchell
    Finlay Mitchell 2 months ago

    ...maybe ill just get an iPhone

    wait no my samsung on pie still does everything that you want and nothing that you don’t like and it’s not even a flagship

  • Raymond Licon
    Raymond Licon 2 months ago

    Let us how you really feel Linus. 😂
    I like the real reviews. Respect

    • Raymond Licon
      Raymond Licon 2 months ago

      Yes the volume rocker to media is way stupid. I thought it was just samsung.

  • TheElectricRaichu
    TheElectricRaichu 2 months ago


  • Gucci Chicken nuggets
    Gucci Chicken nuggets 2 months ago

    00:02 Was that an XL pun