Try Not To Laugh Challenge Family Guy Funny Moments #193

  • Published on Jun 4, 2019
  • Try Not To Laugh Challenge Family Guy Funny Moments #193
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Comments • 451

  • BlastphamousHD TV2
    BlastphamousHD TV2  2 months ago +70

    Who's here after 250,000 Views?! Hit that LIKE BUTTON!

    xXMEGA_ _CHRONICXx 15 days ago

    I love Coldplay also.
    Who else agrees with me ?

  • 74Cheadle G
    74Cheadle G 16 days ago

    When it says "slinky in the stinky" in captions it say "swing key in the stinky"

  • K Holden
    K Holden 18 days ago +2

    Well slinky’s search history was never erased but Brian’s was cause the erase button was the horses hooves
    Lmao rip Brian’s face

  • Lexi Bidmead
    Lexi Bidmead 18 days ago +1


  • Peter Newara
    Peter Newara 19 days ago

    FBI: Hi uh yes it says here that you have opened a todal of 9999999999999999999 pages of porn in the last week sir

  • Logan Tyler
    Logan Tyler 19 days ago

    At 4:00 you said Xbox controller it’s a Nintendo controller

  • EmployedGalaxy
    EmployedGalaxy 28 days ago

    Anyone else realise that he has his headphones kn the wrong way around

    Yes, now you have to watch the video knowing full well that he is wearing his headphones the wrong way and that theres nothing you can do about it

  • DanLuvs MC
    DanLuvs MC Month ago

    You fool always delete your search history after porn

  • Merce X
    Merce X Month ago

    He said xbox one controller but it's a Nintendo switch pro controller 🤣

  • Mauricio Salas
    Mauricio Salas Month ago

    Bro whats up with your knuckles😂

  • Bryce Hart
    Bryce Hart Month ago

    Yes!!! Coldplay is amazing!!

  • The truth Don't deny
    The truth Don't deny Month ago +1

    Yeah you say you don't like to have sex with things that are not in your species yet you have sex with humans

  • MiNtYT 2nd channel
    MiNtYT 2nd channel Month ago +1

    How are you gonna mix xbox and nintendo like that (ZeLDa xbOx oNe coNTrOlLeR) 3:57

  • Autumn Smith
    Autumn Smith Month ago

    Aww....I want that controller.

  • MadHatterCiesus
    MadHatterCiesus Month ago


  • YaRe36
    YaRe36 Month ago

    why is he wearing the headset wrong?

  • Jordan Fazende
    Jordan Fazende Month ago

    This isnt even the first time Peter became thin there was an episode in the original seasons where got all of his fat sucked out and then he started working out and became muscular

  • kein Craig
    kein Craig Month ago

    mr burns needs to be a meme right now need to start right now

  • kein Craig
    kein Craig Month ago

    that slinky is just like me just to slow rip what you mean i have not been watching minecraft porn?????

  • Eddie Quintana
    Eddie Quintana Month ago +1

    3:28 so you are in to beat him off? Lmao

  • jack black1513
    jack black1513 2 months ago


  • The truth Don't deny
    The truth Don't deny 2 months ago +1

    10:49 yeah you say you don't like to have sex with something that's not in your species yet you have sex with humans

  • HaltingFN
    HaltingFN 2 months ago

    4:42 a rich britsh laugh turns into pain and agony from lung cancer

  • Preston F
    Preston F 2 months ago

    If she says she wants a piece of u that really means if u respond I’m telling police u sexually harassed me

  • Preston F
    Preston F 2 months ago

    Slinky porn sounds lit tho

  • Jowell Rosado
    Jowell Rosado 2 months ago

    I love Coldplay as well

  • Triple A7
    Triple A7 2 months ago

    ‘I like cold-play’ 😂😂😂

  • Assassins Gaming
    Assassins Gaming 2 months ago

    So ya Guna kill em wid a watr botl

  • dont subscribe if you do ill find you

    Ohhh I get the skittles reference😂😂

  • Sayori
    Sayori 2 months ago

    4:15 uhhh joes face?

  • Jackson Van Zeeland
    Jackson Van Zeeland 2 months ago

    6:28 who the he'll is Joanna hill


    12:34 watch in slow mo

  • Junior Shifugula
    Junior Shifugula 2 months ago

    Ur bad at jokes

  • Wolf Scar10
    Wolf Scar10 2 months ago

    Please stop faking thumbnails some people find it rude especially who watch a lot of the show

  • J. M.
    J. M. 2 months ago +2

    But what about the thumbnail...?
    I clicked expecting to see tattooed Meg getting in the shower with Peter.

  • Darth Omnix
    Darth Omnix 2 months ago

    bro you drink sparkling ice too!!

  • Angel Aguilar
    Angel Aguilar 2 months ago +2

    9:05 yeah my dad still hasn't come back from the store yet. It's only been 19 years

  • Brave Water5
    Brave Water5 2 months ago

    10:47 It means you have standards.

  • hey nae!
    hey nae! 2 months ago

    11:50 RIGHT. Coldplay's the sh-t!

  • epicgamer ninja
    epicgamer ninja 2 months ago

    Trapdoor. If she not dropping it, then you drop her literally lmao

  • G-man lives
    G-man lives 2 months ago +2

    "Grocery store don't take that long."
    It does for my parents. One time they went to Wegmans and it took almost 3 to 4 hours to get back.

    • Chrissy Hartley
      Chrissy Hartley 7 days ago

      my mom went to krogers and went out with 4 1/2 shopping carts

  • Stalin's Moustache
    Stalin's Moustache 2 months ago

    Skinny peter is really tall

  • triskiss210 music
    triskiss210 music 2 months ago

    4:24 - 4:26 😂

  • rrpuw UrNarrator
    rrpuw UrNarrator 2 months ago

    Like his watch

  • BlunderThunder TV
    BlunderThunder TV 2 months ago

    His knuckles are messed up

  • stephen gates
    stephen gates 3 months ago

    i like to do doggy

  • John Nicolo Natividad
    John Nicolo Natividad 3 months ago

    219,000 viewer.

  • JP skits
    JP skits 3 months ago

    3:56 it's a Zelda Xbox 1 controller it's a switch controller

  • Lugi Kroft
    Lugi Kroft 3 months ago

    Did anybody saw that his microfone was behind his head?

  • One Nation Under The Groove Of A Flashlight

    3:28 Beat Tha Fat Off Of Him

  • Faze pug
    Faze pug 4 months ago

    12:36 when she bites the tip

  • Baron fox
    Baron fox 4 months ago

    12:35 true best friend.

  • Mishael Inderpal
    Mishael Inderpal 4 months ago


  • Alvaro Perez
    Alvaro Perez 4 months ago

    4:43 I’m dead

  • Austin Love
    Austin Love 4 months ago

    402-6-9-4:032-for1 418-5:42 6:44-7:00gt18op 7:04 7181-98-8:33 1046-1133 almostnewitksidal 1241

  • TheKidblazer1
    TheKidblazer1 4 months ago

    lois was willing to at one point, take a ride on the wild side
    when i saw stewie with the gun i was worried but he did the right and best thing

  • wild frog
    wild frog 4 months ago

    His laughs are wierd as hell bro

  • Grief Lord
    Grief Lord 4 months ago

    Using a horse to kick people is also approved by John Wick

  • Average Guy
    Average Guy 4 months ago

    You're special BHD