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I Bought a $115,000 GMC Hummer EV and It IMMEDIATELY Left Me Stranded!

  • Published on Oct 3, 2022
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Comments • 13 106

  • The Fast Lane Truck
    The Fast Lane Truck  Month ago +370

    ( www.ddfl.org/ ) This is not a sponsored video, but we wanted to do a quick shoutout to a good charity. Check out Dumb Friends League if you're looking to adopt a rescue animal or just want to support their cause!

    • Carlton Parker
      Carlton Parker 19 days ago

      @DoC.Christopher Thompson 😊

    • No Name
      No Name 23 days ago

      If you were so "nervous" why were you standing next to it, trying to fix it, with traffic going by?

    • Astro Vic
      Astro Vic 23 days ago

      I live in this city and that road is always busy and can't imagine breaking down on that road. Glad everyone was was safe

    • Quan Tran
      Quan Tran 24 days ago

      @Holden C what toyotas did you have?? What condition were the vehicles in….ie new/used/mileage….??? What issues did you have???

    • Power Press Clips
      Power Press Clips 28 days ago

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      .y r u hesitant.

  • Jason Jrake
    Jason Jrake Month ago +3945

    Well, at least we know for sure that GM is keeping the same quality into their EV line 😂.

    • Charles German
      Charles German 2 days ago +1

      That's what you get for buying a government subsidized vehicle.

    • tashrique karriem
      tashrique karriem 6 days ago +1

      Consistency 👌

    • MistahJay_Racing
      MistahJay_Racing 9 days ago

      The same guy that stubbornly sticks to his ford break down after break down and bad service. I in a million doses bother me. The make push rod v8 nothing more reliable then that if not why the Godzilla?

    • Derek Edge
      Derek Edge 21 day ago

      @UrS6onFuturasHardly anything to brag about. 31,000 is good for that year, don't get me wrong. I personally wouldn't drive Any of the 2021 Trucks past the Warranty Mileage, except Maybe a Tundra or Tacoma. And that's coming from a FORD guy. It's a crap shoot. I would do some digging if I were you.

    • L P
      L P 24 days ago

      @Stewart MacLean that’s a 2003 we talking about the garbage they make now😂😂

  • Dean Chaney
    Dean Chaney Month ago +59

    This is a totally unacceptable issue with the Hummer EV. Due to the long-distance trailer towing attributes of all EV trucks. I will be keeping my 2006 Chevy Duramax Dually for a while longer! Great video!

    • Ryan Holmes
      Ryan Holmes 23 days ago

      2006 was one of the best years of Duramax trucks. If it's in good shape, take care of it! They're pretty sought after.

    • CrazyCoffee
      CrazyCoffee 27 days ago +4

      I'm holding on to my Dodge D350 12v. I will drive it until it's dust. The more I work / see new cars bullsh*t makes me love my old cars.

    • supreme2005
      supreme2005 Month ago +2

      Keep that thing for as long as you can. I have a 2021 F150 and I cannot wait for the lease to expire so I can get rid of it. I never had any issues with my old school trucks before it. This F150 is nothing but problems

  • Bobby Hughes
    Bobby Hughes Month ago +126

    Thank you for showing us another example of why you should NEVER buy the first model. ESPECIALLY a whole
    new concept and technology for $115k!
    Love your videos!!

    • The Owl Guy
      The Owl Guy 18 days ago

      Never buy ANYTHING made by a union.

    • R K
      R K 20 days ago +1

      More like never buy a gm

    • Dale Sims
      Dale Sims 20 days ago +2

      Dont buy any ev untill atleast another 5 years until they work out the troubles if they can, at this point as said in another video these are really just over priced toys if you have 115, 000 or 140, 000 just to throw away and im sure most of the population doesn't.

    • Jofus
      Jofus 27 days ago +8

      What you should learn here is NEVER BUY AN EV!

    • A2 Brutus
      A2 Brutus Month ago +5

      I mean someone will have to be the guinea pig for the first models. The new V6 Toyota Tundra had engines issues however unlike GM, Toyota fixes and refines their vehicles meanwhile GM we get these clunkers

  • CrazyCoffee
    CrazyCoffee 27 days ago +20

    The more I've seen newer vehicles bs the more I'm falling in love with old vehicles.

    • Norman Alvarez
      Norman Alvarez 2 days ago

      @Rez Keep voting for democrats and you won't be able to

    • travis10ist
      travis10ist 24 days ago +1

      You can still buy used vehicle

    • Rez
      Rez 24 days ago

      Too bad you won’t be able to buy them anymore

  • Phil Fortner
    Phil Fortner Month ago +33

    You need to remove the front right tire and turn the vehicle onto it's side to reset it. Makes for easy rebooting.

  • Daveinet
    Daveinet Month ago +1555

    The reason they don't let you put it in gear is because they know you would be so angry with GM, you'd drive it through the dealership front showroom window.

  • Dario Impini
    Dario Impini Month ago +11

    You know back in the 80s when the computer revolution was humming along and getting introduced into all sorts of things, cars curiously remained pretty much mechanical. I wondered why they were so anti-progress in those days and I came to surmise that it was because they didn't trust those tiny micro-electronics in the harsh environments that cars operate. It appears they've thrown caution to the wind. So now that caution is on you.

  • C.A. Nix III
    C.A. Nix III Month ago +5

    Would be nice to have a physical breaker switch under the driver side like a breaker box switch at home that would break the circuit to the 12V battery. Would have solved this issue!

    • Non-Woke Guy
      Non-Woke Guy 11 days ago +1

      Sounds like a good thing for the owner to install. Very simple to do.

  • sim clark
    sim clark Month ago +20

    Watching this makes appreciate the good ole days. Back when trucks were built for work and to be worked on.

  • Starting From The Bottom

    At least the wipers work so you can see perfectly that you're not going anywhere

  • James Lajambe
    James Lajambe Month ago +964

    The patience of that Tow truck driver is on another level lol

    • Norman Alvarez
      Norman Alvarez 2 days ago

      What a piece of crap

    • smart man
      smart man Month ago

      he know that he s on camera that all other wise will be cursing up and down

    • Shizz Sosa
      Shizz Sosa Month ago

      @William Haynes EV are nowhere near the norm. I think they make up like 2% of all cars sales at their peak. As the demand for them grows so too will the infrastructure. In Asia they have replaceable packs stations that take a few minutes to swap out your battery for a full one. In London they are installing curb side chargers that pop up out the street in residential and commercial areas. Companies are developing car charging that works by simply parking over the charger. When one part of industry moves others move to accommodate it if there's money to be made. It'll all converge around the same time when electric cars are more affordable and accessible. If electric cars are truly the future the future will accommodate them.

    • William Haynes
      William Haynes Month ago +1

      @Shizz Sosa i agree, i do own a house but I live in a big city and there are Huge apartment buildings that have random parking spots for you each day. If ev's are supposed to be the norm and the complex has 4 chargers for 200 units... will be some issues

    • F Dryer
      F Dryer Month ago +1

      @Wil C My nephew just bought a '23 BMW ev SUV. He took my sister and me for a joyride to search for BMWs free charging stations too try out charting. When he parked at the second station, he stepped out and my sister and I could not open doors or roll the windows!? He was next to the suv!? My sister couldn't find how to unlock both passenger doors and I couldn't unlock the right front door!? We thought maybe child locks. We asked him to check his master door switches and he had to push a button to disable door locking when he steps away with his keyfob.
      Imagine a crash, if the electronics fails, doors may never open because they're electrical/electronically controlled. No manual override for opening doors in this new ev beemer........ The hood is locked but can be opened after researching for access. Other than the coolant used for the main power pack, the front badge provides access to refill the windshield washer container. Supposedly no access is given to the front except for dealer warranty issues. Electronics, massive power cabling, one motor occupies the front end. The rear end has the second motor for all wheel drive. 5k lbs and no slouch when flooring it. I didn't pay attention to speed when passing several vehicles but he said I was clocking 95 mph very quickly before releasing the pedal.

  • Spletest
    Spletest 29 days ago +2

    I remember the 1st generation Volts having a similar problem where some sort of sensor regarding the brakes or power steering would malfunction and cause the car to go in complete lockdown, basically what this experience was like.

  • Ron Timmons
    Ron Timmons Month ago +11

    Looks nice. Will make great curb appeal at your house. I have a Lexus LS430 it's the fifth one I've owned last one had 517k miles on it before it was crashed into. Never once had a major issue with it. Gas ⛽ is gold.

  • priqq **
    priqq ** Month ago +16

    Imagine buying GM and not expecting this

    • The Owl Guy
      The Owl Guy 18 days ago +1

      Just when you thought Russian cars were crap, GM says “hold my vodka”.

  • John Cipolletti
    John Cipolletti 24 days ago

    When the gas engine was first put in cars (1903), there were a lot of problems with the ice. What was worse was the Trans. In the beginning, after a road trip, you were suppose to take out the transmission and lubricate all the parts by hand.
    Well, we are at the beginning of EVs. There have been all kinds of problems with them. The worse are the Lithium fires!

  • Htrain 19
    Htrain 19 Month ago +1038

    This is why i am a subscriber of this channel The Good The Bad and The Ugly no bias just real world vehicle testing we appreciate you guys!!!!!

    • paradigmshift7
      paradigmshift7 Month ago

      @crash6674 What abysmal performance and from which EVs? EVs done right (see Tesla) far outperforms the conventional ICE in many metrics. As far as mileage under towing goes, that remains to be seen.

    • crash6674
      crash6674 Month ago

      @paradigmshift7 yet you have regulators forcing the shutdown of a bunch of different types of cheap aways on demand power plants like coal, hydro, nuclear, and pushing unreliable wind and solar. puting a shitton of electric cars is going to stress the crappy infrastructure like crazy... just look at the pg&e rolling blackout retardation in cali.

    • crash6674
      crash6674 Month ago +2

      There is plenty of Bias, they keep making excuses for abysmal performance of all these crappy electric vehicles

    • davenhla
      davenhla Month ago +2

      Not always, one of them or their editors went off on me in a comment section when I pointed a bunch of financial stuff out in a video like a month back when they were testing the Ford yet. But I still appreciate they don;t go full propaganda/shill with stuff. I still wonder if they got money from Ford though. We will see if they start a bunch of videos bashing GM and promoting Ford or not, that to me would be a tell.

    • juanmecha93
      juanmecha93 Month ago

      @paradigmshift7 he's just regurgitating what he heard from alex jones

  • Devin Kurant
    Devin Kurant Month ago +3

    I'm having a hard time tying the knot between an automobile & a hard reboot. I knew I'd see the day, but ultimately figured there would be massive failures until someone gets it right.

    • The Owl Guy
      The Owl Guy 18 days ago

      People will have to die and GM pay out billions before they fix this. May the odds be ever in your favor.

  • Kingston Against Corruption

    I used to have a 90 Acura Legend and a 98 Acura CL that both would not go into gear suddenly. I think it was a sensor issue for both. Somehow I figured out that I could stick the ignition key into a place on the gearshift console and when I did that it released the transmission and I could put the cars in neutral. I then took the key out and stuck in the ignition and started it and put the car in drive and it worked. I had to repeat that procedure until the issue was fixed. I'm not sure if modern vehicles have that feature to unlock the transmission or not. I don't see it on my Toyota Avalon made in 2007.

  • Phil Fortner
    Phil Fortner Month ago +4

    A great commercial for EVs! They work 60% of the time every time!

  • Ernest Vocell
    Ernest Vocell Month ago

    I'm glad you were able to get to the dealership.
    Whether you bought or leased this POS it left you stranded.
    EV's should still be in the trial period.
    If my family was stranded, I wouldn't be calm.
    I would use YT to condemn this truck.
    Love to see internal memos

  • Alexander Ziomek
    Alexander Ziomek Month ago +469

    I’ll keep that in mind if there is a war. We can use the new Hummer EV as a 9000lb roadblock.

    • joe scott
      joe scott 24 days ago

      @Cortez If fires are so rare, then why are you complaining about it? "The batteries could catch fire..." you could also get laid, anything is possible

    • Cortez
      Cortez 24 days ago

      @joe scott 1. Unlike Li-ion batteries gasoline can be extinguished.
      2. Turn off the TV, turn on the brain. Gasoline tanks don't just explode. It's very hard to achieve.
      3. Relatively modern gas tanks are made to not catch on fire.
      4. Drop both, damaged, into water or leave them to burn on open air. Gasoline is way safer in that matter.
      5. Gas cars catch on fire rarely, unlike electric cars. Unlike electric cars the gas ones can be put of even in closed environments.

    • Charles kavoukjian
      Charles kavoukjian 24 days ago

      @O CRAP WHATS NEXT? perfect! We should use them on some of our smaller navy vessels

    • joe scott
      joe scott 24 days ago

      @Cortez Imagine a gas tank catching on fire

    • Cortez
      Cortez 25 days ago

      And tbh an explosive one - imagine the batteries catching on fire!

  • smokeonthewater
    smokeonthewater Month ago

    Recycling the windows is a standard procedure that needs to be done after a battery outage in order to teach the window regulator limits to the auto open and close procedure. If you disconnect a battery from a Mercedes, you need to do the same and also cycle the steering wheel full left and right twice to teach ESP the steering travel

  • acetex1408
    acetex1408 24 days ago

    As I've heard another person say, why in the world when we trust GM to make anything EV with the sheer amount of electrical issues their vehicles have...

  • Carlos.Z
    Carlos.Z 29 days ago

    From Gm dropping valves to now dropping battery’s 🪫. I’m glad you made it home safe.

  • apok1980
    apok1980 Month ago

    GM has some explaining to do. As it stands, there is no way I would spend my money on that. The fact that software stranded them, and there is no manual override to even limp out of a dangerous situation is concerning. This tells me that the entire vehicle is software. So does that mean if an over the air update is buggy, I can’t drive my car until they send out another update? There are some real fundamental engineering questions on my part.

  • 64Dasani
    64Dasani Month ago +401

    I’m sure GM will be glad to see this honest assessment of the situation. The truck was in “brick mode” in the middle of traffic, wow. How about a “limp out of danger” mode GM?

    • Shamar Erskine
      Shamar Erskine 29 days ago

      @Kramit The Frog wow so like a computer ?

    • Chris Antoniou
      Chris Antoniou Month ago +3

      They obviously didn't spend enough time on the software.

    • JustinsGr8
      JustinsGr8 Month ago +1

      @dan stamper exactly

    • Kent Teffeteller
      Kent Teffeteller Month ago +2

      This was more like FUBAR mode!

    • Peter Snelling
      Peter Snelling Month ago +4

      Hard to believe that you have to do these procedures opening windows etc.! Wow.

  • Matt Bleakley
    Matt Bleakley Month ago +3

    Land Rover: “We had to replace TFL’s new Discovery twice before they finally had one that’d work.”
    GMC: “Hold my beer.”

    ENEMYOCD Month ago +1

    If you have any issues again get out of the vehicle with the key, lock it and stay 15 ft away for 15 mins or longer. This should initiate a cold start of the electronics and effectively reboot everything hopefully clearing your issue.

  • Justin Meeks
    Justin Meeks Month ago

    I'm going to wager the window warnings were due to the 12v being disconnected. That's probably the pinch protect settings you are setting and not related to the shifter disabled fault which you reset wiht the 20 second brake press. If you disconnect the 12v battery on any power window VW you lose the pinch protect basic setting and you reset it nearly exactly the same way, its just odd the vehicle gave you a command to do that.

  • eller noe
    eller noe Month ago +1

    You convinced me at, “software update”, that I will not ever purchase an EV anything. The rest was just proving to me that my opinion is valid.

  • klepow
    klepow Month ago +532

    Hummers have a fine, and well deserved, reputation for unreliability. GM simply doesn't want to ruin its reputation just because this one doesn't have so many moving parts.

    • R K
      R K 19 days ago

      @Don Vanity is the only reason.

    • DivisionRc
      DivisionRc 28 days ago

      @Patrick Young I’m pretty sure the lightning has a easily accessible lever to put it into neutral like this

    • Patrick Young
      Patrick Young Month ago

      @Pepe i meant some way to disconnect the motors from the drive train or at least a surefire way to override any braking system

    • nev co
      nev co Month ago

      @D.A.V. 86 GM vehicles were always a mixed bunch: some unreliable but other quite reliable. These days one has to distinguish two kind of problems: software and hardware. Traditional automakers are known to having crude, unrefined software for the moment. The tech companies like Tesla and soon giants from Asia like Foxconn , Sony and others should have much better software. No hardware issues were reported in GMC Hummer EV so far.

    • Pepe
      Pepe Month ago

      @Patrick Young a physical cable to put an all electric car into gear? Is that even possible?

  • Bob Jackson
    Bob Jackson Month ago +1

    From C/K and GMT400's to Hummer EV.. Is it bad that id rather have the mechanical truck with minimal / no electronics in it? Not fuel efficient but wont leave me stranded either unless something catastrophic happens.

    GINGER D Month ago +1

    This is a huge reason why I’m not a fan of EV’s. The last one that left me stranded was a customers Model S. Changed the tires to the winters in the menu, and the OS crashed and kept rebooting for hours on end. Eventually it stopped driving and shifted into P while I was literally moving lol.

  • JunkyJuice
    JunkyJuice Month ago

    I dont mind evs as an alternative form of transportation. I disagree with banning the ICE. Biggest problem I see is the amount of sensors and software like lane assistance, auto pilot, auto braking, and collision detection. Stuff that makes people less attentive drivers and also requires more complex computers and software which for some reason with new vehicles if that software has a bug it can affect the drive train of the car. U lose electric power steering in some cars u can't steer anymore. I believe hydraulic power steering is the best form cause if it fails u are just down to manual steering the road feel with hydraulic is the best also.

  • Jim Burch
    Jim Burch 27 days ago

    Takes a while to work all the bugs out of a new piece of machinery. Thanks for your assistance Jason.

  • J D
    J D Month ago +205

    For such a pricy purchase, I'm thinking GM should have a 24/7 engineer on call for emergencies.

    • MalkallamX
      MalkallamX 16 days ago

      @Common Sense then explain it to me. It would make no sense in the first place to have a mechanical engineer (or just a mechanic) work on an EV. In the situation the OP presented, it would only make sense for someone trained and specialized to work on an EV, and that person would definitely have both electrical and computer engineering experience. I admit that I’m none of those things as a professional, but I know enough to understand that much. Then again, no one knows everything and I’ve been wrong before. So why don’t you try again? Explain to me (if you can) why my comment offended you so much.

    • Common Sense
      Common Sense 16 days ago

      Reading words without comprehending what the words mean is pointless. Try reading slower. If you still don’t understand, just don’t reply.
      Try again my guy

    • MalkallamX
      MalkallamX 16 days ago

      @Common Sense you do realize there are more than just mechanical engineers out there right?

    • Common Sense
      Common Sense Month ago

      Even if you get in contact with an engineer, what am I gonna do? I can work around mechanical issues but electrical and computer, not so much. You can’t even plug in a scan tool into EV’s.

    • Hiran Almarales
      Hiran Almarales Month ago

      Hey look, the thing is that legacy auto is just simply trying to be innovative by attempting to provide a similar level of unconditional care and love to their costumers as Apple. You know, that company that has reinvented Costumer Service and who are the King 🤴 of innovations 💡 👏. 🤣

  • wolfenstein Man
    wolfenstein Man Month ago +1

    Standard GM quality. I worked with GM and they had numerous and almost laughable quality control issues.

  • James Rodriquez
    James Rodriquez Month ago

    Look at the bright side. Both of you now have a great story to tell your grandchildren and great grandchildren about what happened with one of the first all electric trucks. By that time, all this new fangled gadgetry will be super ancient technology, and them grandchildren will marvel at how utterly old fashioned and weird it must have been back in the olden days! :)

  • ISAAC unleashed
    ISAAC unleashed Month ago +2

    I knew it was a bad idea when I realized they can’t even get a speedometer to work reliably

    TADINATOR Month ago +1

    Why this hadn't happened to you previously was probably because most of your previous vehicles weren't EVs.
    This is just another reason why some people don't want them. At least with many, if not most, conventional ICE vehicles there's at least some means to steer, brake, and get the vehicle out of park.

  • Terry Pullen
    Terry Pullen Month ago +230

    The fact that Onstar was almost useless is the most damning part of this story. With a little help they could've had that Hummer back on the road in a few minutes. Instead of telling you how to open the hood they sent a tow truck.

    • L.E. Jones
      L.E. Jones 27 days ago

      Tommy looks healthy. Keep it up.

    • Veyronp87
      Veyronp87 Month ago +1

      pure organizational problem. They havent educated their own company on how to deal with stranded EVs which is going to be a thing now

    • wraithlet84
      wraithlet84 Month ago

      It might be a legal liability decision that OnStar made, to avoid having a customer do maintenance or troubleshooting while broken down in the middle of traffic. Logically, he may have been able to get it back on the road quickly with some steps, but OnStar may just be erring on the side of caution in dangerous environments.
      Or, maybe its as simple as the OnStar call center folks not being properly trained with basic troubleshooting. Either scenario would not surprise me.

    • KStar
      KStar Month ago +3

      @Jessie Harbin Jr. At that price OnStar should be free with it for at least a year anyway.

    • Asharak68K Belgarion
      Asharak68K Belgarion Month ago +4

      Lol it had you doing the hokey pokey.

  • Jeremy Richardson
    Jeremy Richardson 26 days ago +1

    As of right now electric vehicles are a cool novelty and great secondary vehicle if they weren’t so expensive. I love and will stick with my V8

  • MrPacMan36
    MrPacMan36 21 day ago +1

    The window calibration was most likely because you pulled the battery and it reset the automatic window function. That's normal to have to do a process to reset auto windows

  • Naldo
    Naldo Month ago

    I hear very often from their techs that GM isn't good when it comes to electrical, then I hear about the hummer EV and immediately thought to myself, if they cant seem to get electrical down on ICE vehicles, How do they think they can get EV right?

  • McTrevors
    McTrevors 27 days ago +2

    Imagine how simple it would be if it was a gas manual shift car

  • dre5491
    dre5491 Month ago +168

    A GM with electrical problems? Never heard of that before. I think its a good idea to make one that runs on electric only.
    Next week we'll do a Chrysler!

    • Rene Garcia
      Rene Garcia Month ago

      u mean Fiat....

    • dre5491
      dre5491 Month ago +1

      @Triathlete5551 no denying both of those facts! GM still makes an amazing pushrod V8. But it seems like those might go away :(

    • Triathlete5551
      Triathlete5551 Month ago +2

      Haha, yeah Tesla is definitely the best electric car maker in the US, GM makes good super bowl commercials though.

    • Emilthehun
      Emilthehun Month ago +2

      Facts. I got an 03 gmc envoy with 300k . Never any electric problems. My 2016 malibu with 46k had them all. Shifter wouldn't work , couldn't get the car out of drive was the biggest. The windows not working is a regular thing these days. Steering column warning happened twice.

    • dre5491
      dre5491 Month ago +1

      @Morgan want a cookie?

  • Ryan Pence
    Ryan Pence Month ago +2

    This made me appreciate my gas powered car more.

  • greengooseman
    greengooseman Month ago +1

    The window up / down may not be all that weird. My 2011 VW Jetta loses it ability to "auto" lower and raise its windows if I disconnect the car battery. I have to manually lower and raise the windows so that the current limiters can tell the computer when the window is fully up and down. Only then my "auto" up/down is functional on the power windows. Maybe the car has a check list of things to reset/calibrate when it loses all power.

  • Diego CDeBaca
    Diego CDeBaca 28 days ago +1

    One note. when turning off the vehicle you need to open the driver door so it senses that the driver has at least started to exit.

  • Dug InTexas
    Dug InTexas 13 days ago +1

    The Chevy Bolt does this all the time. It is renowned for it. The standing joke in the Chevy Bolt forums on Facebook, etc is that every car should come with a 10mm box wrench to unhook the battery and hook it back up. I agree it should have some sort of "hardware reset" that you can access from the safety of the driver cabin. I cannot imagine someone who is not confident with cars, technology or EV's having to deal with this and with no tools.

  • J S
    J S Month ago +413

    Makes me really appreciate still having a “simple” truck. In fact, I’m buying my son my dad’s 2011 Ranger with 5 speed manual and manual locks and window cranks. It ain’t fancy, but it’ll almost always work.

    • Groza Dallocort
      Groza Dallocort 27 days ago

      Window cranks on a 2011 vehicle sounds cheap

    • The Casual ATV Guy
      The Casual ATV Guy Month ago

      I'm never getting rid of my 2010 Toyota truck. I want something even older with no ecu

    • EngrCumins
      EngrCumins Month ago

      @telcobilly Thank you.

    • Notscott
      Notscott Month ago

      He will love it

    • telcobilly
      telcobilly Month ago +2

      @EngrCumins don't sweat it, people are too touchy nowadays. Sounds like it's their problem, not yours. I found your post interesting and informative..

  • Day Late Gamer With Will

    I hope you opted for the "if anything goes wrong, dealership fixes it" option

  • Joe Foley
    Joe Foley 19 days ago

    Apart from the fact it broke down, you can pop the bonnet ( front trunk ) open by pulling a cable underneath ( at time 21.10 ). That is not very secure on your $115k investment!

  • Dave McKewan
    Dave McKewan Month ago

    Wow. I thought my Land Rover Disco 4 had a bad rep. It has never stranded me anywhere, never needed towing, doesn't have a stupid reboot sequence and only takes about 5 mins to fully 'recharge'! Think I'll hold onto it for a while longer yet then. If this is the future then I think I'll pass...

  • Nick Kafir
    Nick Kafir Month ago +2

    So if you were off-roading this vehicle in the back woods on a narrow trail? As a 9,000# vehicle stuck on a trail and in park, that would be one heck of a recovery. A phone call to HeavyDSparks would probably be required. Hope you have cell reception to make that call, or even to get to the digital only owners manual.

  • FatManChew909
    FatManChew909 Month ago +400

    Guess the 80 mile range on the Lightning wasn't the worst that could happen.

    • Erik Campbell
      Erik Campbell 24 days ago

      Just wait for the dodge ev to come out. You'll probably have to have an engineering degree to own one of those because if people think gm has electrical issues they have nothing on anything Mopar since the 80s

    • Squid Usn
      Squid Usn Month ago

      @Brian most, if not all automakers of high production vehicles have different models that share the same platforms. You're probably one of the idiots that you speak of.

    • Brian
      Brian Month ago +1

      @Bellathebear they put a body kit on a gas 2500 and sold it to idiots 🤣

    • George Tsokanis
      George Tsokanis Month ago +5

      Nissan used to have an ad campaign " enjoy the drive". Hummers new ad campaign " enjoy the walk"

    • Epically fresh
      Epically fresh Month ago


  • Ron Gray
    Ron Gray Month ago +3

    My 2003 Dodge Ram 2500 4x4 has a latch for the hood... I am extremely happy with that!

  • Bunrong Rey
    Bunrong Rey Month ago +2

    Do we know if this is happening to a lot of GM EVs?

  • TheJake from statefarm

    You know what keeps that from happening? Driving a regular truck with a diesel engine or a gas burner even.

  • Roy Staggers
    Roy Staggers 24 days ago

    I work in IT and this technology is akin to a Computer on Wheels. And guess what, Computers Crap out on a regular basis due to any number of software hiccups at any time and it does not matter if the device is new or old. Additionally, the knowledge workers using these devices have become so hyper focused on their primary work function to the point that even something as simple as powering on the device becomes a mental challenge. The hype is real but the reality is that some form of internal combustion will remain as a dominant player in human transport. This ultimately inspire the design of better fuel based systems for future use. Heck maybe Mercedes will revamp their old project to figure out how to aspirate H2 from the atmosphere to create fuel. Yes they tried it and worked on it for 20 years but could not develop a working conversion process.

  • Professor Wizard
    Professor Wizard Month ago +128

    Problem is.. now that it is working, the dealership will just return it to you saying they could not duplicate the issue. (been there, done that!)

    • Rene Garcia
      Rene Garcia Month ago

      Guess we'll find out, since I'm sure they'll make more vids.

    • VMDenis
      VMDenis Month ago

      If the dealership is dumb, but if the dealership is smart it will be there for weeks until the vehicle is fixed, stop this propaganda and start asking questions

    • Rambo420
      Rambo420 Month ago +8

      Different stuff here, he has some video evidence to help a tech diagnose. But this new of a vehicle with so few out their this should go to the engineering team to investigate a serious safety issue. a recall till this has fix for the issue. Mechanic/tech at a dealership

  • Jason Keyser
    Jason Keyser Month ago +1

    Ah man! I saw you stuck right there! The one rainy day we’ve had all fall too. It may be expensive and electric but it’s a GM at the end of the day.

  • BibLang
    BibLang 18 days ago +1

    The cycle with opening windows and holding brakes was a 5th generation Recaptcha to make sure GM that you are not a robot, cyborg or some alien. Congratulations that You passed the test😂 Because otherwise...you know. Nobody knows what GM does with robots. Recycle them or something? 🤨

  • Teklectic
    Teklectic Month ago

    There's absolutely no reason these cars need to be so heavily computerized, this is insanity. Why can't the manufacturers stop producing this heavily over complicated garbage and just produce a simple EV?

  • CJ
    CJ 18 days ago

    I hope they get this issue figured out soon!

  • Fross
    Fross Month ago +352

    The shot out to the towing company was probably worth more than any amount of money he could have took. He was extremely professional and most of all patient.

    • 2 Black Stripes
      2 Black Stripes Month ago +1

      I'd bet that same strategy will prove useful for him at some point. EV's aren't the only vehicles with tons of software calling the shots or electronic shifters. Just knowing about the hidden emergency hood release (which the upcoming Silverado, and likely many or all of GM's coming Ultium-platfrom EVs will use) is valuable.

    • optiquest86
      optiquest86 Month ago

      @random9 They're reasonably close by to Denver, CO for what it's worth.

    • Rutilio Torres
      Rutilio Torres Month ago +1

      They probably did give him a tip behind the scenes.

    • 1Real truth Right now
      1Real truth Right now Month ago +1

      @Glow 44 yep totally agree

    • Glow 44
      Glow 44 Month ago +5

      Should have given him money, even if he said no.

  • G
    G 18 days ago

    My 2016 Ford Explorer’s e-brake sensor left me stranded in traffic several times… thanks Ford, fond memories in snow and rain being stuck in a car that won’t start or move or anything due to your terrible electronics.

  • Craig Coleman drums soultonecymbals

    As far as all of the things to reset it reminds me of how you had to program a key fob. It makes you do a crazy dance to get it to work.

  • The 'Debate Me!' Channel

    Imagine feeling unsafe in a 9,000 lb truck....
    What exactly was your afraid of? It's not even like they were on a highway. What does he think what happened if a 4,000 lb vehicle hits him at 30 mph?

  • Brian DeCastro
    Brian DeCastro Month ago +6

    Great job GM 👏👏👏🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Stephen 06GT
    Stephen 06GT Month ago +170

    Land Rover “I’m the worst vehicle ever on TFL!”
    Hummer EV “Hold my beer!”

    • Erin Thor
      Erin Thor Month ago

      @Justin Constant - In under 2 years 47k miles I replaced 3 water pumps, 2 alternators, belts (thrown by 2 alternators with bent shafts), and a dozen some odd shop visits for electric motor issues in seats and windows probably (assumed) caused by the alternator issues. Oh, and 1 transmission issue and one replacement. When the transmission began showing issues again I sold it.

    • Justin Constant
      Justin Constant Month ago +1

      @Erin Thor got an 11 RRS Lux with the 5.0, 160k and no issues. Only complaint I have is they are a pain to get a proper alignment done. Most Indy shops don’t know how to line one out properly.

    • Erin Thor
      Erin Thor Month ago +2

      As a former Range Rover owner... I want to argue with you. I've NEVER ever EVER had so many repairs in 2 years (before selling it) in any other vehicle in my life. Want to know how much it will cost you to tow a Range Rover where no standard sane Tow Trucks will go? Between $3000 and $4000. And no, the warranty does NOT cover those tow charges.

    JIM PASTORE 25 days ago +1

    You guys have no idea how dangerous what you were doing was. I have seen police vehicles rear-ended and pushed into a stranded vehicle and the people outside their vehicle injured. Also never get between any of the vehicles especially between the vehicle to be towed and the back of the tow truck. The officer should have requested a lane closure. The close distance to the speeding vehicles and wet weather was a disaster waiting to happen.

  • Gurpreet Khinda
    Gurpreet Khinda 20 days ago

    Thank god I have a Lithium Ion 12V battery in my Infiniti Q50S hybrid that also comes with 10 year shelf life and a remote to self charge itself in case it ever dies. Also Infiniti did a great job with the Hybrid design where you can charge the car from under the hood even though the battery is in the trunk and it’s electronically controlled switch to open the trunk. Also there a fail safe latch to pull open the trunk if you need direct access to the battery to replace it.
    The battery is made by Antigravity and it’s one of the best on the market. Group-35/Q85 Lithium Car Battery

  • Matt Rowan
    Matt Rowan 26 days ago

    This is another reason that I still drive my 1992 Toyota Shortbed Pickup....over 1/2 million miles....other than the timing chain going down on me in 2012 (after 20 years!), this truck has never, ever left me stranded....and to this day, I would head across country without so much as checking the oil. I will be buried in this vehicle.

  • John Breaux
    John Breaux Month ago +2

    Has GM reached out to help with this? Or responded to what happened?

  • DJ BIS
    DJ BIS Month ago +491

    Can you imagine if this happened while crossing treacherous terrain in a mountain or in the middle of crawling a steep incline? You guys were lucky to experience this closer to home where help can arrive fairly quickly.

    • Dutiful Barrel
      Dutiful Barrel Month ago

      @Jose Rego that's only for police

    • xwarped83
      xwarped83 Month ago

      @Car Lover Photography why don’t you show me your research?
      “cause serious problems down the road” just like the horseless carriage did, right?

    • Car Lover Photography
      Car Lover Photography Month ago +1

      @xwarped83 Do some actual research on EVs, they are not the future and if they even try replacing ICE they are going to cause serious problems down the road, just grab your popcorn and watch what happens.

    • Car Lover Photography
      Car Lover Photography Month ago +2

      @Jose Rego imagine the EV battery fire from that one

    • Jason Caine
      Jason Caine Month ago +1

      Damn kids & their horseless carriages 🤷‍♂️

  • Ed Ornelas
    Ed Ornelas Month ago

    Sounds like the CEO of the company rushing a product out before it’s really ready just to be #1. GM appears to be software constraint like many traditional OEM’s. Like someone stated in an interview, you just can’t buy the software from a catalog! The customer ends up paying the price in more ways than once. I’m glad that Tesla doesn’t have these issues. Safety & realizability should be number one!

  • Anthony Strunk
    Anthony Strunk Month ago

    Ahh this so helps ease my mind of driving a electric vehicle in the future

  • Chris Wilson
    Chris Wilson Day ago

    Most of these manufacturers are funding their R&D efforts with people willing to pay for what essentially amounts to a level of engineering slightly above a prototype. They are not proven in any respect IMO. In particular, the user interface and what aspects of the vehicle systems are accessible when it has a break down are not well defined as you found out, particularly from manufacturer to manufacturer. GM, along with most other US manufacturers, have had a hard enough time of late getting their old school power trains to work without issue much less something that is a completely new design. There was a time when these companies were run by engineers and during that time, customers received a well-engineered product; most of the US auto makers are now run by bean counters and lawyers which results in sub-par engineering due to only being concerned primarily with cost....they can update the software after the first suckers buy one.

  • RustbeltRob classic

    I owned a volt when they first released.. this just seems like a normal GM quality product.

  • Carlos Martinez
    Carlos Martinez Month ago +287

    Gotta give it to GM, sticking to its roots

    • Zero Spawn
      Zero Spawn Month ago +3

      @Scott id trust a toyota over a gm anyday bro, quit being a fanboy😂

    • Tokamak
      Tokamak Month ago

      @Ali m If it was just a defective batch they wouldn't have redesigned the hub bolts. They had loose specs to begin with considering the amount of torque they needed to handle. The new ones will be smoother, made of a different alloy and have a larger head.

    • Ali m
      Ali m Month ago +3

      @Scott they fixed that funnily enough they couldn't find any problems with the car that would casuse the wheels to fall off finally they investigated the supplier of wheels turns out a batch of them was defected so all in all not something that will lynch the car in the long run meanwhile this well all we can say is goodluck

    • Western Body
      Western Body Month ago

      Like GMC Got Mechanic Coming

    • l l
      l l Month ago

      GM always making reliable vehicles for overweight diabetics in rural American

  • wolfenstein Man
    wolfenstein Man Month ago

    You need Go Go Jack's (skates for each wheel) and a winch then you can get it on the flat bed. GM is not prepared to handle this.

  • Jerry Fife
    Jerry Fife Month ago +1

    I'm going to stick to my good old crank the engine up and go, lol

  • Abhijeet Misra
    Abhijeet Misra 24 days ago +1

    Inevitable. Such things will happen more ans more with these softwares on wheels.

  • Kevin Hill
    Kevin Hill Month ago

    Where ever an EV brakes down a diesel tow truck shows up. Thank God for diesel and gas vehicles being there to save the day where EVs leave you stranded. You can't expect anything good to come from a 100% computerized vehicle. Expensive parts, software problems, short battery range, short battery life, not much infrastructure. Next thing you know you'll be forced to subscribe to certain features of your vehicle. They'll turn it off on you when you miss a payment. They know exactly where you are at all times. Sending you tickets in the mail because you're over the speed limit. I'm not a luddite but I think we need to realize companies are looking to sell you a vehicle with strings attached. Constantly wanting to take your money. There's nothing wrong with buying an older vehicle and keeping it on the road. Usually it's the more economical and efficient way to spend your money.

  • Steve Hook
    Steve Hook Month ago +86

    I was one of the engineers assisting with some of the testing for the Hummer EV. At one point the lead test engineer said he needed my help to open the hood, since it turns out the hood is both power operated and software controlled.
    If the auxiliary battery of your Hummer EV dies, it will prevent the hood from opening, preventing you from accessing the dead battery, basically sealing itself inside. Additionally, this battery cannot be charged nor accessed anywhere from outside the vehicle. A bit like James May's Tesla battery issue but far far worse.
    There is a manual open underneath the dash, but it has to be yanked on really really hard with a wrench. I chuckled to the lead test engineer saying "doesn't this seem like it would be a huge problem?" And he replied "yeah, it isn't the first time this has happened".. but seeing this made it to production I guess they didn't care.
    Don't know why absolutely every feature needs to be electric, sometimes those good old mechanical bits should just stay mechanical, even on the cars of the future.

    • Foggy J
      Foggy J 5 days ago

      Like the engine. That should’ve never changed

    • vojislav dragic
      vojislav dragic 6 days ago

      hood latch weights 300grams or less .. stupid ass hood electric actuator is probaby heavier

    • Stanislav
      Stanislav 12 days ago

      Absolutely true...

    • Alan Peterson
      Alan Peterson 20 days ago +4

      I have a 2006 Jeep Wrangler. It has manual crank windows, manual door locks, you start it with a real key, and unlock the doors wit a real key. Everything works fine. Sometimes, simple is best.

    • FusionFPV
      FusionFPV 23 days ago

      I bought a Mini SE because it's simple, open the hood and there is the battery, normal door handles etc. Been totally reliable and get 4.6 miles per KW. It actually saves you money and energy which is the point of an EV anyway.

  • Ron Price
    Ron Price 25 days ago

    Installing a battery on/off switch would be a good way to be able to do a system reboot. Shades of Microsoft ctrl+alt+delete.

  • Bane
    Bane 3 days ago

    I’ll keep my gas engine until they get the electric thing all worked out.

  • IGGV
    IGGV Month ago

    How can it be so hard to make a working EV vehicle? There's been electric forklifts for decades already, American made, Japanese made, even Chinese and Indian made forklifts which just work on 24 hour shifts without fail...

  • Rob Liebbe
    Rob Liebbe 26 days ago

    At 5:24 into the video the instructions to restart in safe mode say to "turn your vehicle off, and open the driver door. Close the door and wait at least 7 minutes before turning your vehicle back on." Did he ever follow those instructions? Seems like he just kept cycling the on/off button.

  • KX&P.1
    KX&P.1 Month ago +190

    Q: what’s the most reliable thing on the hummer?
    A: the hazard lights.

    • Tony Arana
      Tony Arana 26 days ago

      Lol 🤣

    • Gary S
      Gary S Month ago

      @Carrington Hollister If you had watched this Video you would have known that they traded in THEIR lightning for the Hummer, and later on Roman says "here comes my son Tommy in our borrowed Lightning"

    • Doc DuMont
      Doc DuMont Month ago +1

      Its a federal regulation. Hazards must be manually controlled

    • Carrington Hollister
      Carrington Hollister Month ago

      @Gary S no they still have the Lighting.

    • Gordon McLeod
      Gordon McLeod Month ago +4

      Its also the most frequently used item on every General Moronics product I've ever driven

  • Frank Tyler
    Frank Tyler 29 days ago

    Thanks GM for giving EVs a bad rap, hope we don't have to bail you out again and thanks for leading the EV industry.🤣🤣

  • Nol Tendo
    Nol Tendo Month ago

    You know they should just put a little switch like they have for the electric golf carts and all you have to do is just flip the manual switch it's a solid hard switch you flip it and it's in tow mode.

  • Life Exotics
    Life Exotics Month ago

    As bad as it was to breakdown on the road, you’re so lucky it didn’t happen on one of your trail reviews.

  • Chris B
    Chris B Month ago

    When I started thinking the new 2023 Chevy Colarado/GMC Canyon looked cool, I saw this, remembered GM’s are junk and I’m happy I still have my Tacoma. 😅

  • Ben Diblasio
    Ben Diblasio Month ago +219

    You guys need to put the tow truck drivers info in the description, that guy was super patient and now knows a bit more to possibly help future buyers stranded in this vehicle. Thanks for posting the video!!

    • Groza Dallocort
      Groza Dallocort 27 days ago +1

      I was thinking the same. That tow truck driver got some free experience

    • ira onok
      ira onok Month ago +1

      Yeah, officer, and tow driver, the face to face members of society, were personal, and professional... the computer, and corporations, were a labyrinth of occlusion, behind a fog of war, silver lined in a sweet candy coating

    • A -Carpenter
      A -Carpenter Month ago +7

      If everyone drives their vehicles to the dealership then he may not get paid

    • Nathaniel Shriver
      Nathaniel Shriver Month ago +7

      Pretty sure thats exactly why he stuck around to see what happened 🤔

  • oefveteran09
    oefveteran09 Month ago

    I can't wait to be forced into an EV shitbox through coercive legislation and social manipulation, I've always wanted to pay more than the cost of my first home to have a vehicle that I enjoy and appreciate less than my first, $700, Ford.

  • Bruce The Autobody Guy

    Good video glad everything worked out but my only advice is you don’t have to keep repeating the same things about what you went through you did it eight times on several topics. I’ll just check it up to with the stress and the circumstances you were just trying to calm yourself down while recording

  • Shafer Hart
    Shafer Hart 27 days ago

    Great, now we have cars with buggy software. What could go wrong. Thank you for beta testing it for us.