HoloLens 2 AR Headset: On Stage Live Demonstration

  • Published on Feb 24, 2019
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Comments • 6 017

    TAHEPICDUCK123 2 hours ago

    I’ll be honest, I thought she was a 12 year old boy from the thumbnail

  • NoName
    NoName 10 hours ago +1

    I came here because I thought that was Tom Scott

  • Origami Gamer
    Origami Gamer 12 hours ago

    If I had those

  • snookumsCO2
    snookumsCO2 Day ago

    I feel like I just left Earth for 11 minutes!

  • GOMiCHOɯ Studios

    Conkor died for this.

  • Voice Muted
    Voice Muted 2 days ago

    Can’t wait to become Norman Jayden of the FBI

  • 2footMob の営フ
    2footMob の営フ 2 days ago

    the porn wil be amazing

  • gabriel bravo
    gabriel bravo 2 days ago

    Now I can get cyber bullied in ar

  • Peterstoric269
    Peterstoric269 2 days ago +1

    Just imagine being in the audience and seeing her just randomly touching the air

  • yoda thinker
    yoda thinker 2 days ago

    Oh god the future is coming

  • Wj11jam
    Wj11jam 2 days ago

    Playing that piano would be hellish

  • Liamolucko
    Liamolucko 2 days ago

    I swear that looked like Tom Scott in the thumbnail

  • TheSpoi
    TheSpoi 2 days ago

    wonder if someday they could make them get implemented into your nerves or something so it simulates feeling the stuff

  • Ωmega
    Ωmega 3 days ago

    All I can think of is building a house out of house stock images.

  • Austin Squires
    Austin Squires 3 days ago

    Could they just give us this in a vr headset fused together

  • Lil blender
    Lil blender 3 days ago +1

    Bruh I’m just waiting for virtual hentai

  • MedievalBomber
    MedievalBomber 3 days ago

    Is that a girl can’t really tell

  • Tallen Smith
    Tallen Smith 4 days ago

    Dude I fully forgot hololense was a thing

  • micahel schmidt
    micahel schmidt 4 days ago

    Ordinal scale ! Here we come !

  • Ferox
    Ferox 4 days ago

    Make gloves so you can feel whatever you touch

  • Hunter Young
    Hunter Young 4 days ago

    Tom Scott cosplay

  • Luigi [Yeet Patrol]
    Luigi [Yeet Patrol] 5 days ago

    Give. It. To. Me. Now!

  • Parzevil
    Parzevil 5 days ago

    This is ready player one

  • Firelord Eliteast67
    Firelord Eliteast67 5 days ago

    Well, sayonara smartphone!

  • frayzure
    frayzure 6 days ago +1

    Microsoft must have a time machine too that they aren’t telling us about.....how else do you explain 2016 Justin Bieber on stage....

  • mmdgamer 8890
    mmdgamer 8890 6 days ago

    This is nothing compared to vr is evolving really fast you can already fell things and heat or cold and vr is a lot more promising you can do crazy thing like flying and driving a car but I don’t think you can do that in hololens

  • Marno Labuschagne
    Marno Labuschagne 8 days ago +2

    How. Big. Is. The. Field. Of. View.

  • ismael rios
    ismael rios 8 days ago

    If this can be used in everyday life then this would be a step up for humanity. Oh geez, imagine how awesome games must be on this!!

  • Garrett Tamez
    Garrett Tamez 9 days ago

    Does anyone remember the "sixth sense device" from TED? I'm so proud to see how far we've come

  • JOSHUA Montoya
    JOSHUA Montoya 9 days ago

    This paired with 5G is the future unless neuralink technology gets here first...

  • Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson 10 days ago

    windows already a nope fro me

  • Sir Cumference
    Sir Cumference 10 days ago +6

    The military applications are actually very interesting imagine putting on a headset and using markers to predict enemy locations on a 3D map that you can show to your commander all the whole showing an animation of how they will maneuver

  • AyeNash
    AyeNash 11 days ago


    RYAN WALLS 11 days ago +6

    I find this type of technology so amazing

  • This ODD MAN Games
    This ODD MAN Games 11 days ago

    Shut up and take my money!

  • little Do
    little Do 12 days ago

    Whats that little boys name at the beginning?

  • Leo
    Leo 12 days ago

    id prefer the name on the chest like a name tag instead of like an mmo over the head

  • CoD_Clan_ICE
    CoD_Clan_ICE 13 days ago

    Hey uhh it’s VR NOT AR

  • Comet Storm
    Comet Storm 13 days ago +4

    Everyone wants pokemon on this but I'm here saying "I want Yugioh on this"

  • SatelliteDish
    SatelliteDish 14 days ago

    How would this work if I'm nearsighted?

  • No Va
    No Va 15 days ago

    I want to see pokemon go on hololens.

  • Hudson Hoeffner
    Hudson Hoeffner 15 days ago +1

    Thank you microsoft

  • Red Dymond
    Red Dymond 16 days ago

    Ready player one is evented

  • anil kumar
    anil kumar 17 days ago

    This device reminds me of ready player one movie, I hope it will happen soon.

  • Ahmed Harris
    Ahmed Harris 17 days ago +19

    Wand duels, Pokemon battles, Music/Art studio, Cod gun/zombie games, etc

  • Orunaboka Nnani
    Orunaboka Nnani 18 days ago +1

    Does it have Netflix?

  • hugoragan
    hugoragan 20 days ago

    People seem to forget the way technology improves in such an accelerated rate in our time. This version absolutely sucks but some day it will be polished.

  • Na Rong1414
    Na Rong1414 20 days ago

    Kingdom of Cambodia 🇰🇭

  • 3bodyZZ
    3bodyZZ 20 days ago

    just imagine designing 3d models in there. wow

  • Masterzz
    Masterzz 21 day ago

    the slider sound effects give me tingles

  • RozzDarkly
    RozzDarkly 21 day ago

    just take my MONEY!!!!

  • Rainbowveins79
    Rainbowveins79 21 day ago

    This is awesome but I've been waiting for 11 minutes for them to show how they plan to update Minecraft from the HoloLens 1.

  • Omair Shafiq
    Omair Shafiq 22 days ago

    So is Jinha AI or an engineer on the other side?

  • Vishal Dusane
    Vishal Dusane 22 days ago

    I just smiling like baby while watching this awesome tech.. please make available as soon as possible in consumer market

  • Dean Westlund
    Dean Westlund 23 days ago

    This is pr

  • JoshuaWashua
    JoshuaWashua 23 days ago

    There's just no reason to buy this yet if you're a consumer. There's no big selling point aside from its novelty factor.

    HELLISHHANDZ 23 days ago +1

    $3,500.00 for not fully finished software not available for consumers but only businesses after showing minecraft on it. FUCK OUTTA HERE!

  • Reaper of Souls
    Reaper of Souls 25 days ago

    and because one costs literally 5000$ and is useless without other ones this invention is completely useless until the price is lowered

  • EdgyBoi2414
    EdgyBoi2414 26 days ago

    Microsoft team? You mean discord but monetized?

  • Andrew
    Andrew 27 days ago

    My brain will get destroyed by all the stuff I'm seeing in this thing

  • Mesogreat
    Mesogreat 27 days ago

    Next level sh@&😧

  • Random *SNANS*
    Random *SNANS* 28 days ago

    Well um okay the future came fast

  • Ai A
    Ai A 28 days ago

    I know this is groundbreaking and all but damn, the presentation is very underwhelming

    • Ai A
      Ai A 28 days ago

      @C R yeah, no i can totally see this thing evolving into something amazing like all tech we use on a daily basis has, it's just her delivery is awkward and it's hard to get excited about it lol

    • C R
      C R 28 days ago

      We are still in the early gimmicky stages of this tech. It's going to take a while before it's practical and better than our current tools. This stuff looks very cool, it's not always practical especially for working fast. instead of moving around, walking, and stretching out to touch things, we currently do those same things faster with a mouse, keyboard shortcuts, or touching a small screen. I can see entertainment , science, engineering, and 3D design industries taking advantage of this tech very soon.

  • Jon Zhao
    Jon Zhao 29 days ago

    gosh the tech is wonderful but i really wish they get a bit more presentation training... i can see a lot of flaws just by referring to my university presentation classes

  • Gejie Soo
    Gejie Soo 29 days ago

    can u play pubG in there? Ros ? or Fort nite?

  • 牧野ヒロ
    牧野ヒロ Month ago


  • ice la honk
    ice la honk Month ago +1

    to think, some day this will be dated old ass technology for some kids.

  • ice la honk
    ice la honk Month ago +1

    she sounds like the 'you can look at my butt' guy

    • Ai A
      Ai A 28 days ago

      It’s the chimes in the background lmao

  • Ducky Man
    Ducky Man Month ago


  • Taylor Dow
    Taylor Dow Month ago

    That Hot Wheels shirt is tight af

  • Belalang
    Belalang Month ago

    Imagine playing Minecraft with this shit

  • Salim Huerta
    Salim Huerta Month ago

    Once developers are building apps for hololens on unreal engine 7 or whatever. Games are going to be wild and then maybe the demand will make this real.

  • Denny Hayes
    Denny Hayes Month ago

    How do they do the tactile feel?

  • krazye
    krazye Month ago +4

    How about "Anime girls" Woohoo waifu in AR!

  • Acklord thecool guy

    It's funny to think that if you look at them in real life you cant see any virtual objects. It might even be more weirder than vr.

  • Acklord thecool guy

    The acting was so fake and cringe-worthy. Real cool product though.

  • epic_gamerXD12345
    epic_gamerXD12345 Month ago

    So i can play all star in virtual reality?

  • Leandro Silva
    Leandro Silva Month ago

    Amazing tech but only for billionaries! fucking expensive! on my coutry is the price of a mini cooper.

  • Banditino e
    Banditino e Month ago


  • Gherrie Orr
    Gherrie Orr Month ago +12

    This is just mind blowing. Just 15 years ago we had flip phones with 2g

    • scrapthenite
      scrapthenite 6 days ago

      Joseph Raja it will probably just be VR

    • Joseph Raja
      Joseph Raja 11 days ago +1

      15 years from now I don't know what the heck is going to happen. I imagine everyone will wear AR glasses. It could even serve as your cellphone. Going out, you'll see prices in stores floating in the air. On the road, you'll see virtual signs in mid air. When you want to play a game, it's as easy as voice command. Even the web will come up on voice. You can share your searches with your friends in the same AR experience, or play games in the same AR experience. You could call people and talk to them like holograms in Star Wars using a digital avatar, and interact in AR like this demo shows. Shit is going to get really crazy. The way we view the world is going to change completely. Our eyes alone won't be enough.

  • Josh S-TV
    Josh S-TV Month ago

    Cooler than VR

  • Ryker how to's
    Ryker how to's Month ago

    In The Future There Will Be Contact Lenses Hololens.

  • Vilawent
    Vilawent Month ago

    Skynet is coming

  • Total GAMIX
    Total GAMIX Month ago

    Where's that vr porn at?

  • Fsy North
    Fsy North Month ago

    Jesus christ that’s tony stark

  • Nacre Sounds
    Nacre Sounds Month ago

    Cant wait on the virtual girls

  • pstuddy
    pstuddy Month ago

    But how is the camera guy capturing what she's seeing???

  • ReLapseJunkie
    ReLapseJunkie Month ago

    Is the fov above 50?

  • mikecap
    mikecap Month ago

    yay now i can play megalovania on a non esistant piano (4:51)

  • Yuan Yuyao
    Yuan Yuyao Month ago

    leave out! this kind of live demonstration can be very deceptive

  • Shuncey Balba
    Shuncey Balba Month ago

    Can’t wait for ya’ll to pay for this expensive crap.

  • Omar Delawar
    Omar Delawar Month ago +1

    Who is watching this in 2095? Pretty primitive stuff eh? Even my flux capacitor has more capabilities than this.

  • topcat
    topcat Month ago

    it's Beto's daughter! she can't stop those hand movements!

  • Alien Alien
    Alien Alien Month ago

    If this was 399 like the VR quest is i would get this but now im going VR quest

  • john lacey
    john lacey Month ago

    Remember how good they made Kinect look before it came out.

    • john lacey
      john lacey Month ago

      I agree it was quite fun but did you see how they promoted it. This seems very similar. ru-clip.com/video/oyjNqksc-m8/video.html

    • p0rtalS g4mIng
      p0rtalS g4mIng Month ago

      It was pretty good. Though, I didn't use it much

  • Joseph Leftwich
    Joseph Leftwich Month ago

    Using avatars that have artificial intelligence that utilize avatars. Through a computer based system seems like something from the future. My question is What year do you think people will be ? Driven around by battery operated contraptions well wearing this such contraption on their face.

  • Meizano Ardhi Muhammad

    Eye tracking 5:28

  • Michael England
    Michael England Month ago

    Oh gawd just wait 5 years.

  • Shaun Carter
    Shaun Carter Month ago +1

    7:53-8:03 having a problem playing as of 5/8/2019...

  • Christophe D
    Christophe D Month ago

    Cool technologie but useless for video games. Only useful for pro...