12.25.1990 Michael Jordan Makes Pistons Bad Boys Into Sad Boys on Christmas Night!

  • Опубликовано: 25 дек 2018
  • December 25,1990 | Chicago Bulls vs Detroit Pistons (Good Quality)
    *The GOAT ends Bad Boys era on Christmas day 1990! (37 Points)
    box score: www.basketball-reference.com/boxscores/199012250CHI.html
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  • soobama
    soobama День назад

    Detroit Pistons said "Jordan rules", Michael Jordan said JORDAN RULES!!!!!!

  • j k
    j k 2 дня назад

    But Pistons won in the playoffs and were Champions

    • j k
      j k День назад

      They give more effort in playoffs.

    • James Way
      James Way День назад

      @j k yes absolutely 100% right, but that was before this game was played.. hahaha..

  • 007 T-5
    007 T-5 4 дня назад

    Man bill Lambeer was always a dickhead!

  • Sons Of Arkham
    Sons Of Arkham 5 дней назад

    @11:33 is the exact moment I. Thomas knew the Pistons reign in the East was over.

  • hateUmankind
    hateUmankind 6 дней назад

    this was the beginning of the fall of the Bad Boys and there legacy in the Trash & Isaiah Thomas hater on MJ for a year to come

  • 추억상자TV
    추억상자TV 7 дней назад

    Rebron , Curry , Westbrook, AD , Etc they would destroy this generation. But not for long. They would stay in hospital

  • Paul Donovan
    Paul Donovan 7 дней назад

    The only Jordan Rules were the ones David Stern instituted when he REVISED all the games defensive rules so Jordan would be ABLE to overcome Detroit and not retire in frustration!! Anybody who believed Jordan was 4 levels ABOVE every other professional basketball player,probably still believes in FAIRYTALES!! I too would score 40 points a night,if like Jordan,I took TWENTY shots!!

  • Shawn Pysadee
    Shawn Pysadee 8 дней назад

    Only Jordan at that time had the tenacity and skill to tame the bad boys. Jordan was like a boxer who just keeps getting knocked down and refused to stay down.

  • David Southwell
    David Southwell 8 дней назад

    (Raising hand) Piston's fan here. Hated the Bulls and Jordan.

  • N Wibawa
    N Wibawa 9 дней назад

    Back when the NBA was the real man game...

  • Chupakabra 666
    Chupakabra 666 12 дней назад

    it was not even playoff, but they hate each other so much :))

  • Prophfitness TV
    Prophfitness TV 20 дней назад

    Jordan had handles for real. He never used it that much

  • Pine Tree
    Pine Tree 23 дня назад

    The Pistons must have been feeling the Christmas spirit, no clothes lines, elbows to the face or knees to the groin for Jordan and co .

  • Thelonious Coltrane
    Thelonious Coltrane 23 дня назад

    Jan 2019
    How good would steph curry be if he played in this era?

    STATS DONT LIE 27 дней назад

    02:10 travelling... NBA players are glad that they didnt play back when rules were applied...

  • Rick Dave
    Rick Dave 27 дней назад

    11:44 MJ over there with a bloody nose LeBron would have been done for the day

  • Rick Dave
    Rick Dave 27 дней назад

    King MJ

  • alfrancis delagua
    alfrancis delagua 28 дней назад

    announcer going crazy when Jordan drible it behind the back.. meanwhile, it's a normal moves in today's NBA.

    • Dream Master
      Dream Master 10 дней назад

      A lot harder to dribble the ball behind your back when the other team is actually playing defense.

  • Jason Reyes
    Jason Reyes 29 дней назад +8

    When Jordan played you didnt go to the bathroom, get something to eat or anything bc you didnt want to miss something

    • Rico Robertson
      Rico Robertson 4 часа назад

      Jason Reyes For real, you just crossed your legs, and held it in! 😂

  • MrHeepspo
    MrHeepspo Месяц назад

    Jordan is the perfect floor general... as he's coming down the floor, you always knew hes got you... he's going to will himself to win at all costs.
    Then there's the other guy who calls himself the "GOAT"... standing around with the dumb look on his face at the end of most games.
    It tooks YEARS until Lj was even somewhat comfortable with getting the ball at the end of the game, and only everyone once in a while, at best.
    Sorry big dummy, MJ is your unobtainium.

  • Anabell Ocampo
    Anabell Ocampo Месяц назад

    i'm 7mos old dis time while watching😂😂

  • B Scherff
    B Scherff Месяц назад +3

    Never been really interested in the conversation of GOAT...just miss watching that dude hoop. Shit was poetic every game

  • Rob Base
    Rob Base Месяц назад +1

    When basketball was a man's sport.

  • Kalil Balonzo
    Kalil Balonzo Месяц назад

    9:00 lol lol lol

  • Sampson Chan
    Sampson Chan Месяц назад

    Brilliant performance

  • ensayofr
    ensayofr Месяц назад +4

    He was beat trice by the pistons and he did not switch teams... like a coward we all know (actually several)

    • Rob Base
      Rob Base Месяц назад +1

      He found a way to win, as opposed to finding a team to win with.

  • Xiven X
    Xiven X Месяц назад

    Title should have said Sad Girls instead of Sad Boys... cos they all turned into whiney lil bishes once they started losing. :D

  • Han Wang
    Han Wang Месяц назад

    6:56, holy cow!

  • Gav Roche
    Gav Roche Месяц назад +3

    until such time that my grandma, who lives in the mountains here in the philippnes, stops buying jordan shoes and starts buying lebron shoes for her fave great grandson, only then can anyone make a claim that lebron is better than jordan. she used to climb down from the mountain to watch mj play on tv. today she can still climb down from the mountain and still watches basketball but not to see anyone in particular. about her views on mj vs lebron, she said mj elevated the sports into art, he can fly and he can dance, while lebron is like a gorilla, and of course gorillas jump higher and has longer reach than man, but he can never play like jordan, not even close

    JUSTO MORO Месяц назад


  • Lawrence Bartos
    Lawrence Bartos Месяц назад

    So I've long contended that MJ is the GOAT and LBJ is not. My opinion is not going to change and I have seen statistics that one could make the counter-argument. Here are my reasons why MJ is better and always will be than LBJ. First, Jordan was capable of scoring at will any did so whenever he felt like it or it was needed. We've all seen times when LeBron tries to do this and he fails. Second, while James is a better passer naturally Jordan was underrated in this capacity. He wasn't given the ball to pass it, he was given the ball to score. Third, again while statistics support James being a better rebounder that may have more do with where is is on the floor and his size than actual rebounding ability. My main reason why though is look at the contemporaries during each player's respective era. Easiest thing to do is look at the BEST Olympic teams these two were on and the collection of talent, including those players that were left off the Olympic teams. Anyone think with the exception of maybe one or two guys, Kobe and Duncan, that the players in James' era are as good as those in Jordan's era with several guys in the top 50 in NBA history (many in the top 10).

  • Jerald Vincent Zumel
    Jerald Vincent Zumel Месяц назад +52

    MJ led the NBA in scoring for 10 (7 straight before 1st retirement) seasons and steals for 3 seasons.
    To put it into perspective, Kobe led in scoring for 2 seasons, Lebron only once, and neither of them has led in steals. Durant led in scoring for 3 straight seasons and another season but never in steals. CP3 led in steals for 3 or 4 seasons but never in scoring.
    Moreover, the time MJ was retired in 94 and 95, the two leading scorers for those seasons were both prominent centers, Admiral and Shaq.
    Cut the long story short, MJ was literally a force to be reckoned with on both ends of the floor. The guy has no loophole to his game. The guy could kill anyone on the basketball court.

    • Maslin Brutus
      Maslin Brutus 17 часов назад

      He should of won 10 MVP 🐐✌🏾

    • j k
      j k 2 дня назад

      Wilt also had 7 scoring titles in a row.
      Most rebounding titles with 11.
      Even led the league at rebounds in his mid 30s.
      He did another thing MJ and Kobe never did. Led the NBA in assists.
      Wilt 55 rebound and 100 pts all time records.

    • Steven Michael
      Steven Michael 13 дней назад

      +Roc Steady MJ won Defensive Player of the Year because he was the Steals leader & because he blocked over 100 or 200 Blocks in the same year.

    • Barnpicks888
      Barnpicks888 15 дней назад +1

      Roc Steady the bulls roster and roles changed over the years and i can honestly say the Bulls will adjust no matter how hard the league changes. It’s all down to one man...MJ. MJ’s athleticism is already given but his mentality is as sharp as a razor blade, you take your game up he will try and beat you twice as hard with a statement. He is so competetive in the head, he is mental! Bash it and he will drop 40 or more on you! How can you beat that? I dont see it in Lebron kobe harden. I can see the Bulls adjust in todays 3 point games- they already have it in kerr kukoc pippen and MJ. All they have to do is perfect it. How i would love to see this team compete with warriors rockets and bucks today! Wishful thinking

    • Matz G
      Matz G 15 дней назад

      Wasnt a great outside shooter

  • alfrancis delagua
    alfrancis delagua Месяц назад

    I hope I won't hurt the feelings of these Jordan die hard fans.. but mann... these guys are too slow.. Today's centers who can dribble can seriously break the ankles of these guys.. imagine if we place westbrook on this Era.. my goodness.. i can't imagine how woud you defend an animal like him. Not to mention when LeBron goes serious mode.. that's why I cant be a fan of Jordan if i live in today's era.. because when you tag somebody as greatest of all time, you disrespect the quality of the guys playing this era.. today's NBA is the finest of the finest from the different parts of the world. and if you insist that an 80's ferrari is better than today's ferrari, i say that's BS. I say, Jordan is best on his era. Kareem on his era, and LeBron in today's era.

    • Dean Hill
      Dean Hill 28 дней назад

      I can't agree, man. I still enjoy these old clips, but I grew up watching them, too.

    • alfrancis delagua
      alfrancis delagua 28 дней назад

      +Dean Hill yes, you have few good players, but still, the skills of that era is inferior on today's era. that's a fact. you can't argue with that. I'm watching all these old videos and they are so boring to watch. Don't deny it.

    • Dean Hill
      Dean Hill 29 дней назад

      Obviously, you've never seen any Hakeem Olajuwon, Patrick Ewing, or David Robinson highlights, man. The smaller guys were so much quicker than the taller guys, that they just looked like they were slow. However, these were big bruising centers and big men. Closest to their like is Ben Wallace when Detroit won their Championship against the Lakers.

    • Trafala32
      Trafala32 Месяц назад +1

      Hahahahaha . You’re a clown

  • thehAPPYgunner
    thehAPPYgunner Месяц назад +6

    Am I the only one who keeps looking at MJ's shoes? The shoes just looks so much better with him playing in it.

  • Hoony K.
    Hoony K. Месяц назад +29

    my argument of why MJ is the greatest of all time and not Lebron is, MJ's a pure athlete.. he plays on the run, and keeps it in motion and doesn't skimp out on defense to conserve energy.. his shot blocking ability doesn't rely on a cheap backboard trick which is optimal for a freight train like LeBron, but instead Mike has good timing and good hands to block shots while in the air away from the rim.
    His intensity at the end games is crazy high and doesn't play with play making technicalities, but with momentum and reading the defense in real time..
    and he was loyal to his team.. You can see in the beginning of the video of the UNC pride with the warm up shorts..
    Lebron is all stats and a great player (and has the power to go to whatever team he wants), but he doesn't put in the work like the dynamic MJ creates in Go-Time...

    • Jerad Potter
      Jerad Potter 14 дней назад

      +David Watson there is a difference between best and greatest. I have done my research. You can buy into the flash. Everyone has their opinion. I like dominance. Truly never will be a GOAT just abunch of debating. Jordan was the best at what he was job was on the court along with Kareem and others. Positions require different roles and I think anyone who was the greatest in their position deserves to be considered a GOAT. Mount Rushmores are the better arguments. I like hearing starting lineups over numero uno.

    • David Watson
      David Watson 14 дней назад

      Jerad Potter I think you should really look up the stats again and you’ll see that Jordan’s are better. His done remarkable stats in a shorter time and was hitting these milestones quicker in his career.
      20 seasons and Jordan would’ve been top scorer by quite a distance. He was already averaging more points a year than Kareem.
      Your the type of person that doesn’t compare stats for the same amount of playing time. Instead you compare people that have played more games and argue points that mean nothing.
      Jordan is 6-0 in nba Playoffs. Something your Kareem will never have.

    • David Watson
      David Watson 14 дней назад

      Jerad Potter Kareem does nothing for me. He is a big guy in a position that you can easily dominate from in basketball and he had to many good players on his team.
      Jordan was mvp 7 years in a row. Retired and came back and was mvp again. In retirement the mvps were centres. So the game went back to centres dominating again.
      Wake up to yourself. Jordan changed the way the game of basketball was played and had so much more skill than Kareem. Jordan could shoot from anywhere

    • Jerad Potter
      Jerad Potter 14 дней назад

      +David Watson just because you shine doesnt make you the greatest. I didnt lean towards Kareem till recently and if you actually take a look you might rethink too. I was too young to enjoy Kareem live so it took awhile for him to grow on me. I think Michael hit his peak at the perfect time to get pippen and Phil and then later Rodman. Never would I take away from Jordan I always had him at 1 until recently. Either way if I am picking I am taking Kareem. He is gonna win me more games than anyone else. We are even missing 4 years of blocks for Kareem. It's a no brainer.

    • David Watson
      David Watson 14 дней назад

      Kareem was there before Jordan. But they were around the same time and Jordan’s first championship was against lakers. Derrr !!!!
      At the end of the day. No one has done for basketball what Jordan has done. He made it global and still gets the most sales out of Nike. While being retired. Where’s Kareem ? Kareem has done nothing like that for basketball.
      Ask a novice who Kareem is. Then ask them who Jordan is.

  • Michael Mcardle
    Michael Mcardle Месяц назад +3

    LBJ you don't have youtube. GOAT thats funny.

  • Fuentes Vladimir
    Fuentes Vladimir Месяц назад +2

    Battle of titans

  • John Crazy
    John Crazy Месяц назад

    MJ and the Bulls made them look like fools!!

  • Sanjay Kulkarni
    Sanjay Kulkarni Месяц назад

    he does not spin like lebron. lebron virtually has stopped going straight up. jordan never spun!

    • Sanjay Kulkarni
      Sanjay Kulkarni Месяц назад

      +Chris spin move is not really needed. may be he has lost that straight up evasive move. it was not this rampant. it has caught up since 2017 run. harden does not spin.

    • Sanjay Kulkarni
      Sanjay Kulkarni Месяц назад

      +Chris i have not seen lbj spinning 360 like he does lately. I do not like him spinning. back in the days he did not spin like mj.

    • Chris
      Chris Месяц назад

      what are you talking about? J's spin move is one of the best ive ever seen given when and where he'd execute them, often in a packed lane and splitting two defenders. Spin moves are best utilized against smaller and/or shorter defenders which is why LeBron relies on it. Jordan often used it on forwards and centers in a confined space. The footwork,quickness, and spatial awareness it requires to pull it off is truly sublime. Watch some more of his highlight packages, he definitely spins! Check out hoopsencyclopedia's "The Artistry of Michael Jordan" videos. After over a decade, they are still my favorite videos on this site.

  • i- West
    i- West Месяц назад

    Lakas talaga MJ

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith Месяц назад +4

    2:04 imagine that being called a travel anytime over the past 15 years...THATS why we cant compare MJ to LeBron or any other different era players..well, that and alot of rule changes lol

  • HERU Apocalypse
    HERU Apocalypse Месяц назад +2

    I Always liked the fact that Jordan wore His Old N.C. Shorts under His Uniform.

  • AP Terminator
    AP Terminator Месяц назад +3

    Best offensive player and best defensive player why he the goat

    TEXMM ALR Месяц назад +2


  • Tim Kelly
    Tim Kelly Месяц назад +1

    Lebron isn't talented enough to have played in this era

    • Jesus Delgado
      Jesus Delgado Месяц назад

      Tim Kelly and when mj was there you couldnt play zone defense. So as soon as he got passed a defender he had a clear path to the rim. Now there always a defender in the way. Lbj one on one?

    • Jesus Delgado
      Jesus Delgado Месяц назад

      Tim Kelly oh okay 👌

    • Jesus Delgado
    • Tim Kelly
      Tim Kelly Месяц назад

      +Jesus Delgado think about it he a terrible free throw shooter he can't shoot 3s and he can't run in the lane in that era without getting fouled and lbj cant dribble u have never seen him cross anybody over or dribble full court the league changed the rules for him to succeed

    • Jesus Delgado
      Jesus Delgado Месяц назад

      Tim Kelly all im saying is lbjs weakest part of his game is the 3pt shooting and foul line. Back then they wouldnt shoot as much and they wouldn’t call as many fouls. And they cant really stop him in the paint. All he would do is drive and pull up and dish. I just think he wouldve been better in this era than in the 3 pt era. Forget the whole complaining thing cause its not like you can change calls when you complain.

  • Travisthegamer23
    Travisthegamer23 Месяц назад

    On Tuesday

    TIM TIM Месяц назад

    i love seeing istan lose the most-soar loser

  • lloganmusic
    lloganmusic Месяц назад +10

    Mj the undisputed GOAT

  • Felix Decavel
    Felix Decavel Месяц назад +3

    @10:45 Thomas tries to pull off a Jordan move and hurts himself 😂😂😂

  • Michael Pate
    Michael Pate Месяц назад

    He destroyed em..

  • Jonathan Klein
    Jonathan Klein Месяц назад

    Michael Jordan is the bester.

  • Brave Fart
    Brave Fart Месяц назад +14

    7:16 those were 4 defenders... Usually if it's only 3 defenders on him, illegal defense isn't called. Hahaha
    But these effing millenials said today's no-touch zone defense would stop him... Those moving 3-2 zones of old and staggered screens would make these current player's cry. I mean a 6'8" 260 lb forward cries in today's soft NBA how would he fair against these hustling and hand checking? Jeez.

    • prince Prince
      prince Prince 24 дня назад

      +arronnov no thats wut ur saying. Every player has flopped at times LeBron has done it many many many times tu the point where he was known for it. Nd he's still a great player. So tell me wut i said now so i can ignore it

    • arronnov
      arronnov 24 дня назад

      +prince Prince What your saying is Lebron is except from doing something that all players have done. Your holding Lebron to a standard that nobody else is held too. That is calling hypocrisy because you don't like Lebron James.

    • prince Prince
      prince Prince 24 дня назад

      +arronnov im not sayin LeBron is a bum. Im sayin he flops nd thats a fact Reggie did it too he's still a great player.

    • arronnov
      arronnov 24 дня назад

      +prince Prince You keep thinking that! Lebron would be terrorizing players and teams in the late 80's and the 90's. He also would be leading in assist every year. Lebron is willing passer. You can put 2 and 3 people to try stop him if you choose and he will pass the ball to the open man.

    • prince Prince
      prince Prince 25 дней назад

      +arronnov LeBron would flop like Thomas did when Jordan tapped his head. But wuteva

  • bwink23
    bwink23 Месяц назад +27

    That Stacy King travel call is like a half step in today's NBA.

    • Carlos Matos
      Carlos Matos 2 дня назад

      Lol yeah, he did a couple little stutter steps but that's rarely ever called these days.

    • Cale Gray
      Cale Gray Месяц назад

      LOL yes

    • Brian
      Brian Месяц назад +1

      I was thinking the same thing. Had to go back and watch a couple of times. I mean, it's definitely a travel, but damn, they called THAT?!

    • Maximilianmus's GrandFather
      Maximilianmus's GrandFather Месяц назад +1

      bwink23 true fam

  • Robert Wright
    Robert Wright Месяц назад +8

    The bulls would have won shit without Dennis Rodman rebounding for them!! He was a bad boy uncle tony!! Detroit pistons!! Those last championships I'm speaking of. Penny Hardaway and the Magic out rebounded the bulls when Jordan came back from trying to play baseball, thats why they went after Dennis Rodman.

    • radar0412
      radar0412 Месяц назад +1

      The Bulls got Rodman because they lost their best Rebounder Horace Grant. Grant was actually a better all around player than Rodman was as a Bull. The average fan isn't aware of that fact.

    • matt stevens
      matt stevens Месяц назад +2

      The bulls actually won without Rodman.

    • Eric Wright
      Eric Wright Месяц назад

      Your right because they had lost Horace grant

    • Robert Wright
      Robert Wright Месяц назад

      +Boogie Loo of course I understand the game!. Check out my comment below bro.

    • Robert Wright
      Robert Wright Месяц назад

      +Thank You I agree with you totally! Good point

  • monti miller
    monti miller Месяц назад +22

    I am not one to jump on anyone's bandwagon, but being(52)I saw 1st hand what M.J. could do and I'll quote that late great Red Auerbach when he stated" rarely do you see a player that doesn't have any weaknesses and Michael Jordan doesn't have any!" People say that when M.J. retired for the 1st time after winning 3 straight championships and the Houston Rockets won 2 straight while he was away where not there and didn't see Michael in his prime and if he hadn't retired those 2 years he would have still been in his prime and would've won 2 more making if 5 rings in 5 years. I'm not sure if they would've won 6 straight though because with free agency they lost Horace Grant(who was vital in them winning 3 straight with his defense and rebounding)as well as B.J. Armstrong who provided good defense and well as scoring when the Bulls needed him too. Plus people forget when Jordan had 2 straight years off that actually benefited him more than anything and when I heard in the off-season of '95 that they where considering signing their former(Detroit Bad Boys)nemesis in Dennis Rodman who then and probably for his size(6'7' 215 lbs)the best rebounder ever pound 4 pound I knew that the Bulls could make a run at the table and when 3 straight again, which they did!!!

    • Paul Donovan
      Paul Donovan 7 дней назад

      +monti miller;Jordan had weaknesses like any other player and until David Stern revised the games rules,the Pistons EXPLOITED his weaknesses of making shots while a defender had a hand in his face!! Neither could he shake a good defender who was hand-checking him which is precisely why Stern outlawed hand-checking!! Ditto for his inability to score against zone defenses,which then became illegal JUST for Jordans benefit!! Jordan;PAPER tiger!!

    • Steven Michael
      Steven Michael 13 дней назад +2

      And imagine if MJ had never retired the first time to play baseball. Michael Jordan would have retired passing Kareem Abdul Jabbar as the NBA's All-Time Scoring Leader. No doubt.

    • megavolt67
      megavolt67 27 дней назад

      The moment that the media started attempting to change the standards for greatness by arguing that LeBron's losses in the finals were actually enhancing his legacy (especially 2015), it was clear that he would never reach MJ. I personally felt that he wouldn't after he lost two playoffs series back to back in '09 and 2010 despite having homecourt advantage. MJ never lost with homecourt advantage. That's just how tough it is when you want to be compared to the greatest.

    • Blackdeath
      Blackdeath 27 дней назад +1

      +megavolt67 And that's why MJ is still the goat. Mark of a true leader never throwing his teamates under the bus like the passive aggressive Lebron. Also, despite being the best player in the league, MJ played harder than any other player. Amazing.

    • megavolt67
      megavolt67 27 дней назад +2

      Both things were true. Jordan was rusty AND they lacked a strong rebounding presence. The Bulls still had chances to potentially win that series in spite of that but Jordan actually came up short in clutch moments. It would've been the difference between the Bulls squeezing out a six or seven game victory versus the sweep they got a year later. I vaguely remember watching the series in '95 as a kid and being stunned when MJ got stripped near the end of that one game where the Bulls were ahead. We're all used to watching LeBron choke at the end of key games and giving him a pass because he's tired or because his competition is supposedly too good but with MJ that sort of situation was unusual and everyone noticed. That's why MJ actually shouldered the blame for the loss in the offseason and used it to inspire himself to get back into proper basketball shape.

  • depannist
    depannist Месяц назад +9

    @5:51 " ... and Jordan knows if he's got 4 defenders around him, someone's open ..."

  • Night's King
    Night's King Месяц назад +4

    4:58 on infinite loop.

  • Shaolin Tex Chris Lightning a.k.a. tox


    ARMOND LANDRUM Месяц назад +18

    It often took 3 men to do it...

    • Wyndamn
      Wyndamn 29 дней назад

      +Thank You she said that too!!!

    • Wyndamn
      Wyndamn 29 дней назад

      Yeah that's what she said!!!

    • Thank You
      Thank You Месяц назад

      and often that wasn't enough

  • sticky-fingers
    sticky-fingers Месяц назад +5

    Thanx for this upload

  • Uncle Tony
    Uncle Tony Месяц назад +4

    Merry freagin' Xmas, ya' bastads.

    • Robert Wright
      Robert Wright Месяц назад

      Uncle tony question for you ; were you trying to spell the word bastard ? When you said merry freagin xmas, you bastads. What kind of word is that? I take that you're a bulls fan ? Great if you are. I'm a pistons fan forever! I was one then and I'm still one today. Back then basketball was really tough and very physical, unlike Today's basketball in which i don't care at all. Yeah we may have been a little rough and down right dirty at times, but tell me how many players got injured or had season ending injuries? Michael always wanted to drive to the basket and dunk without paying a price! Back then if you came into the painted area expect to pay a price for coming inside. Barkley and karl malone was dirty players also, nobody made a big deal about that!. Detroit stood in Chicago's way from getting to the championship that's why we got labeled as been dirty! No! we were tough and we played a man's game! Michael just wanted to poster rize you for his own satisfaction and gratification and expected people to move out of his way. We said no! You come in here, you're gonna know that your ass been fouled! Since you called my team bastads which is not even a word , I think you were trying to spell bastards, l say fuck the bulls!! Michael cried like a bitch ass nigga! In the locker room! He only won because they got help from the referee's and they took us out of our game by blowing the whistle on every little tic tac foul ! Now merry fucking Christmas that !! Detroit 6'9 waiting on your reply!! Assholes had to get Dennis Rodman to win those other championships because they got out rebounded by the Orlando Magic because Horace grant was no longer with them when Michael came back from trying to play baseball penny and the Magic put a whipping on their asses!!!. Why did they go after Rodman? He was a pistons player? Oh Utah would have won that series if Dennis was not there!!

  • Uncle Tony
    Uncle Tony Месяц назад +1

    This may have been a "passing of the torch" game, i.e., Pistons came into game as two time champs, only to give up that mantle to Jordan/Bulls just six mos later.

    • tnxjesus
      tnxjesus Месяц назад +3

      +Robert Wright tell it how it is my man. Straight up the didnt pass no torch it was takem from them. Bittom line in that Nba back then you earned and took what was yours not like this soft ass nba today

    • Robert Wright
      Robert Wright Месяц назад +2

      They didn't give nothing! It was taken away from them! It took them long enough! We stood in their way just like Boston celtics stood in the pistons way.we had to learn how to win! The bulls didn't have the mental toughness like we did. Kevin McHale told Isaiah Thomas that it was mostly mental!

  • Uncle Tony
    Uncle Tony Месяц назад +1

    Corporate MJ wearing an X lid. jaja

    • Chris Gowers
      Chris Gowers Месяц назад

      Uncle Tony: Yeah, and he actually contributed in the funding for the movie.