Crazy People vs Bikers 2018 [EP. 241]

  • Published on Jun 8, 2018
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Comments • 5 613

  • ocelotemoto
    ocelotemoto Day ago

    So many overreacting bitches. Motorcycling is dangerous, embrace that and stay focused.

  • Find A Job
    Find A Job Day ago

    Lol some of bikers has kind of butthert, that everyone on the road are against them.
    But most of the people just cant see bike in the RW mirror. And man on the bike should understand this, but not to collect the coins between the roadlines.

  • Jeff Martin
    Jeff Martin Day ago

    At :14 the collision was completely avoidable. This rider had his head up his ass.The title should be crazy People and leave the biker among them.

  • fm7 fm7
    fm7 fm7 Day ago

    3.30 he needs a ase kick really...but probably happened afeter

  • fm7 fm7
    fm7 fm7 Day ago

    True ....bikers are dicks!!

  • Baron Karza
    Baron Karza Day ago

    the bikers are always in the wrong and blame others.

  • 최상진
    최상진 Day ago

    Crazy Peple VS Crazy Bikers 2018 (feat. ass hole youtuber)

  • TheSmashcrash
    TheSmashcrash Day ago

    couple of them bikers messed up and got what was comen to em rofl, the rest ya.. people are horrible.

  • B L 3 A C H
    B L 3 A C H Day ago

    FINNALLY an English video


    6:52 serves that fucker right, dumbass, breaks the law, and gets mad about it, what a garbage human.

  • Andrew Mason
    Andrew Mason Day ago

    9:44 i love science... the wheels of the suv look like they stopped.

  • Josh L
    Josh L Day ago

    This is an instructional video, ride in a crowded city and this is what happens.

  • SilverShadow2LWB

    I see some common themes here. Speed, poor understanding of blind spots, agressive driving, bike thinking they own the road, poor tolerance of other drivers habits. In the end, the motorcycle usually loses.

  • Steven Eversole
    Steven Eversole Day ago

    No sympathy.

  • Richard Harding
    Richard Harding Day ago

    If the guy at 6:50 hadn't been illegally passing, he wouldn't have been hit by someone making an unsafe illegal u-turn, ha. Yet it's not his fault, he's gonna blame it all on the other driver. Fact: It was both their faults.

  • Star Gamer Brix
    Star Gamer Brix Day ago

    Carlota Biker ist selber schuld.
    Fährt auf der falschen Seite woher will ein Autofahrer wissen das da ein Motorradfahrer kommt...

  • Niko M.
    Niko M. Day ago

    Classic... stupid crazy angry biker that wants to cause problems just because...

  • khoffmann1978
    khoffmann1978 2 days ago

    You are driving like a idiot LOL KARMA is coming to you..

  • Mouatez Rivad
    Mouatez Rivad 2 days ago

    in my county if you talk you fucked sun

  • Divergents
    Divergents 2 days ago

    9:42 the shutter speed of the camera match the speed of the tyres haha

  • dawn nite
    dawn nite 2 days ago


  • Jonas Juarez
    Jonas Juarez 2 days ago

    I'd be lying if I said that one of the little reasons I'd love to start riding a motorcycle is because you can look intimidating with a helmet hahahaha.

  • TV철문송어
    TV철문송어 2 days ago

    6:50 ??????

  • Logan Peerless
    Logan Peerless 2 days ago

    yeah 6:50 that biker is an idiot. id of looked at him and said you deserved every bit of what happened to you. gettin so mad cause he made a dumbass mistake and blaming that guy for taking a left waiting patiently.

  • Mario Mukaj
    Mario Mukaj 2 days ago

    Biker at 1:00 is a douchebag, it wasn't even that bad

  • Marian Suof
    Marian Suof 2 days ago

    I want the first video I can't find it


    Built up areas. Heavy traffic. Slow down and stay on the right side of the white lines..

  • Olly B.
    Olly B. 2 days ago

    To riding a bike can be very dangerous!!!

  • Erk Ten
    Erk Ten 2 days ago

    Most bikers are candidates for Darwin Award, brainless twats.

  • Tango Down
    Tango Down 3 days ago

    While some of these biker's are in the right more than a few are in the wrong, big time! The douche at 6:40 had it coming to him, cutting into oncoming lane and being concealed by the vehicle to his right. When bike riders are truly in the right and get hit and hurt, I truly feel for them but the douchey ones, they need to work on their riding skills before getting on the roads.

  • James Devine
    James Devine 3 days ago

    Your on a death wish..mouthpiece

  • rouy amam
    rouy amam 3 days ago

    Tsss, driving fast between lanes and then complaining when some one didn't see them coming ... retards !!

  • benji d
    benji d 3 days ago

    s est justisé de la route a la con ,je suis motar ,s est vous qui faits ninporte quoi en plus hi fais le malin avec une femme le ga

  • MARCOS MG 500
    MARCOS MG 500 3 days ago

  • jean-claude bikerparis

    Ketufe ketufe? Tu vois pas la ligne blanche? Lol

  • SheepDipped
    SheepDipped 3 days ago

    This guys are on the road clearly looking for trouble, one day he will get some...sooner rather than later., not hoping that just saying

    MP GAME 3 days ago

    6:50 คือมึงผิดอะ เสือกโว้ยวาย (คือพวกมอไซ ตปท. นี้ทำเหี้ยอะไรก็จะเอาตัวเองถูกอะ เจอมากับตัว) ขับมาเบียดจากเส้นทึบ พอเราบีบเตรก็ลงมาด่าเรา

  • Oktober Revolution
    Oktober Revolution 3 days ago +1

    You can see the difference between a rider and motorcycle driver.

  • Каджит Из Эльсвейра

    негры на 3:05 вообще охуевшие

  • Christian Colarusso
    Christian Colarusso 3 days ago

    6:39 the biker was illegally going into opisit lanes witch there for means it’s his fault he got hit if he stayed in his own place he would have never got hit

  • Serieth
    Serieth 4 days ago

    Riding for awhile now. Gotta say, alot of these bikers are either in the wrong or just plain stupid. Victim mentality.

    AMIPRXY 4 days ago

    The first motherfu*ker deserves the most painfull treatment ever

  • You're Nemesis
    You're Nemesis 4 days ago

    Another cunt vigilante Stasi snitch tosser biker that thinks hes tough and owns the road

  • Herbstleid
    Herbstleid 4 days ago

    lol 50% of the time its the bikers fault

  • Елена Зыкина

    Разве это крейзи 😂😂😂😂, добро пожаловать в рашку, вот где крейзи пипл

  • banal pedant
    banal pedant 4 days ago +4

    Some of these bikers are fools, Filtering lanes is a sure way to die IMO

  • danieldanix1
    danieldanix1 4 days ago

    Most of those bikers are provocative and annoying, they feel so tough but they're just chickens. They only have speed and quick acceleration. And the nerve to videotape it, while it's his fault.

  • Andre Michels
    Andre Michels 4 days ago

    nur idioten auf zwei rädern

  • supercyberfunk
    supercyberfunk 4 days ago

    6:52 The motorcyclist was NOT innocent in that one. He screwed up and wiped out after riding in the oncoming lane. What an idiot. He needs to pay for the damage to that car.

  • 600RReasons
    600RReasons 4 days ago

    as a bike rider i cant even watch this shit

  • Jhosseth Delgado
    Jhosseth Delgado 4 days ago

    Si vienes a Perú te vas a pelear con todos los choferes del País jajajaja acá paro golpeando espejos xd

  • ricky bobby
    ricky bobby 4 days ago

    As a sports bike rider myself, I'd drag some of these dumbass cock suckers off their bikes and beat the fucking brakes off their asses, it's everyone else's fucking fault to the shitheads.
    No fucking self reflection.

  • Voodoofly
    Voodoofly 5 days ago

    6:52 mainly the motorcyclist is guilty, but the driver of the car is partly to blame because he crossed the solid line

  • Smirge
    Smirge 5 days ago

    I drive MC's...and some of the guys on bike in this video are morons. they drive like they have a deathwish.

  • Héctor JT
    Héctor JT 5 days ago

    6:52 love that one😅

  • InfiniteDice
    InfiniteDice 5 days ago +1

    lol, don't lecture people on rules of the road then pass on a solid line.

  • Arni Nycz
    Arni Nycz 5 days ago

    6:37 temu hujowi na motorze się należało nie lubię takich ludzi co im się gdzieś śpieszy karma wraca

  • 1000 subscribers without any video challange

    6:50 where could he possibly be going that is so important to drive on the wrong side of the road instead of going slowly through traffic. Most unpatient guy, than has the courage to get annoyed at the other guy.

  • 1000 subscribers without any video challange

    3:55 this guy sounds like that guy in the walmart fight with the mexican dude

  • DozyProductions
    DozyProductions 5 days ago

    Man so many of these are the bikers being an asshole.

  • Cool Biker
    Cool Biker 5 days ago +1

    Nearly all of the situations are not dangerous if you ride more defensiv. It´s on you getting harmed because not careful enough.

  • lazerlightning 28
    lazerlightning 28 5 days ago +1

    7:04 that was the bikers fault aswell as he should be behind the other cars not cutting through...

  • juan david vargas betancurth

    I can only feel more hate watching this video and as a motorcyclist tries to blame others for their stupid driving. they drive between the cars and apparently "think" they have an imaginary lane where everyone must take off for them to pass. Tell me if motorcyclists die every day because someone is killing them? obviously they are responsible for doing it with their imprudence!

  • Giglio Nero
    Giglio Nero 5 days ago

    E come al solito i ciclisti dovrebbero starsene a casa

  • cassiobj
    cassiobj 5 days ago

    OMG.. as i biker i can assure.. the worst thing that you can do is get nervous because transit just bcz you are right

  • M13
    M13 5 days ago

    I can't relate to many of these. The cars are simply passing the bikers....or changing lanes while in front of them.

  • James Eden
    James Eden 6 days ago +2

    French dude was totally in the wrong.. he was on the other side of the line and there's no way the driver could have reasonably expected that

  • Ganimidis
    Ganimidis 6 days ago

    lmao.. correcting the whole world but doing the most idiotic things, endangering himself and all the others.. whatever others do wrong IS wrong eh? whatever You do isn't? ah, you're so damned funny man, wasted time 2 watch such idiotic behavior of some wannabe bikers, thats why we get a bad name..BAH, this makes me sick. making such huge mistakes and then starting shouting at the poor driver ! Your driving license should be removed for lifetime !

  • Cycle 206
    Cycle 206 6 days ago

    What a bunch of lame bullshit. In most of these it was just an everyday event, nothing happened.

  • Steve Team DSD Thunder
    Steve Team DSD Thunder 6 days ago +6

    I'm sorry but a lot of these motorcyclists give their fellow riders a bad name. Stupid behaviour