NHL Highlights | Rangers vs Lightning - Nov. 14, 2019

  • Published on Nov 15, 2019
  • Steven Stamkos scored his 399th career goal and added two assists as the Tampa Bay Lightning routed the New York Rangers 9-3.
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  • Damien Chance
    Damien Chance 25 days ago

    The rangers need a strong goaltender.

  • Damien Chance
    Damien Chance 25 days ago

    The NY goaltender look bad

  • Egor Sechin
    Egor Sechin 25 days ago

    this could be upload to pornhub

  • Андрей Лагутин

    2:59 зачем в драку полез 48 номер на Макдону? Обиделся, что уронили и первого встречного решил наказать ))

  • Chris A
    Chris A 26 days ago

    Ranger defense non existent

    FOCUS MSK 26 days ago

    На хрена Панарин в этот дырявый Нью Йорк поперся?

  • Drew Rycerz
    Drew Rycerz 26 days ago

    This was embarrassing for the Rangers. Look at the shots...

  • NYRGaming30
    NYRGaming30 26 days ago

    Dang it

  • Laurent Quintana
    Laurent Quintana 26 days ago


  • `- ́Dragon Viking
    `- ́Dragon Viking 26 days ago

    Lemieux, that was not your best moove against McDonagh budy

  • St 3g
    St 3g 26 days ago

    Дебильная нарезка, вначале показали что у Рэйнджерс стоит Георгиев. По-любому его заменили после столько пропущенных шайб, а момент с заменой не показали. Мало вероятно, чтобы в НХЛ один вратарь за один матч столько шайб пропустил

    • Андрей Лагутин
      Андрей Лагутин 25 days ago

      Хенрик был конце второго и третьего периода.. после 5 шайбы сменили

  • Basically 1320
    Basically 1320 27 days ago

    Finally Tampa bay has gotten back into it, Go Tampa ⚡️🔵

  • Heikki Remes
    Heikki Remes 27 days ago

    Sheer butchery...

  • Дима Багров
    Дима Багров 27 days ago

    Хоть и люблю ренджеров но это пипец зашквар, им в кхл только играть

  • kennysdead500
    kennysdead500 27 days ago

    Quinn cant make lines, injuries/illness or not...

  • FloridaGreg
    FloridaGreg 27 days ago +1

    Great Game...good to see the Lightning playing with fire, skating like they really mean it, like they took 5-hour energy before the puck drop....i have to say i watched this game..hope this keeps up !

  • Alex Sc
    Alex Sc 27 days ago +1

    А чё рэйнджеры вратаря в конце не сняли?! Может отыгрались бы.... Все от вратаря их толку что есть что нет.

  • Роман Иванов
    Роман Иванов 27 days ago +2

    А либераст наш Панарин где?

  • Black Bubble
    Black Bubble 27 days ago

    Are you guys allowed to upload snuff films to youtube?

  • henkkazor
    henkkazor 27 days ago +1

    yikes. now i know how the devils fans feel.

  • Joshua Dickson
    Joshua Dickson 27 days ago

    lol chytil! pumped to get er within 6

  • Jason Nanooch
    Jason Nanooch 27 days ago


  • Boston Bruins2011
    Boston Bruins2011 27 days ago

    The Rangers make the Senators look like good

  • Khuong Khuu
    Khuong Khuu 27 days ago +2

    Lightning Radio: HE'S SCORE, 4-0 LIGHTNING.
    MSG NETWORK: He's Score, it's 8-1 Tampa Bay.
    ESPN 98.7FM New York: He Score, it's 9-3 Tampa Bay.

  • Толян Коп
    Толян Коп 27 days ago +1

    Да если Тампики ловят кураж это шоу

  • Анастасия шакирова

    Это групповое изнасилование😂

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    88th comment 🎤🕧🇺🇬

  • Шамиль Садвакасов

    ..вообще-то, эти 3:9 - не обидней, чем 0:1 в овертайме; так что, спокойно ложитесь спать.

  • William, the Tropical Scotsman

    The Rangers are so bad that even the Rangers can beat the Rangers.

  • Chris McMaster
    Chris McMaster 27 days ago +3

    Alex Killorn is such an underrated player in this league

  • FinlandTeam7
    FinlandTeam7 27 days ago

    No Kakko, no win

  • N̷ E̷R̷O̷vara
    N̷ E̷R̷O̷vara 27 days ago

    Wow, great job Toronto! ....wait that's Tampa.

    • John Johnson
      John Johnson 27 days ago +2

      Toronto is the walmart version of the lightning.

  • Håkan Westerdahl
    Håkan Westerdahl 27 days ago

    Rangers D is a disaster , 😩😩😩

  • Василий О
    Василий О 27 days ago +1

    Куда смотрит полиция Тампы?! Это же массовая бойня!😀

  • Dom
    Dom 27 days ago +1

    Panarin's fairy tale has over. Real life began.

  • Паша Саранск
    Паша Саранск 27 days ago +4

    Думали Гергиев плохой вратарь, а оказолсь нет

  • Castleview
    Castleview 27 days ago

    Lightning totally dominate Rangers for first 2 periods lead 8-1, Leafs totally dominate Islanders for first 2 periods trail 2-3....

  • Алекс Ружевский

    "Куч" красава конечно!

  • Виталий Просто


  • Jean-Paul Moreau
    Jean-Paul Moreau 27 days ago

    Well that sucked..everytime you think the Rangers got it, they lose it again.BUT Panarin is never a disapointment.....some of his passes are SICK

  • Юрий Зорин
    Юрий Зорин 27 days ago +2

    Тампа в начале игры: 8 бросков, 4 гола....

  • melandq 87
    melandq 87 27 days ago +1

    Did he just celebrate when his team is down by 6 GOALS ??? Lol

  • TheLittleGuyN
    TheLittleGuyN 27 days ago +9

    Still impressed with panarin +3

  • Linus 67
    Linus 67 27 days ago +3

    Panarin +3 . 2 assist 😂😂😂

  • Andrey Ovchinnikov
    Andrey Ovchinnikov 27 days ago +1

    Panarin's TELKA choose good team for a boy lol

  • Meloni88
    Meloni88 27 days ago

    Oh THIS Rangers showed up tonight

  • NYR NYI BUF 2019
    NYR NYI BUF 2019 27 days ago


  • Мишаня Измайлов


  • Vincent Davos
    Vincent Davos 27 days ago

    Georgiev лох .....

    • manchester 39
      manchester 39 27 days ago +1

      Сходи в зеркало глянь.

  • BiG MiG
    BiG MiG 27 days ago +1


  • Master Splinter
    Master Splinter 27 days ago +3

    Did not expect what i saw lol, Mcdonough left Rangers just in time

  • They call me Jojo
    They call me Jojo 27 days ago


  • Николай Семененко

    Кто там гнал на Кучерова!?

    • Иван Иванов
      Иван Иванов 27 days ago

      Один уже от Макдоны огреб, ждем следующих))

  • Isaiah Armstrong
    Isaiah Armstrong 27 days ago +4

    Now that’s the Tampa of old...
    👏👏welcome back

  • Егор Быков
    Егор Быков 27 days ago +1

    Panarin has +3
    And Lucas Wallmark got minus 2 in 8:2 win over Senators, he even made assist but it was in PP)

  • Frank Theo
    Frank Theo 27 days ago +2

    So far this season the Rangers have allowed the opposition at least 40 + shots on goal a game and it doesn't matter who the Rangers are playing against and when you do this against Tampa or any other team it makes your chances of winning slim. Ranger brass replaced NHL Coach Alain Vigneault saying that he wouldn't be a good coach for the team rebuild and got ride of him and hired on a college hockey coach in David Quinn and I understand that this is a young team, but since the rebuild the Rangers have become very soft on team defense. I don't like calling for Quinn's head, but I don't like the way the Ranger defense has played since he became head coach the Ranger wingers & defense do to much standing around in their own end and allow the opposing team to crash their net and don't move and clean the opposing players out of their crease this has become a very bad trend since the rebuild. Anyway, you win some you loss some but we got out classed & embarrassed and our ass's kick by Tampa.

  • Meg Films
    Meg Films 27 days ago

    NHL has been amazing offence wise. As a neutral, who cares about lopsided scores. As long as they score.

  • ANDREY! Sanych!
    ANDREY! Sanych! 27 days ago +3

    Убили !

  • Joe Wlos Joseph Wlos
    Joe Wlos Joseph Wlos 27 days ago

    Hopefully next game Kucherov gets a knee blown out.

    • 47 47
      47 47 25 days ago

      @Joe Wlos Joseph Wlos yeah you have major issues

    • Joe Wlos Joseph Wlos
      Joe Wlos Joseph Wlos 27 days ago

      @47 47 That may be so , but I'll be green with envy of the player that puts Kucherov on the shelf for a few months, hopefully .

    • 47 47
      47 47 27 days ago

      @Joe Wlos Joseph Wlos green is not a good color on you

    • Joe Wlos Joseph Wlos
      Joe Wlos Joseph Wlos 27 days ago

      @Fleek pdM I'll pour that salt on Kucherov 's blown knee and it will taste good, fingers crossed .

    • Fleek pdM
      Fleek pdM 27 days ago +3

      Would you like some fries with that salt sir?

  • Zaki Aslam
    Zaki Aslam 27 days ago +1

    Voice crack at 0:35