Top 10 Grammy Performances 2019 Ranked By Adults | The 10s (React)

  • Published on Feb 16, 2019
  • Adults rank the top 10 2019 Grammys Performances. Original links below.
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    Content featured:
    Camila Cabello
    Cardi B
    Kacey Musgraves:
    Brandi Carlile
    Janelle Monae: Make Me Feel
    Dolly Parton Tribute:
    Lady Gaga
    Shawn mendes ft Miley Cyrus:
    Post Malone & Red Hot Chili Peppers:
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    Top 10 Grammy Performances 2019 Ranked By Adults | The 10s (React)
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Comments • 4 362

    REACT  6 months ago +613

    How did you rank these top 10 Grammy's 2019 performances?
    We see people wishing we showed other performances. 7 were picked from Billboard’s top 10 list, and 3 were chosen by the FBE SuperFam! If you want to help pick your favorite artists in the future and help support FBE, consider joining:

    • Little
      Little Month ago

      REACT to memes

    • Little
      Little Month ago

      1. Shawn menes ft
      Miley Cyrus
      2. Post Mallone
      3. Lady Gaga
      4. Camilla Cabello
      5. Cardi B

      6. Dolly parton tribute
      7. Janelle monáe
      8. H.E.R
      9. Kacey musgraves
      10. Brandi Carille

    • Anik Agrawal
      Anik Agrawal 2 months ago

      Plz react to one ok rock.

    • Jinnie/soekjin Bangtan Sonyeondan
      Jinnie/soekjin Bangtan Sonyeondan 3 months ago

      REACT can you do billboards performances

    • Makayla campbell
      Makayla campbell 4 months ago

      1 shawn 2 laddy 3 kardi b4 calilo 5post

  • Be_Humble _Sit_Down
    Be_Humble _Sit_Down 11 hours ago +1

    Bro honestly y'all would let them rank them when Kendrick Lamar didn't perform, stay woke people.

  • LaQhan Hill
    LaQhan Hill Day ago

    Gaga and H.E.R. Got mad disrespect. They had solid performances

  • FaZe Nathan
    FaZe Nathan Day ago +2

    I’m glad ari a grande is not in this

    • smilin banana
      smilin banana 4 hours ago

      its ariana not ari a learn some grammar

  • FaZe Nathan
    FaZe Nathan Day ago

    Come on we’re is drake

  • Schaelee Guy
    Schaelee Guy Day ago +1

    I agree with pretty much everything Tori says like in all videos

  • Ryan Crean
    Ryan Crean Day ago +2

    1. Janelle Monae
    2. Kacey Musgraves
    3. Cardi B
    4. Dolly Parton Tribute
    5. Camila Cabello
    6. Shawn Mendes & Miley Cyrus
    7. HER
    8. Lady Gaga
    9. Post Malone & Red Hot Chili Peppers
    10. Brandi Carlile

    • Jess Lazarus
      Jess Lazarus 17 hours ago +1

      If I’m being honest without biast on my favourite artists

  • Lacey Hawkes
    Lacey Hawkes Day ago +3

    Brittany’s hair 😍

  • Clayton Hinshaw
    Clayton Hinshaw Day ago +1

    These adults are dumb

  • White Wolf _272
    White Wolf _272 3 days ago +10

    CAMEELA CABEYO! Not Camiiiillaaaa Cabellllo. Even though it’s spelled that way.

  • Killo 8190
    Killo 8190 3 days ago

    Old town road!!!!!!😁😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  • MadMn Plays
    MadMn Plays 4 days ago +6

    Never disrespect country music kids

    • Miso Soup
      Miso Soup Day ago

      MadMn Plays JoLEnE JolEnE Please Jolene PlEase jooolene PLEASE DONT TAKE MY MAN AWAY From ME

  • Mari Donna
    Mari Donna 6 days ago +15

    React to Ariana Grande crying during thank you, next

  • feverpa
    feverpa 6 days ago +9

    They're all dead to me. Brandi Carlile was on another level. The problem is these people are watching for glitz and glamour, talking over the song, and so they didn't experience the lyrics and pain in Brandi's performance. Brandi Carlile #1 with a 9-way tie for 2nd.

  • skilrex
    skilrex 8 days ago +9

    all right, but now the real artists, thanks

  • Deathscythes gaming
    Deathscythes gaming 9 days ago +7

    The reason I stopped watching Grammy...
    Their musics

  • Aseel Sakhnini
    Aseel Sakhnini 9 days ago +13

    The Scammy's

  • Toku Tame
    Toku Tame 10 days ago +16

    motherfucker who are they to judge

  • Hi, I’m a Jin stan. Nice to meet you

    12-19 is considered teen
    21+ is considered adult
    What is 20 considered as?

  • A A
    A A 12 days ago +7

    Janelle Monae
    Lady Gaga
    Cardi B
    Dolly Parton
    Camilla Cabello
    Shawn Mendes
    Kacey Musgraves
    Post Malone
    Brandi Carlile
    What changes would you do?
    05:06 😂😂😂

  • babyxxxspice
    babyxxxspice 13 days ago +14

    Fun Fact: Dolly Parton is Miley Cyrus' Godmother !!!

  • olliandra josephia
    olliandra josephia 14 days ago +6

    KACEY forever number 1

  • Serena Navarro
    Serena Navarro 15 days ago +16

    For y'all who didn't put lady Gaga in 1st or 2nd have you never seen the movie "A Star Is Born" she sang that song with her heart and as Stephanie ❤️

  • Selin Erdoğan
    Selin Erdoğan 15 days ago +11

    "gaga" version of shallow is the best 😍

  • The Sworded Beardsman
    The Sworded Beardsman 17 days ago +16

    I remember why I don't watch the grammys or listen to "pop" music. All of it was garbage.

  • Jack Atchabahian
    Jack Atchabahian 17 days ago +11

    @tori you put post malone and camila last you gotta listen to more music honestly cause your music knowledge doesnt seem too bright

    • Miša Lebar
      Miša Lebar 11 days ago +2

      I agree with her 🤷‍♀️

    • Hector Hernandez
      Hector Hernandez 13 days ago +4

      Jack Atchabahian we all have different tastes sir 😌

  • Corinna Gerlach
    Corinna Gerlach 18 days ago +8

    Post is the best

  • Melanie
    Melanie 18 days ago +7

    Did you show them the full performances for each performance, or just the mini clips that we see in the video? Because, as someone who had never listened to her before, I found Brandi Carlile's performance to be the most impactful (she was up for the most Grammys that night I believe, and there was a reason why)...if they all saw the entire performance, and were actually listening to the lyrics and her vocal skills, I think a lot of them would have recognized that. Her songs when straight to the top of the charts the next morning because of how good her performance was. Plus, HER's guitar solo was also phenomenal, but not shown in the mini clip. Lastly, Shawn and Miley's duet was incredibly well done, and the musicality was one for the books as well.

  • Jermaine's world
    Jermaine's world 20 days ago +2

    Can you guys react to rescue me

  • LoganArnoldKicks
    LoganArnoldKicks 20 days ago +15

    1. Cardi B
    2. Post Malone ft. Red Hot Chili Peppers
    3. Dolly Parton Tribute
    4. Lady Gaga
    5. Janelle Monáe
    6. Shawn Mendes ft. Miley Cyrus
    7. H.E.R
    8. Camila Cabello
    9. Brandi Carlile
    10. Kacey Musgraves

    • Eli Goodrich
      Eli Goodrich 11 days ago

      Anyone that puts Cardi "I love Sampling and Sexually Abusing Men" B as first doesn't deserve to be taken seriously. Kacey is an infinitely better artist that actually writes her own music and she won Best Album anyway so ha!

    • LoganArnoldKicks
      LoganArnoldKicks 19 days ago +1

      Yashwant Gurjar It’s fine! I get really heated by comments too, so I feel you 😂😂

    • Yashwant Gurjar
      Yashwant Gurjar 19 days ago +1

      @LoganArnoldKicks ah...okay, sorry i was just in hot blood, well i guess thats a nice i look stupid, well sorry to bother you, i am gonna dismiss myself

    • LoganArnoldKicks
      LoganArnoldKicks 19 days ago +1

      Yashwant Gurjar The only reason I put Cardi and Post higher are because their performances interacted me more. If I’d rank them for how much I actually like the artists, Lady Gaga and Dolly Parton would be above those two

    • Yashwant Gurjar
      Yashwant Gurjar 19 days ago

      did you just.....put that trash post malone and newbie ghost writer having carbi above a songwriter in the rock n roll hall of fame lady gaga and dolly parton? you do you but i am judging, didnt mean to but just am

  • *spilt tea*
    *spilt tea* 20 days ago +10

    Michael Jackson's grammy performance
    ...that's worth remembering...

  • Linda M
    Linda M 21 day ago +18

    Man I’m not even hating by Brittney’s wig needs to be cancelled immediately

  • Matthew Serrato
    Matthew Serrato 21 day ago +8

    Didnt even put Travis Scott on their huh

  • newchevysuburban
    newchevysuburban 22 days ago +4

    thanks for letting us know the actual rankings. you rock REACT. not..

  • Kimberly Crawford
    Kimberly Crawford 23 days ago +9


    • Jack Atchabahian
      Jack Atchabahian 17 days ago

      Who the hell puts cardi last yall gotta get outta yo caves and listen to music

    • Skeiotone Skeis
      Skeiotone Skeis 19 days ago

      Mads-Emil Just Agerskov xD I totally agree

    • Skeiotone Skeis
      Skeiotone Skeis 19 days ago

      Kimberly Crawford I would do that too

    • Mads-Emil Just Agerskov
      Mads-Emil Just Agerskov 20 days ago +10

      cardi is pure trash... anyways stream MEGATRON

    • Nayla H
      Nayla H 20 days ago

      @Kimberly Crawford you welcome🙌

  • TJ T
    TJ T 23 days ago +6

    Alicia Keys

  • Vébriano Adrian
    Vébriano Adrian 23 days ago +7

    and u didnt put dua lipa on the list..

  • WYLD
    WYLD 24 days ago +16


    • Emma Martínez
      Emma Martínez 10 days ago

      Just an ARMY scrolling by the comments mmm how but like ok💀💀😂keep supporting dog eaters🥵😲👏🏻

    • parker.
      parker. 10 days ago

      Donald Trump no they didn’t dummy

    • Donald Trump
      Donald Trump 16 days ago +1

      @andrèia they did perform at the Grammy's and won a few

    • andrèia
      andrèia 22 days ago +3

      didnt perform at the grammys. your point?

  • RideLightning
    RideLightning 24 days ago +16

    Some of these reasonings for why they put someone at number 10 are pretty pathetic

    • RideLightning
      RideLightning 12 days ago

      @Taco Party not mad at them, just kind of pathetic

    • Taco Party
      Taco Party 21 day ago

      RideLightning yah but they are also at top ten out of all of the performances so don’t be mad at their decisions

  • Annabelle Lowe
    Annabelle Lowe 25 days ago +8

    can you do top 10 grammy performances of all time please!!!

  • Richard Michael
    Richard Michael 25 days ago +15

    I wish Post Malone performed Sunflower.

  • Lily Lung
    Lily Lung 26 days ago +7

    How can you not put lady gaga at n°1 ?!

  • Ryan Kopycinski
    Ryan Kopycinski 26 days ago +8

    y'all showed the wrong part of Brandi's performance!!! she is absolutely rocking out by the end of the song. Kacey and Brandi are 1 and 2 for me.

  • pawal de villiers
    pawal de villiers 26 days ago +6

    i came here hoping to see shawn

  • Gummy bear
    Gummy bear 28 days ago +7

    Janelle is amazing

  • Wasted Soul
    Wasted Soul 29 days ago +5

    1. Gaga
    2. Post.

  • Connor Colorado
    Connor Colorado 29 days ago +21

    Y’all clowning if you think Lady Gaga is anything less than #1

  • Theodora Ch
    Theodora Ch 29 days ago +15

    Wtf Post Malone is so good he deserves a much higher rating

  • TheBoringLifeOfRayane
    TheBoringLifeOfRayane 29 days ago +16

    1. Lady Gaga
    2. Cardi B
    3. Shawn Mendes ft. Miley Cyrus
    4. Janelle Monáe
    5. Camila Cabello
    6. Kacey Musgraves
    7. Dolly Parton Tribute
    8. H.E.R.
    9. Post Malone ft. Red Hot Chilly Peppers
    10. Brandi Carile

  • TheBoringLifeOfRayane
    TheBoringLifeOfRayane 29 days ago +8

    1. Lady Gaga
    2. Cardi B
    3. Shawn Mendes ft. Miley Cyrus
    4. Janelle Monáe
    5. Camila Cabello
    6. Kacey Musgraves
    7. Dolly Parton Tribute
    8. H.E.R.
    9. Post Malone ft. Red Hot Chilly Peppers
    10. Brandi Carile

    • nk Pump
      nk Pump 18 days ago

      Imagine posting twice to get more likes lmao

  • David Tingwald
    David Tingwald 29 days ago +5

    "Dolly is so iconic and outshined both the other performers." *....* Number 10. :-/

  • Adriana Bernabel
    Adriana Bernabel Month ago +3

    1) Cardi
    2)Janelle Monet
    3)Dolly Parton Tribute
    4)Saun Mendez and Miley
    5)Lady Gaga
    6)Post Malone

  • Hay Lugassi
    Hay Lugassi Month ago +6

    jannell monéa and Lady Gaga are incredibles

  • Joshua Peralta
    Joshua Peralta Month ago +4

    “I like the house that’s cool”

  • Ali Khan
    Ali Khan Month ago +8

    This years gramies sucked

  • Cheve Chevelij
    Cheve Chevelij Month ago +3

    And where is Christina Aguilera?

  • Edwin Jacobs
    Edwin Jacobs Month ago +4

    Why don't you do a Chris Brown react video? 👀
    I will appreciate it. ✊❤

  • Tamira Estrada
    Tamira Estrada Month ago +3

    Kacey musgraves is soo good her voice is smooth and in my opinion the best performance because I’m just choosing the vocality she had.🌻💯💯

  • Aimee Jayne Jones
    Aimee Jayne Jones Month ago +3

    A lot of the named there I don't even know

  • Osiej
    Osiej Month ago +11

    Imagine not putting Gaga as no.1

  • Osiej
    Osiej Month ago


  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken Kaneki Month ago +5

    Where are the P!nk performances in all these?!

  • Life of Dallas
    Life of Dallas Month ago +3


  • KV-2
    KV-2 Month ago +3

    11:08 as a Post Malone and RHCP fan i have to say....


  • Jay Sadwxs
    Jay Sadwxs Month ago +3

    I listened to Dolly's performance after the Grammys on yt so many times it was my favorite

  • king TRAPAL
    king TRAPAL Month ago +9

    Kacey Musgraves at the top i agree with this adult

  • TheAznj Alex
    TheAznj Alex Month ago +1

    React to Argentinian freestyle rap battle

  • Jesse H
    Jesse H Month ago +4

    I feel you , with the Mendes feels lol 😂

  • Neon Gold
    Neon Gold Month ago +5

    Where is Gasolina. 😡😡😡😡

  • • Brooklyn •
    • Brooklyn • Month ago +8

    1- Janelle
    2. Camila
    3 post malone
    4 cardi b
    5 polly parton
    6. Shawn
    7. H.E.R
    8.lady gaga
    9. Brand charlie
    10. Kacey

  • Cascade Studios
    Cascade Studios Month ago +16

    Unpopular opinion: I really wished bts did another song than boys with love like mic drop they could have got on to the top 10 but I really love bts 💜

    • Blake Meadows
      Blake Meadows Month ago +1

      Honestly they could have definitely been in the top ten. Maybe they could've even done Dionysus. That would've turned some heads.

  • Dale Morgan
    Dale Morgan Month ago +7

    Here is my list:
    1. Lady Gaga
    2. Miley
    3. Janelle
    4. Camila cabello
    5. Kacey Musgraves
    6. H.E.R.
    7. Post Malone
    8. Dolly Parton/Miley
    9. Brandi
    10. Cardi B

  • A. Ayser
    A. Ayser Month ago +3

    Anybody mad because Eminem & dr.dre aren’t here ???
    For me the best performance .. grammy 2011

  • Angelena Kim
    Angelena Kim Month ago +6

    Is anyone else mad bts isn’t on here

    • Sadin 792
      Sadin 792 Month ago +1

      I mean they didn't performe!! but if they did they probably would've been a number 1 at least for Army

  • iizoesmii
    iizoesmii Month ago +4

    SHAWN AHHHHHH ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️